Pioli reflects on ‘difficult’ injury crisis and admits Milan are struggling ‘due to our demerits’

By Isak Möller -

Following the game between AC Milan and Salernitana, which ended in a 2-2 draw, Stefano Pioli shared his thoughts with the media. He stated that there was only one positive to take from the game tonight. 

Milan started the game well and took the lead early on through Fikayo Tomori. They continued to create chances but couldn’t find the back of the net. Instead, Salernitana equalised and the two teams thus headed into the interval on level pegging.

Mike Maignan made a howler to give Salernitana the lead, but Luka found the equaliser in the 90th minute. Speaking to DAZN after the game, as cited by MilanNews, Pioli shared his thoughts on the game and Fikayo Tomori, who left the pitch with a hamstring injury.

What does this draw leave you with?

“With regret, as has been the case many times this season. Perhaps the most difficult thing was to break the deadlock and we did it, controlling the game well. We committed some carelessness that cannot be afforded at these levels. Then clearly, we managed to come back, to recover a positive result but it’s not what we wanted.”

What causes the lack of continuity?

“A combination of things. If these situations are repeated, mentality becomes important. If these situations repeat themselves, more attention is needed. In the action that led to the corner kick of the first goal conceded, we were all behind the play. It takes more attention, it takes more intensity.

“We are paying a high price for many things that prevent us from having continuity. We’re looking for enthusiasm, we’re looking for trust but then afterwards, we get less and less of it but largely due to our own demerits and this isn’t good.”

A strong team turns this around and takes control again…

“In my opinion, the only positive thing we did is that we reacted as a great team and tried to win it until the end, we also had the chances. For all the situations, we created we had to score 4-5 goals. I don’t think it depends on the quality of the players, I think something more is needed.

“The positive thing about tonight is the desire to try until the end and I don’t think the boys gave up. Secondly, we shouldn’t have allowed Salernitana to take the lead or get back into the game. These are all things that a great team can do, we didn’t manage to do it and it means that we still have to work hard to become a great team.”

You didn’t kill the game…

“Yes, a correct analysis. Controlling the game does not mean managing the ball backwards, controlling the game means leaving little ball to the opponents and continuing to be dangerous. There were 3-4 situations in the first half in which they tried to come a little higher, so there was depth to be exploited differently.”

Tomori’s injury, yet another…

“It’s difficult, honestly there are many. Fik is one of those who has played the most, he was also doing well. It’s a problem that we must try to resolve quickly but that certainly looks difficult at the moment.”

Have you made some changes?

“It’s clear that we are putting everything we have into it, especially in terms of preparation, individual level, prevention and treatment. We have been working together for a long time and there are many of us working at Milanello, at the moment the work is not giving us the results we hoped to achieve.”

Milan will now have some Christmas time off before taking on Sassuolo the day before New Year’s Eve. A win will be needed to end the year on a good note, but the injury crisis is so deep now that nothing can be taken for granted.

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  1. Oh just stfu…this team won the Scudetto without your input on the back of Champions like Ibra and Giroud. Stop taking credit. Can someone please shut this man up, after tonight I know how my Manchester United friends feel listening to their crazy bald.

  2. Is a last minute draw against the worst team of the competition “recover a positive result”?? Or is it a slightly less embarrasing result?? If that’s the mentality he’s giving the players no wonder they’re playing the way they did today.

  3. I am sick an tired of listening this bald ba$tard. It’s not even funny anymore man, this guy will never take accountability for our poor performance. Just feels bad for the supporters who turned on this game just to see us getting humiliated by a mediocre team with a mediocre coach.
    If the management doesn’t fire the training and the technical department before then…

  4. This i***** mentioned they have to score 4-5 goals
    But XG was 2.5.
    Injuries … Rejnders played ALL games . Why not give him a rest?
    We can’t play with Giroud rely on his headers.
    Struggling last season I have tiny guess due to lack of qualified players and poor form.
    But this season shows real reason our coach with no idea how to play
    Typical scenario..
    Team scores in first 15 min…
    Then they do not play at all and as result equalizer in the first time.
    After break no opportunities at all for us
    Then min 70 we started to play with 2 strikers (Jovic ) and how we play just crosses and that’s it
    We can buy new defenders new strikers it will not change anything because our coach does not know basics – how to attack, how to defense

  5. This clown talks about Milan should have score 4,5 goals.
    You scored enough goals to win the game vs the worst team in the league.
    Vs Lecce, Napoli, Atalanta, Salernitana, Milan scored 2 goals in each game. If you are a good team that’s enough for you to win, instead Milan has only 3 points and zero wins from those 4 games.
    Is Milan supposed to score 5 goals every gane just to win a game because you can’t set up a team defense and make players play mam defense.?
    He is clueless.

  6. When I hear is post match interview I wish I never heard them. Take some damn responsibility. The things that you say have no attention to what’s really going on. We work hard at milanello? Ya and the only thing you have to show from it is injured players. How about focusing more on real tactics because these players don’t know how to create chances nor do they know how to even position themselves!

    We tried to win it? Ya right, salernitana we’re comfortable all game and I actually thought once they scored that the game was lost. A great team would have bounced back or never have been down to begin with against a last placed team. He needs to go, hurry the hell up.

  7. SENZA PALLA. Mr yes man should be blaming himself and scolding players. Damn even if gattuso was coach he probably would have knocked out leao’s teeth by now.

  8. No way Ac Milan is struggling because of injuries. We have already seen that playing Leao, Giroud and Pulisic upfront will not win you anything. Clearly this is a selection issue and Pioli is just afraid to shuffle his deck.

  9. One of the reasons why I want Pioli out:

    – After every loss, including heavy ones, his answer is the same. We dominated for 75 mins. It’s a shame the other team scored 3 times in the other 15 mins and we lost. But overall, we outplayed them and deserved to win by 4-5 goals.

    But Pioli, you lost 3-0 and it’s your third loss in 4 games.

    – Yeah, but we outplayed them for 75 mins. Just unlucky. We just need proper motivation and the fans will give us that next game.

    Are you going to change or look at your tactics given all the losses? Maybe work on set piece goals allowed?

    – No. Fine as we are. Didn’t you hear how we outplayed our opponents in our last loss? Maybe we’ll send all our defenders forward next game, to help score goals. Defense is overrated anyway.

    Every. Freaking. Time. The guy lives in a bubble.

    Pioli is, indeed, on fire.

  10. Defeat is okay, somewhat acceptable, but the way we play, playing style and game plan is what is not acceptable. Players dont know when and where to pass, when and where to run, and when to anticipate. Lack of quality training is evident.
    Pioli must leave asap for a quality coat

  11. He can’t defend corners for loftus cheek. He can just put him in position. He could play krunic and that might have helped stop the second goal but mostly a bad mistake by mike. Yet this whole thread is about how Pioli is a bad tactician and that he should give real answers to the media instead of privately with the players.

    Also, I have never seen that type of defense allowed where you run as hard as you can into the opponent when they have the ball, but if it’s not a card, the team should be doing it as well.

    Loftus Cheeks and Leao were straight-up targeted (I can’t be the only one who noticed that). Some weren’t even called fouls. The foul in the 73rd minute is a red. How is VAR not available in the league yet? And I mean, its not accepted in the league. its one thing for it to be available; its another to use it. It’s everywhere else, and it allows the ref to give a yellow while they check it. Then he can switch to red when he sees the replay. The key is aggressively fouling early so the ref gets comfortable with them. The foul at 87 min just isnt allowed anywhere else, you have to at least pretend to be playing the ball. It’s a yellow with a check for a red, as he obviously lined him up purposefully. Leading with the studs on the last play of the game—another yellow.

    I don’t get how pioli isn’t backing the players…

    Does no one else notice this?

  12. “It’s a problem that we must try to resolve quickly but that certainly looks difficult at the moment.”

    Resolve quickly? They have had 3 years and day by day it’s only getting worse. The only way to resolve this is to fire Pioli the Butcher and his record (and player) breaking physio team.

    Now that the scudetto race is over, should we focus on players and their injuries? How about making bets on who’s next? 1 point for the correct name, 1 for knowing if it’s the left or right hamstring, 1 for knowing whether it needs a surgery and one more for knowing the name which doctor will operate the player.

    I think it’s either Theo or Reijnders next as they never get any rest (unless you count Theo’s suspensions which come quite regularly).

  13. Stefano Pioli should be sacked please we don’t need him any more he his using the wrong formation almost all our players injury and we are not consistent please the management should sacked him replace him with Julian negelsman or motta

  14. So… still no reaction from our management about the injury crisis or they still think this is unlucky ?
    I swear this club is run worse than an amateur club.

  15. Pioli is clueless and deluded, yet management let him continue.

    I give up, and it begs the questions if, Cardinale might sell the club and Pioli be the new owner’s problem rather than replace Pioli now.

    As per rumours of possible strong interest from

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