Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-1 Udinese – Jovic the worst; Reijnders disappoints

By Isak Möller -

It was another tough evening for AC Milan as they lost the game against Udinese, who were in the relegation zone before the round started. Below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri, with many disappointing performances to discuss. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He couldn’t do anything about the goal, with it being a penalty, and he made one good save after that to deny Udinese a second.

Calabria (6): The captain had the right energy and at least really tried to put in a good shift, finding a good balance between defence and attack. He’s certainly not to blame tonight.

Thiaw (6): He had a few questionable moments perhaps, but started the game very well and won quite a few duels out there tonight.

Tomori (6): Playing alongside Florenzi, he was needed in the defensive phase and performed on a good level as usual.

Florenzi (5.5): Mixed bag from him tonight. Defensively, he was poor if we’re being honest, nearly gifting a goal in the first half. He made up for that slightly with some good moves in attack, including a Bergkamp-esque spin (shame he couldn’t get the shot away) and a good shot from distance towards the end.

Musah (5): He got on the ball a lot but apart from one shot from distance, he failed to beat his man and thus made things difficult for Milan when going forward. We all know that he can do a lot better even in the 1v1 situations.

Krunic (5): Supposedly went off with a muscular injury but it could have easily been for his performance. Sluggish on the ball and failed to find his teammates with the long passes. Some good interceptions but nothing more than that.

Reijnders (5): Another game with another big miss. He got into a good position at the start of the second half and tried to dink it over the keeper, when he should have just gone for power. The fact he didn’t even get it on target says a lot. He had one good key pass for Calabria, though, but nothing more.

Leao (5.5): We keep saying the same thing every week and that is end product. He has his moments, bursting down the flank and getting past his man, but the final pass has not been there lately. Tonight was no different, though he was basically the only hope in our attack.

Giroud (5): He can do a lot with good service, as we saw against Napoli, but he didn’t get that tonight. Maybe one or two good knockdowns, but he struggled. Then again, he also needs to get the ball from his teammates.

Jovic (4.5): The Serbian went down way too easily on the challenges, even if he should have had one free-kick. Given that he actually did get some service from his teammates, we cannot spare him on this one.


Adli (5): Say what you want about the decision, but he committed the foul that led to the penalty. He was good in possession but it doesn’t make up for such a mistake.

Okafor (5): He was brought on for the second half and yet we barely saw him out there. Furthermore, he had one big chance towards the end but failed to get a shot away.

Loftus-Cheek (5.5): The Englishman didn’t add that much to the game, if we’re being honest, but it was nice to see him back.

Romero (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. Pioli’s cycle at Milan died and was finished in January. For the last 10 months we have been watching the football version of The Walking Dead.
    Ownership needs to step in , eat the year and a half left on Pioli’s contract and fire the zombie while the season is still somewhat alive and replace him with a coach with a pulse and working brain.
    Enough is enough..
    Get rid of the fraud tonight.
    5 straight losses vs the biggest rival amd counting.
    5 games without a goal in UCL and counting.
    Just lost to a team that hasn’t won the whole season.
    Milan plays the worst football in serie A and most likely all of Europe.
    Fire Pioli

    1. LMAO 😂😂😂 such an apt analogy because Walking Dead was great for maybe up to around Season 3 or 4 and thereafter it went downhill really badly and the show producer kept trying to prop it up like Weekend at Bernie’s

        1. I actually liked Negan. He was a likeable enemy but even his storyline got dragged on… Ibra our Negan? Comes back with a baseball bat…to bash…Leao’s head in? 😂😂😂😂

    2. If they can get Ibra to join then keep Pioli until the end of the season. Ibra will immediately turn the players around like he always does and that will save the season. Leao in particular is very humble and mature when Ibra is around. Cardinale needs to then get rid of Pioli regardless of if the season ends well.

    3. When Pulisic leaves the field Milan seems to become one dimensional. The team really needs RLC and Pulisic on the field at the same time.

    1. Francis4 November 2023, 23:15 at 11:15 pm
      This Milan management is a disgraceful what else we he take dis foolish management to sack dis useless coach pioli very irritating coach

      1. Translation: “Yay we lost! Now let’s start sh*tting on management again, crank the Whine-o-meter up to 11, sack the coach who the whole team loves and bring in an unidentifiable Magic Man who’ll win every single remaining game. Easy!”

  2. 🥹🥹🥹

    What an horrible performance.
    If you guys are ready for a change, Leao should sit out. He is one of our spoilers after Pioli.

    1. I know it’s not an option, yet, but when they’re both fit and playing again, I’d like to see us lineup with Chukwueze on the RW, Pulisic on the (more natural for him) LW, and Leao Left Out.

      Remember, Pulisic is playing on his off side for Leao’s benefit. If Leao doesn’t do anything, maybe he “needs a rest.”

    2. Yes it’s aggravating to watch Leao quit on every play and put zero effort into defense. Doesn’t he ask himself “why is (countryman) Ronaldo so good and consistent and not me?”. It’s because Ronaldo doesn’t care what he looks like when he’s playing. He will eat a mouth full of grass if it means possibly making a play. He will run himself out of breath every play. Leao just doesn’t have that bulldog mentality.

    1. I’m thinking if we’re going to pile on Maldini and Massara about Origi (also still a Moncada pick)….we should pile on for Jovic too, no?

        1. Especially with losing Colombo 🤦🏼‍♂️. At least Colombo was match fit and can run on the pitch and have a good outside shot.

        2. There’s no logic to most things that happen on the transfer market.

          Jovic is one of thousands of players who moved this summer for no apparent reason.

  3. Apparently, Pobega, Romero, Thiaw, Florenzi, Calabria, Loftus-Cheek, Pobega and Adli went under the south curve to collect the boos of the ultras and the whole stadium. Rest went back to the changing room. Any thoughts?

    1. Obviously this team has lost its unity. In contrary to the recent coach comment, that’s the thing he just had to say as he knew there’s a lack of unity.

      This is the real Pioli. The one without the help of figures like Maldini and Ibra. Not a coincidence the management really wants Ibra to have any kind of roles.

  4. Pioli = 2
    Changed formation and the team looked lost and disorganized.
    I’m kind of joining the “fire Pioli” crowd, although I know that mid-season there isn’t much that can be done given that there aren’t available good managers out there.

    Calabria, Tomori, Thiaw the only players who did decently today (well, Maignan not at fault). Jovic is useless. Reijnders can’t score. Leão did create some scoring opportunities for his companions but he hasn’t been decisive lately, like he was a few months ago.

    We got Theo with an ankle injury and Krunic with a muscle injury. That’s the 21st injury this season. Fire the whole medical/trainer department. We can’t compete with these many players absent or off-form while they try to recover.

    1. There needs to be a serious review and inquiry of the medical and fitness departments. And some form of necessary action taken. It’s become too much

    2. KINDA joining the fire pioli crew. LMAO what else do you need to watch to be fully in with the idea, five 6 0 losses in a row????

  5. I wanted Florenzi gone from this team at the start of the season but right now I have to eat my words.. Florenzi is the only player with any form of grit and personality on this team, he even shoots better than all our attackers, that shows how bad our attack is at shooting.

    We have Florenzi taking freekicks and cornerkicks shows how nothing is been improved on in training.

    We have a casual Leao doing the barest minimum and smiling when we are chasing a game.

    We have Krunic been invincible and making no significant passes, it’s a shame Adli caused a penalty trying to actually play football and not be a ghost.

    I don’t expect Pioli to be the manager come December, it’s been 2 long years of a shapeless, directionless, docile, poorly motivated and a clueless Pioli lead team.

    I didn’t expect any positives from this match so I can’t say I’m disappointed, immediately I saw the setup and players, I had it at the back of my mind that we may be loosing this match.

    The Pioli and Krunic fanboys can take a chill pill.

    1. Honorable mention-Calabria. I know he is not the best RB to work with, but still I will always respect his mentality and love for the club. Always trying to unite the players and was one of the few players who stayed after the game to thank the fans for their support and taking all the boos.

      1. Always loved Calabria for those qualities. And Pioli’s rebuttal for his “if you don’t believe in that then you can stay home” comment was just needless and potential to create more cracks in the changing room. It shows Pioli’s mediocre mentality in my opinion. Another coach would have welcomed it and rode on it for more committment and grit from players.

        1. Bingo! Exactly that. He could have used it to push on the players who are lagging but instead gives a free pass. Calabria literally spoke something he probably wants to stay but afraid to say it. Calabria couldn’t have laid it on a platter better

          1. “There are problems in the dressing room alright. ”

            Exactly. And Calabria “hinting” that out couldn’t have made it any worse either. Calabria is the captain and actually shows the attitude/spirit what is now needed – and many lack.

    2. Apparently you didn’t know anything about Florenzi until just now. He was the captain of Roma and one of the most technically gifted footballers you’ll ever see kick a ball.

      He’s had some bad injuries and is getting older, but is class. It’s nice to have someone who was at least world class at some point. These other Milan players just aren’t at that level.

      1. Isn’t Olivier Giroud France’s all-time leading scorer, a World Cup winner, a Champions League winner and a winner of the Puskás Award?

        Roma captain is impressive, and Florenzi was probably our best player, today, but let’s keep things in perspective.

        1. I see what you mean. Giroud is also top class though, and still makes a big difference on the pitch. It’s tough to make an impact in this Milan side though, as there’s no flow, plan, or ideas out there. He had a shit game today, along with pretty much everyone. If you put him in a decent side though, he’s still going to do a job. I’m just saying there’s a difference between top-tier players, and guys like Musah and Reinders etc. I’m not sure those guys will ever reach the heights of being top international players.

    3. What really upsets me the most about the Pioli and management backers in this app is the way they defend some horrible decisions from furlani and co as if we started watching Milan yesterday. Someone even said Reijnders is a 100% upgrade to Tonali. Whoever made such statement must be mad. With all the goal scoring opportunities presented to Tijjani, he can’t even shoot on target. He’s a fine player when his team is dominating, but can’t play when we are under pressure. Tonali use to make recoveries, pass and score even from impossible situations (Lazio game comes to my mind now) but Reijnders is nothing close to that aside from the small fancy plays that can never win any match for us.

  6. We no longer have a system of play. I saw Leao trying 1v1 on the wings and players literally waiting in the box for a cross. That’s not style of play or a system, that’s just hoofing the ball to your highest paid player and hoping he creates something. The sooner we wean ourselves off this dependency the better. We need movements and not isolated 1v1s. Being able to take on your man 1v1 and relying on 1v1 for chance creation are two different things. You’d like players to take on their man when it is called for and pass off within a system of play not as THE system of play. It’s easy to defend against that. As usual once the RW is not there (no Puli) the LW run amok and it’s because we have no system. Leao thinks he needs to be the hero all the time and he really doesn’t. He also needs to learn how to control a ball g’dam

    Let’s get the other thing out of the way..keep the same energy you have for Krunic as for Adli. He costed us 3 points today, plain and simple. First error was upfield by losing the ball and then on the foul in the box. He also gave away the ball at the end which could have caused Udinese to score another. Keep it a buck because we all know if it was Krunic he’ll be crucified. Sure he can pass very well (probably the best in the team) but I’ve always maintained his defending and positioning were his issues and is likely why Pioli doesn’t pick him. That’s two games now with two goal errors. Also why not try the double pivot with Adli and Krunic to get the best of both worlds 🤷‍♂️

    1. Adli is an AM in reality so he does lack in defence. But for some reason Pioli keeps playing him only as a DM. His best traits are creativity,vison,passing. He will do best in Rejndiers position acording to me.

      1. I think he could too. I don’t think he’s a CAM or AM (even from his time at Bordeaux) though but he has attacking traits and forward progression. It’s why I think the duo of him and Krunic would be good. One destroyer.and the other playmaker. Matter of fact….him and Musah even better as Musah is more aggressive.

        But I wouldn’t be opposed to your suggestion either …in the Reinjders role. The problem is if we’re ever going to see that type of experiment from Pioli (at least it’s a safer experiment than a whole change in formation)

        1. He played mainly as an AM in Bordeaux. But that dosen’t matter as much. Positions can change, however that new position still has to suit the player traits. DM is just not for him when he is not good in defence. I would preffer Musa next to him, i see Krunic more like someone for the bench lol.

    2. And that’s all on Pioli. Honestly, I want to ask, knowing Adli’s qualities and flaws, who part from Pioli would consider him as a six. Emergency cover , fine, but not as a permanent alternative. Wasting the kids talents and affecting the team too.

      I’ve always maintained, use Adli as a mezzela. Or as you put it “why not try the double pivot with Adli and Krunic to get the best of both worlds”. And everyone sees that except Pioli.

      I always try to be constructive with my criticism and decent with my words, but Pioli is making it haaarrd for me these days.

      1. I don’t know tbh. I’m at my wits end. We allegedly wanted to change formation, got players Pioli wanted, fired the people causing disharmony and these are the results? Sure we’re still top 4 but the writing is on the wall.

    3. Adli was indeed very bad. But again this 4-2-4 did no one a favor and certainly he is one of worst player to use in such a setup.
      Adli might be better as an AM in a 4-2-3-1, or as a deep lying playmaker with 2 midfielders who a defensively good in front him in a christmas tree type of setup (but I don’t think current Milan has the players for a christmas tree)

  7. Everyone was sleep playing out there. We can sense the attitude and morale amongst our squad is bad. I blame pioli for all of it. In the end the buck stops with the coach. The only good news that came out of this mediocre game is krunic getting injured, thank god. And all pioli and krunic fans go watch cricket or something. Many people were saying that we have easy teams now on. I guess we dropping points against lower teams now too. Baldie gotta go, at least at the end of the season. Hell maldini knew it and wanted to get rid of him. With this kind of performance we will be out of champions leauge, hope that’s not the case. Well i hope baldie can turn this slump around for the good of the team and leave at the end of the season.

  8. Time for a change. Forget about that BS penalty where Adli got the ball. This team deserved to lose anyways. Pioli got it wrong from the start. Jovic is completely useless, along with Krunic. Seems like Pulisic is really the one that makes this offense work.
    Reminders is the worst shooter I’ve ever seen. Misses the entire goal every time. He needs to sit for a while.
    Leao is such a waste of talent. Always the wrong decision. Had RLC wide open I’m the box and forced a shot from a bad angle. Maybe Ibra can get through to him but I doubt it.
    Time for Pioli to leave at the end of this season. The team looks completely lost. Have no ideas offensively, no strategy that I can see. Passing always poor and no movement off the ball. Teams have Milan figured out. They can only score off turnovers from their press, so teams are just sitting back and letting Milan have the ball, and they can’t break anyone down. Hasn’t gotten any better in 4 years under Pioli. Time to move on from Pioli and probably sell Leao and bring in some smart quality players.

      1. “It’s hard to take you seriously when you’ve been asking for ‘change’ since you started posting.”

        Or maybe he just saw it clearly where we’d be heading with this “coach” of ours…? Pioli has had even more chances than CDK got last year and we’re still not seeing ANY progress or even ideas.

  9. Useless rating again. Not sure if you watched the match. To say Jovic was worse than Giroud in the first half? At least he was trying!!! To say that Adli did the mistake that cost us the match in the end and still give him 5? Useless again.

    But lets admit. Its Pioli. Today its all on him.

  10. This ratings are too high. Any way this team needs a tactican no doubt. Pioli is not one. Also Leao should sit one out too. Cause who the heck shoots from a bad angle when you have an open player in great position in a game where you desperetly need a goal. Someone should tell him that he is not bigger than the club, its usualy the coach who does that, but sadly we do not have one.

  11. Where’s that Boulden guy or Maldini Heir who were defending Pioli and everything Milan were doing. Oh we only 3 points off top don’t be so negative blah blah blah…no where to be seen!

    1. Here I am.

      Glad you’re enjoying the defeat.

      If the team is going to turn around it needs people like you to stop supporting the team.

        1. Because I’m not calling for a coach of the third placed team to be sacked?

          Feeling more like Copernicus or Galileo.

      1. I am enjoying the defeat. Sometimes in football you need to loose to illicit change. And some reason you are delusional!! Three points off top last week third place this week…how far you gna stick to your ignorant views…

    2. I personally think it’s a decebt slump. And with lack of good coach choices – I would stay the course and give him time.

      Both things can be true: He can be a good coach and be making mistakes and having a bad spell. I think data points to this observation, but he needs rectify things very soon or he will lose the locker room.

    3. At least we support the team. Got any viable alternatives to Pioli mid-season? I’ve skimmed through half a page of comments here and as usual not one mention of who you #piolioout crew want instead.

      And I blame Thiaw more than Pioli for this current slump. If it wasn’t for his dumb*ss sending off against Juventus we probably would’ve won that game without going down to 10 men – and beaten Napoli without Pelligrino’s wonderful debut gifting them goals. We’d now have 4 extra points and be brimming with confidence going into the Udinese game. Despite half the team being either off-form (Leao) dead tired (Reijnders) or injured (Pulisic, RLC, Theo etc)

      1. Yes you blame the is typical Pioli fanboy. Stop saying that you support milan.

        Do you ever see a single player get his contract terminated just because he has poor performance in few matches which led his team lost?
        NO is the answer. Coach take reaponsibility for the performance on the pitch. That’s why it is normal to see a team change the manager..
        Only in PioliFanBoy Logic that say Pioli is not to blame but player…

        Moreover, when did Pioli start at milan? Begining of season or mid season?
        That is the answer for your absurd doubt about changing manager in mid season..

        1. Oh fk. You got me. Too. Much. Logic.

          Out of interest…who would you bring in (right now) to replace Pioli?

          As a “typical Maldini fanboy” we would currently have Pirlo as coach. How’d that be working out you think? We’d be 3rd from bottom not the top is my guess.

          1. Out of interest…who would you bring in (right now) to replace Pioli?

            Why should i give solution? I don’t get any cents from management to do so!!
            Only in PioliFanBoY Logic: you can critize but also tell us solution!!

            Tell it to the curva sud who is booing the team..with your logic: hey curva sud stop booing, tell me which strategy you would use.. you’ll get rotten egg smashed on you face

            Btw.. i am maldini fans as player but nos as director. I critized him as director due to bad transfer..i am not maldiniFanBoy, i didn’t even defend him whe he got sacked..
            Yes i am using my objective logic to see thing. Maybe for you logic is too much for you as you admitted.. coa logic only for those who want to think..

          2. Right now mid season it’s difficult but I would even take Conte and replace with Dezerbi (the ideal) at the end of the season. We. Need. Change. Now.

  12. I mean, honestly, which Milan fan really had confidence after seeing that formation and lineup ??

    You see, people for example talk critically about Pioli and Kruni and Leao etc., and others question the critique no matter how well constructed and informed it is. Mostly pointing the finger of lack of support or disloyalty. Forgetting that ultimately the loyalty is for Milan, not these individuals. So if someone needs to leave for the good of the team, then yes.

    The analysis are out there before the season even began , and now unfortunately, again unfortunately those analysis on Pioli and Krunic and Leao are being proved right game after game. I see Leao gradually, unless something happens and I hope it does, falling into the brackets of players like Adriano, Balotelli, Cassano, Taarabt …. you get my flow ?

    Now the only thing that can be changed immediately is the coach, cos I honestly don’t see anything else Pioli can offer as a betterment of what he’s already offered, and that comes with its possible disruptions too. And if the coach can be changed, then the medical and fitness departments must also be looked at.

    1. What does “loyalty for Milan” even mean?

      What is Milan?

      A brand name?

      Loyalty for Milan = loyalty to the CURRENT manager and players who ARE Milan.

      The two are inseparable because you can’t watch and support Milan without supporting the CURRENT manager and players. Otherwise whose name are you singing?

      Of course there’s room for reasonable criticism and there will likely come a time when we need a change but such a change shouldn’t to be taken lightly because that change is fundamentally changing the essence of what it is we support.

      Calling for a manager to a team that’s third to be sacked is calling for change extremely lightly. Once the mob get their way with Pioli they’ll turn on the next victim.

      1. I knew at the mention of loyalty, you would come in. But using your ‘mathematical formula’ ; “Loyalty for Milan = loyalty to the CURRENT manager + players who ARE Milan”.
        Then Loyalty for Milan minus(-) current manager = loyalty to the players who ARE Milan.
        So you see, the collective outways the single. And that’s the whole point cos at the end of the day Pioli is just one man who is predated and would most likely be outlived by Milan.

        And we’re not calling for him to be sacked now, that’s disruptive obviously. We’re calling for him to be sacked, alongside Maldini and Massara when it was decided Milan was better of without them (i hope you read that well in reference to your loyalty) , even before the 2023/2024 season starts. So just saying if you have a time machine…..

        1. What collective thought?

          The collective is third in Serie A?

          As usual the people being taken most seriously and supported around here are the ones suggesting THE most ridiculous things.

          It’s widely accepted that Pioli should be sacked with random mid-tier managers and even Abate being mentioned as replacements.

          And these people are taken oh so seriously.

          And then there’s people hoping we lose so he can be sacked…

          So, yes, loyalty,

      2. Don’t try to reason with Maldini’s Heir. He just thinks saying everyone at Milan is great, the coach is great, all the players are great and should stay at Milan forever makes him a better fan and a great guy. It doesn’t, it makes him a sentimental fool with his head buried in the sand.

  13. It was a poor performance and these are the matches that will cost us the title.

    I don’t know why Pioli made changes at half time. Whatever about the performances you need to back the players who start as it only takes a moment to change things. One goal for Jovic could kick start his Milan career.

    The game reminded me of our most directionless days. You know before Maldini returned to the club and reminded the team about what it was to play for Milan.

    And what that is, is not some made up nonsense about ‘history’ and ‘greatness’. The problem for teams like Milan is that the teams we play against will both raise their game and play without pressure. These so called lesser teams start with an advantage and Milan starts with a handicap.

    That is why it is such a fine between success and failure. A tiny drop in a level can be catastrophic.

    Pioli should certainly take responsibility and ultimately will be the only one held accountable. Cardinale who fired the only person left at the club who had experienced greatness will not take responsibility. Instead he’ll flail around hiring and firing managers, and wheeling and dealing on the transfer market, with no idea what makes a TEAM click.

      1. Add him to the list of Milan strikers for the past 10 years!

        I’ve previously said that by the time Camarda is ready for the first team squad in 2-3 seasons time we’ll have signed at least 10 strikers.

        It looks like we’re going to sign a striker in January then we need to find Giroud’s replacement and one or both of those won’t work out so we’ll then sign another few…..

        We’ll still be busy still trying to fix the striker position by the time Camarda is ready so will lack the focus to develop him. We’ll probably make a last minute decision to loan him or do it in January and before you know it he’ll be working as a painter and decorator.

    1. Agreed. Maldini was a heavyweight in milan. Stayed close to the team and i guess helped with the morale. He made a lot of mistakes in the transfer window, also made some good buys. However, without taking sides, i wish they would have worked something out for the best of the team.

      1. Also, maldini was right to fire pioli. Cardinale should’ve listened. Maybe it would have been too much chaos. However, baldie gotta go. However this season will turn out. I still we are on the right path as a club.

        1. I would’ve supported removing Pioli in the summer and giving a different manager the players he failed to get the most out of last season.

          Mistakes will be made on the transfer market because the transfer market is like gambling. There’s zero guarantee players will actually perform in different conditions.

          But one thing about the transfer market the season before was there was a logic to it: Thiaw proved to be a good signing, Adli arrived after being loaned back to his previous clubs, they signed Origi who had scored and won at every level and then took a punt on CDK in a position we needed a refreshment.

          It didn’t work out but it was far more logical compared to this summer where we signed lots of players (many in the same position) who had never won anything. That’s why I’ve compared this season to 17/18 and if it goes the same way we should also point to the transfer market.

        2. The genius Maldini wanted to bring in Pirlo… We’d be in the relegation zone now if management hadn’t fired him and he’d had his way.

          1. The genius Maldini brought Pioli. Didn’t he?

            First, all the rumours about him bringing Pirlo is just rumours. I don’t think he’ll do that. Besides, Bonera would and should be first choice to replace Pioli.

            In any case, the fact that Pirlo is struggling with Sampdoria doesn’t mean he can achieve success with Milan.

          2. “The genius Maldini brought Pioli. Didn’t he? ”

            Well… The brought in Giampaolo first… So… Yeah… One huge strike already before Pirlo. Not the most convincing history, eh?

      2. Contrary was, Maldini made a lot of good buys and made some mistakes in transfer windows. If you count player leaving for free as mistake, I said that is 50:50. yes you could have sell $rumma and hakan but could cost failure to secure UCL spot. Yes you could’ve sold Kessie and Romagnoli, but also could’ve lost scudetto.
        Maldini did more for this club as a player and as a director. So there is no reason to dislike this man. Just like many other fan called us Maldini-fanboy. What is wrong with that? How many title that Maldini gave us as player and as a director? This redbird stuff has only done “good mercato” because of many new signings arrived this season (which is reminded me of Yonghong) already get a lot of praise.

  14. For those calling Pioli to be sacked….are you seriously suggesting we sack a manager of a team that is STILL in third place?

    I mean if that’s your measure (or sorry your measure is “I don’t like how we play!”) then we will be changing managers every few months.

    1. What place does Milan have to be in for you to agree with that change?

      Napoli and Atalanta might be ahead of us soon.

      I said at the beginning of the season we’d be fighting for possibly 4th.

      1. Whilst top 4 is in reach.

        And then I’ll be calling for Cardinale to go as well because ultimately he unleashed chaos on Milan this summer both on and off the pitch.

    2. You’re funny. Last week it was second place, this week it’s third. I wonder if you ever remember a Milan with a better coach, as you seem to put this pioli guy as your number 1.. the one who won us a scudetto… As if it’s the only scudetto Milan has. If we’re experimenting with new players, we can do so with a new coach too..

      1. Third still is better than last season (do you get sacked from your job if you do better than last year?).

        Pioli is our best coach since we sacked Allegri (and he went on to win Scudetti with Juve along with some of our former players).

        Who exactly would you replace him with?

        1. Are you well? Has the season ended that you’re saying 3rd is better than last season? This team under Pioli will not make top 4. It didn’t even make top 4 last season, but for points deduction of Juve.

        2. By the way, Milan is supposed to be a UCL team. I’m sure we can agree that this season’s UCL dream ends officially midweek against PSG.

    3. You don’t understand that while we’re in third, iff it wasn’t for his bad tactics we could possibly be in first? We were in first actually and his stubbornness to change has made us slip into third.

      Once again, these past seasons I’ve always praised pioli for what he did. But now we have every right to criticize. I’m simply saying that if he doesn’t change things quick and stop being stubborn it’s time to start looking for somebody new. If he did turn things around then I will support him but it’s clear he needs to go back to a 4 2 3 1 and he has made some real questionable decisions. The first three games for milan looked good. This is just ridiculous now and I’m confident it has to do with pioli’s tactics. It’s three games in a row now that a player in some words or another said that they have no idea what the game plan is. That’s 100% on pioli, he’s losing the team due to being stubborn with tactics. Our two best players who we once called the best left back and one of the most promising left wingers are now struggling due to the change. So why change something that has been so successfull fo you? The 4 2 3 1 would have brought us so much success with this team

      Simply put could have easily put a line up of

      Calabria thiaw tomori florenzi

      Musah krunic

      Okafor. Reijders leao

      Play the same tactics you’ve played the past two years and it would have been a different game. The 4 4 2 today was shocking and an insult to me. After this team definitely needed change and that’s what he puts out!?

      1. Wow people are really offended by 442!

        There’s absolutely no guarantee your formation would work because, guess what, football is completely random….

        This is the issue with all these certainties we hear all of the time, and why you need to judge a manager and team over periods longer than a few matches.

        There was a moment when Florenzi was inches off scoring and Reijnders also nearly scored. Either of those goals go in and it’s a different game with 7 star ratings for all players!

        How is he being stubborn when he changed formation and is now getting hammered for it!

        Unless something disastrous happens and it looks like we won’t qualify for the Champions League, we need to wait until the end of the season and then we’ll judge against last season’s results. And by judge I mean we judge everyone especially Cardinale.

        1. He’s being stubborn because he’s playing the exact same tactics every single game! When milan can’t bring down a team he reverts to bs passing to crossing to nobody. There’s no ideas.

          I’d respect him much more if we were getting poor results but played the way we did in the first three games. When you watch these games don’t you say to yourself he way they’re playing were going nowhere. Today opened up my eyes that with the way pioli has these guys playing there is no future hope.

          If he played his 4 2 3 1 with the tactics he always did with it I bet you people would be a lot less mad. The guy is playing ugly football and showing zero signs of an idea! Three players in a row have called him out for it already!!

          1. I think that’s the crux of the issue.

            Fans want him playing fancy football.

            But this is Serie A. Not to rely on outdated stereotypes but Serie A managers don’t exactly set the world on fire.

            Plus compared to the first few games we’ve had injuries, disruptions and cursed rotations (due to the massive squad that everyone wanted).

            Pulisic was a massive loss and we mightn’t have got those early results without him.

            But whatever people’s OPINIONS the FACT remains we’re third. Which means he’s actually still in line with expectations. And you can’t sack a manager who are in line with expectations!

      1. I don’t think everything’s fine but we are still third so equally everything is not a total disaster!

        Get some perspective.

        1. The ship is sinking, but you’re on the “we’re still fine mentality”. Before the game against Juve we were 1st, now we’re 6 points behind the leader and have YET to play against Sassuolo, Fiorentina and Atalanta.
          All the players who started the season well, are now in decline (aside from Tomori who is so far so good and Maignan).
          So, I’ll ask you this, how much worse should AC Milan get, before we can say that things are bad ?

          1. Maldini’s Heir would be on the Titanic saying “what’s everyone getting so upset about? It’s fine, it’s just a little scratch, I’m sure the captain knows what he’s doing?”

    4. Are u satisfied seeing your tesm to be at 3rd?
      We are not talking about coach who just hired 3 months ago, but a coach who has been there since 2019!!

      I am expecting that that coach grows in tactical term and strategy. Do you see it with Pioli??
      He has a lot of experience with milan in the last 3 years including injury crisis,UCL, still he couldn’t learn from it.

      Moreover do you know what it means to be at 3rd?—> it means In order to get 1st spot you need luck that the competitiors always slip and milan keep winning. But it not the case now. Milan keep loosing points..which mean milan will certainly get lower..

      You are certainly supporting Pioli rather than Milan

  15. There are no obvious choices for a replacement coach, and I hope they’re not seriously considering Conte. They should take a chance on Bollini, who won the U19 Euros with Italy.

  16. Weird strategy and weird game.

    Udinese play a low block and scrap. So we seemed to set up conservatively with only 2 in the middle. We seemed to provoke Udinese into doing the 1 thing it hasnt done all season, which is to bring the game to its opponent.

    I don’t understand changing the formation giving Jovic a go and then subbing him at half time as though his inability to influence the game was his fault (and not a result of the team being totally stagnate).

    I suspect the focus to be turned on Leao. But Festy is an explosive powerhouse of a player. Leao is pretty much the only player I’ve seen trouble him and he did it multiple times.

    Another thing I don’t think gets enough attention in terms of the structural failings of the side is that Giroud doesn’t really help us take territory. His hold up play is poor which is a big part of the reason we go though periods when there is no connection between defence and attack.

    1. Good shout about Giroud.

      His hold up play is really poor for someone with his experience.

      He so often tries flicks even when we’re under pressure.

      If a youth team player tried that they’d be finished.

      1. I think it’s just assumed that because he’s big that his hold up play is good but he’s really just a giant poacher.

        He doesn’t play as target man.

      1. By being sarcastic doesn’t mean that my love for this club is lower than yours…

        Wake up man, we are going nowhere. Not even qualify for the next season champs league. We will be out of top 4 soon enough.

        Neither you and i can change this situation. So why do you need to calm everybody down? Do you speak on behalf of the management? Are you one of their media buzzer?
        If yes, go f yourself.
        If no, you can sit by my side and watch mbappe f us up.

        It’s that simple. Hahah…

    1. Ah, here come the stupid anti Redbird people. Nevermind we have balanced the books and first time in the black since 2006. 2006! LOL. Record revenue. This why we can pay Leao 7m per year, otherwise he would have been gone (which maybe would have been a blessing in disgusie at his point).

      1. All praise the almighty Li! Remember how many scudettos we got under his ownership? And how many sanctions for breaching the FFP rules? Oh yeah, good times. Gooood times.

  17. Leao and Pioli are the day’s biggest failures. Leao needs to realize he’s not that great and start running his a$$ off. Pioli is just a lost cause at this point. Krunic should not be on that field.

  18. Whatever. It’s already clear this scudetto is Inter’s to lose. It’s going to be a repeat of 2020-21 when Inter was first by a country mile and everyone else was scraping for the CL. The question is sack Pioli now (soon) or wait until the end of the season. I don’t see any available managers who are markedly better and can come in and improve us. The only one possible being Conte and I hate his style and it would mean the end of our wingers that we’ve spent time and money renewing or signing. I’m resigned to the fact that Pioli will remain unless the team really start falling behind in the race for top 4, because I am not one of those that wishes for my club to lose so that the coach gets sacked. So here we are, playing for 4th place again, right where we began 4 years ago.

    1. Well barring a complete free fall, surely we have to wait until the end of the season to judge the owners, the manager and the players?

      Surely that’s the sort of long term, calm view that’s required at a top club?

      Otherwise we just become like Palermo under Zamparini.

      I did say at the start of the season that I thought we’d struggle due to the turnover of players and failing to sign any proven winners. But I would prefer to be proven wrong.

      The people who got oh so excited about this summer’s transfers of course are less keen to put their hands up now.

      PS I think Juve will win mainly because they kept most of the squad from last season – unlike Milan……

      1. Dude, enough with your nonsensical drivel. Pioli has been in the club for almost four and a half years, how is changing coach similar to Zamparini’s Palermo? Pretty sure he (Pioli) is the longest lasting coach in the current Serie A roster, along with Gasperini. What the hell are you even talking about most of the time? That we shouldn’t sign new players, because they interfere with the collective? That we shouldn’t criticize the coach, because he brought us the title? Do you even realize how insane that sounds? We have zero new signings in defence (with the exception of Pellegrino who only played 70 minutes against Napoli) and nothing there has changed for the better. We’ve upgraded our attacking options with Pulisic over Alexis and Messias, while keeping the already working collective of Theo-Leao-Giroud – are you happy with what you’re seeing? What players from last season are we missing exactly? With Tonali’s situation and Bennacer’s injury, I can’t think of a single starter from last season that we are not seeing every week. Maybe Diaz, but Reijnders, Musah and RLC are an upgrade if utilized properly.

        And what about the injuries, are you also supporting the athletic and medical staff, because they work for Milan? It’s literally amateur hour at this point, with two or three players getting injured every week. How is that not an issue that should be addressed?

        1. Spot on
          You phrased my thoughts better than I could.
          Plus I think (but that’s just my theory so far), that the players are seriously not trusting pioli anymore.
          And when there is signs of distrust between the players and the coach, that means something should be done.

    2. Ignazio Abate, Clarence Seedorf, Andrey Shevshenko
      But December break would be great if there are still no changes,
      It all started during the December friendlies, some sick fellows were making u excuses that they are matches that don’t matter, then Jan/Feb mishaps, yet the MGT left him and his sick followers kept saying he won the scudetto and we got to CL semis, well FYI that was never pioli’s effort, that was individual brilliance, that came on and off with certain players like Leao, Theo, Giroud etc, we won the scudetto not by tactics but luck when Inter’s GK scored an own goal at Bologna.
      Pioli isn’t a good tactician, never was, just a lucky coach who only destroys teams he stays long at, Inter is on top, does it mean Inzaghi is a good coach? He’s just lucky to have brilliant players who individualor collectively turn games around, not lazy irritating fellows like Leao or Theo, who at every slight bad turn in a game, looses all hope and stop chasing team glory

    1. Wow there you are hurling insults and your great solution is to appoint a person who has never coached at a senior level let alone a top Serie A side?

      What do you think this is – some kind of joke?

        1. God bless you, the guy is just sick and has become an irritant, calling out on fans for blaming pioli, if he really loves Milan, he should know that Milan is bigger than pioli, maldini etc

  19. Blaming Pioli to the point of firing him, (prematurely) WILL NOT suddenly manufacture a creative CAM player for the side !!!


    Now….is not the time to be tearing up the team and manager!!!!

    And I say this, as a person who thought the match was just as dreadful as you all thought it was. But we cannot tear apart the team at this point in time! To fire him right now, would be a giant, colossal mistake!

    What is wrong, is we are trying to play with Reijnders as “the creative player in center”, and he just isn’t good enough on the pass, to do the job of a real CAM! So, everything ends up with Leao for the most part, and he too…..has been bad all around, very ineffective.

    This is made worse with Krunic starting in the back of center, as he offers zero forward passing, and Milan become this team that attacks wide areas only, with nothing penetrating centrally. And so, defenses pack the box, and can 2v1 Olivier, because there is no center goal threat at the top of the 18.

    Pioli’s apparent 4-4-2, (though it wasn’t much of one) “should” have given Reinjders more support in being creative, by putting 2 targets to hit in the box (2 strikers) while also giving him another man beside him to pass with!

    So Pioli’s strategy should have made it EASIER for the fullbacks to defend…..EASIER for Leao to have support…..EASIER for a box striker to get a loose ball (extra striker)……it “should have done” !

    So, I cannot just blame Pioli for this. Clearly, Milan lack depth in quality, and quality depth.

    Krunic is a static player, and could never sniff the Milan of old.
    -Leao is a hot/cold act that is very inconsistent.
    -Theo has been poor for a while now, same reasons as Leao.

    So….some of the big names that are supposed to be the backbone of the side, have underwhelmed.

    How do you just blame management for all that?

  20. Pioli had a brilliant (?) idea today: playing a new formation with 10 players, because Jovic is a former player.

    Sack the guy right now, and bench Leao

    1. “Pioli had a brilliant (?) idea today: playing a new formation with 10 players, because Jovic is a former player.”

      Actually… Milan have been playing with 10 players for a loong time now since Leao doesn’t do defense. He’s above all that crap. Ask any of his fanboys. He’s so amazing and single-handedly game-changing little superstar that he doesn’t need to defend. Ever.

  21. This has to be the worst performance this season. Seems like only the back four wanted to win.
    We played 2 ST but I couldn’t see any play that utilized them. Wouldn’t kjaer be more suitable with his long passes? Shouldn’t we overload the flanks and rain crosses in?
    Unfortunately the new players are showing that they aren’t capable of improving the team. For the first time, I miss brahim Diaz, which really sums up how bad it is.

  22. I posted this in another article:

    Absolutely disgusting all around. It is crystal clear the players have stopped playing for Pioli. He has lost the locker room. Which explains why the rush to bring Ibra back to save the season. It is also clear Pioli without his “shield” in Maldini – is exposed and cannot handle the pressure of being a coach AND handling the players AND tactics AND formations AND the market. His tactics are horrendous. Jovic and Giroud (who played a full 97min despite our must win UCL game on Tuesday) have never played together and it showed. It reminded me of last season – let’s kick the ball to Leao and expect him to create miracles all on his own. Disaster.

    Let’s call it what it is. Management made a huge mistake trusting the project to Pioli on his own. They must take some blame. Many celebrated player acquisitions in the summer but we seem to STILL have the same holes that we didn’t fill. Who’s fault is that??? Yes Pioli is bad but some blame must also be put on management for giving him all this power; for failing to realize just how important a respected voice like Maldini was in the locker room that they failed to replace; for missing out on key transfers like a real striker so we don’t have to play a 37yr old Giroud every 3 days instead of this trash Jovic; failing to upgrade at RB; failing to get back up LB; failing to address playmaker position so someone can provide proper service to Giroud, etc….

    I don’t want to hear the injury excuse either. Every team deals with them and they are part of the game and didn’t we brag after the transfer window about how “deep” of a team we now have??? Well where is it lol.

    What an embarrassment. Fire Pioli and spend some real $$$ on a fkn striker and back up LB and CB in the winter window or we are out of top 4 for sure. But of course we won’t fire him. Why? He doesn’t complain, doesn’t ask to spend $$ on transfers, makes a reasonable salary and is a company man. So unfortunately we are stuck with him for the unforeseeable future. Sad

    1. “Fire Pioli and spend some real $$$ on a fkn striker and back up LB and CB in the winter window or we are out of top 4 for sure.”

      The two first words are the key here. Getting Mbappe & Haaland both to play as the strikers would change nothing though as this team lacks quality in build-up play. Zero creativity and zero good passes inside the box.

      Either we find a new coach now or replace half of the players to player who actually make a difference. If Reijnders could hit the target he’d be challenging Martinez for capocannoniere but no. He’s at zero goals and I’m ready to bet that he’ll stay that way.

  23. Leao is becoming another Suso. The defense is just waiting for him to make his same move then stopping him. The only difference is Suso actually worked hard and played defense.

  24. Top #5 most inane comments in this article:

    5. “It is crystal clear the players have stopped playing for Pioli.”

    4. “Are u satisfied seeing your tesm to be at 3rd?”

    3. “Promote Ignazio Abate to replace idiot pioli”

    2. “Also, maldini was right to fire pioli. Cardinale should’ve listened.”

    1. “Let mbappe do his job Goodbye pioli…”

    1. So here’s the thing.
      We are not winning the scudetto this season, and we are in of a group stage exit from Champions League. What we are fighting for now is top 4 in Serie A.
      -Do I think Pioli will be able to achieve that? Of course, we will finish top 4 even with Pioli.
      But is this really what we as fans should be satisfied with. We have a good enough first team to compete with most clubs in Europe.
      About the Abate situation. I am people will start complaining as soon as he loses a game or have a bad game management. It’s not a good idea to rush things with him.
      The management did a huge mistake in not replacing Pioli with a better manager in the summer break, and now they will eventually regret their decision. But this all started with Maldini extending his contract until 2025. The whole argument about Maldini being right about replacing Pioli is already baseless, as he was the one who extended his contract. Now the issue is, if we sack Pioli who are we going to replace him with.

      1. Well, let’s see. As JJ mentioned above we’ve got Lopetegui and Sampaoli. Then there is Hansi Flick and Laurent Blanc. All experienced coaches who play either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. Then there is the wild card of Marcello Gallardo, less experienced, but also uses a 4-3-3.

  25. lets us remember maldini wanted to fired pioli and change coach. yet he got fired.
    the american only care about business and revenue. cardinale gonna destroyed milan. before pioli out, cardinale need to out first.

  26. If Milan get a beating from PSG then surely Pioli must go….?! I get the impression the players have had enough of him, too.
    Whilst it’s fair to acknowledge his tenure, he should have gone in January. Anyone noticed Mr Piolo’s decline since the departure of influential figures………

  27. Bottom line is Pioli is not the coach to make Milan consistently competitive in Italy and in Europe. We will need a better coach with the tactical abilities, team management to carry this team forward. I have zero blame for the players in the loss against Udinese as well as Juve. What position and role assigned to each player was clear as mud. I have said it before when we we lost to similar teams like Udinese last season that Pioli has poor team management and lacks the tactical ability to coach a big club like Milan, for me this type of performance and result is expected despite the squad depth we now have. I must admit I was in dream land in our first two or three games. Then came the inter match and the way we lost, that dream became a nightmare. Moreover, I saw other teams with less quality players and squad depth play consistently better against oppositions we struggled against and the top big 6 teams, for example Atlanta played better against inter yesterdat despite loosing 2 -1 and had that been Milan coached by Pioli, it would have been another hammering and a match to forget. If it means we have to be hammered by PSG for Milan to replace Pioli, I will make peace with that result and move on. Our greatest weakness right now is we have a coach who is tactically inept, zero enthusiasm and/or motivation, and the worst team management at display for a coach managing a big club. To sum it all up, the longer Pioli stays as coach the more dejavu we will experience this season similar to last season performances. And Pioli does not have any ounce of dignity to resign with all this terrible performances under his tenure…to put it midly he is deluded at best.

  28. For the optimistic who said that we are “only” 3points behind the leader, we are now at 6points and haven’t yet played against Fiorentina, Atalanta and Sassuolo. But again, I guess until the ship sanks completely, some would still say it could have been worse.
    We somehow manage not only to lose, but look like garbage against a team who scored only 6 goals in the last 10 games. The tactics made no sense, pretty much every player was misplaced and lost and I think every player on the field played the worst game in his life. The only thing, and I mean the only thing we were good at this season, is beating low tier teams, but today we lost at home against a team with 0 wins in 10 games !!
    Aside from the players who performed horribly (bar a few), our genius coach once again found a way to find the worst tactic to use (who uses a 4-2-4 that he never tried before in a must win game ?)
    I don’t care about the injuries; we should be able to beat Udinese even with our B team.

    1. ” we lost at home against a team with 0 wins in 10 games !!”

      This is THE thing to highlight here. Spot on. The defeat itself isn’t THAT big of a deal by itself but to go and lose with the performance such as this and to a team such as this… UNFORGIVABLE!!! Disgusting!!!

  29. Milan plays good football when our first team players are available. It’s been like this for years. Unfortunately, our second team players didn’t rise to the occasion. Aside that, this is Serie A. Inter lost at home against Sassuolo. I also watched Juve – Hellas Verona, and I didn’t know what I was watching, despite the three points for Juventus.
    Inzaghi came under scrutiny when he lost one, and had a draw. The season hasn’t gone half way. This Milan team is still “work in progress”, despite the great expectations from them. Injuries are setting in, and they really are affecting the rhythm of our games. This is the same Milan that made a mincemeat of Roma, at the Stadio Olympico, before we saw the red card. I still have high hopes of this team, despite my disappointment. Too early to kill anyone. Chelsea owner did that, and, after three coaches since Tuchel’s departure, the club hasn’t gotten itself.

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