Player Ratings: AC Milan 1-0 Torino – Giroud decisive but not the MOTM

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan continued their 100% record at home this evening as they managed to beat Torino 1-0. Olivier Giroud was the big hero with an early goal and the Rossoneri can be pleased with that summer signing. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (6.5): He was good with his feet this evening and also made two crucial saves to keep Milan in front. In the air, he looked much more secure and overall it was a positive display for him, finally with a clean sheet.

Calabria (6): It was a very average display from the right-back, who wore the captain’s armband in the second half. He was decent in both phases but not much more. In truth, Milan didn’t need much more tonight either.

Tomori (6.5): Strong performance from the English international as his positioning was spot on mostly. He’s able to control the ball well even at high speeds and that’s a key when he’s in tight situations.

Romagnoli (6): The captain was subbed off at half-time and you can understand why. He was on a yellow card (although it was a harsh one) and Pioli perhaps felt Milan needed the pace of Tomori on the left side.

Kalulu (5.5): The first few minutes looked promising but as the first half went on, it started to show that he isn’t a natural left-back. He lost several duels and was also carded, which resulted in Pioli taking him off at the interval.

MILAN, ITALY - OCTOBER 26: Wilfried Singo of Torino FC and Pierre Kalulu of AC Milan battle for possession during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Torino FC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on October 26, 2021 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Kessie (6.5): Another good display from the Ivorian who has seemingly left all the contract drama behind him, at least when he’s on the pitch. Perhaps his presence is more important than first thought, as showcased tonight.

Tonali (7 – MOTM): He was a monster on the pitch today and even though he was taken off after 65 minutes, he deserves the MOTM award. He combines strength, awareness and skill in such a lovely way, which is key for Milan.

Saelemaekers (6): It was yet another performance with little end product from the Belgian but, having said that, he moved between the flanks and thus opened space for his teammates. There’s no denying his technique in tight situations either, but he needs to be more prolific.

Krunic (6): A meh display from the Bosnian this evening. He was mostly invisible in the No.10 role but he did provide the assist for Giroud and he also had a few good defensive interceptions. Nothing like Diaz, though.

Leao (6): He might need some rest soon, that’s becoming clear. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t exactly poor on the left flank today, but it didn’t really result in anything.

Olivier Giroud

Giroud (6.5): You might think that he should be the MOTM, seeing as he scored the winner, but we can’t just base the ratings on goals. His poke was indeed crucial but he was also quite poor in one play. Ibrahimovic coming on showed what it can be like.


Kjaer (6): Decent performance and there was not much more to say about it. A leader as always when on the pitch.

Hernandez (6.5): It was very nice to see him back on the pitch and as well as adding defensive stability, he added flair in the attack. Had a few nice moves and his importance is so visible.

Bakayoko (6): Solid outing from him and not much more. A few misplaced passes but also some good interventions.

Bennacer (6): Dynamic as always and he moved between the midfield and attacking trio a lot, seeing as he replaced Krunic. Good once again.

Ibrahimovic (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating, but from what we saw he’s ready for the game against Roma.

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  1. So wrong about Bakayoko. Though Milan regained some control when he and Bennacer came on. But Bakayoko was terrible tonight. Specially defensively. Almost cost Milan a goal or two with poor poor interceptions/lost duels.

  2. Ugly, boring, horrible to watch. I am so proud of these guys!!!

    Please bear with me. Just last season, we would have drawn or even lost games like these. I’m talking about the game against Bologna and this one too. After 2 goals against Bologna we wouldn’t be able to recover and in this one we probably wouldn’t be able to score and if we did, we would have conceded one or two goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.

    This shows growth, this shows we are ready to play with the big boys. We’re finally winning the ugly games, game where we play like complete inbreds for 90 minutes and still manage to end up on top. That is a indication that we are well on the way of greatness. We’re not there yet, but damn, if we’re not on the right track.

    1. Can’t expect Milan to always play beautiful and fun to watch with tight schedule where they plays every 3 days. Important thing is it’s a win and clean sheet too.

    2. It was indeed an ugly game. In Europe we lose because they are better; in Serie A we just scrape through. Hopeless; I can only dream of Kaka and Xeva.

      1. We have our best start to the season since the 54-55 season. That 67 years ago. Not even with Kaka and Sheva could we win this much. You must be too young. Seems like you have forgotten our stake matches in Serie A under Ancelotti. After all, we only won one Scudetto with him in charge. So what are you talking about?

  3. Bakayoko is terrible! I wonder why he is giving 6 and Ibra, nothing! He never learns from mistakes. He misplaces passes so easily. Forces unnecessary fouls, those would be useful in the opposition box not midfield. He plays like a kid. Poor ball control. I don’t understand how he still doesn’t improve his game. Too bad.

    Krunic played better than the last game. He’s got very poor decision-makings. And he is sluggish. He played better this night though.

    Tonali, at some point was playing like PIRLO. He is growing in confidence rapidly!

    Giroud had his best performance for the Rossoneri tonight. This isn’t just about the goal scored but He was more involved compared to previous games. He uses his stamina more and focused on the game till he was subbed off. For me, He deserves the MOTM award.

    Ibra played for 6minutes but touched the ball 10times more than Bakayoko did in 30mins or so. Please don’t rate with sentiments.

  4. Good win, Torino showed up tonight. Although Torino were in the game until the end Milan looked much more comfortable seeing the game out. These are the games that win trophies.
    I really want to see a 4-3-3 with Tonali Kessie and Bennacer in the middle.

  5. Good win. Better than last game. I don’t get what everyone sees in Belotti. He did nothing today. He reminds me of many other strikers that play on smaller teams and do well – Borrelli, Destro, Gilardino, etc…but cannot repeat the same in a big club. Has not stood out on the national level either. For me i would sign him in summer only if he’s free and only of it doesn’t prevent us from going after a more dynamic player like Vlahovic or even Icardi. Belotti is not going to solve our issues up front IMO

    1. 1. F*** Icardi.
      2. Who is Borrelli?
      3. Belotti missed 6 games due to an injury & slowly trying to get back in shape. Make some research, ffs.

  6. Leao is tired.We must rest him.Maldini should start the next game at LW.Tne team as a whole is tired.Our squad is being properly stretched.We desperately need Our players back.We are just any winning games but the performance levels have dropped.Hopefully Brahim,Rebic and Maignan get back soon.

    1. We’re playing against Roma at their home. We should have started with Maldini for this game and let Leao prepare for Roma, which were the best at their home games last season.

    1. Pobega was really cool. He literally smashed our midback and Calabria’s and Saelemaker’s side. Worked along the whole pitch. Regular practice was very good for him. Next season he will be beast when we bring him back.

  7. We are in an injury crisis situation and had to rotate guys, ended up having a right back (Kalulu) playing as left back (and very poorly at that); that’s how thin-stretched we are. Who did very well: Tomori, Tonali, Kessie. Who did well: Calabria, Leão who defended better than attacked today; yes, he’s tired. Who was serviceable: Theo, Romagnoli, Kjaer, Tatarusanu, Giroud (scored the goal, didn’t do much more), Bennacer. Who did poorly: Saelemaekers, Kalulu, Bakayoko.

    Yes, I’m glad that we’re winning the ugly games. However if we play next against Roma the way we played the last two games, we’ll lose.

    By then hopefully Brahim will be back (he is extremely essential!) and Theo will have more game rhythm.

  8. When krunic is off the field, we played like real 11 players. When krunic is in, we were played like 10 man. He didnt do anything for attacking phase nor defensive.

  9. I’m expecting a great performance from Milan against Roma. We had many players out and were tired and our form had dropped, but still managed to win our matches in that period.

    Now Theo and Diaz are back, and we really need Rebic and that guy Messias to come back and help us, too.

  10. Bakayoko is a nightmare for Milan, He looks clueless and not confident when is with the ball. I think before coming to the match, he leaves his brain in the Freezer, He always loses the ball, I wish we invested in some Young player. I am not expecting Him to play like stars..Just only one thing please keep the f….. ball and pass it correctly and lose it every time…I don’t know how you gave 6 to him

  11. Some of these grades makes no sense to me. Bakayoko is given a 6 while his two mistakes could easily have cost us two points. And this is not something new from him. As he showed under Gattuso no player is as bad as Bakayoko when he is not fully match fit. When he regains full fitness these mistakes will go away. But yesterday, he was awful. I would have given him a 4,5.

    And I also strongly disagree to give Tonali the MOTM award. Granted he won a lot of duels, but in the first half he misplaced almost every pass, even the simple ones. I would have given him a 5,5.

    And to give Saelemaekers a 6. What the h***?! Did he do anything right yesterday? His whole season so far has been awfull, and this match was no exception. He has stagnated, or possibly even regressed, in his deveopment.

    Generally, the players are given to high grades. Milan played a poor match, and this fact should be seen in the general level of the grading.

  12. At this moment it important to give some premivera players chances to cover for injured players by bring in kerkez for ballo-tour and chaka traore/rudback for rebic By this we give them confidence of playing and maturing into first team.

  13. Bakayoko, and Krunic at 10 are weak links. But this game was a slop-fest and nobody looked right. Good teams get the result in ugly games. Forza Milan

  14. Good win for us. Hope Napoli and Inter further drop points.

    On TONALI, I’ve always had faith in him. Wish Kessie renews with a decent salary or else Kamara is the best bet.

    On Krunic, the mudafuka is a damn good wild card, he should be kept in the sqaud.

    On the Injuries; its time to offload everyone in the medical team and bring in those that know their profession

    On the squad generally, Mirante needs to start over tatarusanu, he is better in all areas, leao must rest against roma and play only 10 min if he must play, Theo is vital to the team and his absence was really felt, same goes for Brahim Diaz. Good they will be back against Roma. Salaekmeakers will improve once his position is well threatened by messias in full fitness.

    On transfers, whether we like it or not, both Belotti and Vlahovic needs to be brought in or better still Belotti/Vlahovic and Luca from Pisa. we cant rely on Giroud, he too is old as zlatan. if the news about isco is true, then we are on the way to a fantastic season after this season.

    I pray we win the scudetto this season either way


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