Pioli believes ‘lack of attention’ cost Milan with two points thrown away – video

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli accused his side of lacking attention as they dropped points last night against Salernitana.

It was a frustrating night for Milan in front of over 70,000 fans as they needed to take advantage of the poor results for Inter, Lazio and Roma but failed to do so. It looked like they would after Olivier Giroud’s header from a corner before half-time, but Boulaye Dia equalised for the away side who earned a draw.

Pioli spoke to Milan TV at the end of the draw against Salernitana to reflect on another frustrating night for his side domestically.

“There was a lack of concreteness and attention. We weren’t able to bring home the victory we wanted. It’s a shame because we wanted to give continuity and move up the standings but we only partially succeeded,” he said.

“We had to be quicker around the ball. We were struggling in the first half but the second half was going to be managed with more quality, speed and attention. Conceding that goal is too bad for our qualities. After the match it got complicated, it was more foul but it wasn’t our best night.”

On refereeing decisions: “I honestly haven’t seen them again after the game, I can’t judge them honestly. Otherwise I’d say what I think.”

On the goal conceded: “Yes, the goal we concede mirrors that. We conceded a goal from a throw-in where we weren’t positioned well due to lack of attention. The result was more due to our own shortcomings. We shouldn’t have committed as many oversights as in the goal conceded.”

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  1. We are playing slowly, most of our passes goes to the back, there are no options in the midfield to pass to. Brahim usually have tooo many contacts with the ball, there is no width, there are no half space passes behind the defense.
    Everything is give me the ball to my feet and I will dribble…
    We have to be able create situations where our top players can play 1v1 close to the BOX.
    When was the last time you saw Leao, Messias, Brahim… close to the box in 1v1 ???
    I only wish not to get super strong City or Bayern because they will embarrass us.
    I do think we have a very good team that can compete with everyone but we don’t have a plan how to play against the opposition.
    How come we are not able to create 3-4 very good chances at least against weaker sides like Salernitana or Cremonese…?

    1. Agree totally, but why does he use the same subs all the time. Give adli a chance and get rid of leao he is absolutely shit and lazy. Get some good Italian players surely they are better than what we have.

  2. We did create 4 very good chances (and a couple of less good other chances that I won’t mention). One, Rafa’s first half attempt that sailed in front of the goal line and beat Uchoa but nobody was able to get there in time to tap it in, by a hair. Two, Origi’s attempt with the chest that Uchoa saved on the line. Three, Florenzi’s header that Uchoa again saved on the line and was so close that goal line technology was needed. Four, Giroud’s bicycle kick that sailed high by a hair.

    I think fans have been a bit too harsh on comments here. We were a bit unlucky and we actually deserved to win. Any of these three opportunities that were so close would have resulted in us earning all three points and everybody would have been happy.

    While I acknowledge that we must beat bottom feeders like Salernitana and we failed to do so, I feel that fans here are too harsh on the criticism of the team, at times.

  3. Leao should be sold maybe 60 million so basically without paying anything from our pockets a full attacking department will be bought a striker for 20/25 a right winger 20 a left winger 20/25

  4. This man pioli is full of so much bs he beginning to believe in himself. He keeps saying we have. got to learn from our mistakeswe are half way through the season if they haven’t learnt by now they never will .why don’t he do the proper thing and resign and when he goes tell to take leao with him cause after last nite he is.a bloody Lazy burgar.the thing isno one is going to want him.The whole club is a mess because the wrong people are in control.

  5. Yes Pioli once again your team is playing casually and you’re unable to inspire There are personalities missing from the squad and from the bench. At this point I don’t think there is a player who Milan couldn’t live without except Mike. I think over the summer Milan should shake up the squad significantly. Additions and subtractions are needed and it’s time to get a coach who can integrate players.

  6. This man has gotten more points at than any other manager at Milan and with a FAR more inferior squad than All of his predecessors and still gets a pile of blame.

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