Photo: Curva Sud leader attacks Donnarumma – “You won’t be able to buy what you lose”

By Oliver Fisher -

One of the leaders of AC Milan’s Ultras group the Curva Sud has launched into a scathing attack on Gianluigi Donnarumma on Instagram.

Most major sources are now reporting that Donnarumma is set to leave Milan after nine years at the club both with the academy system and with the senior side, where he has already racked up over 250 appearances and was on course to break plenty of records.

It is a painful separation for Milan who have already lined up Mike Maignan of Lille to replace Donnarumma, and Luca Lucci from the Curva Sud has expressed his anger.

“Finally. We are back in the Champions League finally we see a Milan mentality finally we see a club making courageous choices you finally got off your balls! Of course, because for the good of Milan we have forgiven more than once because there is always a second chance for those who wear our wonderful shirt, especially if they are a badly advised kid!

“But in life we ​​grow up we mature we make choices, sometimes from the heart, sometimes from the head! One becomes a man with responsibility and the moment passes when the choices are made by others for us!

“And then there is you, who grew up in the team you said you loved, who had all the fans on your side who wear the captain’s armband of that glorious team and finally with that team you can play the Champions League that at twenty you earned 6 million a year with, you do not miss anything more cars a beautiful house, boat holidays a dizzying bank account and they offer you two more so that you could never fall into poverty!

“Yet it is not enough because you want more, much more, more and more! In the belief that your agent is the goose that lays the golden eggs, neglecting that he works for you! I wish you the best I wish you lots of money I wish you new machines new houses plus current accounts!

“You won’t be able to buy what you lose today! The respect of the people, that respect that when one looks at you they say ‘he is really a beautiful person’. You will never be that, always the ungrateful boy, the attack boy, the boy with the money, the Raiola boy!

“And if no one is desperate for you, ask yourself two questions … you are a liberation! No more tarantellas, no more talking about you and your agent, no more soap operas, no more blackmail!
Finally! Show some balls. Here is the evil of football! Protected and raised to Gods… Long live the ultras who once again saw it.”


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  1. True talk from the ultra
    Donnarumma doesn’t know what personality means
    Milan is the greatest Italia club in Europe and world club cup and for Donnarumma to be the captain of such a great club is privileged But now because of money and because of old man agent he wants to do a great mistake
    Milan will remain milan forever without Donnarumma and once again we will be great again

  2. Dona money is not everything in this world. Think about the decision you want to make. Sincerely in your HEART you want to stay at milan follow your HEART and not the Raiola leading.
    We love milan and you love milan.
    Again think about the decision Raiola wants to make. We celebrate you at Milan because you are our own. Don’t follow Raiola to a team you will only be tolerated.

  3. 6 million plus a deal for a brother we don’t need was nt enough. we added 2 more million not enough….by moneyruma am sure we ll nt miss u..

  4. I guess it’s more important to have 25 bags of gold instead of just 23 than becoming a club legend who wins trophies and will be loved by every fan and will be remembered kindly even after 100 years from now.

    Yeah. Money, money, money…

  5. Players comes and Go but MILAN will always be MILAN, you should be honored that you played for Milan you ungrateful little man FORZA MILAN till I die

  6. goodbye Donnaruma we definately wont miss you for we are back in the champions league and we are MILAN,ROSSONERO,DIAVOLO. we are grateful for you giving us the big F…OFF and we surely wish you all the best wherever raiola might pimp you of to. you surely wont follow the footsteps of young italian like insigne, immobile nor will you live up to the likes of Maldini, Totti and off Gigi Buffon. goodluck money boy

    1. Love this coinage “money boy”, which will be forever linked with Donnaruma! He will be forever remembered as the “money boy” who puts money above love and dedication.

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