Photos: Maignan receives support from Mbappe, Inter and more: “Enough is enough!”

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan’s Mike Maignan was racially abused by the Udinese fans during the clash on Saturday evening, leaving the pitch at one point. Since then, the goalkeeper has received a lot of support from everyone, including Kylian Mbappe and Inter.

Due to the racist chanting from the Udinese fans, the game was halted for five minutes as Maignan and his teammates left the pitch. Play eventually resumed and Milan clinched a dramatic 3-2 win, scoring the winner in the 93rd minute.

However, the result was certainly overshadowed by the disgraceful behaviour in the stands, once again highlighting the major issues in Italy. Maignan has received a lot of support since the game, especially from his teammates, but also from Kylian Mbappe, Inter and France’s national team.

Mbappe: “You’re far from alone Mike Maignan. We are all with you. Same problems and still NO solutions. Enough is enough! NO TO RACISM. ⛔️✊🏽”

Inter: “We are brothers of the world, against all forms of discrimination. By your side

France’s national team: “You have all our support, @mmseize. The FFF condemns in the strongest possible terms any act of racism ❌”

On his Instagram, Maignan published a long but necessary message on the matter and stated that there needs to be consequences. In the comments section, he received a lot of support from his teammates and others, with some selections below.

Bennacer: “We’ll always be by your side ❤️🖤”

Leao: “Us always brother ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

Pulisic: “❤️❤️❤️”

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    1. the clubs are not at fault tho. Its just some retarded people who cant even be called fans.

      you gotta single them out (with all the cameras, it shouldnt be that hard) ban them and possible give them a hefty fine. Tho idk if there is grounds for that

      1. That is utter nonsense, fans are part of the club and the game is for them, if they disrespect it they pay the consequences. It takes literally no effort to NOT be a racist POS. Until consequences are enforced nothing will change.

      2. No in Italy it’s not possible, the football authorities in Italy is scared of loosing fans, reasons been that Italians do not love going to stadiums except only the bigger teams fans, moreover Italians are not as rich as the Germans, the English, French, Netherlands and numbers of other European countries who are so strict on their laws

  1. @ MC Miker G

    Udine has not many points , if taking some what is left ?


    Lucky they beat from
    2 games Milan once

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