Photo: Yacine Adli posts picture of Maldini on Instagram amid alleged revolt

By Isak Möller -

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have been sacked by the AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale and only the official announcement is missing to confirm that. On Instagram, Yacine Adli has seemingly chosen his side. 

Adli arrived in an €8m deal in the summer of 2021 but remained at Bordeaux on loan for one season. And this season, he has barely played for the Rossonberi, with an exit looking likely this summer.

Maldini’s exit, though, has already been defined and on his Instagram, the midfielder published a photo of the director from when he was named the Best Manager at the Golden Boy awards. La Repubblica have previously reported that the Milan squad didn’t take the news of Maldini’s sacking well and could ‘revolt’.

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  1. Has anyone officially confirmed the sacking yet? This all seems like vicious rumors. Adli and Leao both posted and those posts only seem to suggest that the rumors aren’t true it’s not clear that it’s a revolt or a rebuke of a decision that may or may not have been made. We all know how strong rumors are in Italy, it’s crazy that the club haven’t made an official statement either way yet, crazy. It would be soooo insane if they fired Maldini shortly after resigning Laeo. If it’s true that he’s fired, Leao must be soooo mad lol.

    1. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been reserved in making a judgement. I would think that the removal of such an iconic figure in the club’s history, would warrant an immediate official announcement. However, if this is in fact the case, then it not only shows how shrewd a businessman Cardinale is, but it also highlights the utter callousness and disrespect he has for the institution that is Milan.

      1. ” disrespect he has for the institution that is Milan.”

        LOL. Maldini failed the last mercato miserably and demanded more money this year. Also latest reports say Maldini wasn’t pleased with Pioli and his lack of tactics (e.g. in Inter matches). Hardly a disrespect when you consider there’s a point (or two) for Maldini’s dismissal.

        PS. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Maldini-fan and didn’t want him gone. But I can understand WHY he was sacked.

        1. What I said has nothing to do with why he was fired but how. Why he was sacked is a whole other issue, that can be interpreted in many ways and that’s why I mentioned that Cardinale is shrewd, because the timing of it all is impeccable.

          All I was saying is that with such a status, there should’ve been an instant official notice, rather than all the speculation. That would’ve been respectful to the supporters. Don’t you think that they deserve at least that much?

  2. If adli wasnt gonna get sold before then i believe its pretty much guaranteed to happen now as its a middle finger to cardinale as i see it.
    Kudos to the french algerian for with simple means showing the ridiculous actions of cardinale if it wasnt crystal clear already.
    If any of our players asks to leave this summer i wont blame them and i think a player like daniel maldini propably also with be offloaded as well,

    1. @Martin, for a player who didn’t play much, you would expect he would be happy that maybe the ‘new dispensation’ could favour him. It’s obvious these young lads respect Maldini and I have to doff my hat for Adli.

      I think American ownership of Milan may turn out worse than the Chinese ownership. Maybe Elliott is waiting in the wings to take over again.

      Imagine players like Bennacer, Tomori, Leão, Theo & Tonali who can get bigger paychecks at other clubs renewing without problem – all because they respected Maldini.

      Perhaps, Cardinale will start selling for profit. Maybe that’s his plan.

        1. If cardinalke doesnt pay his loans tin due time o elliot management they could swoop in and take over the club again but before that happens im confident that he will sell some of our best players to avoid ending up in the same situation as the chinese ownership did.

      1. You could argue that but it was also maldini who brought him in but pioli not utilizing him so such stance would be more likely if pioli left the club as he would maybe play some more then.
        Either way its certainly also a sign of great esteem for maldini but also a middlefinger for cardinale at the same time as he chose to sack manager of the year last season.

        Im pretty furious still but generally i will support the management and players of the club but this tiime around i will not in regard of cardinale but the chinese ownership allmost bankrupted the club so not so sure there but i wouldnt be too surprised now that cardinale will sell a lot of players maybe to finance his loans,

        I absolutely agree having maldini has propably made some signings easier and it will be a great loss not having him around.

        Ill always stay a milan fan but im not even sure by now im gonna watch many matches next season as im currently so angry about this matter,

  3. How is Furlani still in the board if Elliott has nothing to do with Milan?. I never believe that takeover. Cardinale is their dog

    1. Elliot keep 30% of Milan. Redbird bought only 70% for 1.2B. Pay 600M, borrow 600M from Elliot, with hight interest rate. If Redbird does not pay to Elliot, than Elliot became new (old) owner. This is game and laundering money between Elliot and Redbird. That is why Investcorp was kicked out. They do not care about football. Only money, more money…

      1. To be precise, if RedBird do not pay, their share will be reduced to 35%, making Elliot majority owner with 65%.

  4. Elliot ruled out investcorp because they were serious buyers with cash in hand. Redbird on the other hand not so much cash. They even loaned money from elliot in order to buy for the the love of god. That’s why elliot gave it to them, because they have higher chance of default. Yes redbird is a big firm, and spread out across the world, but one thing for sure, things in the beautiful game don’t always go as planned, there will be seasons where losses happen, and they might pull the plug when they see that it’s not worth it. If curva sud and a couple of core players revolt and demand transfer, i won’t be surprised if redbird either looses the club or they sell. Even roma owner (american) said that cardinale doesn’t have the money. If elliot become owners again, i hope they sell it to a proper owner. #redbirdout

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