Pellegatti: ‘Little chance’ that Hauge remains beyond the summer – he could fetch €10-20m

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are apparently unlikely to hold on to Jens Petter Hauge beyond the summer window, especially if an attractive offer comes in.

Journalist Carlo Pellegatti talked about Hauge’s future in a video on his YouTube channel (via MilanNews) and stressed his belief that there is ‘little chance’ that Hauge will remain at Milan because the player ‘could be included in some important negotiation as a counterpart’, or alternatively he could be sold for ’10 to 20 million euros’ which could fund some new signigs.

Regarding the rest of the attack, the ideal scenario having Giroud and Ibrahimovic up front with a new striker who can alternate with the duo and in the meantime grow. On the left would be Leao and Rebic, on the right Saelemaekers and possibly a player with a nose for a goal better than Castillejo’s, and in this situation Hauge would find little space.

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      1. Yesh, I’m agree with U.. If there’s left side Player that has to be kicked out, then it’s Leao..
        At least, Hauge should be loaned not sold if Management see him as Extras for the time being

    1. Me too!

      He could be another Locatelli case for us if he was to be sold right after one season without much playing time.

      I hope the management has learned their lesson from by selling Locatelli too early without giving him enough playing time.

  1. Okay seriously, did he sleep with Pioli’s wife or something? Why is this kid getting so much hate from management?

  2. What a joke. What was the point of picking him up if you’re not gonna give him time to grow, what is the difference between his and Tonali’s situation besides the fact that the latter is being given time. Even when you look at Diaz he only really started to convince at the end of the season because he was played and they’re more interested in keeping him, Hauge had impressed I’m the first half of it again when he was played consistently. On another note why have so much patience for leao who had a sub par season when you compare it to last. How is this any different a situation, he’s a young player too and should be treated as such. I’m starting to believe maldini brought him in as competition for his son, because he doesn’t want him to end up like his other one, he wants the legacy to continue and I think that’s selfish. He’s my favourite player of all time so this comes from my heart, but look at Zidane as an example he never played this game I’d hate to think Maldini is. If it’s Pioli it makes no sense that he’s more fond of Krunic ( however more experienced) than a player who’s future you could still mold.

  3. Well, am glad that we had seen the little chances and his performances so, I don’t see any reason of disposing this guy he’s very young and talented… Ok n nutshell I would just urge the Milan board to think of it very well…
    I mean that you (board) should stop falling down at the same spot… Thanks again

  4. I’m really against this idea. The guy is good and has proven that whenever he’s called upon. He needs more time. I hope he stays.

  5. He is talented player
    Maybe loaned out be the best sollution right now for him
    I like this player, because he remains me to pavel nedved and poboorsky

  6. Saya begitu yakin dengan hauge. Bagaimana tidak,ketika dia diberi kepercayaan beberapa kali di awal musim, ternyata dia bisa membuktikannya padahal dia hanya di beri waktu bermain pada sekitar 25 menit akhir. Apa yang terjadi jika dia diberi waktu 90 menit full?? Saya yakin dia bisa membuktikan lebih dari krunic.
    Jadi, kalau bisa pertahankan hauge dan jual krunic.
    Itu saja
    Forza Milan

  7. If you want money, sell Tonali not Hauge.
    The kid has a great potential and you can see it with his ball touch, he has some Kaka in him.
    Norways league has an other schedule and that might has an impact on his season end.
    DONT SELL HAUGE. DONT loan him or let him there

  8. It is never a good ideal to sell Hauge! He has a future and will become great. It will be a big loss for Milan. I think he can be trained to play form right so that he can shot with less. At least Salah and Messi are playing from right.
    Hauge has a sense of attack and support for the striker than Salemaker and Castillego.

    Never sell Hauge, rather he should be giving more playing time for weeks that proceed CL and in tournaments like Coppa Italia.

  9. I am sick of seeing it.Why the …… have you brought him when you don’t give him the time and opportunity to grow. He is good and He has potential… Don’t buy them when you don’t give them the opportunity to grow…Sick of this give opportunity miete , Krunich, Leao, Samu, but not Hauge …Are you not the same coach when the club is buying him? He played well against Milan and saved coaches a.. when they were losing against samp in the last mins… He has done well whenever you have given the opportunity…Hate Pioli for it..and hope Maldini won’t sell him..One thing for sure ..Pioli does not write coach to make us win silverware nor develop youth talent..

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