Pellegatti: Milan left with ‘crossroads’ as Kessie’s entourage say meet our demands or ‘don’t call us’

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan seem to have been left with no choice but to satisfy the demands of midfielder Franck Kessie, according to Carlo Pellegatti.

Kessie was a key player for Milan in the 2020-21 season becoming an immovable member of the starting XI and making the double pivot something that Stefano Pioli used as a comfort blanket of sorts.

His current deal will expire in 2022, so Milan are working on renewing his contract given what has happened with Calhanoglu and Donnarumma. Pietro Balzano Prota recently reported that the Ivorian has no intention of leaving the Rossoneri because he is happy to be part of the squad and ‘feels important and like a leader’.

The well-known journalist Carlo Pellegatti (via MilanNews) spoke about the situation regarding Kessie’s renewal, confirming the current state of affairs after a meeting between the parties.

“There was the famous meeting between AC Milan and Kessie’s agent, but that ended with nothing. The Rossoneri have offered around 3.5 million euros per season, a figure quite far from that requested by the Ivorian midfielder’s agent,” he said.

“Kessie’s agent was very clear with the AC Milan managers: we don’t want to waste too much time, our request you know it well (we are talking about 5-6 million), when you have decided to come and meet us call us, otherwise don’t call us. Now Milan must be able to uncork a discount from Kessie.

“The Rossoneri club are now at a crossroads: a winding road taken with Donnarumma and Calhanoglu, and then wait to close the deal, or satisfy the requests of Kessie and his entourage and make a decision. In my opinion, Milan do not seem to have great ways out after the goodbyes of Gigio and Calhanoglu.

“Losing Kessie would be a serious damage not only technical, but also of image for Elliott. The fund is gaining approval in all of its shares. Kessie becomes a new litmus test on the ambitions of the club.”

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  1. ffs give him 5M atleast. Wtf is this 3.5 Million. We were giving that Hakan Fraudster 4.5M, atleast give him 5M

  2. If we’ve learned anything from the past few months, they will not offer more than what they offered now, they will drag the negotiations for another year and then he will leave disappointed on a free transfer.

    So maybe it is time to change something, either offer closer to what player wants, or just sell him now while you can still make money out of him. Either is better than going through another Gigio or Calhanoglu horror again.

    1. Actually fuck that. I don’t want to be rational, Kessie is an amazing talent, dedicated and hardworking. He is also a Milanista. He is already a leader and has all the potential to become a true Milano legend.

      They offered 8 million to Gigio, 4.5 to Calhanoglu, they can give him 5 million and captains armband without loosing a minute of sleep.

      1. If he is Milanista, he would play for any money, if he played for 2.2 million, he should be more than happy to play for 4!

        But, if his priority is 6 million, then f*** him.

  3. He definitely deserves more than what was offered to Calhanoglu. I understand cost control and I really did not care they were not prepared to “break the bank” for Donnarumma, or offer Calhanoglu more than 4M, but Kessie can’t and should not have even been offered less than what they offered to Calha, that is an insult.

  4. I do not mind the club sticking firm with their offers, that is a wise approach. However, they need to make sure a) that their valuations of players are realistic, and b) if it is clear there is no deal to be had, they need to sell the player before he leaves for free.

    I am willing to give a pass on Gigio and Calhanoglu as it did appear there was at least a possibility of a deal, and we were chasing a spot in the UCL, but now we have secured our place which fundamentally changes our position on player movement.

    1. To add, Kessie is a wonderful player and I do not want to lose him. 3.5 seems very low for a player of his caliber. However, if that’s what the team will offer, then they need to sell him ASAP while his value is at its highest and find a suitable replacement with those funds. The longer we wait the less we receive in a sale.

      1. Talking like the money comes to your account.
        Milan needs to make some commitments if we want to keep up with the form built in the last 18 months

  5. Milan need to pay for their “senators” – period!
    Gigio could have become the emperor of Milan – but he chose not to (we have to respect that and no blame on Milan who tried hard). Hakan was never ‘senator’ material, inconsistent and selfish. Kessie though! he is probably the closest we have to a “senator”(besides Ibra and Kjaer) – pay him and keep him!

    1. Agree! Remember just last summer majority of fans, journalists and experts were talking selling Kessie.

      Kessie had been terrible for almost 3 seasons since he joined us, and only has had 1 good season. Now his agent is demanding 6M. Will his agent agree to reimburse Milan for the 3 seasons he had NOT performed???

      As much as he has improve this season, Kessie still makes the same dumbest mistakes: trailing behind the opponent players whom he is supposed to defend and watching them passing through him and scoring goals against us.

      He does not deserve 6M per year net, which would cost Milan 12M annually.

      Sell him now and find a smarter new player for his position!

      1. Buy another new comer could takes a season or two to settle in, could be even more. Kessie has been settled and matured with us now. This is football on a pitch we talking about, not fifa career mode or pes master league.

    2. You do realize that he made a lot of appearance this season, he has a lot stamina. Only NGolo can match his stamina

  6. Both Donnarumma and Colhanoglu said they were happy in Milan so they left, as I said before and Kesie will leave because ELIOT does not pay players more than 4 million a year. Kesie will definitely leave next season and that will continue because no one will play for little money. Milan and the management of the club are not to blame, they are just puppets from ELIOT and Maldini Gazditis and Massara have to do what ELIOT says. So in the coming years we will watch the departure of almost all important players. , now you tell me which players or ELIOT are to blame

  7. So what are our long term plan?
    Sure, we recruit (cheap) young talented players, who in time might become world class ones.
    And then what? Wolrd class players, request and similar wages, that’s perfectly normal.
    So, what do we do then? We let them leave for free and sign new (cheap – again- ) young ones and recyle this mediocracy?

    #Elliot out

  8. If he leaves, I will abandon this club too, as long it is in Elliott’$ hand. Obviously they don’t care about winning titles any more. They just want to buy players cheap, build on them and let them go for free. What kind of club do that. Only my beloved Milan. What a sad story it has become.

  9. Just let him go, if he not true milan.

    Like our legend (Billy) said,
    “..We probably earned less than what we could, but we stayed at Milan. I don’t think Milan can raise their offer, as Maldini said, they have a budget to respect. So, if they find an agreement, they’ll continue together, otherwise no.”

    You choice Mr President! be our legend or be next dollaruma!

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