Pioli leaves interview early amid anger over disallowed goal: “Look at Handanovic’s reaction”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli was visibly annoyed that his side saw a goal disallowed during the 3-0 cup semi-final defeat against Inter.

The evening simply never went to plan for Milan as they found themselves a goal down inside five minutes and two down at the break with Lautaro Martinez scoring a clinical double, and after a lot of controversy over a disallowed goal Robin Gosens ensured Inter’s progress to the final late on.

Pioli spoke to SportMediaset after the game to reflect on the defeat and on his team’s performance, with his comments relayed by MilanNews and translated below.

“We wanted to win and we didn’t. We encountered a strong opponent. The result is clear and heavy, I don’t think there was this difference but Inter always scored at the right time. The 2-1 would have given us some chances, then it became more difficult,” he said.

Is that the best this team can do? “Of course we can do more. When you concede 3 goals it means that the others played with more quality. It was not our evening, too bad because we wanted to reach the final at all costs. It is a great opportunity for my team to show that they can play it all until the end.”

With 25 minutes left on the clock, Milan thought they had got themselves back into the game and when Bennacer rattled a loose ball in from just outside the edge of the box. A lengthy VAR review commenced to check if Tomori handled the ball in the build-up but in the end it was Kalulu who was harshly adjudged to be offside when the ball whistled through the crowd.

“Look at Handanovic’s reaction… He doesn’t do anything, if a Milan player had blocked his view he would have immediately run to protest. Come on…”

After reviewing the images of the disallowed goal, the Rossoneri coach left the interview visibly annoyed.

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  1. I say this always.

    Milan can’t win with this Dumbo Coach Pioli.

    There is a reason why he did not any trophy in his long career.

    He have coached Big teams on Italy e.g Inter, Lazio, Florentina. Yet he achieved zero trophy.

    Inzaghi only coached Lazio and he won trophies.

    Maldini and Massara biggest failure is sticking with Pioli.

    That Milan squad is good enough for trophies.

    1. LOL!

      Pioli is at fault here and not the below-average players such as Messias & Diaz etc.? Milan squad is good enough for trophies? 😀 😀 😀

      1. If Diaz or Messias suddenly become bad then you should look at the Coaching they get.

        Messias was very good when he started before bad coaching affected him.

        You clearly see bad coaching signs in Saelemakers too.

        Theo is not a left back. Even the French national team coach Deschamps knows that and he uses him appropriate but not our Dumbo Coach Pioli

  2. He lost it when Milan played 2 draws in a row, now he is rattled. He never really knew how to plat defensively solid teams.
    Can’t win.anything now, although.I.sincerely.did not expect him.to.win, given his excuses and body language recently. I hope Ancelotti comes back.

    1. Sometimes I don’t understand some of you.Is Ancelotti the only coach in the world.With him how many Serie A titles did he win and how many coppa Italian did he win.He even bottled UCL two times.You should accept that he is never going to be be back again and move on.This thing of hoping Ancelotti coming back is becoming annoying.

      1. Ancelotti can’t do **** without a stellar team. Sure, he can do great with a good team but with the current Milan team and Ancelotti coaching they’d be out of the UCL next season.

        I like Ancelotti but he’s not known for developing unfinished players – and that’s pretty much all Milan have. Plus a few at the end of their careers. So definitely not a team for Ancelotti.

    2. That has always been Pioli’s trean in his career. He will have a good unbeaten runs but he will spoil everything with careless draws and defeats.

      He will never pull clear of his Opponents when the opportunity are there.

      Inter picked only 7 points from 21 points available before they won at Juventus, yet Pioli could not pull clear because , he lost at home to Sasuolo and Spezia. He can’t win at home to Udinesse. To make matters worse he gave Inter the advantage when he had those costly draws against Torino and Bologna.

      Now to all those attacking me and saying that it is not Pioli but the squad, pls are the saying that Milan squad is not good enouh to 3 points againts Sasuolo,Spezia, udinese, Bologna and Torino?

      This is where he lost the scudetto for Milan this season. And similar thing happened last season too.

      For Ancellloti, he is not a serial winner. We need serial winners now as coaches to catch up with lost times

  3. You both better stop this thrash u are talking
    Lexington and Rossoneri fan both of you are blind to see that if Milan goal was not wrongfully and biased disallowed Milan was coming back to the game
    We all know Pioli isn’t Milan standard compared to the pedigree of Milan but at least he saved us when we were dead
    How many mistakes from Referees have denied us 7 points this season?
    Was it not because of the mistake of early red and unjustly penalty that denied Milan champions league second place?
    Please don’t watch Milan with bitterness in ur heart always because it’s costing us bad luck more

  4. Pioli is quite possibly the only man in the world capable of having a team with Díaz, Salemaekers, Messias and Giroud as main offensive weapons at the top of the standings at this point of the season, and that’s not mentioning Zlatan, who has been drinking piña coladas from home or the bench the whole season or Rebic who couldn’t even play for Salernitana on the level he’s shown this season. This team has overperformed under Pioli’s coaching. We simply lack quality to make a better difference, it’s that simple, why the witch hunt on Pioli, why is it so hard to admit that the majority of the players we have in creative and attacking roles are not good enough to play for a title contender, I mean have you even seen any Milan matches?? Have you seen the kind season almost all those players are having?? Some of y’all talk about this team and Pioli like we’re Liverpool, give me a break, man, the team needs frickin quality, an important chunk of our players are, simply put, not that good.

  5. The problem is that the team is giving opportunity to the opponent to play in our half pitch. Milan’s game is very predictable .. trying to start an attack from the back, to the flanks. The distance between the defence and the forward line is too long which is resulting losing balls in Milan’s half. This is putting alot of pressure on the defence which is resulting in errors. Giroud is too static and it buffles me to see Leao substituted when we know that the problem is that he is not being supported enough in the attack except for Theo. Tonali, Benacer and Saelemakers can do alot better currently they are underperforming. One has to take into consideration that Pioli’s choices are very limited and he does not have enough resources to change the game.

  6. milan played better than last derby which they won completely undeservedly. You cannot criticize Pioli, players are engaged, have willingness!! But i do not like his behavior in the coahing area, hands allways up and lying (its sports men, if the ball is out then the ball is out, no reason to blame the ref for a correct decison) VAR should be eliminated, there is NO NEED for this shit, never!!

    What you can criticize are the transfers. There is sitting a baka on bench with a salary of 6mio and we M&M never tried to replace Hakan, or ask for Kulusevski in winter mercato. Thats the shame, Kessie on 10 becausof of missing quality!!

  7. They are just stuck into their old Milan fantasy or whatnot, or I think this is the new generation of kids who just have the one dialogue to say,’ I’ve been saying this all the season that, I’ve been saying this all season this. ” I think the Milan fan base nowadays is also like the quality of the team. But it’s good to see a fan like you stating the obvious.

    1. I wonder when we have Milan fans that accept Mediocrity.

      We lost a Derby match 3:0 and you want us to understand??

      As Rossoneri fans we never did that and we will never do it.

      Will Inter win a semi final by 3:0 againts Napoli, Roma, Juve and Florentina??

      Some of you are not looking at the real issue here.

      For all we know this Milan squad is good enough for a trophy with the right coach at the helm.

      Common even Zaccehroni won scudetto with one of the lowest quality squad of Milan in 1999.

      Pioli is a problem.

  8. Mr Pioli is good for mid-rank teams. He cannot compete for any title.
    The team lacks a lot of details in goal scoring.
    There are many questions Pioli needs to answer such as when was the last time Milan scored a goal from a Corner or fixed balls.
    Milan have difficulties scoring with all teams strong or easy.
    I hope after this season, they can add Ibra to the couching team to train forwards and attack style. He would add something.

  9. So you mean to say head to head we have better player than Roma, Napoli, Atalanta, inter, and juve.?

    The truth your dumb brain should know is; no coach not even guadiola will be up the table with players like messias, Diaz, saleemakers, krunic geroud, rebic, romagnioli, tonalli, aging IBRA etc
    So stop being pioli

    Every good team get their players from other good teams…
    Check out teams we got our players from

    1. You are also another Dumbo like Pioli.

      If you claim Milan problem is the players then how can they are doing well againts the big teams???

      Go check history and record, you will see that all trophies are lost againts the so called small teams.

      This is what Pioli have been serving Milan for 3 years.

      The only year he maintain consistency was due to the sack note on his head during COVID 19 lock down

  10. I’m convinced that people who are currently bashing Pioli haven’t followed Milan for very long or are just Inter fans I’m disguise (cough cough rossoneri fan). I mean after the last decade only a fool or a petulant child would take for granted what Milan currently have going on. Sure there are better coaches but Pioli has turned this team around and done a good job.

    1. Pls after Allegri, kindly name 1 decent Coach Milan had in the last decade???

      I guess some of you got used the to the Mediocre results and performances to the extent that you can’t see the limitations now.

      1. Hey Inter fan, that’s my point. You could say sinisa mihajlovic was a decent coach but Pioli is the only one who has come close to doing anything. You are either a troll or you are petulant! Because I, like literally every Milanista I know spent the last decade dying. To go that long with pain in your heart makes a person appreciate the things they may have taken for granted in the past. The fact that Milan is improving year after year under him and you still can’t be happy is sad and how I know you’re a phony.
        Sure the time may come to move on and yes there are better coaches but to treat Pioli like a villain and be so disrespectful is just stupid and petulant.
        In fact if you do really follow Milan, you may want to consider supporting inter instead. Your petulant attitude will fit in well and you can enjoy the fruits of a club spending itself into financial ruin.

  11. How is Sinisa Mihajlovic a good coach for Milan??? There is a reason why he is always with the Mid-table teams.

    Pls listen, I am not saying that Pioli have not done his best or did some good things in Milan.

    My complains are, he is failing to take advantage of opportunities to win tropies in Milan which is the story of Pioli’s and why he did not win with all the big teams he coached.

    Milan lost the league by failing to win in 2022 againts this teams below

    1. Sasuolo Home
    2. Spezia Home
    3. Udinesse Home
    4. Bologna. Home
    5. Torino. Away

    Same thing happened in last season with defeats to Sasuolo, Spezia and draw with Udinesse that killed the scudetto hopes.

    All I am saying is that Milan need titles to crown the journey of progress so far and we will not get it from Pioli.

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