Pioli reveals what Milan management said in locker room after Inter defeat

By Isak Möller -

Following the big defeat against Inter, the AC Milan management joined the squad in the locker room. During his post-match press conference, Stefano Pioli revealed what they said.

It was a humiliating defeat for the Rossoneri in yesterday’s derby and the players were visibly disappointed after the final whistle. In the locker room, the Milan management also joined the squad.

Speaking at the press conference after the game, as cited by MilanNews, Pioli was asked about the presence of the management. He stated that they offered their support after what was a tough game.

“The management was there to give us support, we can’t go home with our heads held too high,” he stated.

Milan will take on Newcastle in the Champions League on Tuesday and will need to shift focus to that clash immediately. It might be easier said than done, though, given how much the derby means in the city.

Bouncing back with a win would be an important signal not just from the players, but above all Pioli who has been heavily criticised since last night.

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          1. I was talking about tactical battle within the coach. Everyone said City will destroy Inter, but we saw the game….entire City’s midfielder lose to many battle against Inter’s midfielder. Even guardiola can’t display his superiority team against Inzaghi side.

  1. Lower your expectations in order not to be heartbroken.

    We have faced humiliation in the hands of Inter 5 times this year and it goes on and on.

      1. The last thing we need is more midfielders. A mobile FW, RB and CB are the priority. Reijnders and Musah are very young, they deserve to be given a chance. The Chelsea rejects will do well against most of the mediocre teams in the league, as long as they stay fit. The transfer strategy must change, we need more Italians.

  2. Quello che mi dispiace e che stavamo crescendo onni anno, poi anno butato giu quello che avevano fatto in 3 anni Maldini/Massara, e ripartiti da zero con una nuova squadra😒

  3. Any surprise how Inter always manhandle us?
    Because Pioli is a daft coach.

    Even though on paper the 4-3-3 formation should neutralise Inter’s 3-5-2, we can’t play that formation without a combative DM. No way we play a top team with Krunic, it is comon sense, football 101.

    We could have created an overload in midfield by mirroring the 3-5-2 formation, but Pioli never learns.

    That Inter midfield is well drilled, even without a proper DM like Brozovic, they completely dominated us, it is by creating overload. I remember the day I called Barella a midfielder, and a bunch of you guys came for my jugular saying no he’s a winger. I hope you watched Barella, Mkitaryan and Hakan running our midfield riot yesterday, while Dumfries and Dimarco thought our full backs a lesson never to forget in a hurry.

    Watch Inter matches, even Manchester City with all the quality players they have, had to tweak their formation to 3-6-1 just to contain Inter midfield, yet they still struggled with Stones and Rodri in double pivot. Pioli needs to go back to coaching school. Man City usually play with a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation, but Pep was smart to spot a considerable overload in the formations and didn’t use them.

    Watch the league, Monza always tend to to find a way though Inter, it’s no surprise, the play Inter with a 3-6-1 formation. Same formation used by Juventus when they defeated Inter last season. Empoli as well used the 4-5-1 to defeat Inter, and I think Spezia mirrored the same Inter’s 3-5-2 to defeat them last season.

    And for the umpteenth time, Giroud should not be starting against these Inter defenders, maybe a super sub.

    Yesterday’s formation:
    CB – Thiaw – Kjear – Caldara
    MF – T. Hernandez – Reijnders – Pobega – RLC – Florenzi
    CF/SS – Leao – Pulisic

    The players are not the problem, the recruitment was right, but we still need some additions.

    We desperately need someone like Sebastian Haller in this team.
    Also, a strong and Combative DM.
    And a strong RB.

    1. Can’t argue with this. It’s strange how Pioli doesn’t get it. Anyone can see just from looking at the squad formation graphic before the game that there’s no way we’re getting through Inter’s 5-man mid.

  4. I’m not an inter fan but I love Frattesi. He was born a striker not a midfielder or AM . Giroud is Old and we might loose him to Saudi in January or very soon. If inter can give us Frattesi on loan then let’s make him a no 9 although most people will criticize . As time goes he might not be Messi or Ronaldo but atleast he can be van-persie .

  5. Yes I’m pretty sure that’s what they said lol. Not that I’m expecting him to tell us anyway
    Maybe they’ll support him by packing up his belongings if things don’t improve or along those lines lol

  6. Guys I couldn’t sleep throughout the night… Even tears wasn’t coming. I was weak. That match paralyzed me. Despite the players we’ve got in attack, we couldn’t do anything. I used to support Pioli but now, I see how terrible he is. 5-1!!! Oh my God!! I won’t be one of those saying the team is still in build up process…. Five times consecutively against Inter. Even Salernitana won’t concede THREE. He just can’t beat Inter. It might be too early, but I see another Castillejo in Chukwueze. He plays like chicken…. I’m not sure he’ll survive in Serie A. Pls let’s beg De zerbi come join us, please

  7. I’ll say this again. Yesterday’s loss is not on the team. It is 100%on Pioli. Wrong tactics, AGAIN. This team has a lot of potential and the loss shouldn’t discount the fact that we have massively upgraded. But our defense still needs better pieces. Having Kalulu or Tomori wouldn’t have helped yesterday either, because we lost the battle in midfield.

    Inzaghi hadn’t changed a thing in the derbies against us. Same formations, mostly same players, and Pioli still hasn’t figured it out. THeir midfield is strong and overloaded us EVERY GAME! Instead Pioli tries high press and inverting Calabria into midfield??? Calabria isn’t a mid – hell, he isn’t even a good RB…

    We needed to sit back and counter this game. Pioli just showing his limitations. Maldini knew it. Furlani sure as shit can see it now if he didn’t before. I think this is the only season Pioli will get to show something or he’s gone in the summer.


    1. Maldini may have known it but wanted to bring in Pirlo… It’s too late to change coaches now as some people whining about – and for who, anyway? This is Pioli’s year, as you say, to prove himself with the players he’s asked for.

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