Pioli offers Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek fitness updates and discusses ‘deserved’ Rennes lead

By Euan Burns -

Stefano Pioli spoke to the press from Stade Rennes stadium in France on Wednesday evening to preview the Europa League knockout round play-off second leg.

The Rossoneri are 3-0 up from the first leg at San Siro where Ruben Loftus-Cheek was particularly impressive, scoring twice. The other goal came from Rafael Leao after a wonderful team move.

Despite that big scoreline, Pioli is not going to be sitting back and resting on his laurels, especially given this tournament is the best chance for silverware this season. Speaking to the press (transcribed by Milan News), the coach explained that he will have to make the right squad choices for the match, as he does with every game.

“I don’t like the term turnover. There is the management of a group that works, of a group that has to play five games in 15 days. I make the choices for every single game, the choices on Sunday were due to the data I had, the condition of the players. I’ll do the same tomorrow night, I’ll do the same for Atalanta after tomorrow night’s game,” Pioli said.

He was asked about the fitness of players like Loftus-Cheek and Christian Pulisic who have been key in recent weeks, and he had positive news about both, saying: “They are all well, compared to Sunday we had an extra day of rest. The team is fine, I think they are all in a condition to play.”

Pioli was seen making his team gather into the centre of the pitch at Milanello in training today before the flight to Rennes. He was asked what he said to the players, his response being: “We analysed Sunday’s game on Monday as we always do, then we threw ourselves into it. I told the team that we took a deserved lead but the qualification is not there yet and we will have to work as a team from start to finish because Rennes is a good team.”

Milan have a big lead already but Pioli was asked whether he thinks the first 20 minutes are going to be a stern test for his players: “We expect Rennes to try to do something different compared to Thursday’s game, we don’t know if in positions or attitude. That they will try to make an important start we know, we are prepared for that.”

The recent 4-2 loss against Monza in Serie A has reignited criticism of Pioli, and the coach was asked how he feels about that.

“Everything is fine. We work to get results and if they don’t come, especially if you coach a big team, you get criticised. It’s not a problem.”

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  1. If we get eliminated tomorrow, Pioli should immediately be fired.
    Enough is enough.
    We can finish in top4 in serie a without him as well.

    1. And when we don’t, will you shut your dumb fckn mouth? Probably not. Not smart enough to realize how foolish you sound to everyone else.

      1. These people lol. There are a few people on this site: @K, @ACM1899, @Boulden.
        Whenever somebody writes their OPINION and you clowns don’t like it. You immediately start attacking them and start calling them by names.
        Guess what: I am gonna do exactly the same thing towards you lol
        If you can’t get over others opinions, then too bad, you get the same treatment as well.

        If our opinion doesn’t match, doesn’t mean YOU are smart and other people are dumb or as you say ‘stupid’.

        You respect me, I respect you, if not, then go fu*k yourself

        1. How dare you stand up to the football guru’s and the knows all on this site, how dare you have your own opinion, good sir?!?!?

          This is heresy, you, good sir are not allowed to have a different opinion to others, you are a non believer of Pioli and shall hereby be called stupid for your opinion!!

        2. Your opinions lack any intelligent input or observation. They are myopic. Calling you out on it doesn’t mean we (I am) attacking you. You have to be intelligent enough to understand the difference.

          Again, blaming everything on Pioli is just L A Z Y and shows a lack of understanding of the game.

          No “you clowns”… No “your mama jokes…” no attacks. So who’s attacking who here? Or does that not make sense? I can try to break this down a bit more for you if you’d like…

          1. I’d like you to break it down. I am on the fence myself.

            Injury crisis all season v. Foolish over rotation and losses to far lesser competition.

            To @Mirjanhol maybe accept the criticism is of your position and not your person? Plenty to learn and enjoy if the discourse is civil.

            To @ACM1899 if you read your message it addresses the person and not the position. Consider less use of “you”?

            Now educate me please!

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        3. How dare you have an opinion that does not praise pioli or Redbird.
          You are treading dangerous waters, by having your Own opinions that do not confirm to the select given overlords here.
          Be warned.

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