Pioli criticised by Italian papers after losing yet another derby with Milan

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli lost the tactical battle against Simone Inzaghi last night and IOnter thus prevailed 5-1 in the derby against AC Milan. The Italian papers didn’t go easy on the manager this morning either. 

Milan struggled to match the quality of Inter and after conceding early on, it was an uphill battle from start to finish. In the end, the Nerazzurri won 5-1 and it’s clear that the Rossoneri still have a lot to work on.

MilanNews have compiled the ratings of the Italian papers, writing nothing but bad things about Pioli. In fact, he was rated the worst of Milan along with a couple of the players (such as Malick Thiaw).

Gazzetta dello Sport: 4.5/10

Tuttosport: 4/10

Corriere dello Sport: 5/10

Milan will have to pick themselves up quickly as they will face Newcastle on Tuesday evening. Starting the Champions League group stage will be crucial, given their tough group, and Pioli should be on edge up until the game.

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  1. There is a reason my Pioli has found it difficult to stay at a top club for more than one season. Milan, of course, being the exception.

      1. Individual intelligence won d it for Milan not pioli, it was in pioli time as a coach that milan have lost against inter 5 consecutively conceding a disgrace 12 goals. He can never beat inzahgi because he continue to do d same thing against inter he’s d worst coach ever to coach Milan against inter this is why all Milan players will leave to join inter but inter players will never leave to join Milan, even hakan said this. Pls pioli is such a bad coach

    1. Based on what? On the scudetto season Ibra played 1000 minutes = 11 games.
      That season was the peak teamplay from Milan under Pioli, they were on fire because they played as a collective, not because dude x was better than dude y

        1. lol. I get it alright.. I wonder was his influence also that Milan was crap last season or we only cherry pick this when it suits the narative

  2. Always loved Pioli, but, you don’t play the same tactics against the teams. Allowing Calabria to push to the centre gave room for Dimarco to move along the flank. There isn’t much creativity from Krunic, so, when the opponent blocked movement from both wings, the middle couldn’t offer much with just Reijnders and Loftus-Cheek. Pioli blocked Singo transfer, which would have helped us in games like this, when you don’t need both defensive wingers to go forward. Tomori’s absence was felt, which is still Pioli’s fault. Kjaer was not free with moving the ball forward, and really slowed down the play. Despite all, I still believe in the team to do great things this season. Lesson learned.

  3. His decision playing with high line defense versus simone that play 352 counter atack are fatally decision. Losing 5 – 1 in derby are unacceptable , with 2 CB speed slow he should play more defensive and aiming counter atack too , no need to feel embarassing play defensive like mourinho style

  4. Hope the fans boo’s them on Thusday against Newcastle. This team and managment needs reality check and above all: Pioli, sry but its time to pack your bags and f#ck off.

  5. Thank you Pioli. But you must go together with your Messi Krunic. Even Ricci with his young age tries much to staminate giantic players and creatively controls the middield .

  6. Time for Pioli to leave . He is stupidly annoying. Losing to Inter 5 times . People have been saying he is a mediocre coach. This match perfectly confirms it.

  7. I’m absolutely gutted to lose the derby as I hate Inter and isn’t Hakan just the biggest C U Next Tuesday?

    But this was not a 5:1 defeat. Theo scores that chance and it’s 1:1.

    Thuram could try that shot 10 times and he wouldn’t score.

    Games come down to moments. It’s why you shouldn’t let moments decide a long term project. Like selling half your squad because you met and exceeded expectations.

    The media don’t get to criticise. They were loving this summer’s extravaganza. They’re already clamouring for more change in January if they can’t get the coach sacked first.

    The fans will go along. This defeat may have started the demise of Pioli who was already under a huge amounts of pressure. Once he goes (and no doubt in true football fashion we’ll replace him with a coach who has never won a Scudetto OR even worse CONTE!!!) that’s it. The destruction of the title winning side is complete.

    The overhaul we had this summer was always likely to set us back. People disappointed at the players’ lack of fight need to remember that they’ve barely landed. There’s no history there. They feel like they should be up for a derby but there’s nothing to tie them to the club and the culture that makes them really get it.

    It could take years. We just have to keep supporting these brand new players and hope that they stick around long enough to build a rapport.

    We were always likely to have a set back like this so the key is not to lose our collective s#$T. It’s a long season and there will be plenty of set backs along the way but if there’s more positives than set backs we might do well. I hope so for the sake of the manager and the players. It’s not like the directors, the media or the fans will take any responsibility.

    1. But I feel this loss has nothing to do with the players whatsoever. It’s that pioli’s game plan was completely wrong. Inzaghi had a smirk on his face the whole night because pioli made it too easy for him. 3 games of the exact tactics I’m sure by the fourth you can figure out your opponent. Well that’s what inzaghi did. It wasn’t milan vs inter, it was in pioli vs inzaghi and pioli got crushed.

      Inters first goal was questionable for a foul while we did miss chances but 4 of 5 of inters goals were just to sit back soak up the bs side to side passing and posession that goes from their 18 yd box back the the center backs to eventually make a bad pass and lose possession just for them to counter and score ach time.

      Even pioli’s subs came at such a wrong time. It’s being able to adapt to the opponent you are facing in each game that makes you a great coach. You keep your fundamentals but they have to be weaker here and there. The sad thing is, pioli will continue the exact same whether it’s against inter, psg, man city, frosinone it’ll never change.

      1. Pioli’s subs ALWAYS come at the wrong time LOL!!! But I agree, I don’t fault the players. Our D was suboptimal. Thiaw needs to grow. Kjaer needs to retire. Calabria isn’t exactly taking steps forward either. Our back line needs improvments.

        But MOST importantly, Pioli’s in-game tactics need IMPROVEMENTS!

        1. Pioli is not a good coach is as simply as that forget all these painting of words to cover his stupidity wit he needs to improve is it d first time he’s losing to inzahgi inter always mean business when they see Milan but Milan comes with a gentle playing as if they are not serious, no seriousness no meaness no commitment no team play all these can be from d coach and u can’t give what u don’t have pioli don’t have all these attributes. Pls he needs to be sacked

  8. Any surprise how Inter always manhandle us?
    Because Pioli is a daft coach.

    Even though on paper the 4-3-3 formation should neutralise Inter’s 3-5-2, we can’t play that formation without a combative DM. No way we play a top team with Krunic, it is comon sense, football 101.

    We could have created an overload in midfield by mirroring the 3-5-2 formation, but Pioli never learns.

    That Inter midfield is well drilled, even without a proper DM like Brozovic, they completely dominated us, it is by creating overload. I hope you watched Barella, Mkitaryan and Hakan running our midfield riot yesterday, while Dumfries and Dimarco thought our full backs a lesson never to forget in a hurry.

    Watch Inter matches, even Manchester City with all the quality players they have, had to tweak their formation to 3-6-1 just to contain Inter midfield, yet they still struggled with Stones and Rodri in double pivot. Pioli needs to go back to coaching school. Man City usually play with a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation, but Pep was smart to spot a considerable overload in the formations and didn’t use them.

    Watch the league, Monza always tend to to find a way though Inter, it’s no surprise, the play Inter with a 3-6-1 formation. Same formation used by Juventus when they defeated Inter last season. Empoli as well used the 4-5-1 to defeat Inter, and I think Spezia mirrored the same Inter’s 3-5-2 to defeat them last season.

    And for the umpteenth time, Giroud should not be starting against these Inter defenders, maybe a super sub.

    Yesterday’s formation should have been:
    CB – Thiaw – Kjear – Caldara
    MF – T. Hernandez – Reijnders – Pobega – RLC – Florenzi
    CF/SS – Leao – Pulisic

    The players are not the problem, the recruitment was right, but we still need some additions.

    We desperately need someone like Sebastian Haller in this team.
    Also, a strong and Combative DM.
    And a strong RB

  9. I want to add something to Pioli’s issues. He has not integrated Chuck, Musah or Okafor. The proof is ehat happened last night where Musah and Chuck run around lost, miss passes and all around don’t seem to fit.

    Pioli is notorious for not rotating players. He should have sat Pulisic and RLC one of the last matches before Inter to get the players adjusted.

    Instead he subs them on. Players need games from start to finish to get used to the tempo and the team.

    If he continues down this path he’ll barely play Chuck and Musah will never see the pitch like Adli.

  10. This is the truth. Look at teams like man City, pep keeps on rotating the players to give everyone match fitness and conditioning them whole the season is ongoing but pioli will always stick to one line up and bring in players later on. Jeremy doku just started the game against WHU and grealish was on the bench. That is what top coaches do. Look at de zerbi line up yesterday against united and you will love it. Every one is having a taste of starting a game to keep them fit but pioli has kept the same or almost same line up for all the four matches played this season with all the other new signing coming on in the second half. How can they integrate and pick up their confidence. He has a problem with player management and it is affecting us.

  11. I find it disrespectful that a week ago he was good and yesterday he suddenly became garbage.
    I can’t understand this hypocritical behaviour of thinking.
    Yes Pioli made mistakes, all player’s made mistakes but we have built a new team, a team that is dominant forward and I hope we will see it on the games to come. Inter is old news, they done play to win, they defend to win. But what have they won so far with Inzagi? Check yesterday’s games stats to find out possession and accuracy. Yes our Milan is a puzzle that is missing few slots but I am 100% with the team and Piolis tactics in longterm are focusing on winning champions league. Inter was just lucky yesterday, on getting the first goal so early, with a different ref it couldn’t have been a free kick to us. Second goal was an individual mistake forced by the possession of the team…. and so on but what I am trying to say is, let’s keep up our love and support for this team and stop comparing us a red and black ferrari with a black and blue Peugeot. They won’t win the champions playing defensive football, and we all know that.
    Red and black forever, respekte for the players, team members, supporters and all.

    1. Stop painting words man pioli is a bad coach he needs to be sacked I have been saying this since d season we won d scudetto.

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