Pioli sheds light on the use of Adli plus potential alternative roles for Pobega and Dest

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli has shed light on how Yacine Adli’s adaptation is going plus the idea that two new additions could take up different positions.

Pioli spoke to reporters who gathered at Milanello for his pre-match press conference to discuss a number of different topics from tomorrow’s opponents Sampdoria to the woes his side have suffered in conceding goals and taking set pieces.

As part of that, he was questioned about the use of three players who he welcomed into the first team this summer, namely Yacine Adli and Tommaso Pobega – who returned from loans – and new signing Sergino Dest.

Adli has thus far made just a cameo in the league and seems to be behind both Charles De Ketelaere and Brahim Diaz in the pecking order, while Pobega and Dest could well get their first starts against Samp tomorrow.

Will Adli have more opportunities?

“It will be up to him to demonstrate. I expect a lot from him too,” he said (via MilanNews).

Could there be a change of formation with a three-man midfield?

“Not at this moment. I’ve never tried Adli as a mezzala.”

Can Dest also play on the left?

“We followed him last season as well. I found him more attentive on defence than I thought. In Salzburg he was very attentive. He has to do more with the ball, with the quality he can do so much going forward. He also likes to play on the left, but we also have other solutions. For the new players it is important to get to know his teammates better. Dest is a ready player.”

Can Pobega be used as an attacking midfielder?

“Everything is possible. You can look for new paths or new solutions. It is difficult for everything that we achieved last year to work again this year. We conceded a few more goals, but sometimes it is the quality of the opponents that it can make a difference. As for Leao: it is not that every time he was decisive there was a defensive error, but because of his quality. This year we have a more attacking midfielder.”

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  1. Instead of asking Pioli, can Pobega play as an attacking midfielder, they should ask him if he can actually play the role he is currently playing, a defensive midfielder

  2. So everything that Adli did in preseason is not enough for you but you will prefer to play an onloan player who keeps flopping over and over again above him…..same Adli I watched in preseason is the same Adli this bigheaded man is saying he need to convince him…..wow so Diaz have convinced you?

    Funny some of you think if kavarachelia was bought by Milan, he would be playing now, this would have happened to him, Pioli is too sentimental for a coach, and that have been taking away points from us this season, if kavarachelia was here, he would have been under dummy slamaekers and messias (RW will fit him most cos of Leao) and some plastic fans will label him failure or call him hauge20 or say he is not athletic just like they are attacking Adli now…..I hope that pioli doesn’t destroy the dudes confidence like he did to to Hauge confidence

      1. Kossy is the greatest coach in Football history, I mean Manager. Has won countless titles. He’s so brilliant if it was up to him, he would have moved Pirlo not only from CAM to regista but even further back as a goalie. U can’t get more brilliant than that. Kavardona as LW? Off hel no, how about RW

    1. “So everything that Adli did in preseason is not enough for you”

      Are you really this fkib clueless?

      The main function for pre-season is to reach match fitness and try some ideas. It is never be the standard bar for a coach to automatically give a starting slot for any players especially the newcomers who plays well.

      Not to mention most of pre-season matches was again clubs who are wayyyyy below Milan level. Just because Adli plays well against Wolfsberger or Koln doesn’t mean that will guarantee him a starting place. That’s just absurd.

      And ffs stop talking about Hauge. You should watch how your boyfriend plays at Frankfurt and tell me if he is better than Leao.

      1. Man I swear these guys never kicked a ball. The passes Adli did in pre-season is what is required of his role. Nothing more nothing less. It’s passes a decent player should make as well. Not saying Diaz should get the nod over him but just saying we haven’t really seen anything from Adli really

    2. You all can say what you want but the difference between you guys and me is that I am not sentimental, I say things the way it is, it is despicable to still play Diaz over Adli.

      Most of you never watched Adli because most of our preseason was aired on TV, so most of you watched only highlights thats why you guys are running your mouth about Adli not having done enough any Milan fan who watched the preseason matches that featured both Adli and Diaz will understand my view but with these skimpy views of you guys, it shows none of you watched our preseason matches vis 5he ones that does already knows the validity of the point I made.

      The bald man is just being sentimental and that have been what is stopping him for achieving greatness all his carrier…it is obvious that Diaz and pobega can cut it, why don’t you try something else, atleast at the beginning so you can solidify the system going forward…..he will always remain average till he is fearless enough to make strong decisions like klopp and gurdiola who wasted no time benching sterling and firmino respectively once they started flopping over and over again

      1. “Most of you never watched Adli because most of our preseason was aired on TV, so most of you watched only highlights thats why you guys are running your mouth about Adli not having done enough”

        I watched most of Milan pre-season matches not from highlights. But you wants to tell me that clubs like Wolfsberger, Koln, Vicenza, or Pergolettese are as good as Inter, Atalanta, or even Sassuolo? Lol you’re insane.

        Did you even watch how Adli plays against Bologna and Sassuolo?

        At Sassuolo, Pioli replaced Giroud with Adli at 70’s but he didn’t do much under 28 minutes to bring 3 points for Milan.

        At Bologna, Adli plays at 60’s and he also failed to give assists or scored a goal.

        It’s crystal clear that Adli still needs time to adapt. But clueless people like you only make it worst to give him unnecessary pressure and even blame Pioli who did his best to prepare Adli so he can perform well when he plays 🙁

  3. They should have asked if Pobega can play attacking waterboy. He can get the right fluids to his teammates quickly. Stay hydrated my friends 🙂

  4. Here’s the thing. Milan did not really sign a Kessie replacement and in midfield we don’t have a solid rotation.

    Adli? Good player but cannot play in the double pivot, so only the 3 attacking spots. LW has Leao, Rebic and Divock. AM has CDK, Diaz, Krunic, Adli, Pobega. On the RW, Pioli prefers defensive solutions such as Salad, Messias or Dest. In a 433, Adli would have more room to play.

    Pobega. Not showing great skill in the double pivot but he’s learning. Fact is, pobega is like Adli, better up front or in a 433.

    Truth is, Milan needed (and still badly need) another CM in the double pivot more than they needed another AM. Of course, you don’t pass up on CDK. He’s going to be great.

    You either:
    1) Sign more players (transfer closed)
    2) Change formation (unlikely)
    3) Re-train players (ongoing but difficult)

  5. Pobega isn’t a bad player, he just doesn’t have the right physical characteristics to play in this Milan system and in double pivot. He is too stiff
    He would be better suited for a 3 man midfield. He’d look great in inter’s 352, 🤣🤣 swap him + cash for Barella. Barella would be nice on the RW at Milan

  6. Dest should play RW too!!!
    I hope I am wrong; but I don’t expect Saelemakers to always play as well as he did against Salzburg; so Dest can raise the quality of the RW position from what we have currently suffered through the past 18 months or so.

    It is great that Dest is so versatile, can give Calabria/Kalulu a rest at RB; can give Theo a rest at LB; and can (and should) start at RW.

  7. 3-men mid usually make us go more defensively, in this Pioli’s era. I think we will someday see the 3-men mid, but when we want to play cautious to protect the lead vs bigger teams.

    And 3-men mid will throw CDK’s best potential away. It’s best to keep 4-2-3-1 & improve the quality & depth.

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