Pellegatti urges Milan to consider signing Man Utd midfielder over Aouar

By Oliver Fisher -

Carlo Pellegatti has urged AC Milan to consider the signing of Marcel Sabitzer rather than Houssem Aouar ahead of the summer window.

Milan are set for changes in the midfield department ahead of next season given that Ismael Bennacer and Sandro Tonali have been heavily relied upon and Franck Kessie was never really properly replaced.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Pellegatti spoke about Milan’s midfield department and more specifically about a target that he thinks could be ideal to add a bit of creativity and goal scoring ability.

“I saw that there are 7 Manchester United players who will be sold at the end of the year, as will happen to Chelsea. You can draw on these two markets, there are players who can be of interest,” he said (via MilanLive).

“In 2021 Milan were interested, when he played at Leipzig, I’m talking about Sabitzer. He’s a player born in 1994, an experienced player, not very tall. I’m not saying that Milan are interested in him but from 2014-15 – before arriving at Bayern – he had scored 40 goals.

“I would think about it if I were in Milan. He is a player of international caliber, Milan would certainly be stronger with him. Me between Aouar and Sabitzer I have no doubts, I’ll take the Austrian midfielder.”

Sabitzer is a actually owned by Bayern Munich and is on loan to Manchester United, with the midfielder destined to return to Bavaria at the end of the campaign but unlikely to remain with the Bundesliga team, making him a potential opportunity.

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  1. Sabitzer was my personal dream signing when we rumored with many players to replace that Turkish guy. Unfortunately every player in Bundesliga seems to prefer a move to Bayern.

    1. I’ve personally got no issues with Turks as a people but whoever coined the phrase “Treacherous as a Turk” had that guy in mind..

  2. Problem. We have no money lol. Aouar is FREE. Cases closed and stop dreaming. We would be lucky to get Aouar let alone dream about paying Redbull for Stabizer. Not going to happen

    1. Where does this come from? Do you have intimate details of Milans financials lol? Milan are one of the wealthiest clubs in Europe. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop believing the misinformation put out by ownership and their paid lackeys in the Italian media. The ONLY people who claim AC Milan don’t have money are the owners, and isn’t that just SUPER CONVENIENT?! It’s a sad JOKE. But until Milan supporters actually starts putting pressure on Elliot/Redbird(whichever scumbag actually owns the club) well than NOTHING will change. They will continue pulling the wool over your eyes letting your best players walk, replacing them with average guys on the super cheap and NEVER reinvesting the money back into the club. And the massive segment of Boomer Milan fans who absolutely LOATHE spending will carry that water for ownership and talk all about how terrible spending is and how winning through “financial prudence” is best like they know ANYTHING about ANYTHING. The truth is this, yes Milan lack the same kind of stadium funds as Juve or even Napoli, and lag way behind their EPL peers in TV money. But EVEN STILL AC Milan remain one of the wealthiest clubs in THE WORLD. Not to mention the club is owned by some of the wealthiest owners in all of professional sports. So even if Milan spent wildly for a transfer window or 2 THE ONLY people who would lose ANYTHING would be THE OWNERS. And why do you, or I or ANY other Milan supporters care whether Singer’s pockets get a little lighter for a season or two? This is the RESPONSIBILITY of every GOOD owner of a Pro Sports franchise, to SPEND their vast wealth in an attempt to help the club they own win games and hoist trophies!

      1. This comes from Juro’s mindset that says

        “omg i hate Milan, i love hating on this club’s site because it gives me pleasure to only say negative things about Milan”

  3. He’s a less defensive but more offensive version of Kessie..I like his profile alot. Aouar is more an attacking mid that can play in the Diaz/CDK role. They’re two different types of players

    1. I think we need a more defensive mid, not another CM. We got plenty of those. So if he is less defensive then Kessie i don’t know.

  4. If compared with aouar ,of course sabitzer more better. But first we need to secure 4th in serie A. We can get him about 10-15m euro or loan him from bayern. He will be good double pivot pairing with tonali / bennacer in 4231 or put him as CM in 433 trio with bennacer & tonali

  5. Is Laimer to Bayern still happening now that they sacked Nagelsmann?? 🧐 I mean, he was a specific request from Nagelsmann and he’ll be at the end of his contract with Leipzig in the Summer 👀 totally not going to happen, though, lol

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