Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-1 Man Utd (1-2 agg.) – One man stands out; Ibra comeback

By Isak Möller -

Milan failed to take advantage of their away goal this evening as Man Utd opened the scoring and thus changed the situation. Despite many chances, the Rossoneri couldn’t score and were eliminated from the Europa League. 

Donnarumma (6): Didn’t have that much to do during the game and he can’t really be blamed for Pogba’s goal, as it should have been cleared earlier. Played well with his feet as he took risks that paid off.

Kalulu (5.5): The youngster was solid defensively although he did struggle a bit when Pogba entered the game. Above all, though, he didn’t add what Milan needed in the attacking phase as he looked a bit insecure.

Kjaer (6): Just a decent outing from the Dane this evening as he had mixed success throughout the game. Won many balls for most of the game but also failed with a few passes in the build-up.

Fikayo Tomori of AC Milan tussles with Daniel James of Manchester United, ManU during the UEFA Europa League match at Giuseppe Meazza, Milan. Picture date: 18th March 2021. Picture credit should read: Jonathan Moscrop/Sportimage PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK SPI-0961-0040

Tomori (7.5 – MOTM): Without a doubt the best Milan player on the pitch as he continues to impress big time. You could see that this opponent fit him as well, able to use his aggressiveness without them going down too much. Made several key interceptions and €28m for him is looking like a steal.

Hernandez (6.5): Just like Kjaer, he had mixed success but for the most part, he was key in the attacking phase for Milan with his bursting runs. Also did well at the back and hopefully, he’s on his way back to good form.

Meite (6): He did well for the most part just like in the first leg, playing it simple but also using his size to hold off the opponents and open up space. He should have done better on United’s goal, which lowers his rating although he was put in a bad situation.

Kessie (6.5): The Ivorian did well once again in the centre of the pitch and dictated the Rossoneri’s play throughout the game. Perhaps lacked a bit of end-product and that cost him a higher rating.

Saelemaekers (6): Tireless as always and very important for Milan in both phases of the game. He got into some good positions on Man Utd’s end and this created a lot of chances for the Rossoneri. It’s just a shame they weren’t converted.

Calhanoglu (5.5): You could definitely argue his performance wasn’t terrible, but when you have the No.10 on your back and can be the determining factor, the expectations are inevitably a bit higher. He didn’t live up to them today, which Milan needed him to.

Krunic (6): Worked extremely hard in defence and won the ball back several times, he was also calm in possession and this helped Milan. Overall a decent and smart display but nothing spectacular.

Photo LaPresse - Spada March 18, 2021 Milan Italy Soccer A.C. Milan- Season 2020-2021 - Europa League Ac Milan vs Manchester United, ManU round of 16 In the pic: Rade Krunic PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxITAxFRAxCHN Copyright: xSpada/LaPressex

Castillejo (6): You can’t really put too much blame on the Spaniard as he played out of position. He still gave the team a lot by making his runs and opening up space, but it’s clear that isn’t his position.


Dalot (6.5): Came on in the 65th minute and actually looked very good from what we saw. He won the ball back a few times and did well to drive forward, while he also defended as you would expect a defender to do.

Ibrahimovic (6.5): Had the best chance of the game with a header that Henderson was forced to save. Changed the way Milan played (for the better) and it would have been a fairytale if he had scored the equaliser.

Diaz (N/A): Came on in the 72nd minute and although he was on the ball a few times, it wasn’t enough to give him a rating.

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  1. How can you possibly rate Kalulu a 5.5. He looked like a fish out of water, the reason Pogba was playing on the left was because Ole knew that is where the weakness was.

    1. Pogba plays on the left side of midfield for man utd and even at Juve he played there. His best position is left central midfield. That has nothing to do with Kalulu. Pogba wasn’t his was between Kessie and Meite (prob him) but it is clear that neither can deal with Pogba’s physicality. That being said Kalulu was more a liability in the attacking phase where he didn’t have the confidence to cross the ball when he needed to

  2. You can see the different quality between of our player and man utd, we have many chances to score a goal but the players dont know how to do it and always fail in the final pass, in other side they just need one man pogba to doit, even pogba himsel not performing well this season his quality make a huge different because that goal

  3. Milan need better replacements for starting eleven, that is what had been affecting the team since key players started having injuries.

  4. I think the problem we have is goal, the management should go out there and get one powerful striker who will be able to finish up the game and another left back to assist Theo

    1. it’s true the problem is scoring goals. I think we need to change the formation, with the players we have the 4 3 3 formation costing us. I think a 4 1 2 1 2 formation can do better. Kessie in front of defence , Tonali and Krunic left and right central midfielders , Saelemekers behind two strikers which one of them should be Ibra or Leo. at the moment our strikers are not getting quality supply because we don’t a creative midfielder playing from the centre. Cahanoglu is under pressure n exposed because the youngsters have overtaken him

  5. Kessie really should have closed down that shot…he gave far too much space and as such his rating should be the worst. Clearly he is still tired based on his display. Meite is next in line for blame as he should have cleared that ball sooner and have more conviction.
    Other than that really we lost because VAR incorrectly overturned a valid goal in the first leg by Kessie. We had no striker for the first 60 mins, can’t really do much and Calhanoglu was utter garbage, he should be dragging the team in games like these in conditions like these when the squad is depleted

  6. Stop blaming var and referees for milan condition. Most of Milan’s players dont deserve to wear this shirt because they simply are below average and will never become top players. Big players make a team big. Unfortunately milan is now small team and it really hurts me. We dont deserve to play in cl. We dont have the right team yet.And if we finally qualify the target will be 3 place in cl. Let’s be realistic. Dont have expectations with these players. We managed to get 3 points in almost every game in 2020 but most of our general rating was 6-7 and the way we played was boring and predictable

    1. I agree. And i cannot see brighter times for Milan in the near future. Every time Milan had a creative player they destroyed him. I like player who think outside of the box, who try to resolve attacks in a more unpredictible way. We had Paqueta who started well but as soon as he tried to play fotbal the coaches cut his wings saying he don’t obbey tactical movements. So what? We had Andre Silva who is miles better than Rebic… Why that stupid exchange? I tell you why.. because we cannot view players potential and we don’t give them a good climate to grow. We are trapped in this stupid overtacticalised fotball. And above all, we give playing time to obsolete players.. from bad seed you cannot expect great plants.

  7. Unfortunately, another disappointing night! Tomori is being labelled by media as a solid defender which in my opinion he is not. He is extremely slow in pushing the ball forward and uses his physical strength to stop the player rather than technically. How can you ever imagine to win a game without a striker for a whole one hour?? In my opinion Ibrahim should have been included from the start. Every department needs to be reinforced if the team wants to keep being competitive. Let us all hope that the team will end the season as one of the top four.

  8. I noticed nobody mentioned the couch.
    The team needs to replace half of the team and the couch.
    They need to play to win not to tie.
    They need to learn to score not to wait for penalty as they have been in many games.
    Italian couches are not competitive anymore in Europe.
    They need to open up to other international couches.
    The academies aren’t generating quality anymore.
    Italy needs a revolution in their football associations. They need to be like Belgium or France in feeding Europe with talents.
    The best teams in Italy they act like chicken against their European counterparts. Look Atalanta, Napoli or inter, they didn’t show any quality.

    The best Italian players are from older generations. The expats are not the first class players. They are barely the cheapest you can get.

    Any English team can be a nightmare to the strongest Italian team. Any Spanish team can teach the best Italian team how to play soccer, why is that? It’s because of disorganization of the Italian football.
    They need a real revolution to bring back their glory.
    This is my two cents

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