Pioli shares frustration after Napoli defeat: “If you play like that, you can’t lose”

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost against Napoli this evening and Stefano Pioli wasn’t happy with the outcome of the game. Understandable indeed, given that the Rossoneri created enough good chances to win the clash. 

Both goals Milan conceded were avoidable, especially the penalty, and they also hit the bar twice. Pierre Kalulu more or less had an open net to aim at in the dying minutes but somehow managed to hit the upright.

In short, there is frustration over the result as Milan really should have come away with at least a draw. Speaking to DAZN after the game, as cited by MilanNews, this is exactly what Pioli highlighted.

On Milan’s performance…

“I’m not satisfied and neither should my players be. If you play like that, you can’t lose. We only scored one goal, too little for what we created. There is disappointment, we shouldn’t have lost. But that’s the way it is, we will also learn from this evening. The performance was there from all points of view.”

On the defeat…

“We lost because on two occasions we didn’t put that quality and determination we needed. We played better than Napoli. We were unbeaten, it’s a shame to lose them after such a performance.”

On mistakes…

“On Simeone’s goal we had too many players attacking the ball carrier and we didn’t fill the area well.”

On the changes at half-time…

“I took off Kjaer because he was booked. Calabria went out due to fatigue in his flexor, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken him off.”

On Dest…

“He is an excellent player, Calabria also struggled. Kvaratskhelia is a great player.”

On De Ketelaere…

“He made the best performance of the season. He needs time to understand a new league. I liked it, I’m happy with what he did. He’s getting better and better.”

The players will now get some rest, or at least a few of them, as the international break will take place next week. It’s a shame to head into it with a defeat, but Milan will have to use it as a motivation to improve and bounce back.

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  1. Probably wanting to keep CDK confidence up publicly, which I agree with, no point bashing the guy in the media.

    But I hope privately he’s trying to get more out of a €35mn wonderkid, the bar should be higher for him, even in big games like this.

    22 shots 5 on target. Seems like we create some openings but need to be more clinical. Kalulu miss was a CBs effort but credit for him being there. Messias had the opportunity that if we had a top RWF he probably scores it.

    1. You are very right,messias was poor all night,he doesn’t not create threat on the the right wing at all,I blame Milan management , having failed to address the right wing position.. Milan players players their best game of the season,yet we lost..Giroud was so great,he could not find the quality players behind him after several layoffs..both saelemakers & messias are not worthy of Milan.. good performance but disappointing results.

  2. U guys are really over pampering dis ketalaree guy with the whole hype nd stress it took us to get dis guy am not seeing much all i hear nd see is flash.it took martinez,lukaku, nd alot more to adapt after 1 or 3 games dis guy have played almost all d matches ooh.milan need da person who can create something when is impossible we don’t have much time for some1 to take a whole season be he adapt.milan is growing big nd faster d world is hearing about us again.ketalare needs to up his game

    1. How u compare this guy who is only 22 with lukaku who has years of experience in europe. This guy came from belgium a modest league. Give him some time and you will change your opinion.

    2. You are right, I believe Noa Lang will adapt more quickly than him, to all the fan on Calabria, hope you can see that his very solid, dest can’t bench Calabria trust me. Trust me some time am worried on my brother tomori he lost his mind sometimes, Jr Messiah should be sold by January. Everybody played very well. But we miss Leao a lot.

  3. He’s protecting CDK and that’s fine. To me he didn’t have a good game. He did have a few good passes but he also did not click well with the other guys for most of the game..

    1. IMO CDK is a great talent with great potential, but he looks timid and shy on the field . He needs to be more assertive, more confident during games. He needs to “grab the bull by the horns”, and demand the ball.
      I guess all of that will come with time. Hopefully sooner than later. But he kid is putting in the effort and often makes the right decision but sometimes he’s gotta be selfish, take a shot from distance or be direct and go for goal instead a pass

      1. Imagine CDK with Zlatan’s attitude. He’s too shy & modest and needs to step up. The skills are there but he needs to take more responsibility.

  4. De Katelare mi izgleda kao da je pao s marsa ! Neuvjerljiv ko djete na tuti kad se usere !! Salemakers i Mesijas katastrofa drugorazredni igrači koji tu ne pripadaju ni protiv Cremonesea !! Dakle dobro smo i prošli s kime smo igrali !! Adlija bi stavio svaku utakmicu mjesto De Katelara ali bi to bila sramota i šamar za Milan i upravu !! Trebali smo uzeti Mareza ili Zaniola pa i Berardija umjesto ono djete na tuti od 35mil eura !!!!

  5. I haven’t seen any reasons for me to keep Messias and Diaz in Milan’s squad at all. Salemakers is great Player and to me he’s played out of position. Salemaker should be use from the left wing position as Leoa sub, he has speed and can cut in very well unlike Krunic.

    As for Krunic he should have taken the position of CDK in yesterday’s game, if you guys watch Milan’s last few games of last season, Krunic did very well in that position last season and I was expecting Pioli to use him in that position yesterday.

    On the right wing, Milan is the only team that is still playing a natural right winger in this modern football. We need a natural left winger like Di Maria, Salah, Leroy Sane, Mahrez. I don’t even know why Maldini did not sign Ziyech from Chelsea, he’s far better than Messias. If we have a very good player on that wing, the absence of Leao wouldn’t have been felt that much and Milan will be extraordinary having both winger firing from all cylinders.

    In all, Milan need a good creative midfielder, a good lift winger and a someone strong in the void left by Kessie

    1. Add to that a striker who can get 20th goals a season. I agree with pretty much all you’ve said, I never wanted Ziyech as his attitude and performances don’t warrant him and I don’t think his profile fits. But in essence I agree with you, the RW had to be resolved and it wasn’t. We got blinded going after CDK

      Agree with you on midfield although I’d like to explore Adli there, and also you’re bang on about using an inverted winger on the right. Noa Lang really intrigues me, he’s what I call a wild card player, edgy and unpredictable from what I see.

      I think we should have gone 4321 yesterday and packed the midfield, I said that pre match.

      1. “Add to that a striker who can get 20th goals a season.”

        If Giroud keeps fit and his current level, he will score close to 30 goals this season. You can do the math yourself based on his goal average so far.

        1. Not really….you have to factor in fatigue and age. If you score a goal in the 10th minute, does that mean you will win 9-0!?

          Don’t get me wrong in a huge fan of Giroud and many posts on various topics here will testify to that, but he’s 36. If we got 18-20 from him this year it’ll be a great effort.

  6. I thgink many expected CDK to have a Kaka or Pato style impact. He just isn’t that good (yet) sure he’s a talent but there’s a reason we had a largely a free run at him. If he was the new Kaka then City, Chelsea, Utd and others would have been in there. He’s probably 2-3 seasons off being Kaka and then the big offers will come in.

    Napoli are a good side, it’s annoying as we played well but they had the edge. Our attack is no better than last year even after a Mercato, we still rely on Leao and 26 y/o Giroud. Adli as CAM and a RW would have made more sense

  7. Giroud was sheer class ..I saw the game ,for a 35 year old man he was awesome .He never stopped running and held the ball up brilliantly as well as some amazing technical skills laying the ball off for others .
    Yes he also scored a goal ,and hit the bar with another shot …We should have won the game ,but the fact is we didn’t ,but what a stupid challenge to give the penalty away ,and yes it was a penalty ..
    Theo hernadaz what another top performance from him ,linked up with Olivier Giroud very well ,and of course it was his assist the he scored from .very disappointed that we lost this match ..
    it’s not often that we will lose a match when Olivier Giroud starts ..Yes he definitely gets my man of the match award ..Well done Olivier ,and well done for the recall for France ,fully deserved …We are not out of the scuddeto and if Olivier continues to play the way he is at the moment lots more goals to come from him…We did miss rafael leao ,it will be good to have him back .

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