Bennacer as an attacking midfielder, could this be an idea?

“I don’t think it can be an idea from the start. Tomorrow Bennacer will play, but not in that position. There is [Ruben] Loftus-Cheek who is our attacking midfield player. Isma is complete, he must give everything he has in both phases of the game.”

Why must Milan score two more than their opponents to win?

“Because we are inclined to attack, because we don’t like to defend, or rather, because we are more inclined to offensive play, both due to the characteristics of my players and my ideas of the game. We always have been. We are working on it, but I think that we must insist a lot on our positive aspects, smoothing out the situations that still don’t see us being so attentive in the defensive phase.”

We are bored of the rumours about a new coach…

“Why, if they bore you, do you keep asking these questions?! I’m very calm. Our future is tomorrow. But that’s how it has to be.”

Should there be more focus on defence? 

“I played in midfield, then I played as a central defender, starting to mark Trevor Francis and from there I always played as a defender. But I have always felt like a midfielder. Anyone who has played as a defender feels certain things. I repeat to my defenders that we have chosen a difficult role, the most difficult, the most complicated, in which effectiveness and reliability are very important. You can’t do anything wrong.”

Do you prefer the black fourth jersey or the white one? 

“I judge after they wear them, but I like all the Milan ones. I like the black one a lot.”

Pippo Inzaghi sacked by Salernitana

“I wish him the best. It happens to everyone or almost everyone. I took advantage of my sackings, not immediately, because immediately there is a bit of disappointment… I took advantage of them a bit later over time to try to understand what to improve on. Sackings don’t mean that you haven’t necessarily done a good job.”

How crucial is Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s position?

“Very important, he will have to read the opponents’ positions well.”

32 points difference between Milan vs Napoli last year and this year…

“We have certainly improved, but it is a partial result. We will do the maths at the end of the season.”