Player Ratings: AC Milan 1-1 Udinese – Kessie decisive yet again; Leao disastrous

By Fred Ilondo -

AC Milan managed to salvage a point after a frustrating game at San Siro against Udinese. Kessie’s goal from the spot came in the 97th minute after clumsy defending by the away side. Here is how the players performed.

Starting XI

Donnarumma (5.5): Not the best game from the young goalkeeper who struggled throughout the evening and allowed an error that led to a decisive goal for the opposition.

Kalulu (5.5): While decent at the back, the youngster failed to leave a mark on this game, as his poor crosses often left his teammates frustrated.

Kjaer (6): A decent performance from Kjaer who was particularly good at blocking shots and limiting the movements of the opponents inside the box.

Romagnoli (6.5): The captain delivered a promising display that can be testified by an incredible goal-line clearance. Definitely a performance the Italian defender should build on.

Hernandez (5.5): The French left-back did not perform at his usual level, making many crucial mistakes while being ineffective going forward. Tonight, he was more of a burden than an asset. A performance to forget.

Kessie (6.5 – MOTM): Imposing and relentless. Kessie once again showed why he is one of the most important players in the squad. His physicality makes a big difference in the midfield and helps his team control more of the ball. His ability to take penalties should not be understated either, as his goal from the spot helped Milan salvage a point in a tough match up.

Tonali (6): An incredible start from the young midfielder that was unfortunately shortened by an injury at half time. Promising yet again on the pitch.

Castillejo (5): The Spaniard continues to disappoint as he, once again, displayed a lack of quality, intelligence, technic and flair. Even his contribution in defence is no longer an asset, as he committed unnecessary fouls that put his team in trouble many times throughout the game. His rating is salvaged by the fact that he worked very hard.

Diaz (6): His lack of physicality tainted what could be considered a decent performance. The Real Madrid loanee contributed a lot more than most in the attack but was often let down by his lack of grit.

Rebic (6): While not great in the first half, Rebic’s movements in the second half offered some solutions to his teammates who struggled to find themselves in tight spaces. His movements off the ball deserve credit for the few chances the Rossoneri created tonight.

Leao (4): Isolated for most of the game, Leao failed to leave a mark on this game. However, the Portuguese’s lack of movement is also to blame for what could be considered a poor performance. He just didn’t play well despite moving around a lot on the pitch.


Meite (6.5): It was not easy coming on early in the second half during a closed game, but Meite did an amazing job taking over for Tonali and work well to help Kessie maintain control of the midfield.

Calabria (6): Brought a much-needed boost to the team in the second half and helped create some danger in the final third against a tough defence.

Hauge N/A

Saelemaekers (N/A)

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  1. leao performs for 1 game and go out of style for the next 10 games.
    I have never seen a player as lazy as he is.
    he doesn’t deserve Milan shirt.
    no zeal, no ambition.
    Very Lazy.
    very Useless

  2. With Both Mandzukic and Ibra out we had no plan B. We relied on fast players up top, but if theres no space to run in on theres no point in having fast players.

    This is the second lower club manager that has outclassed Pioli, I think it’s clear to say we won’t win the scudetto this season. Ah well top 4 it is.

    1. Mandzukic was a wrong buy. Now both of our FW is going to spend time injured. They should have gone for Belotti. Don’t be sure on top 4. We don’t have a FW. Not good at all.

      1. it is clear that Elliot is cheap
        I do however agree that Mandzukic was not the player that we needed and should have spent money on
        but I do believe that there was no $ available for us to play around with – otherwise we should have gone for someone good and fairly cheap as Papu Gomez

    2. We were never built for the Scudetto. Inter and Juve have vastly better squads than us. We’re playing for 3rd and 4th if u want to be realistic.

      1. Great! The whole argument revolves around whether the investment done of particular players was correct and rendered the desired outcome. In my opinion, there were better options!

  3. I think I play better then Castillejo. They should sign me. 😂
    He is lucky to still be in Milan. He runs a lot. But he get it wrong all the time.

  4. that save from Romagnoli was after he failed to mark his man…basically he cleaned his own mess. That’s not something to be rated highly

    the first match that I can say I saw it coming. The only inspired choice was starting Diaz (not saying it work, but that it was the smart choice), even though it was more because he had to start him

  5. To be fair Udinese formation was a 10-0-0. They had everyone and the kitchen sink back.

    I don’t get the raters here. They look at a goal line clearance thinking it’s a boss move but fail to realize Romagnoli was the one creating that mess in the first place but I guess goal line clearance looks spectacular so they’ll rate him up. Smh. Romagnoli had a bad day. I don’t see why they keep putting our two slowest defenders in with a high line esp when the other team sets up shop and we become vulnerable to the counter

  6. To many tactical mistakes. Fire Pioli please. Day by day i am more convinced that he is to blame for all of this. In the begining, eliot signed him to make a psihological impact and raise the morale but he was allways a transition coach not a permanent one. But he had a good campain and they decided to keep him. From there, his power growed and his tactical influence started to hurt milan more and more. From easy wins by 2-3 goals to struggled wins and in the end draws and losses. And this is not the worst that could happen. I fear for 4th place

  7. I will continue to say this, there isn’t a place for Daiz, Romagnoli, and Castillejo in Milan going forward. The manager should stop and desist from using Leao as a striker.
    Must Milan always use one single formation all the time and those player aren’t playing as a team anymore, the manager must wake up or leave

  8. Another disappointing performance! Leao was completely lost, running in vain to and fro without being effective. The defence when under pressure by swift forwards, flops completely. Moreover, too many loose erratic long passes putting more pressure on the team rather than the opponents!!!

  9. I don’t understand Pioli obsession with Samu!!! Samu has failed on the right wing time without number, why can’t Pioli give Hague a try?

  10. I Pioli days at Milan disappearing?
    If Pioli ‘s team doesn’t make CL is he sacked and do they go back to the German?

  11. To be honest I’m tired of this whole Milan situation I don’t think pioli is good enough some players are not good enough i can assure you that this Milan side can’t win anything we get beaten by almost all the big sides with some serious goal difference I watched our game last night and boy have we lost our way now will be a good time to bring in a new coach before we don’t even make 4th

  12. We try to find fault in the players but do not admit that the approach to the game was zero. We were B O R I N G .

  13. Rafa can not play as a striker. It is too obvious he is not comfortable up there alone. Why let Colombo leave on loan beats me. Also, we will loose points every time Romagnoli steps out on the field. Mark my words. He has nothing to offer other than trying to make up for his mistakes. Last, Hauge should get more playing time. He is hungry to play

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