‘Something exceptional’ – Pioli pulls level with Ancelotti on 351

By Oliver Fisher -

With AC Milan’s win against Empoli at San Siro this afternoon, Stefano Pioli pulled level with Carlo Ancelotti for points obtained with the club.

As Calciomercato.com relay, Pioli moved on to 351 points as Milan coach in Serie A becoming the second to reach this milestone, in the era of three points for a win, after Carlo Ancelotti.

Pioli was informed of the statistic during his post-match comments, and he responded by acknowledging the criticism that he has received from fans and the media.

“What I’m experiencing here at Milan is something exceptional. I’ve given everything since I joined Milanello and I’ve received a lot, including criticism. I can’t help but be happy and motivated that this thing may last as long as possible.”

It was far from a vintage Milan performance that got him level with Ancelotti, particularly in the second half when the pace of the game dropped and they were missing chances to kill the game off while allowing Empoli more and more into the game.

Nevertheless, Christian Pulisic got the only goal in the first half and the Rossoneri did manage to see out the game with a clean sheet and jump two points above Juventus for now, pending the outcome of their match against Atalanta this evening.


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  1. I bet none of the PioliOut and “Pioli is awful” crowd will comment on here 🙂 Doesn’t fit their algo’s…


    1. Those negative nancies doesn’t care. They will complaint no matter what. I bet they will complaint too even if Ancelotti still the coach.

  2. Yep. Thank you for it all pioli but time for change now. Games are very slow and boring to watch with goals coming from individual excellence. There is no team play anymore.

    1. You should play video games if you want every match looks fast where every players keeps running like Roberto Carlos and no error with the pass.

    1. superior squad but the whole league was harder. Just go look at what players others had. and who coached them.. while carlo was cooking with Milan Cappelo was cooking with roma and juve. Lippi, lord mancini, spalletti

      1. It’s almost like the two things are impossible to compare and we should just focus on the fact that we are CURRENTLY second.

      2. @flyingturtle, Serie A is currently ranked the harder league in Europe for the last two seasons. Take a look at the UEFA Rankings. We haven’t been there for the last 18 years.

        1. Those ranks mean nothing. If it was such a hard league we’d taken slavia with ease.. if it was such a hard league we’d never been 3rd in the group stage in cl…

      3. Ancelotti constantly lost points vs the likes of Brescia, Perugia, Venezia, Piacenza, Chievo, Empoli, Reggina, Udinese, Lecce, Modena, Livorno, Palermo, Siena, Ascoli, Cagliari, Catania.

        Hence he won a mere single scudetto with Milan over 8 seasons.

  3. I am a PIOLI OUT guy and first game I watched at San Siro we had nordahl schiaffino and liedholm in the team. So please don’t tell me I am not a Milan fan. To the optmist: you forget that after 4 years of Mr Pioli coaching we scored only a goal ( almost offside) and we gave two huge chances to the worst attack in Serie A. Empoli scored only 22 goals until now I.e. less than Salernitana

    1. So watched since Leidholm all the way up to now and you’re only now concerned about an “almost offside” goal? You slept through the Pippo era or something???

    2. Err…ok….so you have lived through the relegation years…..but Pioli and 1:0 win against Empoli to go second is the thing that upsets you……

      I am just going to say it now – you’re 12 year old Inter fan…

  4. 351 points in far fewer games than Ancelotti with a much much much much much much much weaker squad. There are zero players who would get into Ancellotti’s team (except maybe Mike and maybe Theo in place of Janku when Maldini shifted to CB). I sometimes wonder how Pioli’s position is in THIS much of a question. It’s the media hype that’s creating the instability

    1. It’s because we play like cràp. Notice when we were playing good football his position was never questioned.

      Yes results are somewhat fine but how we get them is not. This is entertainment after all..if people aren’t entertained they won’t watch, they won’t buy merch. I for one am not entertained.
      Maximus would hate me for saying that

      1. We also “played like crap” under Ancellotti too. It happens to every coach including if we get a new one….and then what? Get another coach? Rinse and repeat? You’re not going to always win by 4 goals.
        “results are somewhat fine” lol bro that’s one of the best results of all time for us. The only person doing better was Capello I believe and this was during the original ‘invincibles’ era (ie before Arsenal thought they were the original ones) and with one of the best squad of all time. I think people are forgetting 1. How bad we were before the current ‘good’ era of mostly winning games and 2. How difficult it is to be consistent and winning like we’re doing now.

        1. yes if play like crap under a new coach get another one..

          i didnt foget sh*t. just because we are better than banter era Milan doesnt mean we shouldnt strive to get an even better coach and be even better. you peope are 2 content with how things are becaue you’re scared of it being like it was before. cowards.

          you win in style or go home. its difficult , thats true, but you gotta try.

          1. So your yardstick is nice football? Lol 🤣. Bro we’re like the second or third best offense in the league. What more do u want?
            And who can GUARANTEE you nice football? You seem like you want change for the sake of change. I’m just weary of what exactly are we going to get from the change.

            Also, when have we won in style apart from the Dutch Milan and Kaka Milan (only in the UCL mind you?). Those are many many years apart. Our most successful occasion was Capello’s brand of football. So tell me…how long and when do we have to wait for this mythical “nice football_ you speak of?? Which coach is going to guarantee this? And don’t humour me with Klopp and his 25m per year salary..he ain’t coming here. Do you want to bring back Leonardo 4-2-fantasia?? Football was nice, no? Got our a$$ handed from time to time but the football was very nice.
            That’s my real issue. Has nothing to do with being “scared of it being like it was before”. Your thinking I’m opposed to a coaching change…far from it.

  5. They act like having the same points as Ancelotti in serie A is a success.
    Love Carletto, but if it wasn’t for his success in UCL he would have gone down as one of the least successful Milan coaches, or fired by Berlusconi probably after his 2nd season.
    He won only 1 scudetto in 8 years at Milan while having the best squad in Europe for most of those years.
    As a matter of fact, he has never won a league in any country for more than once.
    League titles in Italy, England, France, Germany, Spain. Only once in each even though he has coached for 30 years clubs like Juventus, Milan, PSG, Chelsea, Bayern, Real Madrid, having some of the best players ever at his disposal.
    This year, if he wins it with Real Madrid, it would be the first time he wins a league for the 2nd time.
    He was never a good league coach. His whole career is based on the UCL success.
    He has won 1 more league titles (5) than UCLs(4).

    1. I don’t know if that makes him even more impressive given how difficult it is to win the UCL!

      The league generally requires less luck (because there’s no knock out). But Ancelotti sure has made his own luck in Europe. A quite remarkable record.

    2. “They act like having the same points as Ancelotti in serie A is a success.
      Love Carletto, but if it wasn’t for his success in UCL he would have gone down as one of the least successful Milan coaches”
      This is quite true but you don’t hire Ancelotti to win leagues, you hire him to win UCLs. Our current squad is not built to win a UCL …so best to get a league coach and then ask yourself if that coach is going to bring you that much more success than current.
      Also even though Carletto didn’t win the league much his points tally is still one of the best all time for the club

  6. Pioli is doing alright for someone appointed as a caretaker until Ralf Rannick could take over!
    It’s easy to forget that part.

    I do want to see a change in the summer. But I’d like to see him left to get on with the rest of this season. End all this speculation until either the end of season or a sustained bad run of results.

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