Photo: Curva Sud respond to Donnarumma’s comments – “In Milan you will never be welcome again”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s ultras the Curva Sud have issued a response to Gianluigi Donnarumma’s claims that he still feels love for the Rossoneri.

Donnarumma recently declared that he will always be a Milan fan despite leaving the club for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer as the goalkeeper decided not to renew his contract. It was a big blow for the Rossoneri to lose an academy product, but ultimately they acted with the club’s best interests at heart and agent Mino Raiola was asking for a very high amount to sign a new contract.

The Curva Sud have responded with a banner hanging over a bridge in Milano which reads: “Donnarumma, in Milan you will never be welcome again. Sh** man.”

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  1. Trojan says:

    You are full of shit $$$$ don’t talk about Milan fan. You will never be. Idiot

  2. Martin Bernhard says:

    Remember when the inter fans threw a scooter out from the stands ? well we might not be vile inter fans but im sure if donnarumma had anyting else than money in his head he would start to worry by now because im sure there will be enough people with something extra up the sleeve every time he plays in milano.

  3. crorossonero says:

    Exactly, he is a greedy snake, trying to wash away that reputation with lies. Who goes to PSG and Ligue 1 for a challenge and misses first season in CL with the club he “loves. Shit suits him well.

  4. micah97 says:

    The salary he took at PSG is basicallythe one he refused at Milan. He should have signed a new deal and at least allowed the club to sell him..even if it was for 20 M. He deiberately run down his contract. He should not talk abt Milan ever again. Forget it.

  5. Kusye says:

    Sorry, We don’t need Dollarumma, we don’t need Money fan!

  6. Geekondrum says:

    We Have Magic Mike already and he has proven himself times without number.

    I wish donnaruma all the best.

    Keep vying with Keylor as a starter in PSG

  7. Ozone says:

    Magic Mike seem to have solution to all Milan Goalkeeping crisis…
    We don’t want to hear anything again from you Mino bitch

    1. Adrian says:

      This year is the last for the to old to play Ibra and Romagnoli will leave for free so from next year we are Raiola free

  8. Nanda says:

    anyone will be angry when they know you were raised by Milan, but left milan without respecting the club that raised you, right now is the moment you could be bigger in milan but instead you left, its a pity

  9. Jan Cuuk says:

    I thank you dollaruma, for giving milan very high demand. If you accepted the offer, milan absolutely got robbed from you and your pig agent compared to Mike give and take. Many thanks to you. I’d rather you go for free rather than you squeezed milan financial dry . FOff

  10. Juro says:

    Beautiful!! If he really loved the club he would not have left for free and would have helped us at least get a transfer fee like M’Bappe tried to do with PSG. Fuck Donnaruma. We have Mike!

  11. lutfi says:

    thank you PSG for taking a large snake from us, just to warm up your bench. just stay there, and later play for turkish club or whatever

    1. Abdul Khalifa Barry says:

      Best comment

  12. Zsolt Bertalan says:

    Overrated as a gk and as a person. Will never be great.

  13. Nelli says:

    He has lots of time to watch Milan games from the PSG bench.

    1. abdul says:

      he will only check the bank balance after every match

      1. abdul says:

        piece of shit you dollarumma

  14. AdamFusion says:

    Those of us who Love Milan as fans have supported and being with Milan forever, but you were raised by Milan and you claim you’re Milan fan and Milan pays you 6 million a year at 21yrs but you chose to betray Milan and left for free to warm another team’s bench and now want to tell us you still love Milan.
    Just enjoy your money with your slave master Raiola, keep warming PSG bench and leave us and Milan alone with your fake love.

  15. Dos Santos says:

    Dollarumma is greedy and ungrateful end of story.

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