Pellegatti explains why he would be ‘very very surprised’ if Milan hired Conte

By Oliver Fisher -

Carlo Pellegatti has revealed that he would be ‘very surprised’ if Antonio Conte ended up becoming the next head coach of AC Milan for various different reasons.

Last week Luca Momblano did a segment live on Telelombardia in which he claimed that Conte has reached a verbal agreement to take over at Milan, and since then the rumours have begun swirling once again.

Friday morning’s edition of La Repubblica for example reported that Pioli seems to be destined to say goodbye at the end of the season after what will be nearly half a decade at the helm of Milan, and that talks are ‘very advanced’ with Conte.

However, there are sources who believe that Conte will not arrive at Milan not necessarily because he will reject the offer, but more because he is not a fit for how the management want to run the club.

Pellegatti spoke live on Radio Rossonera (via PianetaMilan) and he addressed the Conte rumours, pouring cold water on things at least based on his instinct.

“The illusion is sweet by its nature, everyone wants Conte. If this management remains and there are no surprises, this is how I feel about the Conte situation: I would be very surprised if he arrived,” he began.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t want him, who wouldn’t. Would you like him? Even for those who don’t want him, the question is this.

“Conte possibly starts with good intentions (reasonable salary, studied request for players), until how long can he resist complaining about this? His character is what he is, so I don’t know.

“I would not just be very surprised, but very very surprised if this Moncada-Furlani-D’Ottavio-Cardinale management got Antonio Conte.”


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  1. I agree with Pellegatti – Conte would be all smiles at first but give him a month and he’d be melting down again. I wanted him back when we had the genius Gattuso but now I’m not so sure…

    1. i agree. Conte confronting the leadership head on after a year saying they are not investing enough is not what Cardinale likes.

      Xabi Alonso or De Zerbi need to be bought out of their respective contracts.

      Klopp has a high salary and we want give him €15 million per year.

      We need someone for the future and I am still not sure about Motta.

      Xabi or De Zerbi for me.
      I don’t know enough about the Girona coach and if Milan will be too big for him?

      1. De Zerbi seems to be most people’s dream hire but I personally have a bit more of a contrarian position (not that they likely have a chance at him anyway).

        First of all, his teams are high scoring and very attack-minded but also consistently leak a lot of goals. That’s kind of where Milan is at right now under Pioli and I’m not really sure how doubling down on that gets them to ascend to a higher level.

        Also, De Zerbi has made his name by overachieving with lower budget squads, albeit not actually winning anything. That’s admirable, but again not sure if that’s what Milan needs. Winning trophies at a bigger club with higher expectations is a completely different challenge.

        1. De Zerbi would be a dream indeed. A young Italian coach that suits philosophy of the club. A manager that can blend with club’s colors, build his success here & become an icon for many years to come.

          Not to mention that comes from Brescia & went through the ranks of Milan’s Primavera.

          On top of that, I am against the idea of Conte, Klopp or Guardiola coming here. Not excited one bit by any of these names.

  2. I think the thing Milan needs to actually raise their current ceiling is a coach that can solidify the defense while not compromising the attack too much. If any current realistic option fits that description, it might be Conte.

    The problem with him is that he’s a huge pain in the ass who never stays anywhere for long, and often leaves a total mess behind when he goes. But perhaps even worse is, this is a Milan team with a core of young talent (Thiaw, Simic, Adli, Rejinders, Musah, Pulisic, Chukwueze,etc) and Conte is not known as a coach who nurtures young talent.

    So for me, it’s intriguing but ultimately I’d pass.

  3. Conte just doesn’t seem to fit what this management stands for. But hey, who knows?! Weirder things have happened.

    Gonna be a hell of a summer.

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