GdS: Pioli will bench Kessie in Udinese vs. Milan and it’s not just for rest

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie hasn’t managed to live up to the great heights of last season and that is starting to cause a problem. As his renewal demands continue to remain very hefty, it’s a complicated situation on and off the pitch. 

The Ivorian’s contract will expire in the summer and Milan are yet to reach an agreement for a new one. The request from Kessie and his agent has been way too high lately and it has continued to increase, despite the drop in quality.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), Kessie will start tonight’s game against Udinese on the bench. In other words, it’s a technical choice but also a mix with many games played lately.

In the summer, the midfielder promised to sort the contract situation as soon as he got back to Milan and that hasn’t happened yet. The fans, therefore, are rightfully disappointed with him and the situation is now very heated.

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  1. This is the right time to bench Kessie till the end of the season. He is driving a hard bargain and he’s not ready to put in the work. Lets the management and the coach give him a lesson in gratitude. Who’s going to pay 8-9m for a player who was confined to the bench through half of the season. The guy and his agent are riding on the back of our Scudetto conquest, using it as a prop to increase and defend his self-acclaim market value to the other clubs. The present Kessie is not worth all that and we need to show him that. Good riddance!

    1. By benching him till the end of the season we would achieve 3 things:
      – lowering the quality of our squad in a season with a chance for scuddetto
      – pissing him off, so he will not renew with us in summer even if no other club outbids our salary offer and so that he will not hesitate to join our rivals like hakan did
      – lowering his value for his future club, so again we are helping our opponents save some money

      I’m just glad that our club is not managed by keyboard warriors and/or 10yr olds.

      1. Kilroy he cost us too many games this season. If he’s not improving being bench is the right solution. He’s taking a gamble like Hakan as it is

        1. That’s beside the point. I’m saying we should not give him the bench treatment as a revenge for not renewing.

          If you are saying that his performance is not good and we have better option then I don’t agree but i respect your opinion. Still that is not the same thing as Perma benching him as a “negotiation strategy”

          1. Kilroy, I don’t think he was benched because of his renewal situation. He is just not at his best. Last year fan asked to bench Donaruma but management and coach played him against Juve. That itself says a lot. Some of the stories from the media is the get views and not everything is true.

          2. Eddie I agree with you. My answer was to keo who argued that he should be benched as some sort of punishment for negotiating a contract.

      2. You let sentiment cloud your judgment my friend.. you really think Kessie would renew if we keep playing him and after taking us on this rollercoaster negotiation?? I may be a keyboard warrior, but a 10year old thinks way better than a delusional 70 year old timer such as yourself.

          1. Okay then, We will just hope that the Management will try NOT to “Piss” him off by NOT benching him, so the quality of our squad is NOT lowered, thereby keeping his value on the increase so that clubs interest in him will have to pay through their noses to acquire him in a deal that doesn’t benefit Milan whatsoever….. Genus Plan!

          2. Ahahaha great plan. Not mine though. Stop twisting my words to make it easier for you to argue… That’s a TROLL behaviour and I am not being dragged into this any further.

            Come back when you learn to understand an argument and participate in a discussion with adults. Best of luck. Over and out.

  2. I like Kessie and did not forget he is one of the leaders of this team. However he does want too much. Players overall make too much nowadays – old Messi makes 10 times what prime Fenomeno was making at Inter.

    1. He’s the leader, but the amount of money he is not worth the amount he is demanding, even Ibra isn’t performing at a level that deserves the fee he’s currently earning. Lets call it for what it is. If you think you are worth that amount, and the money is what you want the most, just prove it on the pitch. He shouldn’t toy with the emotions of the fans and the management. I’m not sure what the story is anyway, and we on the outside do not have all the facts, but if it’s true that his agent kept raising the bar during negotiations, then I really think that’s not business-like.

      Kessie seems to forget that this club took a chance on him and refused to see him to Wolves for 35m two years ago, even when they put him on the market. Players these days are nothing but Mercenaries, Boots-for-hire, all they care about these days is the money, and they play for the highest bidder

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