MN: Why Pioli is a major architect of Milan’s position at the top of Serie A

By Oliver Fisher -

After the victory against Cagliari on Saturday night, AC Milan have now won three league games in a row by a scoreline of 1-0, and Stefano Pioli deserves credit for his work.

MilanNews writes how Pioli’s team are at the top of the table, 3 points ahead of Napoli and 6 above Inter (who have a game in hand) with eight rounds of the season left. While not showing their full ability, the Rossoneri stuck in there against Walter Mazzarri’s side – who are battling relegation themselves – to score a winner in the second half.

Pioli had to try and find a way to win the game during a night in which Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao were quiet. The strong mentality that he has imprinted on this team means that all players believe they can be decisive, with even Pierre Kalulu scoring against Empoli in the game before.

After Covid, injuries and no new arrivals in January, it is a testament to Pioli’s work that these things have not affected Milan’s title push, in addition to the contract situations of Kessie and Romagnoli plus other distractions.

Pioli deserves praise for the excellent performance of the team, because he is the main man who in the long run makes the difference. After the international break, the quest for two trophies resumes.

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  1. You dump-ass fans.
    Without Pioli how would Maldini fare as he’s new to his role, tell me? Is Maldini Coaching? This is clear indication that you still don’t like Mr Pioli despite the hard work he’s putting every single day to see Milan rise again. He’s the best “man management” Coach in League and He’s doing well with limited budget & abundance experience players. He keeps breaking records upon records of the Legendary Coach Milan have and you guys claims ignorant. Thank You Mr Pioli & Forza Milan

    1. Its a symbiosis between them all but yes the people who still hasnt been won over by his work are freaking dumb-ass fáns 😀

  2. I think many Milan fans are still dreaming for a better coach, but I think for the moment, we have the best/most suited coach available. Sure, he hasn’t got a big name like Pep, Klopp, Mou, etc. But what he has done to Milan deserves A LOT of respect. He managed to integrate young players while still being competitive. I think if Mourinho or Conte is given Milan’s squad, they would probably moan every week about the quality of the players and ask management to invest or else. Pioli took what is given to him, steadied the ship, and managed to make Milan players bonded again. We lost Donnarumma and Hakan last summer, about to lose Romagnoli and Kessie this time, but still Pioli found a way to improve the team amidst all these unwanted dramas. Sure, management did well in replacing the players, but still Pioli is the one who needs to put the puzzle pieces together.

    What he has done with the quality that we have, is simply outstanding.

    1. Absolutely correct what you are saying here and frankly i doubt any of those high profiled coaches would have been able to get us where we currently are with the current crop of players at our disposal. In regard of especially mourinho this propably wouldnt even have been a youth project to begin with had he coached the team.
      Pioli is a huge part of this success and swapping him wth a higher profiled coach for the sake of it would be riddiculous and potentially tumbling the amazing work we have done in the last 2 years.

    2. Yes, Remember Conte left just after he won serie A with Inter because he learnt the management wanted to overhaul the squad. But here is a gentleman in Mr Pioli who have never for once been in the news, complaining of how much quality players he has at his back and call. The man deserves much credit for the stability he has brought to the team after several seasons of chaos and discord.

      Pioli has worked his ass out and so deserves to win with his players

  3. everyone deserves credit…….think of it this way, if the Rossoneri were losing this season Pioli would be to blame, fans would want his head on a spike, not Maldini’s, yet Maldini is Pioli’s boss. The reality is this ,we have the youngest squad in Serie A, even averaging in Giroud and Ibra’s ages, was not initially a fan of Pioli’s however when you look at the body of work between Elliott Management down to the ball boys, in the middle is Pioli, so far so good not perfect, but pretty damn good.

    1. I too had my wtf moment when he was first appointed. Of course, I was willing to give him chance and not to join the #PioliOUT movement before he was even appointed lol. I sincerely thought it was a temporary solution and we were aiming for Rangnick, who was the grandfather of gegenpressing to build a new Milan from scratch. Then we started winning under Pioli. I was still unconvinced as usually his team crumbled after halfway mark.

      The next season then we got winter champion, and by this time, he already slowly won me over, although yeah we DID eventually finish with a whimper and only a good late run (almost impossible win away vs Juve and Atalanta) secured us the CL spot. But, by this point, you could see and argue that he’s the perfect man for the job. After all, who do you think would be available and did a better job?

      Would’ve been such a cinderella story if we can win Scudetto this season. Dare I say, this Milan story so far has been so inspiring and all it needs now is a good ending (Scudetto).

  4. He lead us to CL qualification, and contending for the scudetto (at least in winter), in his first full season!
    And now in his second season, he’s pushing for the scudetto!

    No one with two bits of sense could deny the incredible job Pioli has done so far.
    In fact, if you read the Italian media, not only are they praising him constantly, they usually talk about him overachieving! Because they know Milan could do a lot more with better, or more experienced, players.

    In the press conferences, he’s a bit subdued about the title hopes, always seeming on the fence.
    But that’s just him being prudent and realizing too much pressure could break a relatively young squad.

    The scudetto would be Milan’s first major trophy in over a decade! Since 2011’s scudetto.
    Considering the hardship and the circumstances of the last 7 seasons, if we win the scudetto, Pioli and the squad, and Maldini/Massara too, will write their names in gold in Milan’s history.

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