Photos: Curva Sud hammer Donnarumma with banners – “Be careful when you go around Milan”

By Oliver Fisher -

The Curva Sud have sent a very strong message to Gianluigi Donnarumma after his decision to leave AC Milan in favour of a move to Paris Saint-Germain.

Donnarumma certainly did not leave without controversy, as a large section of the fanbase were angered by his decision to leave Milan to try a new experience with PSG, deeming it to be motivated by money.

The Curva Sud came to Milanello to support the team in view of tomorrow’s match, and displayed two banners addressed to Gigio.

“Donnarumma ungrateful b**tard, you suck more than Leonardo,” says the first (via MilanNews).

“Donnarumma: we do not forget the infamous… be careful when you go around Milan,” the second says.

Banners against Donnarumma at Milanello

Banners against Donnarumma at Milanello

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  1. I think we should not treat Donnarumma bad, he has freedom to choice the best he thinks for his career. And we have Maignan who is not worst. Let the past pass, think more about the future, how to support Our MILAN better.
    Donnarumma & Calha have given Milan their efforts until their contracts end. But Milan does not depend on them. Lets work & prove it. Forza MILAN, Sempre!

    1. Sure he can but we can also make our own choices and even though im very happy with the arrival of maignan kourosh said it perfectly, choices have consequences.

    2. It are his choices and we do have to respect them but he could have had the same transfer and thanked Milan for all we have done for him by giving by extending his contract. But he chose to say “f*ck you Milan”.

    3. A goalkeeper that got a first team place with 16 should be more grateful to the club, considering he had one of the best contracts at the club before he was even 20. Going to PSG to “grow” is a joke. He deserves even worse treatment, greedy idiot who made up the “growth” story to mask he wanted too much money. I hope someone slaps him around a bit at one point, so he can reflect what an idiot he is.

    4. Agree with what you say completely. They both served out their contract with professionalism, and we should thank them for not turning the club inside out.

      Anyone see Ronaldo.. got paid heaps, didn’t deliver, then jumped ship, was never going to stick around when things got tough. At least Donna and Calha stuck with the club during the worst times.

      It *would* have been better if Milan benefited from their departures with a sale. At least Donnarumma didn’t go to inter or a rival, as that would be a complete slap in the face…. like Calha did. However once again, they both respected their contracts till it’s end and they didn’t force an exit. we should respect that.

      People have choices, and they make them for the sake of their lives, not the lives of others. Don’t make footballers out to be some sort of morally strong leader, or saint, or god. If you think like this, you should think again.

  2. donnaruma
    u left milan for free
    if u love milan u can renew 1 year, then ask to be sold to other team so that milan can buy proper replacement

    but u do what u did, and u left the team with a large hole. all raeioloolloloa players can get out of milan dont come back again. left for free ungrateful biyach

  3. No matter how much we dislike what Donna did, this kind of behaviour does not reflect Milan values. Remember Maldini raised his middle finger to these guys.

    1. I agree to the extent that maldini was treated completely unreasonable but it was a group called Brigate Rossonere speciffically protesting against him but even then that really shouldnt exclude them being right in other matters even if this is not their work.

  4. Donnaruma aura a maudire le jour qu’il a fait le choix de Paris, parceque les choses ne vont pas bien se passer pour lui, deja il n’a pas encore jouer un seul match pour paris.

  5. Milan has lost 150M€ for Dollarumma and Calhanoglu.
    I lose my temper when I read about them.
    Bastards and support for real tifosi.

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