Pioli defensive after humiliating defeat to Inter: “I’m taking 70 minutes with me”

By Isak Möller -

Following the humiliating defeat against Inter, Stefano Pioli spoke to the media and shared his thoughts on what went wrong for AC Milan. However, he ended up getting quite defensive instead. 

Milan quickly conceded in tonight’s derby and it was an uphill battle from there, conceding the second goal just before half-time. Despite making it 2-1 through Rafael Leao, the game eventually finished 5-1 in favour of the Nerazzurri.

Speaking to DAZN after the game, as cited by MilanLive, Pioli got a bit defensive in his answers. Something that perhaps the Rossoneri fans won’t appreciate after a huge derby loss, even if he did admit that they need to do better.

On the goals conceded…

“We conceded in situations in which it seemed that we could get back into the game, that was our flaw. It was like that throughout the match. We conceded the second goal thanks to our mistake, making the wrong play. We deservedly closed the gap to 2-1, but after the 3-1 goal it was over. It shouldn’t happen, it’s sad to lose the derby but above by four goals. We were in the game until the 3-1 goal, they were smarter.”

The gap with Inter…

“It was like this today, we can do better, we will work to understand the situations in which we were ineffective. It’s normal at the start of the season especially since so much has changed. I’m taking 70 minutes with me, the last 15 minutes need to be reviewed.”

The first goal and the possible foul…

“No comment, the referee made that decision. Inter won because they believed in it more than us. We made mistakes despite having set up the game well, they were clever in the situations. It’s normal that we always talk about the approach, but in the first 4 minutes, we were the only ones on the ball.”

On slow ball possession and counter-attacks…

“They are a compact team, difficult to hit, they waited for us. We should have been wider with the wingers and looked for long corridors. The match went the way they wanted, we had our situations, but we weren’t effective and precise at 2-1. We can do better, we need speed, we created some situations, but it was difficult to gain numerical superiority.”

Do Inter have a better bench?

“I made some substitutions but we immediately got a penalty on a throw-in. It’s not easy to come in when the rest of the team is tired. They are strong, but so are we, I am convinced that we can play for the Scudetto, we wanted another result but this does not take anything away from my players and the depth of the squad. Many are new and need to understand Italian football, we will try to do it as quickly as possible.”

On the upcoming Champions League clash…

“We will analyze the negative things and do better on Tuesday, no problems from a mental point of view. It went badly, we are very sorry for the fans but we are mature and tomorrow morning, we will  immediately think about doing better.”

Milan will have to forget about the loss quickly as they will take on Newcastle in the first Champions League clash on Tuesday evening. It will be played at home at San Siro and the fans could use a good win, as well as the players.

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    1. It’s a pretty horrendous line, isn’t it?

      Played the game oblivious to Inter’s strength and then lost the game in the expected fashion.

      Possession isn’t much good when we’re hardly creating chances.

  1. 200% on Pioli. 70mns of what? It was evident after the second goal that the plan wasn’t working. And he wants to review the last 15? LOL!!!

    1. I’ve always defended Pioli, and I don’t like to see things black and white but in this case it was obvious that tactically we were surclassed and this was on him. Team needs to gel together and we don’t have a lot of time. Hope this is a big wake up call for everyone.

    2. All Pioli. We have the players – zero excuses. The man was outclassed and cannot adapt in-game tactics. Inzaghi neutralized our inverted RB system and he couldn’t adjust. Terrible.

  2. He’s too on fire in Scudetto season, his brain is fried.

    Should go wider with the winger? That’s his solution? How the hell we go wider? Inter defence is flat 5 when we have possession?

  3. Just shame on you. You can’t even understand Krunics paralyzing effect on team. You shouldn’t play 433, Inzaghi played you man.

    1. LMAO 😂😂😂😂 I love it, was waiting for this. Whole team plays badly =Krunic fault. So wholesome /s
      Reinjders missing, gave balls away, Mike shouting at him, nah all Krunic fault.
      Thiaw culpable for 3 of the 5 goals, nah Krunic fault.
      Chuku lost the ball on the goal….Krunic fault too
      Lol, u guys need to give it a break

  4. He can’t speak about referee ?

    Serie a is more corruptive than all of Ukraine and Balkan area.

    Are they going to shoot anyone if somebody speak that Marotta buying derbies?

  5. My username is iminmilano, admin suspended me.

    Where are the pioli fans who attacked my comment yesterday??? Reply here cowards!!!

  6. ” I’m taking 70 minutes with me ”

    Take it to hell with you, #Pioli is on fire, 😆you’ve got a lot of chances to see the real fire in hell, scudetto winning coach my arse.
    Never remorseful

  7. He shouldn’t justbtake 70 mins with him. He should take the rest of hic career with him else where. What a dumb response after a 5-1 loss. Same problem persists. Defense too exposed, and midfielders dont track back to help. Stupid coach. Menagment should have seen it and should’ve gotten rid of him in the end of last season.

  8. Inzaghi keeps playing you same formation, same tactics each time, yet you find it difficult to even get a draw. Isn’t that shameful? No zeal, no style of play… fear of playing young players… allow krunic to go, you said is crucial…What a coach…Milan please get Di zerbi before someone else does

  9. Not a good post match comment by him to say the least. If you only lost by narrow margin with a good fight, please, do make all excuses you want. But this, you just conceded 5 against a nemesis rival. Please it’s not even a contest. You lost 5 times in a row with your arch enemy. When was the last time that happened? That should be something you’re taking.

  10. Beat down. IMO might has well been 1-0 ,yes humiliating, yes motivational, 3 points ,no more no less, move on to CL and kick the shit outta Newcastle.

  11. I have kept mute after the pre season when the written was on the wall waiting for this day, pioli fan boy kept making a fuss about winning against bologna, and co…now they can’t say a thing….I have said it and will keep saying it…was was Pioli achievement before coming to Milan?, failed at Lazio, failed at inter, got sacked at Florentina….not even a single achievement! It tells us how Milan had fallen of this is the best we can have as a manager! How fallen are the mighty Milan mired in the mud? This man has next to nothing intelligence and footballing wisdom to which can outsmart ingenius coaches….

    1. He should have been sacked last January during that crap tacular losing streak When it was reported that he lost part of the dressing room period

  12. He’s so stubborn, can’t adapt to the game, can’t make changes in a reasonable time. Our midfield is getting overran and he only subs Pulisic. He’s a moron and his love life with his baby boy Krunic is clouding his judgement.

  13. They sat back and let’s us have ball and it still felt like they were in complete control of the game. They still have more better players and are deeper but I do feel like we have more than enough quality now to get a win against them. But there is a tactical inevitability to these games against them. They are going to counter, we are going to lose track of wtf is going on and they are going to get a great opportunity. And so it seems like they have to do very little to get a great chance while we have to pick 7 locked doors in a row juts to get a half a chance.

  14. Pioli seemed to get complacent after winning his 3 matches and thought he didn’t need to improve his tactic or prepare plan b against a better team than the previous opponents.
    Inter punished his unawareness.
    IMO Pioli never took lesson from his previous mistake..
    Milan lost twice against inter in UCL semis last season. Now we got thrashed 5-1..
    He should be ashamed.
    But once again what you expect from a coach who really likes Krunic?

      1. Dude and the white knights will defend BUM
        Krunic and BUM Pioli to the death. How stupid are they now? We need to try to get Xabi Alonso before Real or at least De Zerbi.

        1. Yea they just justify the sale of Tonali by trying to pretend all along that Krunic was waiting in the wings to step up..he’s average.

          The Tonali sale may or may not have been good long term, those who justify it, do so by saying out midfield got dominated.:.well they did yesterday without Tonali. I expressed concerns about going into the new season with a whole new midfield but got labelled a Maldini lover.. for some reason Loftus Cheek was poor yesterday, now either he’s not as good as we think, or Pioli just didn’t set the team up right.

          It is true that Maldini saw Pioli’s limits, all the Maldini haters will try and justify the journeyman Serie A coach and make out he’s some sort of genius, but the bottom line is that he isn’t..

        2. We should have got De Zerbi this summer…he’s hot property now.

          There’s nothing bad about changing a coach for reasons of progression. Pioli shows time and time again he can’t do it when it counts…

  15. The only thing I want to hear from this clown is “I have resigned, effective immediately”
    Will he get us that precious 4th place with a squad that should be competing for the Scudetto? Time will tell…

  16. Some people here have said a Pioli is a great coach…I’ll leave that here…

    Inter are a different level to us…we don’t have any kind of attacking tactics. How many times do we play it long for Giroud? We panic and lose possession, we get to the final third and have no clue, so we start to go backwards. First big test and we revert to type…

    That was beyond embarrassing. When your left back is your biggest threat to the opposite you know your have problems.

    Pioli is a mid table decent manager, he’s nowhere near good enough. How long before anyone of power in Milan relapses this?

    Also, Leao doesn’t do enough for me, he’s in and out of games, Thuram bosses that match on his 4th start for inter.

    Apart from Theo they were all pathetic

  17. Shut up you pioli you are dullest ever ac milan coach who is extreeme enemy of our beloved acmilan team,you are interist really.
    Even you do not have a working Brain becaise
    Hoe come to line up Calabria,Kjear and Krunic togather and lazy ,tired injury Gioroud.
    You arre the coach who never Produced asingle Premavera Palyer.
    Hoe cam the managers look and waiy to make their investment being made Garbage by you.
    How cam you Make Chekuenza ,Musah and Okafur and Kalalu forget their Qualities by making them Bench,
    Why do’nt you use 4:2;3;1 or 4:4:2 or make tactics of adoubting the situations.
    5 Defeats with same styles by old Priceless Inter Players do’nt you Mind
    If you are not dissmissed or fired milan will go down

  18. Before coming to Milan Pioli has never lasted 2 full seasons anywhere (and only 6 months at Inter) and his highest achievement by far was a 3rd place at Lazio. Then he won a lucky Scudetto with us. Now he is a great coach?
    Nope, still the same mediocre garbage he always was. Time to move on before we miss out on top 4. Remember, we only managed 4th last season because of Juve’s point deduction.

  19. Pioli should start looking for an alternative formation or go back to the 4-2-3-1 formation and also start playing our newly signed strikers and keep Giroud out of the first 11 especially for big matches like this where we need smart players.
    Why did we even sign Okafor and Chukwueze if we won’t use them?

  20. Milan has not coach and Maldini saw this monts ago. But Milan also has not players becouse all the new players are second hand players. They sold their icon, Italian Tonali and they trow all the money in garbage! Who else wanted Loftus, Pulisic, Musa, Okafor, Chukwueze? Nobody! ‼️😡. How could you said that those guys are equal with Fratezi, Turam, Sommer, Cuadrado, Pavard, Carlos Augusto, Arnautovic? And worst of all we do not have leaders any more. Maldini and Ibrahimovic are gone…

  21. This was a pathetic performance…
    I felt really sorry for Olivier Giroud,,,he tried to make space for the pass ,but just didn’t recieve it ..
    Any can’t quibble about the result ,the best team won the game ..pulisic was poor..Rafeo Leo tried his best , but did not get past his man very often but at least he got a goal …We have to get up again and then win the match against Newcastle ,which I believe we will do .
    Yes tonight..nothing else to add

  22. It was predictable that the position of Calabria inside in midfield would have created space that players like Thuram
    and Di Marco could exploit. Pioli was arrogant not to adapt his tactics to a stronger opponent.

  23. Before Milan, Pioli was at 13 clubs for no more than 2 years. Now, he wants Milan to play like City with the inverted fullbacks. He’s in a relationship with Krunic so that clouds things. If we want to go to the next level, he needs to go and take his boyfriend with him

  24. Sad and laughing at this result, what is certain is that Simone is smarter than Pioli. And the referee has done his job perfectly, ALWAYS MILAN

  25. Pioli is heavily involved in the transfers. So he do not have the excuse of the market. The idea of playing from the back is killing most of us, especially without an intelligent player such as Tonali. I do not like the idea of having the team so stretched as the ball is always lost half way through especially when an opponent such as Inter floods the midfield. The forward line is static, repetitive and the opponent can read the pattern of play. We have a slow defense, Kalulu has been felt. Tomori needs to be tamed as lately he is doing stupid and undesired fouls. Because we have a slow build up Theo is often caught on the opponent half leaving open spaces. We will continue to suffer until Pioli understands that he needs to rethink his tactics. He is stubborn and with this kind of game do not expect any top european prizes.

    1. Agree mate, well said. I said pre season that Pioli will provide the rope to hang himself. There are no excuses now.

      What’s worrying is Inzaghi isn’t a particularly good coach….why will happen when Pioli s faces a top coach in Europe

  26. pioli is the best milan coach ever. please dont sack him. milan should give him lifetime contract. he gonna let them to series b which bilan belongs to.

  27. Its simple Pioliii , dont talk to much and just go , we all fed up , win or lose is normal in football but 5 loses in the 5 consecutives derby is not normal . we can be patient for 1 or 2 matches in row . but the number now is 5 and maybe 6 in a row for the biggest derby in the world . Disgraceeeee

  28. Just last game against roma I praised pioli for adapting the team so quickly to the way he wants them to play. Today I criticize becaause he doesn’t change tactics whatsoever. Every team we play against tactics should be adjusted to get the best out of the team. Instead, he keeps it the same and we become predictable. A team like inters is clearly our weakness and if we dace someone like Atalanta we will suffer again. Today should have been sitting deeper and waiting doe our moment to counter.

  29. Coach Pioli, please don’t speak too much. Just prove it, that you are the right coach for Milan now.

    Be more fluid on tactics, and formation. And, try to rotate. Krunic, Calabria, Thiaw, Pulisic, and Giroud, they need to be rested and rotate.

    Just don’t always stuck with same formation, same men.

    And why don’t we play a long range shooter. Last night, better if Pobega come in. He likes to shoot outside the area.

    And try another formation Pioli, not stuck 433 or 4312. What are you trained everyday, if you don’t have plan B or C Pioli.

    I think, this season must be the last season for Pioli with Milan. Management must hire more attacking and fluid style coach, like De Zerbi of Brighton, or Red Bull coach, some like that.

  30. If the Yank will happily sack a club legend then he should have no problem sacking Pioli. He escaped the chop in January but after the big expenditure – where Pioli has had more influence, apparently – this 5-1 mauling so early on is worrying. For me, getting the second star before Inter is important and I will go as far as taking a chance with Ibrahimovic at the helm. For sure, great players do not always make great managers but Pioli needs to go.

  31. A team where Giroud takes free kicks, Krunic plays DM,no long balls,no spacing, giroud looking for tap ins can’t take on a defender on One no one like thurm…Poli is just a brainless coachand should be sacked

  32. kukavički postavljena igra ! muka mi je bila gledat ! Igraj atraktivno napadački pa ako sa velikim trudom i zalaganjem izgubiš neču ništa reć već čestitat protivniku

  33. Where are the Pioli fans? Here’s one right here.

    We get down 0-2 because of horrific defending by Thiaw, really really poor work by him, and Pioli’s to blame. Please explain what tactics can prevent the first goal, when Thiaw falls down like a piece of paper. Or the below amateur marking on the second goal?

    Returning back from 0-2 against a strong team like Inter is a whole different ballgame.

    And no mention on our star, captain America
    who went missing in action. Or our midfield not shielding the defense at all pretty much?
    And the stupid penalty by Theo? What tactics do all the armchair coaches have to get out of that?

    Pioli is in charge and so by default everything is on him. But all this hate for someone who took us with a bunch of nobodys to a scudetto, and nothing about the actual f’ing players that disgraced the shirt with this performance?

    Its a really disgraceful result, absolutely shameful and embarrassing, no doubt. It was simply not our day. We now need Pioli to pick the lads up, shake them up, and continue to the next match

  34. Management should answer and take action to this lose. If it’s because of player’s quality , management should sell the player and buy 1st quality player. If it’s because of Pioli, management should hire 1st quality manager, at least manager who has tactic.
    Seemed 5-1 meant to be Pioli quality againts Inzaghi quality.

  35. Why is this man(pioli) using weak players when you have good players to challenge your opponent.he is using the like of giroud,kjare,krunic, Calabria that are weak please Milan need good n experience coach to help the team move forward not like pioli who that have pattern of playin see thuram and Martinez using Milan to learn football

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