Photo: Gabbia’s girlfriend hits back at ‘ignorant’ Milan fans with stern message

By Isak Möller -

Matteo Gabbia made his second appearance of the season for AC Milan last night but, unfortunately, it wasn’t a good evening for him. In addition to conceding four goals, he made a huge mistake. 

When Ciprian Tatarusanu failed to control a corner, unforgivably dropping the ball in a dangerous area, Gabbia had the chance to clear the ball. however, instead he tried to shield the ball for the goalkeeper to pick it up.

It didn’t go well, as a Fiorentina man was first to the ball and just poked it in. Then, Gabbia also failed to defend the third goal when Dusa Vlahovic got in behind him quite easily.

On Instagram, Gabbia’s girlfriend Federica Ruggeri published a long message to hit back at the Milan fans that have insulted the centre-back. You can read the full message below, as translated by Football Italia.

“I am deeply ashamed to be part of the same human race as ignorant and frustrated people who vent their repressed anger on 20-year-old guys, harming them,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Football is a game and so it should be considered regardless of any performance. Everyone is free to express his thoughts, but there is a limit.

“Dignity and respect for a human are still a thing, that’s the line that differentiates a fan and an ignorant and that’s who you are,” she wrote.

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  1. I don’t blame her. Gabbia played his first full match. It’s normal. Don’t pounce on him like that. He’s young he’ll get better.

  2. Gabbia is already 22 & should have been loaned out year before last, last year & this year also. He is not at Milan’s level & rightfully should take the blame for the rookie mistake.

  3. he could let’s say work as an accountant, or a gardener if he wants to avoid public exposure and subsequent backlash when he fails to do his job properly. He is paid hundreds of thousands maybe even millions to kick a ball. And he failed to do that, miserably.

    He had one job. The same goes for Tata as well.

  4. Gabim is too young. Is very strong and he has future
    Was not is mistake
    Was goli as idiot. And Middlefield was so bad
    Very bad
    I like that guy he will be next Barezi

  5. Well generally speaking i think a lot of people tends to behave vile on the internet regardless whether the topics ​being sports, computer games politics etc. so nothing new under the sun there. When that is said people really should think an extra time or re-read what they write before actually posting. Also worth considering would they actually want to asssociate their real name with their own posts or would they be ashamed if their their loved ones saw them ?

    When that is said, generally speaking football players earns far more than most people could ever dream about during their lifetime and even at a very young age and the fans pays hard earned cash for expenssive tickets that keeps increasing over year after year so cant really blame them for being angry or venting if top earners had really bad permances or slack in their apperances.

    Gabbia though hasnt really played all season so cant really blame him and he certainly isnt a top earner when that is said maybe he should consider not having a social platform if he is targented.

    Anyways that my 5 cents on the matter.

  6. Nonsense. A “20-year-old” laughing to the bank weekly to collect thousands of euros as salary, yet his girlfriend doesn’t like him being criticized for his awful performance. Let him quit football and find him another career then.

  7. I see just a simple girl trying to protect her assets. He doesn’t even need that…he is young, he can make mistakes and simply learn from them.

  8. Waaaay too hard on Gabbia imo. Yeab he shoukd have cleared it but Tata legitimately made a blunder and shohkd have grabbed it again which was why Gabbia shielded it. Still wrong call but goal 1 was 90% tata’s fault and 10% gabbias. The others?? Great shot by sapo goal 2.. goal 3 yes he definitely marked poorly so he’s at blame there, and goal 4 theo gave the ball away basically in the box so 1 goal was a mistake for Gabbia… yeah not great but not a disaster

  9. What’s this rubbish? Not even helping the young man at all. Rather should have told him in private that he plays for a very popular team, mistakes come under extra scrutiny and must have scapegoats. He should chin up and get better to prove to them he deserves to play for the team.

    Not this bollocks about fans being ignorant, largely most fans are anything by ignorant.

    1. I agree it doesnt help him but in the end its hers comment and not his, so the majority of fans should understand thats the case and let it pass for what it is.

  10. I understand a chick who wants to defend his man but unfortunately your man have chosen a job which gives exposure to millions and millions of zealot fans all over the world. By making a statement like this you expose your man even more. By saying millions of fans :ignorant”, you don’t win their hearts rather you show your weakness even more and make your man a public enemy. Also like the others in this board, I believe Gabbia is not ready for a club like Milan. Far too many times when he was filling the shoes for the injured ones, his side-wise passes last season was atrocious to watch. He is not the one and the fact that he is even be a back up defender for us means we need to look for a true defender once again. Unfortunately, he has to go!!!

    1. I agree that she should have kept her comment to herself or atleast modearated it but if the fans judge him on the grounds of her comment which she as an individual is in her full right to make regardless of the content then they are in fact ignorant,
      Finally When gabbia played last season he showed great promise and played a string of games like a seasoned player so completely disagree on him not being ready but i do believe he certainly would benefit from a year out on loan to get consistant playing time. If he were to get consistant time in a serie a club he would soon get a call for the international team as pobega recently got.

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