Watch: Pioli gives one-word answer to journalist three times in interesting exchange

By Oliver Fisher -

There was a rather interesting exchange during yesterday’s pre-match press conference involving head coach Stefano Pioli and journalist Franco Ordine.

Ordine has often been outspoken about Milan’s struggles and he published an interesting editorial earlier in the week in which he questioned whether Pioli has lost the ‘magic touch’ that he had last season.

During the pre-match presser yesterday, the journalist wanted to ask Pioli a couple of questions, and he received a rather frank response.

Did you understand what happened?

“Of course.”

To Milan?

“Of course.”

Are you able to solve these problems, in a few days and tomorrow night, that you understand?

“Of course.”

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  1. Asking questions that can be answered with a word or two generally are not good questions.. especially if u wanted to engage conversation .

  2. I would do the same if i’m Pioli. Don’t waste your time with these type of journalists because they will twist your words and make the situation looks bad than ever. These journalists only wants clicks to sell their tabloids.

  3. So lemme get this straight, Inter in their last 5 Serie A matches have picked up less points than us in the last 5 matches but Milan is in crisis because of what exactly?
    And don’t give me the SuperCopa, it was true prior to that

    1. You should watch the game right now. You will see why this is different than any poor run of form from last season. You can see the players have no plan, no ideas and no shape. I’ve been a big Pioli supporter but he’s lost his mind. To stand there and say “I know what’s wrong” and “I’ve fixed it” and then go right out there the next game and immediately go down and play the exact same way is stupid or prideful or both.
      I know finances are tricky right now and there isn’t much that can be done about adding players but the squad is not as bad as they are playing. To me 75% percent of the problem is tactical/coaching. The squad isn’t full of children anymore, these guys are scudetto winners but many of them (cough cough Tomori) are playing and acting like amateurs. Maybe Pioli should stop protecting his players from the criticisms they are earning and maybe even do some of the calling out himself. Things need to change asap, Milan is about to fall to one point clear of the top 4. Milan are at the precipice and it’s time to stop the denial. Maldini had a bad summer window, time to own that. It compounded by the fact Pioli hasn’t been a good enough coach this season, I want him to be successful but I can’t deny the reality. He needs to show he can recognize when it’s not work and that he has solutions or he cannot continue past the summer.

      1. I don’t disagree with you but some of it is overblown. Inter has picked up only one point more than us the last 5 matches.. we’re in crisis they are u get it now?

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