CM: Pioli’s plan for Yacine Adli as farewell to Brahim Diaz is expected

By Oliver Fisher -

Yacine Adli has not been seen much at all in game action since his very promising preseason campaign, but Stefano Pioli reportedly has a plan in mind for him. have given an update on the situation surrounding Adli, who is struggling to forge a role at the moment having been reduced to a couple of cameos off the bench in Serie A and having been left out of the Champions League squad list for the group stages.

The report states that Pioli believes in the qualities of the former Bordeaux man, but at the moment he does not consider him ready for a starting role in the team, with Brahim Diaz and Charles De Ketelaere currently considered ahead.

The Rossoneri have made an investment on Adli though and that is because they firmly trust his qualities and his potential, while the source even adds that Brahim Diaz will say goodbye to Milan and return to Real Madrid at the end of his loan spell next summer, in all likelihood.

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  1. If Adli is ok with that than it’s smart
    Let him to get used to the team, level and the coach gradually
    He will get his chances, take Leao as an example

  2. Diaz is ahead of Adli…. Pioli just taking a gamble that is only tolerated cos he won scudetto last season, he is just being loyal to those player, even the blind knows that Adli is way better than Diaz

  3. “The Rossoneri have made an investment on Adli though and that is because they firmly trust his qualities and his potential”
    So? They did the same for Paqueta or Hauge, but that didn’t stop Pioli from ignoring them. The sad fact is that if you don’t get along with Pioli on a personal level, you won’t play, no matter your potential. If you do, you’ll get countless chances, like Diaz or Krunic got.
    He’ll get away with it while he is succesful, but it will probably backfire sometime in the future.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s an excellent coach.

  4. Bennacer was ahead of Biglia in terms of quality when Milan signed him but the team insisted on starting Biglia so that Bennacer could learn from him. My take is that, Adli would surely make history with Milan. Let’s just be patient.

  5. @A — what makes so you convinced that Pioli doesn’t get along with Adli on a personal level? Do you have some inside information? Is there an article that stated this from a good source that I have missed?

    I too am disappointed we haven’t seen more of Adli; but I trust that he will get more and more minutes as the next couple of months go by. He should us very good qualities in his limited action he’s seen so far and Diaz, aside from the Udinese match, hasn’t been great. Pioli wants to win and he’s smart — even if he’s got “personal issues” with someone, I think he wouldn’t be so stubborn to not make the right decisions to give the team the best chance to win. Of course he wants to win.

    1. The one thing I found strange was when he said Adli needs to convince him. How can he do that if he doesn’t play? Why didn’t Diaz need to convince him?
      One could even argue that Diaz has convinced everybody of the opposite, that he doesn’t deserve to play, yet he still does.
      But what happened with Hauge was one of the strangest cases I’ve seen as a Milan fan. He probably has a better minutes to goal ratio then most of our players, including Leao, but still he was left on the bench. I only wish Pioli would explain his choices better. Until then, I’m left with drawing my own conclusions based on his actions. Of course, they might be wrong….

  6. Let’s be objective here for a minute. How much have we seen from Adli for fans to be upset he doesn’t play.
    We only saw him in few pre season games when he looked OK but Milan was playing vs very low quality opposition.
    Pioli sees the kid every day in training. He knows best if Adli understands the system and can fit in it.
    Every game matters now. Pre season games are just glorified training sessions.
    Trust Pioli, he has earned the benefit of the doubt based on everything he has done at Milan over the last 3 years.
    No matter the injuries, suspensions, virus, management not providing him with players in positions of glaring need, Pioli has the team always ready to play and always plays to win.
    I expect 2 wins vs Dinamo and Napoli. No matter who plays or don’t.

  7. I think whoever thought that players must play hooky with Pioli in order to get playing time doesn’t know what professionalism means. Everyone at the club are professional thru and thru. So there is no place for emotional and personal garbage like “oh mister didn’t pick up me because I didn’t brown nose him”.

    I think in theory, we have 3 AMs in CDK, Diaz and Adli; so we have the resource and time on our side. Our current schedule and team performance aren’t that bad. CDK and Diaz taking turns and we are getting results. This will give Pioli time to put some seasoning on Adli and launch him at the right time.

    Btw, Hauge was a one trick pony. Paqueta was good but can’t connect with Pioli’s style.

  8. Some of these fans commenting here will destroy Milan if given the chance to coach Milan. Pioli came to Milan when Milan was an average team with previous highly rated coaches performing woefully. Pioli was able to instill that big player mentality into our players and we are seeing the result. The gradual easing of players into the team hasn’t hurt anyone. Paqueta is a great player but his time with Milan left enough to be desired. He was sold to attain his potential which he did congrats to him. We have leao, rebic and hauge playing the same position but rebic and leao are far ahead of him in terms of potential and talent if you were the coach you would have sold leao to keep hauge. Pls, we are doing great, playing great, and achieving results so we should be happy. I was happy with Brahim Diaz’s performance yesterday. Adli will get his time. The season is long and choked up but we will need all hands on deck. Enjoy good football. Even dollaruma and calhanoglu didn’t believe in this Milan we have fulfilled and passed all set objectives but we dare to dream because of Pioli, the players, and Maldini and Masara. Pls disgruntled fans leave Pioli to do his job. You can’t always pls everyone. So if pioli style isn’t working then we will come here to criticize him but if it is well thank you pioli for the good work.

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