Photo: Milan ultras unveil custom dollars bills to be thrown at Donnarumma

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma left AC Milan on a free transfer in the summer of 2021 and there’s still bad blood between him and the fans. The Curva Sud have even prepared custom dollar bills for the goalkeeper tonight. 

When the goalkeeper left the Rossoneri for free, many fans were upset with his decision to stall the renewal talks, forcing Paolo Maldini to sign Mike Maignan instead. During that summer, he was infamously showered with dollar bills during a game with the Italian U21 side.

Today, there could be something similar at San Siro as Curva Sud have printed custom dollar bills with Donnarumma’s face on them, as well as the text ‘Dollarumma’ and ‘Mercenary’. The bills were unveiled on their Instagram page with the following message:

“Today, outside the gates, you will find the fanzine with a wad of dollars to give him [Donnarumma] a worthy welcome back. There are instructions included on how the dollar bills will be used…

“We will collect a small donation to be allocated to a football school, so that people without values like this unworthy man will never grow up again. Today everything goes to create a hellish climate” they wrote.

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    1. The guy and his team will eventually win tonight and he will have the last laugh, why not focus on cheering the team to win

  1. I dunno… don’t these guys have anything better to do? It’s like that whole Inter banner they unfurled at the derby… that one didn’t backfire at all.

    1. Maybe you should go to your safe space for this match. You can’t always be crying in a corner.

      Life is rough bro, get a helmet.

  2. This one is weak tbh. If u want to have a bigger effect just use the face/seat cards to make a display provided it gets approved anyways (not the big unfurled banner). This is just an insider banter…how are you going to get the bills to him too ? and if the camera even picks it up smh 🤦‍♂️

  3. We were all pissed off back in the day. Raiola has moved on and Milan supporters should do the same.

    Bear in mind these “Banditi” charged through the city last night in helmets attacking PSG fans, one of whome is hospitalised with stab wounds.
    Let’s not listen to them speak about Honor

  4. They are all doing the right thing mates, they are the people that cheered in up, right from 16, what he did was a total betrayal… This is the only way they can express their disappointment.

    Even dollar knows.

    These set of fans are different from you and i that watches match through TV. They are the face of Milan fanzone

  5. Not the most classy act is it? Its far more dignified to just ignore him. We are supposed to be AC Milan, not a rabble in a riot.

    The comment about the ex-girlfriend is spot on, except with Mike our current ‘girlfriend’ is just as good looking and cheaper to take out on dates!

      1. OK, I had to Google this one, and found this answer:

        “Sport Mediaset have reported that the Cruva Sud – Milan’s ultras group – will throw fake bank notes and the number 71 shirt when Donnarumma steps out onto the pitch.
        Those shirts are a reference to the Neapolitan system of interpreting dreams into winning lottery numbers, known as Smorfia Napoletana, in which 71 means ‘man without values’.”

  6. As much as i dislike Donna and the way he left Milan, i pretty much already moved on from him. I mean, if he doesn’t left then we wouldn’t get Mike and a scudetto. Called it a blessing in disguise.

    So, i just don’t understand why Curva Sud is still doing this thing. I’m sure there are plenty of adults in Curva Sud. But the way they’re acting with this and stabbing PSG fans, it feels like a 5 years old kid got trap in a adult bidy. Heck, these are not even a good representation for Milan fans around the world nor for the club :/

  7. I approve the Curva for this. Not sure why all people here ignore the fact that this have the effect to be a fundaraiser and at the same time a way to bother our rival GK. This time Curva is right and are doing something good

  8. Of course everyone that is coming to San Siro tonight is cheering for the club. They pay ticket and it is coming to club account, so yes they support. And also they also sing for the team, they just have another agenda for traitor. Why you even ask about focus or better things to do? They did more than you do (including me) in this comment section

  9. Throw them at the cheapskate Americans in the stands. That refuse to pay respectable wages to their players. The best goalie in the world in the Euros and they offered him a menial wage. They preferred to buy Maignan than pay him fairly.

    They refused to give Hakan more than 3.2 million a year, Inter doubled that to sign him.

    Kessie was offered half of what he earned at Barca.

    The best players deserve respectable and equitable pay.

    4 to 5 million euros for the player he was at the time is an insult to him and loosing him because they were being cheap snots is an insult to our fans as well. We hate this kid when our club was in the wrong.

  10. A well deserved “warm” welcome tonight hope it continues throughout the match, which im pretty confident it will 🙂

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