Pellegatti reacts to Maldini interview and challenges Milan to ‘clear up all doubts’

By Oliver Fisher -

Carlo Pellegatti has challenged AC Milan to ‘clear up any doubts’ after the explosive Paolo Maldini interview that was published yesterday regarding his exit from the club.

Maldini did an interview with La Repubblica that was published yesterday and in which he broke his silence on his Milan exit. He discussed a number of different topics from his conversations with the management to his attempts to sign Lionel Messi, and it has aroused a range of reactions.

The timing of it can be questioned given that the team are in a difficult moment having won just two of their last eight games across Serie A and the Champions League.

During the Filo Rossonero on the Radio Rossonera YouTube channel, Pellegatti gave his response to the comments from Maldini and how Milan must now react.

“I don’t perceive catastrophism in the fans’ words despite the defeat against Dortmund and Paolo Maldini’s words this morning. They all seem quite proactive to me. Some passages of Maldini’s interview left me perplexed,” he said.

“He said he sent this 35-page report in which he talked about objectives, according to an economically sustainable strategy, to make the leap in quality and win the Champions League. A varied report therefore talking about coaches, players, perhaps preparation and many other topics.

“It seems to me that he says in the interview that they never told him anything even though he had sent it in four copies to Furlani, Cardinale and two collaborators of the American patron. It would be nice to know what he wrote in those pages. But if you make a report and your director of the technical area doesn’t even respond, he leaves me perplexed. I don’t think this is done in any workplace.

“Let’s not hide: Maldini knew he wasn’t loved very much and the rest of the properties knew that he didn’t love them very much. Maldini tried to send this thing. When there were serious problems to solve, we knew that there was no common feeling.

“Perhaps Maldini would have been more surprised if they had responded to this report. But if you are sent this 35-page report, at least praise the fact that you worked on it and respond out of respect. But if he says they never answered him…

How did the Milan club respond to these words from Maldini?

“One thing must be said clearly: the ownership and the company have made no comments and have not released any statements regarding this interview with Maldini. But they are not surprised. These statements are in line with Paolo’s latest statements, which are in line with the property and the company, therefore no reaction.

“But perhaps about all these things, Furlani and Gerry Cardinale would say something, because not answering would demonstrate the truth of these things. If it’s true that your manager sends you a report and you don’t respond… If it’s true I’ll keep quiet, but it leaves me perplexed, you don’t make a good impression.”

And what happens now?

“This property must now clear up all doubts. With attitudes, words, passion. Clearly no one can replace the legend, history and charisma of Paolo Maldini. However, we hope that the owners can convince the fans. In communication they must act: if they are not inside the soul or history of Milan…

“The fans understand, feel, perceive. I must say that this division is unbearable for me, this struggle between Maldini and the owners and the club. I would have wanted Ragnick in his time, and we probably wouldn’t have won the league. But I wanted him not because I am a supporter of him, but because I hoped with him that he would be a wind that would cleanse all these divisions.

“I hope that we reach a point, soon, and that this point is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I don’t understand what they’re waiting for. Positive results because they don’t want him to become a savior? Has the issue related to the legal bureaucratic part not yet been resolved?

“It seems absurd to me that he was there among the managers on Tuesday, knowing that he will arrive there and be there, but it hasn’t been made official yet. I hope that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can solve all these problems for me. Maybe I’m deluding myself, but I don’t see any other way at the moment. I just can’t understand why he’s waiting.”

Milan take on Frosinone at San Siro tonight needing to get three points to stay in reach of the top two sides in the league, otherwise the pressure will really dial up on Pioli despite the injury crisis he and the squad are battling.

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  1. Oh Pellegati you love the drama. You basically answered your own questions. Perplexed that they didn’t say anything about the report? They didn’t love/like him

    Also, not responding doesn’t make things true. Maldini didn’t respond to anything for 6 months didn’t make Scaroni’s version of what happened true. Its fans and media that thought it was true or made it out to be. Articles and clicks were in abundance especially coming from said Pellegati. It would be wise from a PR perspective to not respond to this as it pits them against a loved figure of the club once more.

    1. This guy is either suffering from brain dementia or should quit smoking pot. He compared Pioli to Napoleon and Zlatan to Q in 007 haha

      Staying silent is a common strategy in crisis communication. Especially since the audience has short-term memory because of how we are bombarded with news. They are probably hoping for a win tonight or for Zlatan’s signing to make people forget about this interview from Maldini.

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