Pioli irritated after humiliation against Lazio: “I only speak because I have to”

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli failed to find the right solutions for AC Milan as they suffered another big defeat, conceding four goals against Lazio this evening. Speaking to the press afterwards, the manager admitted the obvious flaws. 

Milan needed to bounce back after four winless games but instead, they differed another huge defeat as Lazio dominated them from start to finish. A bad look not just for the players, but also Piolo who stated before the game that he had the right solutions.

Speaking to DAZN, as cited by MilanNews, Pioli stated that he’s only speaking to the media because he has to and that the team should return to work at Milanello immediately. It wasn’t hard to determine his mood, in other words.

How do you explain this knockout?

“It can be explained by quickly returning to Milanello to work well, we are delivering performances of our usual standard.”

What’s wrong?

“There are so many things that don’t work: mentally, tactically. I’m here speaking to you only because I have to, if not we would keep quiet.”

Is this the lowest moment of the Pioli era?

“It’s a delicate moment. In the last two and a half weeks we haven’t brought home any performances or results and it’s clear that we all have to do better.”

What are you most concerned about?

“It’s not easy. Things don’t go well for us. Today we created situations to be dangerous. The problem today wasn’t as much in possession, but when we were without the ball there was no coverage, we need clearer communication. I just know one way to improve: work. All these negative results lead to negativity.”

Goodbye Scudetto?

“We have to resume playing as we know how to: this is our first goal and we have to do it as soon as possible. Let’s resume our journey and our path, I’ll try to talk less and work more.”

Can Zaniolo be useful?

“I don’t know. Tonight we’ll talk about the match, we’ll see other things in the coming days.”

Do you miss Ibrahimovic?

“Too easy to say that now. We don’t want excuses. We have always believed in our way of playing. The lads will have my support and the desire to be a competitive team again.”

Milan will take on Sassuolo next but they will have to do so without their star Ismael Bennacer, who received a yellow card this evening. At least that means he won’t miss the derby because of yellow card accumulation.

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  1. Work harder? So your saying you don’t know what’s wrong? I ain’t no coach but I can list 10 things what’s wrong with our approach to the game. It ain’t being quiet and getting to work.

  2. This is true story: We are under America n ways of handling European soccer. They own; Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. After Ferguson left United, Manchester created biggest brand on the world, but never won anything. Chelsea and Liverpool are without Europe next year. They use special statistics for football, and when we see them selling Ac Milan, we can expect results from new owner.

    1. Conveniently ignoring Liverpools titles and Milan’s! And lumping in Chelsea who’s been under American ownership for all of two minutes…
      Maybe the issue is Italian, Pioli can’t coach, Maldini and Massara maybe aren’t that great, Calabria is terrible, Tonali regressed, Pobega sucks, serie A is fast tracking itself to irrelevancy and the national team don’t get me started. Americans are easy to blame but until Italy and her precious Italian’s figure out how modern calcio works Milan will suffer.

      1. I disagree with u dude…..bad run occurs evrywia….look at Liverpool….Sevilla….n odas. Agreed reforms are necessary. But Italian managers are d bomb

  3. Bruh u didn’t change anything,u play same players,same system every match,u cant continue playing with wingers when we have only 1 winger in team,so put leo up front and cut winger system,also u have 10+ players on bench,wtf u brought them if u will never use them,tatarusanu is awfull most of the matches,just like calabria,messias,salemakers,diaz,give someone new a chance,if they got this much playing time they would not be worse than them

    1. Maldini is a big problem at Milan, his signings are below par, and you want to blame redbird for it, Pioli never changes and expects good results, that a good definition of insanity. A scarecrow would ve serve Milan better than Tata, yet Pioli insist on fielding him, the blame is on Maldini and Pioli !!!

  4. Mr Coach… stop playing your pet player like Diaz. Start using your reserves like Adil n Cdk and new keeper. And pls after 2 years other teams know your double pivot so well that they laugh at your game plan. You have 2 ineffective wings and a lost playmaker like Diaz. Easy meat to kill you in the centre and run riot on the wings.

  5. Adli, CDK, Vranckx, Thiaw all perished under his guidance. Failing to make use of these youngsters and integrating them into the team is HIS fault.

  6. Maldini is a big problem at Milan, his signings are below par, and you want to blame redbird for it, Pioli never changes and expects good results, that a good definition of insanity. A new goalie would ve serve Milan better than Tata, yet Pioli insist on fielding him, the blame is on Maldini and Pioli !!!

  7. Pioli doesnt trust other players in the team thats his problem…. how many teams in Seria A have new players from other leagues and they are performing…..?
    You dont give them playing time…
    See likes off Man city they have a fullback you lad keeping walker on the bench…
    Look at arsenal they trust the younger players
    Look at Napoli they released some off there best players and the replacement were coming from other leagues and they are top…
    See Atalanta playing young youth players but for milan excuse all the time they dont know our style off play they dont know italian language f*** that football is one language….

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