Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-1 Barcelona – Quartet dreadful; youngster shows off

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to grab their first win in the United States this summer, losing by one goal to Barcelona in the final game. Several players were subpar and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He couldn’t really do anything about the goal and he was solid otherwise, collecting several balls and making good passes.

Florenzi (5): Slow and lazy, these are the keywords. When he got the ball on the right flank, even with a bit of space, he never even tried to advance but rather played it back. And he was the main culprit on the goal.

Thiaw (5.5): Not his best game for Milan, as he mixed a couple of decent actions with some less impressive ones. On the goal, he should have helped Florenzi a bit more.

Tomori (6): He’s such a mixed bag. He missed a free header in the first half and looked shaky at the back. However, he also made a great block to deny Barcelona a certain goal and defended well in the second half.

Theo (5): Just like his opposite man, a slow and lazy performance. He was presented with space a couple of times but did nothing with it. Wearing the captain’s armband, he must show more.

Loftus-Cheek (5): No luck for him this time out. Good positioning in attack but he lacked the necessary control when on the ball.

Krunic (6): He did a good defensive shift and made a couple of good passes in the build-up, not really risking too much but also keeping the game moving.

Reijnders (5.5): He missed a huge chance to equalise for Milan in the second half, after having done so well to win the ball back and set up Leao. Apart from that miss, though, he was actually decent.

Pulisic (6): He cannot be faulted for Milan’s lack of good chances. He looked better on the right flank this time out and wasn’t afraid to take on his man, above all showing off his smart passing. One or two dangerous passes at the back, but at least he tried to make things happen.

Giroud (4.5): Was he even in the game? The Barcelona defenders got the best of him and even when the ball did end up at his feet, he didn’t have the control needed.

Leao (6): We saw the trademark Leao run a couple of times and they also resulted in Milan’s two best chances. One when the winger went on his own and saw his effort saved, the second when Reijnders missed the target.


Kalulu (6): Added a lot more energy on the right flank and immediately dared to drive forward with the ball.

Kjaer (5.5): Made a big mistake that nearly cost Milan another conceded goal.

Bartesaghi (6): What an entrance! The first thing he did was to make up for Kjaer’s mistake and block what looked like a certain goal. He also looked very good overall.

Pobega, Romero, Volombo, Saelemaekers (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give them a rating.

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      1. I agree.
        Make Kalulu our starting RB.
        Promote Simic and Bartesaghi to the senior squad.
        Sign one more reliable CB.
        Sell Krunic, CDK, Balo-Toure, Origi,
        Invest that money in a very fast Striker and Koopmeiners.

    1. we will never play him after pre-season. we hate italians and it’s our goal to field 0 italian players in 2023.

      1. Musah is technically an Italian. Doesn’t look like one, and he plays for the US national team, but he has an Italian passport due to having lived in Italy longer than anywhere else in the world, while never having actually lived in the US.

      2. Okay…. First RedBird’s goal was to literally destroy Milan and run off with hordes of cash, and now it’s to “field 0 Italians”…. Make your mind up will you, we can’t keep up.

        1. It’s all the same. By not playing italians they are destroying what ac milan means. But that’s ok. We’ll have great balance sheets. How exciting.

          1. Haha right, balance sheet is all that matter for some of these fans here. It is matter most than trophy and glory. What are they? Milanisti or Forbes journalist?

          2. @ “Cuk”- And since when have any of us ever mentioned “balance sheets”?? Oh that’s right it’s you guys putting words in our mouths as usual…. Truly bizarre.

          3. Present an alternative where we are still successful in modern football.

            Italian teams can field a team of local heroes (until they all leave for more money) and become the French league minus PSG, or we can increase revenues and win stuff.

            It’s ugly, completely ugly, but dude you can’t have both.

          4. I hate to break this to you but Italian players are reflective of the Italian National Football team and the world cup. Its a sad reality, but when the national team still plays Acerbi as CB that’s all you need to know.

            We have some Italian players. But we also need to aim for a quality team.

      3. Omg you’re back, welcome! Don’t see you for a long time. And just after we lost three friendlies you come. Classic.

        And again with the hate Italian train. SMH

      4. He won’t play after pre season because he’s 17 and all he’s done with the first team so far is run his socks off for 10 minutes in a kick about.

        It’s our ‘goal’ to be financially stable, and when you’re dealing with expensive players it makes financial sense if they’re not Italian. It sucks, but that’s how it is right now – we don’t ‘hate Italians’.

        1. If you need to add the whole primavera squad in order to prove that there are Italians in Milan, that means that there arent enogh Italians in Milan lol.

    2. How anyone can read anything into this game is beyond me.

      It’s the last game if the US tour, it’s purely an exhibition, we should all note the following points:

      no one was intense as no one wants to be injured pre season, we have completed the tour with just an injury to Calabria, which is a big positive

      Barcelona are 2 weeks ahead in pre season to us, which is a huge factor in the context of match fitness.

      This starting 11, was not the one that will start on match day 1,

      The players looked jaded and disinterested, it’s been a long two weeks plus in immense heat and you could tell they just want to get back home.

      The clear positives from this tour were some of the primavera players, Zerelli, Sonic, Chaka and Bartseghi, just goes to show that as well scouting the youth academies of other clubs worldwide we should first scout our own.

      What was most enjoyable was watching the ease in which Leao took on his man and it must be frightening for the opposition. Iron Mike looked solid and fit and Rijanders late runs into the box could be the source of a few goals next season, once he has his fitness and focus right.

      Onwards and upwards, can’t wait for the season to start..

        1. Yep. It’s because of ESPN, heavily criticising teams for Pre Season performances, these guys clearly don’t remember when we beat every team in front of us a couple of years back including Bayern. People read way too much into this.

  1. Rlc looked rusty.
    Krunic and tomori still shaky with a lot of miss passes.
    Personally i would prefer the 4231 with pulisic or even reijnders as cam.
    But i’d still give pioli the benefit of the doubt for his attempt on 433.
    Maybe it still need time as any other team who are going to try new formation with new players.
    And despite the miss chance from reinjders, i believe he’s gonna be a star next season.

    1. Oh yes because Lord Krunic could have scored a hat trick and played like Gattuso and Ambrosini all in one smh /s

      He’s going. Deal with it. And so may others like Kjaer.

        1. That really shouldn’t be a controversial statement.

          Plus it’d be really nice if fans actually supported the players.

          1. You don’t seem to be supporting the new signings, when it was a previous player, Florenzi, who made the huge mistake against Barcelona.

          2. It shouldn’t be a controversial statement for a fan to support their own players.

            What’s the point of Chukwueze if you’re going to turn on him in a few months if he doesn’t reach your ridiculous expectations?

        2. This clown “Maldini’s Heir” would gladly have Milan playing in Serie C if it meant showing an undying loyalty to existing players and never signing improvements.

        3. I mean, we’re still not done in the transfer market. We could have up to 7-8 new players, 4-5 of whom will be starters. I do think there is SOME possibility of issues with team cohesion. Can’t change half a starting lineup and it expect it to run smoothly. They key questions is exactly how long it will take for them to gel. That’s on Pioli. If we’re still d!cking around in November and having inconsistent results Pioli will be the next transfer out.

      1. Oh another genius idea. Sell one of the remaining leaders of the team in Kjaer and bring in some unknown youtube star. Bravo!

        Krunic was the only one stopping Barca in midfield.

        Hell, sell the whole team.
        Even better, close our youth system so we can bring in players from other youth teams.

        1. If you change:

          – the players;
          – the manager;
          – the directors,

          what exactly is left?

          I just do not understand why these people bother supporting a club where the only thing they seem to like is the name.

          1. Conversely, you claim to support the club but then whine about transfer moves to bring in better players because “loyalty.” 🙄 wHy dONt yOu WaNt tHe TeAm yOu cLaiM tO SuPpOrt tO iMpRoVe

  2. Kjaer looks slower and older than a 63 years Baresi out there.
    Should have sent him to Villarreal instead of Gabbia.
    Can’t go into the season with only Thiaw, Tomori, Kalulu and Kjaer.
    A CB must be signed before the window closes.
    None of the CBs oozes any poise or confidence

    1. Gonna agree with what Rimp said earlier, Simic and Bartesaghi are the way to go, AC Milan got so badly outpaced by Barca

    2. I agree Kjaer needs to go. Maybe we should’ve gone for Botman after all instead of chasing CDK for months on end.

  3. you lose against this current Barcelona team = you can’t go to 1/2 CL for sure. even if it’s a friendly match, at least play an even result or zero.

    1. I said it the other time and some people here said its just friendlies that it doesn’t matter. Looks like it’s beginning to matter now

      1. You guys are overreacting so much man, firstly it’s preseason which is self explanatory but secondly Milan play physical football and it takes these heavier players longer to get into fully performing stints, not to mention Barca’s season starts in a week, ours in 3. Of course I want us to win but it’s not as if we even got thrashed, we easily could’ve drawn at the minimum, so far many players still look far from their best but that’s exactly why we’ve got another 3 friendlies

        1. Also, these players looked clearly fatigued, and it was apparent by the lack of energy by players who usually come out with the most energy. This all paired with the fact we have further additions coming in such as Musah, Chukwueze, Okafor and more to be defined gives me hope and I hope that you guys don’t stress yourselves for nothing

          1. And you think pioli will ever play okafor ahead of Giroud? or play Chukwueze ond the right flank and Pulusic as a CAM?.. let him continue playing RLC as the 10 and see if he won’t get sacked after 5 matches. He think his God Maldini is there to protect him…How can you have so many great wingers like romano, Chukwueze, and you will still play pulusic as a right winger?

        2. Overreaction is their default mechanism when they jolt upright in bed every morning. Probably start crying when their toast lands jam side down on the floor.

      2. You’re completely overreacting. This was a preseason game and preseason is never indicative of the season at hand.

        In addition, we are still missing several signings.

        “Looks like it’s beginning to matter now”

        Really? In what way?

        1. So why didn’t Pioli field a team B and why didn’t he make all substitution at halftime? You guys ain’t seeing beyond your noses

          1. Because he wants to push these players to full match fitness? Dense people man I gave a full walkthrough on everything yet you say that we ain’t seeing beyond our noses

          2. You are so clueless and dense you aren’t even worth a reply or response. Go ahead run around and rampage about a friendly game. We hardly had a bench to replace the team, smarty pants.

          3. Because they need to get their fitness levels up? It’s not about results, it’s about just getting out on the field and building stamina and tactical awareness, etc. Did you not play organized sports at some point in your life?

    2. Season over. Just pack it in now. We’re getting relegated. s/

      On a serious note, anyone expecting to reach the UCL semis again this season is on some good sh!t, and I want the number of your dealer.

  4. Sometimes you need to remember score the oppositions goal post.
    Milan could have managed a point if they had remembered to score one.

    I am often not carried away buy goals conceded especially if it’s just a single digit.
    Teams often become successful scoring a lot of goals in a season, I pray Milan don’t forget that.

  5. Not a single win from the tour??? Hmmm, Pioli must win all the 4 friendly games left to boost some confidence

  6. It’s only preseason so I’m not going to read too much into results and performances have been decent enough but there are few things to point out.
    1. We have to play a 4-2-3-1 or else one of Pulisic or Chukwueze will have to sit out
    2. None of the new signings have Serie A experience. It could take them some time to adapt
    3. There is still uncertainty when talking about roles. I don’t like hearing over and over again how Okafor and Pulisic can play anywhere. They are supposed to be our starting striker and playmaker respectively.
    4. The squad is huge. We don’t know if Origi, CDK, Adli, Colombo, Pobega, Krunic, Kjaer, Messiahs, Balo Toure will stay, but I guess a lot will be done in August
    5. On a semi-serious note, generally speaking, players that pick normal squad numbers (1-30s) tend to do better than those with strange numbers. So I’m happy with the numbers picked by the new signings. A bit worried about Musah :p

    1. This is the problem with the strategy, they deliberately didn’t shop in Serie A, Serie A is complicated tactically. We know what to expect from RLC and Pulisick, they’re injury prone and inconsistent. By the end of the season, they’ll be squad players, not starters. Reijnders shows promise and Okofor, Musah and Chukwueze have yet to play. With the exception of CF, we have cover in all areas. Whether Pioli is brave enough to try Simic, Bartesaghi and Traore remains to be seen. A CF should be a priority.

      1. Players in Serie A were worse quality wise than what we signed. Also lots of crystal ball talk here. I highly doubt you can predict who will start or who will be on the bench.

        1. There are no guarantees but I disagree that we couldn’t find better players in Serie A. Just off the top of my head, I’d say Hojlund, Kvaratskhelia, Lookman, Amrabat, Chiesa, Dybala, Milinkovic-Savic, Berardi, Luis Alberto (massively underrated) are much better than Milan’s signings and already accustomed to Serie A

          1. Lmao Chiesa… you honestly think we’d sign Chiesa? Kvarat would be 80 million. Milinkovic-Savic took off to Saudi Arabia. Berardi sucks. Luis Alberto is mediocre. You’re a joker.

            Anyone who says Berardi is better than what we signed is smoking something serious.

          2. Then look again into those players and ghink how much they are worth. Just an example, Milinkovic Savic cost AL Hilal €40m and €20m/year gross…

            None of the players you mentioned would be sold for less than 30m. Maybe Hojlund, but if it’s Hojlund it’s not sure that he is better than our signing.

            And most of them are 28 or older so they won’t have much value in a few years.

          3. In other words, don’t be a joker. Much better than Milans signings? And you know that how? Or are you just pulling things out of thin air? The mistake on the goal here wasn’t even the fault of any new signing. Rather a RB that needs to be replaced

            But Luis Alberto and Berardi better… sure man. Thanks for the laugh. I need more comedy in my life.

          4. I’m challenging the claim that there are no proven quality players in Serie A. If we want to add realistic to the equation, I still say Berardi who averaged around 15 goals and 10 assists in the league the past three seasons, Luis Alberto averaging around 7 goals and 7 assists, are safer and cheaper bets for SERIE A than Pulisic, Chukwueze, and Romero. And yes, I’d say Amrabat is a safer bet than Musah, and Hojlund and Lookman are safer bets than Okafor.

          5. Berardi again is well pass his best and the players we signed are better than he is. Luis Alberto scored just two more than Messias.

            No not safer bets than Chukwueze (who you haven’t even see play) or Pulisic. You’re overreacting as expected.

            Safer bets in your own mind. None of those are safer bets. And Romero was signed from Lazio on a free transfer. What are you going after him for?

            You’re dense.

          6. Also I highly doubt you know anything about Okafor or Musah either. I doubt you have even seen them play. I’ve seen Musah a fair number of times.

            And before someone brings up a quote I made after being upset about Tonali leaving, I do think Musah is worth it.

  7. No friendly games are not indicative of the season at hand, and we still are missing a great deal of starters and new signings.

    It’s clear why we are after another center back though. Kjaer clearly may have to exit like Rebic. I am sorry to say it.

    1. Also we came a lot closer to drawing this game but Giroud was out of sorts. This isn’t the fault of the new signings who played relatively well. There is another reason why we’re pursuing players like Maxime Esteve and Alejo Veliz.

      1. Kjaer & Giroud are older than the rest. They just need a couple of weeks more to get their bodies to get used to playing again. Trust me, I know. It was easy to start to play again after a 1-2 month break when you were under 30 but the years take their toll and it takes longer and longer with age. That doesn’t mean they won’t be back at their level when the league starts though.

  8. Really? Who makes these ratings? Pulisic 6?

    Having all three matches of the US tour, Pulisic is a clutch. He thinks he has the capacity to beat multiple players. I’m not convinced. Perhaps his best position is out left. Unfortunately, he can’t displace Leao.

    There’s a lot of work to be done. The midfield still has massive issues. It still preseason, Pioli may consider going back to his favoured 4-2-3-1. Problem now is, only Krunic who we learn doesn’t mind leaving has defensive capabilities.

    Pioli has a lot to sort out.

    Has Furolani been buying without thinking how well the players fit into the system?

    1. They reinforced the areas (the right side) that were deficient. I think they knew who they were signing. Right wingers to rotate and replace Messias and Saelesmaekers. They also brought in midfielders.

    2. “Has Furolani been buying without thinking how well the players fit into the system?”

      This is exactly the concern! Are we building a 433 or a 4231?
      So far it looks like they don’t know themselves.
      We clearly don’t have the players to suit either system.
      It is important to learn lessons of previous season, the no.1 thing we learned last year was we need 2 DM’s if playing 4231, as of now we have only Krunic and people want him sold.
      If we play 433, we still need a starting DM and Krunic as backup. Just bare in mind if we play 433 we will have a lot of frustrated attackers on the bench.

  9. We need a better striker giroud uis not who we need to start for Milan we need a striker that is capable to do anything with the ball when he has it on his feet. Giroud is not a striker we should rely on

      1. The problem was, Pioli didn’t do anything to at least try altering the formations, particularly when 433 didn’t work well. We all yet to know which formation fits to Milan right now, all possibilities should be tried. And preseason matches should be the right stage.

  10. 10 novih igrača !!! Treba cjela sezona da se uigraju !! Pioli nije magioničar treba vremena za sve posložit a u nastavku trebamo dva nova dobra obrambena igrača !!

  11. I really don’t know why Kjear and Florenzi are in this team, it would be better to retain Caldara, and let Kjear leave, and replace Florenzi with a young Italian, someone who can pressure Calabria.

    1. Kjaer & Giroud are older than the rest. They just need a couple of weeks more to get their bodies to get used to playing again. Trust me, I know. It was easy to start to play again after a 1-2 month break when you were under 30 but the years take their toll and it takes longer and longer with age. That doesn’t mean they won’t be back at their level when the league starts though.

  12. I went to this game after winning a free trip to Vegas and tickets(thank you milan foundation!)

    If we are to play the 4 3 3 we need some serious changes and I know it’s preseason but they played so boring. It’s all side to side play and never trying to attack on net. Whenever we did get it to the wings it just came back into the middle and we killed the flow.

    Other than that, got to see the players and pioli at the casino. A great few days!

    1. That sounds like an amazing trip! Good for you!

      My nephew lives in america, he’s only 10 and a Juve supporter. He waited after the game and got his jersey signed by Chiesa! He was so delighted!

  13. Seems to me Pioli wants to play like Klopp’s Liverpool more than Guardiola’s City, based on style of play and midfielders signed.

    Tall order either way. I’m not sure it could work very well in Serie A.

  14. Also if I had to give anyone a higher rating I’d give it to reijnders. Seeing him in person his off the ball movement was very good. Aside from that miss his run to win the ball back and get in that space was awesome.

    Theo and leao looked lazy and like they haven’t ever played together. Probably cause I saw theo gambling late at night lol

  15. I think Pioli instruct to take this game slow. We didn’t show Barcelona our usual Aggression & Intensity. I think Pioli wanna save the fitness, and dont want to risk others have muscle problems like Calabria.

    We battle Barcelona with Technique ? Well, we will never win it, Barcelona is the best team in world for Technique, for now.

  16. This is friendly match. We should take it easy. New players will take time to blend with the old ones. As for 433 system, I think Giroud can’t fit in . A very mobile striker will be needed there. This is also for defence teams who sit back. We need a mobile striker to fit in. Also for the defence, a central defender is imperative right now

  17. The result is ok, maybe not the performance from some players. There’s a lot ahead. Other players will join soon, and a new Milan team will be born. Decent results from all the games so far. Mistakes made during this period can be corrected. Forza Milan!

  18. Why is Alexis playing so little in the preseason? 2H of last season he was a beast, with a total of 6 times his pressure game leading to a direct goal and him creating enough chances as well.

  19. Berardi is better than the players we signed according to another esteemed clown on here. Berardi has sucked for several seasons. His peak was like five years ago.

  20. I didn’t see the game. Only the highlights. Seems like we could have conceded so much more. But should have scored two also. Reijnders looks to emulate Hakans shot frequency, to mixed results. I hope he will be able to value better when to shoot and when to look for other options once he gets more playtime. And of course I hope he will score some goals too. Rafa is so impressive once he gets his chances. I love wathing him in action. Så glad he’s on our team.

  21. Well my main concern here is the lack of a good register,I really hope before the end of the market a decent register would arrive

  22. This is just a PRE SEASON GUYS…!!!!
    c’mon these players are kicking into GEAR and mind you by the time it’s calcio match day 10 ( my beloved Milan ❤️🖤 will be ahead 30points ) mark my words .. FORZA!!! MILAN!!!!

  23. Wouldn’t dwell too much on this tour. It was first time everyone got together, newcomers and senators while playing in a new system. I remember our preseason tour with Inzaghi where we played on par with Real and Bayern but had awful season in Serie A. One thing’s for sure. We urgently need a DM that will sit in front of defense.

  24. Although it’s preseason and we have a lot of new players esp in midfield and attack that need time to gel, pioli is already a bit at fault here, he’s showing sign of unclear thinking and stubbornness that started after the Scudetto (but not before, he generally did the best with what he had before). He is insisting we only basically play on the wings when we have a better option available, he is stubbornly refusing to let go of his strategy of playing uncreative ball winners (kessie bennacer rlc) in the hole and so we never have any creativity up the middle, we haven’t for years. Top teams have creativity up the middle and we now can play leao pulisic Chuky behind a striker which would give us a world class, creative attack and allow us to have some creativity up the middle. This is poor thinking and not preseason troubles imo

  25. Calm down guys, it’s preseason. It’s good to lose now so we can clearly see what idea works and what needs to be improved.

    Honestly, this is to be expected when you overhaul the team. This is exactly why I stressed that it was important to get the players for preseason early, and despite my bitterness of how this off season went, the management has done very well in this regard.

    Having said that – the cards have been dealt and the pressure is now on Pioli to come up with some kind of concoction that works. If we still underperformed around Christmas time, his head would be the next to roll – and pray that the replacement would better be good..

  26. Koopmeiners, Esteve, Calafiori and Veliz. That’s my take on who we should sign.

    As far as RB, why don’t we play Saelesmaekers there? Some say Kalulu. That too could work

    1. Estevee, Calafiori, Veliz… Have you ever watched any of these you mention above, play? A month ago you condemned the sale of Tonali and were against Musah, now you are his biggest admirer saying you seen him play on many occasions and that he’s better then Tonali.

      You really believe your words? Cause you sound like a classic pathological liar.

  27. Pre-Season friendlies meant to give the available players chance to impress.
    Three matches with Krunic as starters and other players came in just for some minutes esp. Colombo, Adli, Romero just show the Piolis stubbornness, inflexibility and lack of idea.
    Those players will probably get less playing times in real competitive matches. Why not try them against good team in friendlies match not just against amateur teams.
    Pioli kills talent…

  28. Fell asleep so missed the match but guess i didnt really miss out on much but either way its a training match so as long as they get a bit more accustomed to eachother and gets a bit more up in gear im fine regardless the result.

  29. A 6 for Pulisic?! Are you f””” serious? The description you gave of Girouds performance perfectly fits Pulisic: “Was he even in the game? The Barcelona defenders got the best of him and even when the ball did end up at his feet, he didn’t have the control needed.”

  30. I am just here for Giancarlo who thinks that RLC is the next Gattuso and defends him xD

    RLC reminds me of the times Milan had Bertolacci playing :))

  31. A classic 433 doesn’t work well because Milan don’t have the proper striker, who needs to be mobile and can occupy quite area. The reason why Pioli chose 4231 was because of Ibra (and Calhanoglu, to some extend). It is also suitable for Giroud, who’s in term of mobility not far from Ibra.

  32. Krunic 6 🤣
    The worst on the field bad at back and even worse in the front, he should not get more than 4 for performance against Barsona. Again stupid Krunic in few occasions asked ball from Tomori like he did against Real, lucky for us this time Tomori was smarter and didn’t give him ball

  33. Im betting we’ll be back to the 4-3-2-1 within weeks. Pulisic will be AM. Musah and Reijnders in double pivot. RLC third option in the pivot or backup at AM.

  34. I insist, this feel so much like Li’s first year. Too much new people… I will reserve my judgement until at least Xmas. This will take a bit in my opinion to work, if so

  35. I just can’t understand what a lot of you are whimpering about …players take time to get fit ,especially if you are over 30 …this is preseason it will take time for the players to gain full fitness..This is a new team …I dont think given the circumstances we are that bad …just lay off Olivier Giroud he will score plenty of goals when the season starts ..He commands the 18 yard area ,but he needs decent service..just remember what I have just written..
    How many times do I have to tell you ,,.this is virtually a new team from last season, but it is a better one ,just give them time ..We will challenge for the scuddeto again ..I am sure if that .Olivier Giroud is still class ,he needs time to gain full fitness given his age .don’t keep on about his pace ,he doesn’t have that ,but what he has got is physical strength and amazing technical ability inside the 18 yard area ,that’s where he should be ..The first few yards are in his head ,yes he knows exactly where to be at the right time.
    The team we will have ,when the correct formation is used will score goals ..remember what I have said .

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