What Pioli must consider when picking Milan’s UCL squad – the key rules

By Isak Möller -

The Champions League draw, which took place yesterday, placed AC Milan in Group E along with Chelsea, Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb. A decent group for Stefano Pioli, who now must decide the squad. 

Compared to Serie A, when the squad is named per game, the Champions League squad is set in stone for a longer period (group stage, knockout phase etc). Pioli must name his squad by September 2nd and there are several rules he must take into consideration.

As per UEFA’s official website, a team can name a total of 25 players on List A, which is the one that has to be handed in by September 2nd. Eight of the spots are reserved for ‘locally trained players’ and cannot be used for anyone else, meaning the total spots will decrease if a club cannot name eight locally trained players.

In order to qualify as a locally trained player, the player must have been on the club’s books for at least three years between the ages of 15 and 21. Alternatively, the player could have been on another club’s books within the same association (Italy) for the same period. However, there are only four ‘association-trained’ spots among the eight spots.

For example, in Milan’s case, Davide Calabria is a club-trained player and Alessandro Florenzi is an association-trained player.

Then there is List B, which must be named the day before the Champions League clash in question. Only players that are born on or after January 1, 2001, are eligible for this list and the players must also have been training with the team for two years since turning 15. There is no cap on this list.

In short, the players that will be on List B are Primavera products. El Hilali and Chaka Traore are likely to be on that list, for example. The tricky part for Pioli will be to decide List A given the regulations. It’s been reported that Rade Krunic could be left out if his injury is as serious as feared.

Taking a look at Milan’s current squad, there are six players that qualify as locally-trained players: Antonio Mirante (association), Alessandro Florenzi (association), Davide Calabria (club), Matteo Gabbia (club), Sandro Tonali (association), Tommaso Pobega (club).

Pioli will thus be able to name 23 players on List A, potentially just 22 depending on the future of Gabbia. It should also be noted that two of the players in the squad must be goalkeepers.

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  1. “Compared to Serie A, when the squad is named per game, the Champions League squad is set in stone for a longer period (group stage, knockout phase etc).”

    This I did not know ie squad requirement per game rather than overall. This to me is odd. I always thought/read it was the overall squad registration for Serie A was the 8 local rule out of the 25 with at least 4 being club trained and not on a per-game basis. So basically we’re fine for Serie, just leave home whoever is injured or who wasn’t going to play lol. And I guess me and Yelnats should hv been discussing the UCL registration and not the serie a registration 😁. I guess it would have been Baka and Fode left out (or whoever else)

    1. This is wrong, it can only apply during transfer window as player in and out are still fluid.

      This article is not translation but is writer by sempremilan writer. This is contrary to the article they translated from GdS.

  2. “So basically we’re fine for Serie, just leave home whoever is injured or who wasn’t going to play lol.”

    That’s what MOST people have been saying all along.

    1. Man that could have saved me alot of time and told Yelnats to “go home, you’re drunk”😂😂😂
      I thought Serie A had adopted the UEFA rule fully but seems they only did on per game🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I was trying to find the actual documents on the Legea A site but I only saw the Tim Cup requirements

    2. No we are NOT. This article is misleading!

      Game by game only apply during transfer window! Once the window is close, the registration can only be changed under special circumtances.

      This is why Milan only sign U21, they are exempt in Serie A registration rule.

  3. Where is the homegrown players expert in this chat?
    Like most of us were saying all this time that if you don’t have all 8 you will just submit less players.
    To a team like Milan that doesn’t really have 25 players worthy of the champions league, make very little difference if they only submit 23 or even 22 player lists. Plus it’s really only for 6 group games. In February you can add or take off players again.
    I doubt any teams use more than 20 players in UCL. Maybe the big teams who qualify for the next round with a game or 2 left and roll out with back ups and B list players in those meaningless games to give rest to their starters

  4. @Isak Moller

    Come out, show your source!

    The homegrown rule is for first team squad! Not just matchday squad!

    First team registration can only be changed during transfer window or special exception such as GK injury.

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