Pioli aims dig at Milan fans: “Not many have been Milanisti this season”

By Isak Möller -

During today’s press conference at Milanello, on the eve of the Derby della Madonnina, Stefano Pioli aimed a dig at the AC Milan fans. As expected, the comments didn’t go down well with the fans on social media. 

Pioli admitted that tomorrow’s clash will be very difficult but refused to answer any questions about his future, stating that only the derby matters now. Towards the end of the press conference, which we covered in full, the manager made a strange remark.

The well-known journalist Carlo Pellegatti was asking Pioli a question and stated that “I’m a Milanista, not a Piolista, with all due respect” and the manager replied: “Not many have been this year, Milanisti I mean.” As expected, these comments didn’t go down well with the fans.

San Siro has been sold out for almost every game this season and the Curva Sud has continued to back the team, always cheering from the first to the last minute. Only after the Roma defeat did they express their wish to sack Pioli, having always protected him prior to that.

In short, his comments were very strange especially ahead of such an important game, where the support of the fans will be needed.

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  1. Where’s the lie?
    Half of y’all are praying we lose every week so you can have a reason to attack the coach’s selection.
    We win, and you credit luck, or Ibrahimovic or the summer transfers the management brought in; that’s if you bother to show amy reaction. We lose and you’ll think the sky is falling down.

    1. Well, when you’re attack looks clueless and depends on goals from individual brilliance it’s hard to give him credit. You don’t coach or practice that.

      As well, if he won games that mattered (they all matter but we want big performances in big games), we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  2. Well tell that to Travelling fans who spent their precious money and time just to watch and support the team played with no identity, game play, and mentality. I’m sure of the team lost in an honorable way, fans would just get over it. The way we lost with Roma (one from many) was just simply embarrassing.

  3. Why kill the guy’s character? This is just a sport, journalists are a shame, the guy is on his way out, he did his best, which is not enough but he tried his best, why destroy him now, stooping so low

  4. I think he’s starting to crack. The pressure is getting to him. And maybe there’s something to be said about that.

    The team hasn’t really shown up against Roma. maybe he’s losing the locker room. The derby performance will say a lot. I just hope if that’s the case, the players can show up to honor the shirt. Although given our track record it’s tough to imagine a positive result.

    Too little too late for sure.

    1. The thing is if we do well in the derby he will devour all the credits. For him, when the team do well, it is all on him and when they don’t it is on the players, the management, and the fans. After two disastrous seasons, this one derby win will salvage his career and he gets to stay for another 5 years?

    2. There is no longer honor left for them to show. In our games you don’t see the players pushing hard and playing for a comeback at all. Roma controlled everything in the game.

  5. Yes pioli is right with his comment about milanista including himself , well he already stated in the few years ago that he and his whole family are interisti . I respect him for building foundation for ACM but he is not the right man to continue that foundation

  6. The hate for some players, and Pioli, lives very well, and sometimes it’s online harassment and bullying more or less. Hate seems to come before support. The minute they lose the media is all over them, so are some “supporters”. Does it affect the players? Maybe some of them.

    1. Also… One hate-message will undo the 10 000 love-messages in a heartbeat. One or two idiot “fans” can ruin it for the rest of the millions and millions.

  7. Reporter: “So you lost today 3-0, for the third loss in a row. How do you feel, what are you going to change in trianing?”

    Pioli: “We lost 3-0, but we outplayed our opponents for 75 mins in the match. Just a few bad plays but we’re fine as we are. No worries, not changing anything”

    Reporter: “But you’re team only had 37% of possession, had a record number of turnovers and the lowest number of shots in Serie A this week.”

    Pioli: “I talked to the guys, we’re ready to give energy and come back and win this. We owe it to our fans.”

    Reporter: “Are you going to change players?”

    Pioli: “Fine as we are”

    Reporter: “But you’re defense has given up 8 goals in the past 3 games and you’ve had 5 shots on goals”.

    Pioli: “I explained it, we were unlucky”

    — next match, 2-0 loss to a good team or a 1-1 tie vs a team at the bottom of serie A.

    rinse and repeat, go back to top

    GTFO with your constant excuses

  8. Hate and controversy get more clicks. Management needs to be more present in the media instead of letting Pioli fend for himself . That’s not how you build a team.

    1. Yeah good point, and Mister Pelegatti instead of making such move to the mister, rather attack The Clown ownership who let this happen

  9. quindi i soldi che spendo per rinnovare l’abbonamento significano che non sono milanista? che dire delle migliaia di euro che ho speso andando a dortmund, parigi, madrid, salisburgo e napoli a cantare ininterrottamente per 95 minuti?L’ho fatto per i nostri colori. chi altro?

  10. It wasn’t even that bad. The context is missing badly. He’s basically saying not everyone you think are Milan fans actually support Milan. In many ways he doesn’t care if you’re a Piolista, being a Milanista is more important….or as Sempre put it’s..a “dig at Milan fans”. No, its a dig at people who claim to be. Maybe even management who didn’t even show support in their most important game of the season on Tuesday.

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