Photos: Why Calabria was marking Dzeko on Inter’s first goal against Milan

By Isak Möller -

Davide Calabria didn’t have a good performance against Inter last night and as the captain of AC Milan, he should have done more. Especially on the Nerrazzuri’s first, but it turns out that goal was a bit more complex. 

In the 8th minute of the game, Inter got their first corner of the game and they made the most of it, as Edin Dzeko opened the scoring with a great strike. However, most Milan fans focused on the fact that Davide Calabria was marking a Bosnian.

Clearly, that was a mismatch in terms of size. As explained by Jon Mackenzie, though, Calabria wasn’t actually supposed to mark Dzeko. Denzel Dumfries blocked Fikayo Tomori, who was marking Dzeko, and forced the Calabria to switch his man.

You can read the full explanation in the tweet thread below.

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  1. We don’t have strong physical players. And they are all young. If you watched the game you can see how they winning all duels.

    Brahim Diaz had bad three years until he gained some strength.

    Malice Thiaw is good investment money in terms of physicality.

    Calabria Kalulu Tomori… they are not strong or good in set pieces.

    Positivity is they are all still very young. They can gain experience which can help them how to overcome many situation. Especially those set pieces situation which are cancer wound for this team.

    Also solid back up investment could help a lot next year.

    We all forgot about Botman and Renqto Sanchez saga…

  2. Blocking has been around since kids football… the fact these players can’t stay on their man is pathetic. Should just go back to a not complicated man marking. Put our biggest guys on their biggest guys. Done.

  3. This was what I said earlier. The movements of Dzeko made him end up with the mismatch. This was a well executed tactical corner.

    Kjaer should have been the one marking Dzeko tbh. Like I said we zone in the box and man mark outside. Hit a cross into the grey area and it’s problems

  4. First goal was calabria eror to mark dzeko, the ball not far in the air he should’ve tried to blok the ball with his left foot. Second goal was tonali fault he slowed his speed and let mykhi run alone.

    Hopefully we can still qualify to ucl next season.

  5. yes its a missmatch, nevertheless dzeko gets the ball unhindered in 1m height, still a super poor performance of calabria (like so many times) this guy cannot be from skills point of view captain of ac milan! And you all will see it soon (hopefully) managment did just bad (like so many times) with Florenzi and Dest – but we can see, with those two sinings that they have at least understood weakness of the team. Same with saelemaekers, cool guy, heart on the right place, is fighting like hell – but will never be a wing of a top team

  6. We don’t have:
    Tall powerful CB,
    Younger prolific forward,
    Creative mid,
    Tactically strong, adaptive coach.
    Without those we can’t expect much. I predict that next season will be a huge step backwards.

  7. Oh my god oh my Milan fans why are you guys saying things and be forgotten some things.this is same depends that disallowed Napoli and Tottenham attack which there are far strong than inter attack. And you are forgotten something which is called luck if you are not luck no matter how strong you will perform the day will not be yours
    Just look at the first 7minute of the game inter are playing very scared but that early goal give them energy and that is the nature of early goal the winner most be more strong than the conceder and the second goal wouldn’t Theo slip mikh wil have not reach to the score line. So be fair and execuse to ppl this match shows is not our day that all and don’t forget we where not expect to win Napoli but we do so we still have hope just be greatfull, honest and pray for success

    1. You create your own luck my friend.

      Even when we beat Inter, they have always had obvious superiority on the field of play, we won on heart and individual brilliance.

      When was the last time we dominated Inter and got unlucky? Remember any?

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