CorSport: Tired Milan must recover energy – Pioli changes strategy in view of Napoli game

By Oliver Fisher -

Given AC Milan’s poor performances against Liverpool Udinese in the past week, head coach Stefano Pioli has decided on a different strategy ahead of the game against Napoli.

This morning’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanLive) writes how Milan need to recover energy, quality and clarity in view of the big match against Luciano Spalletti’s side on Sunday night because the team are simply not playing at the same levels as earlier in the season due to a combination of injuries and the subsequent fatigue that comes from a lack of depth and a hectic schedule.

Milan look slow while ball possession and they are making errors leading to goals too, which is why Pioli has devised a very clear strategy in view of the game against Napoli. The whole team needs to recover mental and physical energy so he has granted two days of rest to his players.

It is a choice of course made available by the lack of a midweek game as the boss understood that most likely the players needed a short break to find the right mentality and tranquility. Consequently, Milan will return to training on Wednesday morning to begin preparing.

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  1. I think your not a milan fan to sack coach is not a solution let’s us look the right way of handling the problem,but to sack coach will be a big problem for Milan and I can assure you if we sack coach will finish in no ten

  2. omg why sacking. it will be so hard for the team. many players wont be comfortable under new coach. Another1-2 years for good competitive squad. Pioli is doing veryyyyyy well. Hes done with his 1st job building up the squad. Now the second level is hard even it takes time. Even liverpool fans wanted to sack klopp. Just imagine. If this same pioli squad becomes one of the great in europe. Pioli doesnt have players. He has rebic, leao, calabria in home. They are main. So its not his mistake of not having players. Hes doing so well and has identified kessie and theo too and probably realized baka as nub. I would blame maldini and massara if they dont get a midfielder atleast. The most i could hope from them is CAM, CDM then i am happy. Striker mhm not now ig we have so less games a week and have 3 strikers after break so mhm les keep this to June.

  3. After those signings blame pioli i am fine with that. But if pioli find daniel, messias, kessie(no choice) in napoli i would be super happy of my coach bcz thats identifying mistakes. Hes also finding solution for injuries eventhough medical staff should find why these problems happen (not saying that they should save the players without knowing they would get injured like some other dumb fans) and hes done great giving two days break. Pioli seems to be ideal coach.

  4. I can’t see what all the fuss is about ,AC MILAN can
    win the title this season they have been extremely unfortunate with key injuries ,but Olivier Giroud will certainly make a difference in attack ,now he has recovered’s great that like Ibramavic he will score goals ..Giroud does not lack belief ,and technical ability is superb ..AC Milan are in the race .

    1. Yeah milan fans just blame everyone so much. Ppl like ibra and pioli are criticized for nothing. they give the club so much if u didnt have them u would be in serie c

  5. Treba VELIKA investicija u sječnju inače od skudeta ništa !!! Pogledajte igru Atalante , Sasuola , Verone i Fjorentine !!! Svi bolje igraju od Milana a da ne govorimo o Interu i Napoliju koji su daleko naprijed !! Pa ljudi moji ne može 40-to godišnjak činiti čuda !!!

  6. First things first.
    1) New Conract for Romagnoli (+Kjaer replacement)
    2) Let Kessie go, sign a serious replacament January. (Renato Sanches type, or Prolong Kessie if chance)
    3) Buy a playmaker, in place of Calhanoglu
    4) Teach Maignan to catch the ball, instead of pushing it away. Maignan is not as good as Donnarumma, this was not a 1 to 1 replacement, even it has been “sold” as that.
    5) After two season’s of 35+ slow walking towers, finally buy a serious Striker (Not Bellotti, past his mark.)
    ….only then we can even think, of talking about Pioli’s weaknesses. In all honesty Milan still plays above it’s weight. Losing two more important players will be devastating, buying two more important players without losing any, would put Milan on top of serie A and in the last 16 of the champions League next season. ALL IS SIMPLE, and up to Elliott and Maldini+2.

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