Pioli hits back at rumours about Krunic: “Do you think I would do that?”

By Isak Möller -

Rade Krunic has been heavily linked with a move to Fenerbahce this summer and in the midst of it all, he has played a key role for AC Milan during the pre-season. Stefano Pioli has now hit back at the rumours. 

The Bosnian midfielder is clearly at the top of Fenerbahce’s wish list but Milan are keen on keeping him this summer. Gazzetta Dello Sport reported yesterday morning that he already has an agreement with the Turkish side, and in the evening he started against Monza.

When asked about the matter during the post-match press conference, Pioli hit back at some of the rumours that have been floating around. He assured that Krunic remains focused on giving his all for Milan.

“Rumours about Krunic? Do you think I would field a player if he doesn’t train well or has his head somewhere else? Do you think I would do that? He tells me something else based on his attitude. Rade has never been wrong in that sense,” he said as cited by MilanNews.

It remains to be seen how the saga will end but it looks like Krunic will stay at the club, after all. Pioli considers him a very important player and Milan know that it would be hard to find a replacement for the money they would get.

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      1. The thing is if Spider Rico Krunic is in this squad at all, Pioli will play him no matter what or where. Their love affair is no obvious, they need to just come out already and walk into the stadium holding hands

  1. We didn’t sign Musah for him to sit on the bench. He will play No 6 or Pioli will be out of here along with Krunic. Why do I say that?

    Management didn’t spend weeks and many millions trying to sign a player just for him to sit on the bench. Plus I doubt Gerry wants an American player sitting on the bench. Wouldn’t be good for business.

    Krunic walking around the pitch like he’s on vacation just doesn’t work anymore.

    1. Can’t wait for you guys to actually see Musah play. Then you’ll finally see that he’s the least suitable to play as a regista, out of all the midfielders we have.

      1. Yup.
        None of the new ones hold and dictate. Runners. And a MF3 of 3 runners will simply not work.

        I do like the singings of Musah and Reijnders – Ruben and Pulisic not so much due to their injuries and/or inconsistencies – but none of them can hold and dictate from the deep.
        Throwing in a MF3 of them three will make opponents leak through the mid too easily and overload the CBs.

        Hilarious/sad to see this comment section has turned into a circus though.


    2. Musah is a headless chicken like Muntari
      He cant play as 6

      Reality is Krunic will play as long as the bald pos is in charge

    3. I’ve been a defender of Pioli. I think he has overachieved with the depleted squads that Maldini gave him the last 2 seasons, but his love affair with Krunic is going to cost him his job. There is no way this guy can be starting for this team. There is nothing he can do on a football pitch that Musah can’t already do better at age 20. Is this really the hill Pioli wants to die on? Sinking or swimming with Rade Krunic? I hope not.

  2. “Rumours about Krunic? Do you think I would field a player if he doesn’t train well or has his head somewhere else? Do you think I would do that? He tells me something else based on his attitude. Rade has never been wrong in that sense,” he said as cited by MilanNews”

    If Krunic really trained well, why we don’t really see his impact in the matches? He played so many matches and had a decent performances only in a few times. (except for his fanboy, who keep defending him and think He is at the same level as Pirlo *sigh)
    Either your judgement on a players ability is quite dubious or other players are really totally crap.
    I thinks it is the first one.

  3. This fenerbahce already annoying , it is time for AC Milan sell adili & bid their target dominques . We can keep both krunic & domiques until bennacer recover from injury at february

  4. Krunic is trash. I can’t count anymore how many goals were conceded when he’s on the pitch. Go back and watch last season. He gives the ball to the other team in the first third almost once a game

  5. Of course Krunić love AC Milan!!!!He knows for sure he’ll never find a club like this…NEVER!That is cause of all his love.SACK HIM PLEASE!!!!

  6. Renato Sanches is available again. Remember when everyone wanted him last summer? Lol. Belotti is also probably available for the right price. Remember how everyone wanted Belotti last summer? Might be our solution for striker. 😉😉😉

    Enough turmoil in midfield. Let Pioli have his utility man and let’s move on. Musah will play and Bennacer will return. We need to focus on striker and maybe a CB.

  7. Krunic is a good rotation player and useful in that sense. Low salary and doesnt demand or whine about pitch time. You need those two in a squad as only 11 can be starters.

    If hes sold and we get Dominguez instead then no worries, its actually better for the team as a whole since Dominguez is a better no6 then Krunic.

    But if Musah can play as no6 with Reijnders and Loftus-Cheek as mezzalas, keeping Krunic as a backup for Musah until Bennacer is back would also work fine. Then we have Adli and Pobega as backup mezzalas.

    So whatever happens in this saga its not a huge deal. The most important thing now is to sign a LB and offload Ballo-Toure, Origi, Lazetic, and decide what to do with Caldara and Colombo.

  8. There is no way we can say that our midfield is stronger this season if we have Krunic as a regular starter. This man cannot start . Come off the bench ok. But if Pioli is going to starting him regularly, we have a big problem.

  9. Anyone who says Pioli should leave clearly has their head up their culo.
    You can’t get another manager in such short notice given most negotiations will be long.
    We’ve already seen what Pioli could do with players he had to work with, but now he has players he finds suitable to his plan.
    Some of you aren’t even real fans – talking crap about your own player. Go support Inter and Juve because the meaning of the word “supporter” is to back up your squad.

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