Pioli believes ‘serenity’ has been restored at Milan and confirms Krunic will stay

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has said that Rade Krunic is staying at the club and he also had high praise for Christian Pulisic following the 4-1 win over Torino. 

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia after the match on Saturday night (via Milan News), the Italian coach discussed a number of topics and dropped some big hints about the transfer market.

Krunic has been heavily linked with a move away from Milan and Lyon scouts were supposedly at the game to watch him play, but when asked if he will stay, Pioli simply said: “Yes”.

When asked about what level the team is currently at, Pioli seemed to hint that close attention is still being paid to the transfer market.

“Our objective is to fight for two competitions. We showed steps forward compared to Bologna. We have to continue like this, getting to know each other better and becoming more of a team. As a team we are already at a good point, but we’ll see in the coming days; the club is always attentive and very proactive, we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Asked more specifically about whether a striker is going to be signed in the final week of the transfer window, Pioli said: “Giroud is a great player, but it is clear that when there is the Champions League, wanting to be competitive in both competitions, no one can guarantee 100% for the whole season. The more solutions we have the better. At the moment we are full, but then the club will see what to do.”

Milan were extremely impressive at times during the win over Torino and Pioli suggested that the team is more serene now than it was before.

“Playing here at the San Siro makes us so happy and the team feels that. Last season was complicated, we had perhaps lost that joy and serenity that had always accompanied us. Now we’ve restarted with great enthusiasm,” he said.

It was also put to him that the team is looking more proactive so far this season than last, to which he said: “It’s always been our way of playing. We’re not a team that likes to wait. Today we started the game well, the pressure from the strikers favoured us.”

Do you alternate between the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3?

“There is this possibility and there will be when everyone is in the best condition. But it’s not the system of play that makes you more offensive, but the positions. We are probably more offensive this year than last year because we have two centre-backs who insert a lot. We have some principles, then it’s the field that says whether we change something. We have many alternatives, Pulisic can play behind Giroud. But it’s time to give continuity, then we’ll see.”

Is Pulisic a champion?

“A great player, very intelligent. We need balance. The team has taken two steps forward compared to Bologna. We did a lot of good things, but we can do even better.”

Everyone seems to be running a lot…

“At Bologna the team has run more since I arrived and we are still not physically brilliant, so it means there is a lot of availability. If we all run I think we have our cards to play. The group is forming very well.”


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        1. You’re the kind of ppl that will still gloat over 3 losses all season despite winning the league, just because Pioli still at helm and Krunic still stay. Man.

  1. Huh?? Did you even watch the game? Krunic’s positioning was superb. At least have some decency, you pipsqueak. We won 4-1. Ugh these idiots.

  2. Krunic as a backup won’t raise eyebrows but as a starter is a NO. He isn’t technically aware to handle the role. Can he breakup play? Sure. But its is more than that, we could see the poor buildup play from the back cus of passing options he didn’t go to receive balls but as soon as Musa came in, Musa was going to receive those balls and start play. The issue is Pioli insistent on using him as a regular.

    1. Nobody is coming man. Just give it up.
      I wanted to hurl when the media asked Giroud if Milan were gonna sign a Vice-Giroud. Because signing a backup for a 36 year old striker makes soooooo much sense.

      1. Get your nasty attitude out of here. Unlike you, I’m actually optimistic about this team, despite my issues with Krunic. You’re a disgrace for even using that username on here.

        I am not for an instance will agree with you.

    2. A CF????? You said we have Okafor do we don’t need one because he is a “PROVEN CF”….

      You Can’t even remember your own constant contradictions – WOW

      Flip/flop Flip/flop Flip/flop


      1. I said it many times. You can search how many times I called for a CF. Here is why. I want Colombo to go out on loan (I said this multiple times). I also said that Giroud is 37 years old and needs a back-up. You need three players for depth reasons for one position. Especially when again, one of those players is 37 years old.

        You’re a tool. You were bashing on these signings and now you’re saying “forza Milan” (which is interesting because you clearly aren’t a Milan fan).

        You’re an uneducated angry man who is upset that your own team didn’t make as good as signings as Milan. I’m sorry Inter is so bankrupt (/sarcasm).

        1. Also illiterate, I said I wanted Colombo to leave on loan because the player himself said he wanted to leave. Respect a players wish. So we need another striker (Taremi?), Giroud and Okafor to occupy that role.

          Anyways, have you looked up the difference between “Your” and “You’re” yet?

        2. “You’re an uneducated angry man who is upset that your own team didn’t make as good as signings as Milan. ”

          I seriously doubt he’s a man. Gives the impression of a 12-year-old boy (or a girl – a whiny lil girl).

        3. LOLOLOLO. Here it is again in black and white my poor little @Giancarlo…..

          ‘Flip/flop, flip/flop, flip/flop – hahahahahahaha!

          https:// sempremilan.com/longo-origi-stay-milan-excluded-squad-lists

          Okafor is a “proven CF” – LOLOLOLOLO. You cannot rewrite history son.

          It’s hilarious that the only come back @Giancarlo has against people who disagree with his idiotic posts is an insult or that they are “Inter fans” lol. How creative you are my son 😂

          Oh and now I see you have the infamous @bb coming to your defense! I could not think of a better pair LOL. If you recall @bb is the one who said we should sell Leao for 40M – I mean I cannot believe Georgio and Moncada didn’t take his sound advice 🤪🤪 – after all he is the most prolific scorer in the under 7 co-ed church league with a massive (how many was it again @bb)? – 200 goals that you boasted about?? 😂😂😂 If not for that knee injury eh @bb you could have really made it to the top!

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You two are perfect for one another. Perhaps we can bring @bb out of retirement and we can pair him with Okafor upfront??? @Giancarlo I’m sure Georgio and Moncada could have use for you as well – perhaps as the teams dressing room monitor. You know after all they need someone to pick up the lads dirty mutandes after each game – perfect job for you son. Just don’t over-sniff the lads undies in front of them – they may not appreciate that too much 😂😂😂😂😂


          1. Nice to see you had time for one of your essays again. Keep up the good work, YOUR doing grate. (Trying to connect with you better by lower my IQ and making typos etc).

            And what’s with the co-ed church league? Are you living in an Amish village or something? Church league. Really? 😀 😀

  3. Fenerbahce must be very stupid if they think someone will sell them Krunic in the last minute for their miserable 8 m € offer and lose starting line up player.

    1. Literally any club in the world would sell this pos in a heartbeat except for Milan who are run by incompetent clowns who dont know that Milan is the 2nd most successful club in the world and who backed a fraud like Pioli while sacking a Club legend like Maldini

      1. You nasty little troll. If you hate this team so much leave and go to Sempreinter because that’s the way you talk.

        This team is way better than last season and that already shows.

  4. Rijkaard
    Van Bommel

    All of these world class DMs/Deep Lying Playmakers

    Now we have Krush*t and new age fodder fans aka FAKE Milan Fans support this garbage
    I hate zoomers so much

    1. What u dont understand is that modern football has philosophy of playing. we have so much changes in the team but the formation remain unchanged. so we need 1 smart figure to direct the team especially since milan attack starts from center midfield since we use regista system. This smart figure is supposed to be tonali, and then bennacer. but since tonali is out and bennacer is injured only krunic is available. So right now, he is the most important figure in the build up phase.

      i rate krunic as 5/10 in technical abilities, but his brain is like 9/10. He should be sold, but not now, but next season. bennacer should well first, then krunic could go. to be honest i dont see him going anywhere since even if he doesnt play, he would still be a great teacher on how to play regista on Pioli’s formation, since its a bit weird because his regista plays doesnt come with pass but movement on field to open for mezalla and left-back. this is why i miss kessie and tonali so much.

      next season we can sell krunic for a smart regista player, on level with enzo or locatelli. right now im happy with krunic performance, and our transfer should focus on quality striker. the one that put girourd to bench. remember intigrating a regista in a team takes time, just like how tonali doesnt perform in the first season at milan. sure ends up he plays BtB midfield, and taht shows its hard to find a good regista. lets see how musah play first

      im more worried pioli doesnt play youngsters when the team is leading.

  5. I’m not happy about Krunic staying (and no less as a starter which he should not be), but life goes on and I’m happy with the team overall. I also do think we’ll sign two more players before the end, and be able to sell some of the others.

    I am not going to subscribe to the nastiness of the troll above. Wow. Just wow. Being so incredibly nasty even after we win. I get it though. You want Milan to fail so Pioli can be sacked.

    And then you go criticize Zoomers (weird reference?). I’m actually a Millennial.

  6. Anyone can search how many times I said we need a CF. It has nothing to do with Okafor (who I said about a dozen times can play on both wings and as a CF capably, and did so for Salzburg). It has everything to do with over relying on a 37 year old striker (all respect to Giroud either way), and a 20 year old Colombo that’s hardly proven (and wants to leave!).

    Colombo has already indicated that he wants an exit. That’s why I call for another CF. So we can respect his wish to leave.

    That would leave us with that player (Taremi?), Giroud and Okafor (who yes, can play as a CF and is capable of playing as such).

  7. This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂. Giancarlo calling someone else a troll. Hahahaha
    Never thought I’d see it. Someone with even worse comments. I guess G feels bad he’s not the centre of attention anymore 😭😭😭
    There’s a new a-hole in town

      1. You were bashing on Pulisic a few days ago. How’s that going for you?

        Also what did CDK do today against Frosinone? Nothing. LMAO

      2. @MH I know, you’d think ppl would be happy lol
        Btw, team’s coming along well. Early days still but call me impressed especially with Pioli

    1. You seem so unhinged right now, with all the other haters who thought “so many signings would diSrUpT eVerYthInG”.

      You’re unhinged.

    2. Ironic af.
      Like qui gon said ‘there’s always a bigger fish ‘
      A troll in this case. A block option would be so nice on here

    3. This pippo are worst than G & boulden. If this pippo own a club , he will make it relegated to serie C . Sacking coach every lose,selling player cheap and buy expensive . This pippo have no cure anymore

      1. I can’t believe that’s an actual person. Help me understand the logic in posting something like that. It’s not a rant or any angry post, we’ve all had those. This is consistent hate 🤦‍♂️

    4. LOL. Sad part is the kid is fkn clueless and still doesn’t see it….

      They should have a max limit on posts per article. It’s giving poor Gianni Boy a heart attack each time he has to read and respond to a post 😂😂😂😂

      So to sum it all up: those that don’t agree with @Giancarlo are all “unhinged trolling Inter fans” LOLOLOLOLO. Genius. Took him about 2 months to come up with that. Someone should give that kid a gold star he’s earned it😂😂😂😂

  8. Krunic had a solid game, and if he keeps getting starter playing time he might actually turn into something good for us. Don’t be haters for the sake of being a hater.

    1. One observation from last night… The rest of the midfield is so good that we might not even need to replace Krunic with a better one. I mean… If we had a better DM yesterday would that have made a difference to anything? Probably the lucky goal would have come anyway and the visitors had zero other chances. Thanks to Krunic or despite Krunic – whatever. 😀

  9. It is very rare Pioli say clearly about transfer policy : Krunic Stays, he said. It means Pioli assertively ask management to keep Krunic around. I never thought Krunic will be this important for us. I always think that Krunic is a third-choice in almost pos & every season.

    But if we have Krunic & Later Bennacer recovered to fill Regista Role, yes we will be very competitive this season. Hopefully, we will after the treble winner.

  10. Milan fans more like Inter fans waiting for Milan to lose so they can complain about something

    and when Milan win people get so confused as to what to comment and says anything that comes to their mind

    sometimes its better to stfu if you dont have anything constructive to say

  11. But my question is, so far has Krunic played badly or is it jut the hate most of you have developed for him for nothing that is causing this?

  12. Krunic and Adli must stay. We need a striker and a defender-center back to complete the team for all the competitions this season.

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