Pioli explains his choices regarding subs and claims finishing fifth ‘would not be a failure’

By Isak Möller -

It was a frustrating night for Milan as Cagliari held them to a 0-0 draw at San Siro, putting the Rossoneri’s Champions League hopes at risk. Most likely, they will have to win the game against Atalanta. 

Stefano Pioli will surely have a lot to answer for in the coming days as his side couldn’t find the right solutions on the pitch. Cagliari sat back and defended, as expected, but yet Milan had nothing prepared (it seemed) to counter this.

The manager used all of his five substitutions this evening and although a few of them did give Milan energy, others were questionable. Speaking to Sky Italia after the game, as cited by MilanNews, Pioli explained the decisions he made.

“I changed Bennacer to have more dynamism and physicality in the middle of the field and on dead balls. Mandzukic had a lot of problems and this morning we called him up at the last minute. He had no more minutes [to give].”

He was also asked about the Champions League and what the situation means for Milan. Contrary to general belief, as the Rossoneri were the winter champions, the former Fiorentina boss said finishing out of the top four wouldn’t be a failure.

“It would change. For the whole season we have done, not finishing in the top four would certainly be a disappointment but not a failure, this year we have laid the foundations for a winning Milan future,” he concluded.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    How you dare having an opinion on this shamefullness?!?!?!

  2. Milanisti indonesia says:

    Foundation for winning milan future? What a bullshit after being held by nearly relegated team at our own stadium, #pioliout

    1. Modou sowe says:

      Hear this stupid man called pioli comments and why Hauge is playing……

  3. Remyp says:

    See, he is always a mediocre, when we win his head become big and not prefare what will coming, i have enough words for this sh*tman

  4. Carlo says:

    DISGRACE!! Imagine saying it wouldn’t be a failure. If we dont make CL, This collapse will make Istanbul defeat feel like it never happened, this is worse in my eyes.. we will be the laughing stock of Italy.

  5. qwerty says:

    Finishing 5th would be a failure with a taste of disgust to it.

  6. chernor says:

    even if Milan qualify for CL, this old man should leave d club

  7. Jera says:

    Are you idiot or what. You had e in your hand to win championship now to be fifth is not failure.
    What idiot. Please replace that idiot asp.

  8. Pato says:

    Poili is disgusting…

  9. Tino says:

    Again and again I say Piolo is not a technician. He’s so ordinary coach no tactics. No training on proper use of set pieces., corners, switching players in dynamic ways or even do right changes in right time. He’s so stuburrn. That’s all

    I see Management should let him go once Milan lost top sport.. Waiting for what!! No clue how these d***heads thinking

  10. Nathan VN says:

    Tired of this man. Nothing. Bring Sheva and Tassoti back to Milan.

    1. Bitmoski says:

      What a fool!

  11. Go Away Pioli says:

    feeling no failure for 5th is failure itself…. the TF out pioli.!!! #pioliout

  12. micah97 says:

    5th is a failure..after being winter champs..we have failed to beat Sampdoria,Udinese,Sassuolo and Cagliari at home. If we miss UCL….PioliOut

  13. micah97 says:

    1st to 5th is a collapse never seen b4 in Italy..We gave the Scudetto to Inter..now we want to give UCL qualification to Juve. Pioli must be sacked if we don’t make UCL…why do we nevr win at San Siro?

    1. rivera says:

      Winter Champions means what??????

      If they don’t qualify for champions league beating Juve and Torino means Jack S..T

      Now Maldini what’s your plan sack Pioli and sign Donnaroma
      Your next move will define your time here as manager

  14. redautumn says:

    what is he talking about? at the start of the season the target is UCL spot. out of it definitely a failure. so why is he saying it is not a failure?
    the team definitely missing the heart and spirit from the old days of milan. now they are just talk. maybe this is why lately they were struggling to win at san siro.

  15. Emeka Ekeh says:

    He is really stupid for saying that. This will be a complete disaster if it happens.

  16. Yus says:

    I want to see hauge play again as supersub… Why no chance given to him

    1. rivera says:

      I agree Hauge should play and Pioli was sacked by Inter and now by Milan otherwise we will linger in the wilderness for ever

      The owners should know this !

  17. Charisma maduka says:

    Like i said, give me Mauro Tassotti to be at the bench of milan next season not even Shevenko. I told you all that this Pioli of a man has nothing to offer. I want milan to lose against Atalanta so that the management board of milan can laugh at maldini and see how foolish he is. Gazidis wanted a german coach but maldini fought with him and he allowed maldini to do his wish. Now out of the two coaches maldini has brought, none has delivered. Nepotism is the problem of italian football league.

  18. Abdallah says:

    He is just not tactically sound as a coach how rebic finish that match I can’t understand.how changing bennacer for meite who always can’t sort out his legs on time to make the right pass.also leaving their natural replacement on the beach tonali and hauge.this is something that shows he is technically poor

  19. KJ says:

    How is it goin from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th to 5th not failures. CLEARLY U NEVER ATTEND SCHOOL..No wonder the team plays like they do and accept defeat or draws as a “good result”…i actually thought u were doing a good job and had what it takes. I actually thought the team was the right team and all capable enough to wear the milan symbol…

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