Player Ratings: AC Milan 1-2 Inter – Hang your heads in shame

By Isak Möller -

Inter clinched their 20th Scudetto at San Siro this evening as AC Milan lost the game by two goals to one. The collective performance was poor and below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri, with only a couple making it out alive. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out how we decide the player ratings. From the scale to what affects the rating, we have compiled everything there.

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He made a couple of good stops this evening and was certainly not helped by his defenders. Although one can ask questions about the second goal, but he gets a pass here since the defending was so poor in the build-up.

Calabria (5): The captain fought hard throughout the game and also helped a lot in attack, but his defending just wasn’t good enough on the second goal. He needed to help Tomori out there, failing ti close down Thuram. And what can we say about the late red card? Far from ideal…

Gabbia (5.5): He had a hand in Milan’s only goal of the game thanks to some good positioning but he could have used more of the latter in defence. Or at least he lost a bit too many duels due to his rashness, as especially seen in the dying minutes on Lautaro.

Tomori (5.5): The goal saves his rating a bit here because the defending on Inter’s second strike was truly abysmal. The Englishman can do a lot better and as we mentioned last game, he’s clearly still struggling to regain his usual form.

Hernandez (5): He was involved in a significant amount when going forward, though his efforts were usually blocked, and he defended okay. The red card, even if it was a heat-of-the-moment situation (plus against the arch-nemesis Dumfries), costs Milan a lot as Juve are up next.

Adli (5.5): The Frenchman deserves credit for covering a lot of space and trying to create chances for Milan. However, his passing was far from spot on today and ultimately, it was the right decision to take him off.

Reijnders (5): Aside from one nice pass to Musah on a counter, we didn’t really see anything of the Dutchman and when he did get on the ball near the final third, he made the simple pass.

Musah (5.5): Certainly not the worst Milan player tonight, especially since he played out of position, but he could have done a lot better in the 1v1s. The end product was also rather poor, but he at least worked hard.

Loftus-Cheek (5): He imposed himself on a couple of occasions but that was it. Milan clearly lost the midfield duel and the Englishman is partly to blame. His presence in the box was also lacking when Leao drifted out wide.

Pulisic (5): The American started on the ‘wrong side’ tonight and it showed as he struggled to find his position throughout the game. No doubt, Pioli’s tactics are partly to blame but the No.11 could have done better, also missing one good chance in particular in the second half. A night to forget, really.

Leao (5.5): He ended up getting a nice assist of sorts after finding a good position at the back post. However, he missed a good chance in the first half and could have done better overall, not really troubling Inter’s defence. On the other hand, when Milan did create something, he was involved.


Giroud (5): The veteran didn’t win enough duels and his touch was far from great once again. It’s truly time to say goodbye.

Chukwueze (5.5): As we have seen so many times before in the last few weeks, he added the energy that Milan needed and helped created some chances. However, he could have been a bit better in the 1v1s, as he didn’t really trouble Inter in that sense.

Bennacer (5): Too many misplaced/lost balls and poor delivery from the corners. He also caused one too many free-kicks towards the end.

Okafor (6): Just what Milan needed at that moment and it ended up having an effect. He nearly helped create a golden opportunity in the dying seconds as well.

The manager

Pioli (4.5): Strange tactics from the get-go that didn’t really pay off as Inter should have scored 3-4 goals in the first half alone. Milan improved in the second but only because the manager reverted to the usual shape, before throwing on a bunch of attacking power (with Inter also happy to sit back, somewhat inviting the goal).

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      1. ABATE





      1. Scaloni looks least convincing but Abate and Zlatko Dalic are top candidates. Dalic build a very good systematic football in Al Ain too. Before and after Dalic, Al Ain has been a ghost club.

  1. Pioli has his share of the blame and his time in Milan is obviously over, but the bulk of the blame for this absolute failure of a season rests on the management and Cardinale himself when they disbanded a team which was working and only needed adjustments and the right amount of investment for a misguided overhaul.

    They got rid of club icon Maldini who won the best manager of the league the season before for a bunch of clowns. Sold Tonali who was the soul of this new Milan for the likes of RLC and Musah. (The gambling incident is irrelevant to the point).

    Inter won while never getting out of second gear. You get what you deserve. We the fans didn’t desserve this but those fools who run the club certainly got what they deserved. Maybe Zlatan can teach those morons what this team need for next season, like an an actual, quality striker befitting the name of Milan. But meanwhile, sack Pioli and give Abate the reigns until the end of the season. Pioli has turned into a coward and his tinkering never works anymore.


      1. ABATE





  2. Stefano Pioli is the coach who has lost the most matches in the history of Milan derbies among all competitions: 10 defeats, each of these in charge of Milan. He is also the 1st coach to lose 6 Milan derbies in a row with the Rossoneri.

    But hey we’re still 2nd and that’s the most important thing.


        1. ABATE
        2. ZLATKO DALIC





      2. Oh yes, that and the highest point per league game coach in Milan history. I wonder why only the likes of Napoli and recently Bologna that want to get this prodigy genius.

  3. Why did Musah start?
    Why did Leao play from 9?

    Pulisic has been a shadow of himself in the past few games, and he was lost in today’s match.
    Loftus-cheek, I don’t even know what to say 😤. He stayed too long on the pitch and did nothing all through.

    Why was Reijnders taken off and Bennacer brought it?
    And what’s with Giroud always wanting to play 1-2 all the time.

    Chukweze came in too late and can’t do so much with the tempo of the game.

    And if I should get hold of Pioli 😤😤😤

    1. Leao is a game killer. No vision and greedy on the ball without any goals.

      Pulisic was invisible because he never got the ball in spots where he should have.

    1. You think? The season is over bro. Him staying or leaving doesn’t make a difference in the remaining 5 matches. We might lose that second place if he stays though, since the players clearly are not fighting for him anymore.

    2. And oppossite i honestly don’t know that letting pioli stay now will make any difference. For me It’s not about the difference or not, that time has passed, but now it is all about make refreshment or give opportunity for new young coach like abate so he can taste what glimpse of mess milan had now and gain experience from the rest of this season game. He become a senior coach or not in the upcoming season it doesn’t matter, he is a milanisti and we need a truly milanisti who can manage our team in the future, maybe not next season but soon we will need him because too many non-milanisti who run this club and try to ruin it.

      1. Pioli has already proven the progression has stopped. No player has developed at all and the best times are in the past. In order to improve, we must improve the coach. It’s the head coach that is holding us back. The fact is we will not win anything unless we change the coach.

  4. This Milan having the second place shows how weak the Serie A is. In the Premier League the level is way better, hence they earn more money from TV rights etc.

    1. Can you please get the f** out of this site?

      You have your sempreinter website. Why don’t you analyze and celebrate with your own people?

      Nobody even wants to see your comments in here. Don’t you have any self-respect for yourself?

      I can’t even imagine clicking on Inter’s dirty website like honestly.

    2. The EPL earn more money because it’s an English speaking league and the British market is the most lucrative market, the level is irrelevant to that.

      1. Viewers are more willing to pay to watch you if you can offer higher-level games. The EPL has MC, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, MU which are teams with many quality players. Inter are the best team in the Serie A by a high margin, but in the Premier League we would have no chance to win it. Sheffield are the 20th on the table, but they play better than many of the Serie A teams with slow, weak players who can’t make a decent shooting. How many people are willing to pay to watch such football on TV? Less than for the EPL, that’s for sure.

        1. The gap isnt that big quality-wise especially when you see roma destroy brighton and man u newcastle out in groups. Anyways the financial gap was caused by the English language advantage in the first place

        2. In the early ’90s, Serie A was at its peak, but in my country, it went unnoticed as everyone was captivated by the EPL, following teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

          Some reasons mentioned include the difficulty of Italian names, the superior camera angles of the EPL, better commentators, and most importantly, the fact that the EPL has better stadium where fans are near the game.

          1. The League Management made the league more lucrative for the players and clubs. With time the likes of Gullit, Vialli, Zola, Ginola, Desailly, Bergkamp, Yeboa, Essien, Juninho, Viera, Overmars, Klinsmann, and so on, went there. At a point, Chelsea had mostly foreigners, while Italy was stuck with allowing only 3 foreign players in one game. More foreigners changed the way the English clubs played, and drew more attention from fans all over the world. With time, the best foreign coaches came – Wenger, Mourinho, Mancini, Ancelotti, Conte, etc, all helped to improve the league.

          2. Exactly. The stadiums are big deal in England. Families feel safe to go to games. There are no ultras and the hooligans that plagued English football in the 1970s are long gone. Without stadiums, Serie A can’t compete for the best talent, but they can still be competitive, as we have seen over the past two seasons. The EPL’s PSA rules may level the playing field.

  5. This is the first game I will honestly blame Pioli in. Inter is the better team and should win but wow did Milan play poorly. I know he’s most fan’s permanent scapegoat and fans are always looking to complain about the manager if a team loses any match but this game was a true issue in managing. Maybe he felt desperate and would try anything. If it worked out he’d be a genius, but sadly it was very poor. I still don’t think he should be sacked but ouch…

  6. 15 derbies, 10 losses, 2 draws, only 3 wins.
    13 for, 31 against, goal difference.
    Most derbies lost in Milan history.
    Most derbies lost in a row in Milan history with 6.
    2 goals scored vs 14 goals given up during those last 6 derbies.
    Another goal given up from corner.
    And I had people arguing with me for the last 6 months telling me that Pioli should stay. 🫨
    Thankful to Inter for not humiliating us. They could have scored 5,6 goals easy, especially in the 1st half.
    Kudos 👏 to Leao. He was one of the few, along with Gabbia and Tomori who didn’t give up. The rest gave up.
    Calabria neither should be the captain nor a starter anymore. Him and Theo ( captain and vice captain) lost their mind when the team needed them. Now vs Juventus they’ll play without 3 of the 4 starting defenders since Tomori will be suspended too.
    Hopefully another coach will coach Milan vs Juventus.
    Inter mathematically secured the title that they had in their pocket since January. Hate them, but they deserved it, they were by far the best team in the league this season

    1. Holy cr@p. I totally forgot about Tomori. Need to be happy that Juventus is stuttering and that Bologna beat Roma, or else I’d start thinking that even CL qualification would be in doubt again.

  7. I have a hunch that juve are going to overtake us for the second place, it would be hilarious and the icing on the cake for this season.

  8. Let’s do quick recap of whole season.

    I started telling y’all as soon as Cardinale fired Maldini and his crew and changed whole structure. This Cardinale is not a type of man who can run our club.
    Connection between Pioli and the players were cut in last year’s winter crisis.
    We finished the season 5th on the pitch.

    That was a big signal for coach replacement already.

    Pioli is not a type of guy who acknowledges his mistakes and learns from it.

    Users like ACM1899, Boulden and his fake accounts dejan10 and K has been fighting me whole season untill Roma defeat.


    What surprised me most is that those ACM1899, Boulden and his fake accounts suddenly turn their back on Pioli and started blaming Pioli suddenly lol

    If we go to war with these type of users, they will shoot us from behind at any time as soon as they realize the opponents are stronger than us.

    At least do you accept that you were wrong or your ego still can’t?

    1. I try to refrain from insults, but You are a narcissist and an idiot, man. This is why it’s impossible to take you seriously…

          1. You know what? Why don’t we sort things out in between us face to face? Are you that confident in real life too? Do you live in central Europe?

          2. Okay @Mirjaiol that is the second time you called someone out to a physical confrontation. (Bar… Was the first I sorry the handle escapes me)

            You’ve made @ACM1899 point for him.

            No he should not insult you directly but you escalate to that? Twice? C’mon man at least prove you have some self worth.

            Oh and “pro tip” … I-told-you-so posts aren’t earning you much respect. Ownership won’t change soon, so give your quality insight what control would you recommend be exerted to improve our beloved ACM?

          3. “Why don’t we sort things out in between us face to face? Are you that confident in real life too? Do you live in central Europe?” Here we go again 🤣🤣 @mykidplayssoccer – it was Boulden he wanted to track down and have a punch up with – this guy kills me 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Lol still bring Maldini? Even Pep cant bring the team to 2nd place with Origi in the striker and Messias/Salae on the wing, almost forget Bakayoko and Vranckx on the midfield

      1. Bring Maldini? Can you please point where did I say that?

        I pointed to Maldini’s abrupt departure as a turning point

        1. He is leaving because he is not that good if you wont said sh1t at managing the “team” how can you getting fooled over and over again by the players and agents who ended up walking out for free and crying to get more money

        2. Did you forget the 5th place finish the season before he left? Anyway, the whole Maldini thing is getting REALLY old. If he’d stayed what would we have done? Kept Tonali (who now would have been suspended) and gotten Pulisic with the 30M we had to spend? Who back up Leao? Who backs up Pulisic? Who plays at AM? How would be in midfield with Tonali suspended? Krunic and Adli? FFS. Let Maldini go. The problems we saw tonight ARE THE SAME ONES we last season after the summer of 2022 which was ALL MALDINI AND MASSARA. They bought CDK and fixed nothing. He wanted to replace Pioli with….PIRLO. Forget the past man, look ahead. Let’s get rid of Pioli and get on with the future.

          1. M&Ms budget was MUCH less than 2023. He was on a shoe string trying to wheel and deal. Botman is a perfect example of his leadership issues.

            He brought in people for next to nothing because he was given almost nothing to work with in terms kf capital. He used his operating expenses on chances trying to make it work (Origi).

            He made mistakes with trying to resign personnel. I still want to know what his leadership was saying to him when he was negotiating.

            And yet he had a vision. A plan that was working well with the budget given. He identified Pioli needed to go but was overruled. He called out his leadership on what he would need to help the team continue to improve.

            They sacked him for his vision because they had their own.

            I’m not suggesting Maldini should come back, but he could see the landscape better than our current leadership.

          2. Never. We won a Scudetto with less. A good first 11 with no backup is better than 20 average players. Harmony and consistency always beat senseless spending. See Chelsea.

          3. @Omaha

            We spent 56MM in 2022, minus 10MM from sales and that’s 46MM net spend. In 2023 we spent 121MM, minus 70.5MM from sales, including 64MM from Tonali, and you get 50.5MM net spend. Thus in 2023 we had 4.5MM more than we did in 2022 not including sales. This took 5 min to find out on the internet. How does Maldini walk on water with 4.5MM more to spend in 2023???? You don’t have 121MM to spend in 2023 without selling Tonali (or someone of equal value), and 4.5MM more than 2022 doesn’t bring us a winger, attacking midfielder, depth on the wings, and depth in midfield. If you want to argue that the players brought in were ultimately not the right ones, so be it, but let’s keep the financial aspect straight.

          4. Okay, @Vero your comment is full of speculations. Pulisic was never top of Maldini’s list and he was never going to spend 30M on him.

            Maldini wanted SMS. Frattesi.

            He already had Kamada. Other choices were N’Dicka, Arnautovic who were to arrive as free transfers. El-Sharaawy was also in for a return. Then there was talks with Ilkay Gundogan.

            Everything fell apart as soon as he was sacked. Pulisic and Musah were purchased by Gerry basically for the American market. Maybe Pulisic has been okay, somewhat.

            As to replacing Pioli with Pirlo, it’s all speculations.

          5. @Nino, point taken, but everything is speculation until the official communication from the club, including your list of supposed wanted players, which either way isn’t an improvement over what we have except for maybe Frattesi, IMHO.

        3. Big man calling people out online. Typical of a primitive, underdeveloped third world mentality. No one is going to spend a lot of money and risk getting a criminal record to fight a loud mouthed punk over comments made online, you utter embarassment. Go away and learn how to behave like a civilised adult.

          1. Are you guys just racists or do you have something with so called third world’s.

            Why does every bad behavior be relegated to third worlds. Are the so called first world countries of Europe and America not rife with said toxic and bad behaviors.

            This is the third time a user in this site as allocated anything nasty to a so called third world.

      2. and the 2nd place is make a difference?
        did we won anything this season?

        do you mean second place because Milan can play in the UCL?
        3rd, 4th and maybe 5th could also be possible, if the Italian quota is increased by UEFA because of the fifa ranking, it might be 6 clubs if roma/atalanta win the Europa League but they are outside the top 5.

        because the points Milan got this season are higher than when they won 2 years ago?
        that’s totally unrelated because merda are the champions this season

  9. Pioli has really sh1t the bed!

    The team is in chaos.
    Inter are so tidy in possession, we could play them 10 times and lose all 10.
    Congrats to them, though they let down Serie A by getting knocked out by Athletico, so they can go suck one.

    What Milan players get in that Inter team? 0? 1? 2?

    We are lucky to be 2nd, the big teams have been so poor this season.
    We were in a far better place 2 years ago to build a very good team, seems that’s gone up in smoke.

    This is on the ownership the coach and the players.

    1. With Tonali’s money they bought 3 mildfielders. Is not that a bad sign regarding the quality of those 3? In the striker position they added Jovic, a free-agent wanted by no quality club, to the 37-years-old Giroud. The summer transfer window was not that great. The second place is a good result.

      1. You can’t plug all holes in one summer. There was a lack of key additions in CB, DM & Striker. We all said this. But a revolution has to start somewhere.

        This team has potential with key additions. Hopefully that’s what happens this summer.

        1. I know, and I am not against the new players. My point is that Milan need further investment and time. They brought in many players on a budget, and the team got the second place. It is a good result, especially given the 5th place last seaon. Some fans here judge as if Milan bought top-quality, established players and failed. Milan are in a process of transformation, they are far from a complete team.

          1. Well said, mate. The team has improved from last season, and a lot of players, too. Only problem is that the coach keeps getting the tactics, and player selection wrong in some games. I like Pioli, but, it’s time for a change.

      2. Considering Jovic cost a grand total of 0.00 his return on investment has been excellent so you can keep repeating this stupid talking point as much as you’d like, it doesn’t make it true.

    2. Maignan, Theo and Leao can easily play for Inter, even Pulisic. They have significantly better strikers but otherwise the difference is marginal and they are tactically the better team.

      1. I should clarify – Who are you swapping for?

        Is Theo better than Di Marco, that you would change?
        Would Mike get Sommers spot?

        Leao certainly is not taking the place of Lautaro or Thuram?

        After those, there is no question, Inter have better players in every position

        1. Theo, Mike and Leao, are worth more than the Inter players you compare them with. Inter has a better team, and coach, but, a lot of our players are good enough to match them. Yesterday, Pioli let the players, fans, management, down again. You don’t need the best team in the world to beat, or get a draw, against Inter.

          1. Inter isn’t Real Madrid so you can go and say that none of our players can play for them.
            Inter Is a better team because they have players that fit in the right positions in their set up, not that they have better players.
            A bunch of our players will look like worldbeaters in inters system under Simone Inzaghi. Hakan is a perfect example. He was poor at Milan and at inter he is probably the best regista in Europe.
            Fitting in a proper position plays a big role. So , yeah Leao can’t play for inter because of their system.

      2. Difference is marginal? Their midfield is one of the best in Europe, that’s not a marginal difference, that’s a chasm.

        1. Their strength is in their tactical balance. Barella is great but Mkhitarian is just a good midfielder like he was at Roma and Hakan is the same player he was at Milan. When the team moves in harmony players look world class.

          1. This is probably one of the most important pieces someone could point out. Good coaches make their teams play where they are strong and cover where they are weak and no one notices because they work so well together.

          2. Summary: A team is more than the sum of its parts.

            Inzaghi built a team. Pioli fielded quality individuals.

          3. Exactly. Every player doesn’t need to be the best in his position when you play and work AS A TEAM. Which we don’t. We stopped doing that after the scudetto when Zlatan quit.

    3. How can we build a very good team if we keep letting our key players go for free lol. We have horrible players in the bench and you said we are in good path?

      1. How are you seriously making that argument after we fleeced Newcastle to the tune of €70 million for the gambling addict Tonali? In case you hadn’t noticed, new management was in place this season so no, we don’t KEEP letting our key players go for free, nor can any club prevent a player whose contract is expiring from leaving if they want to leave. Man City couldn’t stop Gundogan leaving for Barcelona, nor Chelsea stop Rudiger leaving for Barcelona. Strawman arguments only highlight your hypocrisy.

  10. I am looking at a confused and painful next season with no clear strategy to induct 3 to 4 integral players and as well as a coach, even if all is done meticulously, some time and games will inevitably be consumed

  11. Mike – Probably leave
    Theo – also might leave
    Tomori – Not as good as we like to think
    Gabbia – Is doing well considering he joined this mes
    Calabria – He’s a Milan man
    Musah – works hard, good attitude
    RLC – I hope Saudi buys him
    Reijnders – Will be better next year
    Adli – Has a good attitude and passing, limited
    Leao – not worth 175m
    Pulisic – He’s a good player, not a great player
    Bennacer – needs to recover
    Chucky – Is starting to shine
    Okafor – Is good and young, needs to start more
    Giroud – Needs to go to L.A

    1. Lol bring back the director that spent his whole time in Milanello and still getting fooled by the Players and their agents

        1. Don’t even know what to say except what a horrendous loss. Inexcusable to lose yet another derby that your most hated rival secure a Scudetto.

  12. Strange choices with the starting line up. Takes off out of form Giroud. Tick.

    Moves Leao into the 9 to make way for the in form Chuk to come in. Risky to move Leao but with a try.

    But then plays Musah out of position instead of in form Chuk in his natural position. Just wrong.

    Again we looked much more dangerous with Chuk on in the later stages.

    1. Given how weak the games of Giroud and Jovic have been overall, putting Leao instead was worth trying, but that would make sense if Chuk was on the right and Pulisic on the left.

      1. I can only assume Musah at RW was part of a plan to play for a draw.
        Then move him back to midfield (or off) if they went down a goal

      2. Or Puli on the right and Ok4 on the left. It’s a puzzle to me why this has not come up.

        Chuk great to start, but also great to have coming off the bench for the change in pace

      3. Jovic isn’t weak but he is not a target man. Another option would have been to play 352 with Jovic and Ok4 paired.

        Something like

        Thiaw – Gabbia – Tomorri
        Flo – puli – RLC – leo – Theo
        Ok4 Jovic

        In the end it’s just as BS as what Pioli did because there is no way to make such a huge change in a week and expect to beat an in form Inter.

        Really what should have been done IMO

        Calabria – Gabbia – Tomorri – Theo
        Reinjders – Adli
        Puli – RLC – Leao

        No inversion. Everyone does their job and does it to 100% of their ability. Plan for certain. Situations that have RLC make a late run or the front four to rotate a bit but ensure Adli and Reinjders are 80% or more covering for the D.

        Force Inter to win I a straight up dog fight where every player in knows the guy next to him knows their job.

    1. Cardinale get’s a f00k you.

      “Great Idea guys, let’s build a European team”

      You built a stinking pile of s1t

      I want my club back, I want Maldini back, I want to go to San Siro in Fooking Milan!

  13. Im not surprise with the result . The best pioli can do for that match only draw, that line up just like clown. Well he can celebrate now with all his family that 2* scudetto. He is the first coach in ACM lose 6 derby in history, plastic fans will say derby not important as long as ACM have more point than last season scudetto & still 2nd. In press conference he dont even want to take responsibility. It is better sacked him now and replace with abate for caretaker

  14. but but but.. we’ve better financial, better transfer, better president, better algorithm. inter is not that great, must admit we are suck, no excuse

    1. Cant you see we are doing far better than last season when we have a director who spent his entire time in Milanello?

      1. Oh you mean the director who brought us the scudetto with limited budget?? Who brought us mike, Theo, tonali, tomori, leao, bennacer, ibra? Jgn bikin malu lah

      2. hi genius.. u always moaning players gone for free, is that because M&M or banker salary cap?
        even bankrupt merda out-bid us in Hakan & Thuram, they have guts atleast.
        Maldini make mistake? yes, but he got bargains & bring us squdetto team.
        they fired him bcs of 1 failed season, i’m disappointed but i can take it & hoping 4 better replacement.
        but when they replace him w/ this lil stuart “the banker” & french spy, i know we are doom.
        M&M maybe not/ not yet the best directors around but he’s far better than the current.
        f&m studied money & algorithm, Maldini studies Milan his whole life.
        no one bigger than Milan, yes not even Maldini, but still he’s bigger & smarter than cardinal furlani moncada boulden combine

      3. Are we doing better by not even attempting UCL semis unlike last season.
        Or by not winning anything just like last season.

        Or is last year the only time. Maldini was in charge. Ohh I see second place, yes we must be doing better. If we still have the same issues we did as of last season. 🤔

  15. To be honest I would get rid of all Milan midfield players none of them deserve this shirt. So many misplaced passes and zero creativity. Would be even happy if we could get Jorginho and Zielinski. Hopefully the money is spend wisely in the next transfer market otherwise this team will only go backwards.

      1. Where in the comment did I say that they are the solution? When you have a 100 million budget and half of that will be spent on a striker. Explain to me how we can improve our midfield? Because we still need a defender and a dm. I would rather have Jorginho and Zielinski as Substitutes rather than adli musah and bennacer. And if you think otherwise than your the one who doesn’t understand football.

        1. They are old square passing merchants. Thorstvedt (Sassuolo) and Mazzitelli (Frosinone) would be cheap given their clubs are likely to be relegated and they offer far more than those old farts, 5 goals each and they’re both tall. Physicality matters. Now tell me what is it I don’t understand? All you know is names. You don’t do your homework.

  16. First time in my life to see Leo plays as 9 while we have jovic,okafo and chuku on bench, removing Adli is a big mess.
    How can coach be experimenting against bigger rivals with players that has never a certain position before?

  17. What about letting Abate finish the season now?

    We dont need Pioli to stay anymore, cause no competition is left to play for title both for youth and senior team. And this way, we can try out Abate if he will be like de Rosi, or if we should find another coach in the summer.

    1. No! Abate is not ready to coach a big team. He also got out coached in the UCL youth league final. There’s nothing to indicate Abate is a better or special coach

        1. It’s called luck which they rode well. Two pen games to reach the finals. Both Porto and Bayern have better teams and were better than Milan and Olympiacos. In the final Olympiacos had a vastly superior system of play to Abate (with or without their keeper being prime Schmiecel). So maybe hire their coach instead.
          Also, in the domestic youth league, what are we? Very mid. I get that ppl don’t want to see Pioli. It doesn’t mean we need to pick ANY coach

          1. Getting to a semi-final and final in successive seasons isn’t luck, it’s progress. He continues to develop players. Abate’s team were doing well in the league until Pioli started calling up his key players.

  18. No Tomori, Theo or Calabria for the Juve game.
    That will make for an interesting defence line-up.
    Tearraccianno, Thiaw, Gabbia, Florenzi;

  19. Unfortunately this proves what many have already known – time for a coaching change. It’s not even worth going over in detail the bizarre formation we went with this game. Let’s move on and find a TACTICAL coach

    It won’t happens but we should also fire Fulani for constructing poorly built team and dismantling a UCL semi final team and entrusting Pilot to lead them. Maldini warned Ownership of all this and they refused to listen.

    Now management/ownership will conveniently blame/scapegoat Pioli – and he didn’t help his cause – BUT – it’s just as much their fault as it is his.

    This year was a failure. We took 2 steps backwards not forwards and now are at risk of losing/selling more core players. Heads should role.

    1. I don’t know, man. I feel the core of the team is good. I wouldn’t say that mercato was bad – we got a lot of quality into this team. Still more additions are needed to improve more.

      The problem is the inconsistent performances over the season. We can argue that it was on Pioli as well as new players adjusting to a new league. Took time to get them into some sort of a rhythm. But the numbers are there. Many were/are scoring.

      The problem is on a tactical level. Pioli hasn’t been able to get consistent results out of them as players still drift in and out of games… Most of the blame is on Pioli but players need to be held responsible too.

      I feel Furlani and co had done an adequate job reinforcing the team, granted some ares didn’t get reinforced, but you can’t plug all holes in one window.

    2. No, we dont need to sell core player like theo,leao,maignan,pulisic. There are plenty loan player can be sold or become money if other club activate buy option like CDK, origi,ballotoure,saladmaker,pelegrino,colombo. Cannot sacked furlani,he is placed by elliot to make sure red bird pay their debt , after RB pay whole debt then RB can sacked furlani. The squad already good, weak on DMF ,CB,RB and striker. Also management wasting 1 years because not sacked pioli in same time with maldini

    3. @Juro, man I’ve been holding off for a long time on coaching change but as usual respect your opinion. I’m still neither here nor there on it.
      The team imo is ok. And that’s it. Not a big upgrade from prior years but just about the same level just different players in different positions. What we lost in, we’ve gained in others. For once I’d like to not lose to gain if that makes sense. ie I’d like to gain defensive solidity in midfield without having to lose our best winger or GK or defender for instance.
      The other issue was how the squad was built . Clearly it was with the intention of playing 433 but Pioli was in over his head and reverted to 4231 a system which those players weren’t bought for. It’s mismanagement from many levels

  20. This game was lost in the midfield. Their midfield kept making line breaking passes, and then picked great spots to attack without the ball. Our midfield, was good at what today? We have a generational talent in Leao, and a great off the ball mover in Pulisic, yet we never seem to pass these two guys open. It would be excusable if they were rock solid defenders…but they are not. Reijnders and Musah will get better, but the rest? What is it that they do?

  21. The problem next coach will have is what to do with some players.

    RLC: Not a 3/4, invented there by Pioli and he played some decent games against mediocre opposition. In a game like this, the guy disappears because, apart from a lack of technical abilities or vision, he does have zero heart or fight on him. The big problem is where to put him…

    Musah: Similar problem with position, but at least he is a guy that gives everything in the pitch and with good guidance can find his position in the team. He is only 21

    Reijnders: A complete ghost in big games this season. At 25 he can improve but how much? I have to consider that he needs a real number 5 at his side so he can shine and not focus so much in defense. How much we miss Kessie SMH

    Adli: Maybe the only guy in the midfield with some technique and ability, but I think unfortunately too slow and without explosion to be our 3/4. Another problem

    Bennacer: Ismael is completely DONE. He needs to be sold

    We need a manager who can use these players in his regular system. Not an easy task. My favourite will be Thiago Motta tbh. No Conte, no Lopetegui, no smoke-sellers please

  22. I’m disappointed in the result but it’s not unexpected.

    I am however disappointed in the ratings as well. It seems they are set to create the emotional echo chamber rather than based on the game.

    Objectively we lost 5-1 earlier in the season. Today we lost 2-1. Someone must have showed up, but who?

    Magnion 5.5 – suspect on the second goal b/c beaten at the near post . Distribution was not as crisp as we expect from him.

    Calabria – 5 – got a pass until he lost his mind at exactly the wrong time. I’m tired of seeing him play in the midfield. He adds nothing there and we lose his defending making him look worse than he is.

    Tomorri – 6 – constantly reacting to a midfield that simply was not there to screen for him. Clearly made a difference between earlier this season when we were missing him.

    Gabbia – 6.5 – abused thuram and lauturo with every dark art I know of. Clearly lived in Lauturos head rent free the whole second half. I applaud the yellow he earned and the job he did.

    Theo – 4.5 – nearly a pass on defense. A pass going forward with all the shifts ahead of him making it much harder to know where to expect people. Cost us about 2 minutes at the end of the game when the run of play was nearly ours with some childish BS. Vice captain …. More like captain with a vice.

    Adli – 6 – was an absolute thug on defense (Gabbia mini-me) but couldn’t seem to find the players ahead of him. Oh wait …. They were all put in different spots from where he’s trained and played the last 8 months extra credit for an excellent post sub tantrum.

    Reinjders – 5 – invisible man. Really I’d look for him and couldn’t find him. Esp in the defensive phase.

    Musah – 6 – clearly TD to dribble less and pass sooner. Great I instructions for a defensive mod but weird for a wing. But, was he a wing? He spent more time at right back than Calabria in the defensive phase with Calabria playing gas almost a third CB. Great work rate some nice low crosses. Not much else you can expect when he’s playing two positions at the same time.

    RLC – 5 – I’m not sure what he was supposed to do but I know it didn’t get done? Was he supposed to push up to 9 so Leao could fade left? Was he supposed to make late runs? The only run I saw that was late was his jog to the bench. Should have happened sooner.

    Puli – 6 – excellent movement off the ball as always. Constant disruption of Inter midfield play when tracking back. His chance would have been a golazo so no stink on him.

    Leao – 6 – nice try. And he did try. But you don’t learn to have your head on a swivel in a week. Inter clearly knew he’s be week from behind and took advantage. He adjusted some but the service he got didn’t help him much.

    Giroud – 4 – I loved this guy but he is clearly done. Not sure it age got him or he is just checked out, but we don’t need to see him again this season except some fairwell minutes at the end of games.

    Bennacer – 4.5 – less visible than RLC only because he is shorter. See rant below about midfield.

    Chuck – 6 – not only ran hard and knew where to be but changed the run of play with his energy. Glad he was there from the bench and that fact is evidence we have improved the team since last season.

    Ok4 – 6.5 – not sure how in this line up he isn’t starting on the left with Puli on the right. How does this kid get minutes?! He also brought the run of play back to us. Too bad out captains are up 3 or 4 of his minutes with mind numbing ass clownery.

    Midfield Rant – I am really tired of the “out midfield sucks” crowd. Our Mercato was based on Krunic imparting the system to he new guys and Benny for a full comeback when it counts.

    Krunic wasn’t great but he was servicable (sorry Krunic Heir). Until one day he suddenly wasn’t. Now we are left with all new guys one of whom (Musah) was bought to develop and we’ve managed to play him in 5 different spots this year. Shit he will likely start at CB against Juve because clearly Simic shouldn’t.

    Benny was supposed to come back in Feb IIRC and be fully fit by March. Instead he’s been a shadow of himself and in no state to run the midfield. So we have a bit of new guys still figuring it out.

    Then we have our big dude RLC who is not a play maker playing 10. Because that worked so well with Kessie (it didn’t go check).

    We have a guy in Reinjders who is near as a pin with the ball and loves to play forward aggressively playing some sort of DM except when a FB inverts and then he is a CB or wingbackish lost boy.

    Adli who was bought as a 10 and clearly has some nice passing in him? Oh yeah he’s a six as well.

    So our two continuity players Krunic and Bennacer are a bust this year. The new guys need to figure it out all while playing in unfamiliar roles with unfamiliar mates in a system I still not predict after 30+ games.

    So because of this the solution is to constantly rotate them to “find the right combination”.

    Ocam’s Razor – the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

    Simplify. Stop the inverting madness. Play to the strengths of the players available. Screen a defense in shambles due to injury.

    All of that is a long way to say that we don’t have a big midfield issue. We have a coaching issue. (I came to this late from hope and a desire for continuity) So now we wait for a new coach who will have a great squad with solid depth and a wide variety of strengths.

    Let’s hope this new manager can build a team that is more than the sum of those individual parts.

  23. Bad bad display, painful to see shinter win it in our home. Baldy gotta go, should’ve been gone last summer. Management gotta do better in coaching department and players. Hopefully better days ahead. Don’t wanna go through details. Forzaa milan.

  24. Our team is full of flat track bullies who can’t hang in the big games. Even though nobody showed up today our only hopes as always in big games are Leao, Theo, and Giroud.. Same as always. Not a single newer signing has made an impact in big games. That’s great for top 4, but not enough for Milan.

  25. With the staring line up, I thought some players were injured & got surprised to see ground, okafor, chukwueze coming on later. It showed only one thing that pioli, since learning that he’s going to be sacked, wants to sabotage the team. If he wanted to play a different style as proclaimed, he should have started okafor as striker, puli in place of RLC and Chuks as RW, reinders and adli do their bit in front of defence, no high lines no inverted defence rubbiah, but i still think pioli did it on purpose and should be excuaed from the remaining matches to avoid further sabotage

    1. There are probably like some 100 ways to change the team if he wanted to. This one is your preference. You’re literally saying “He should have done what I thought of in my mind”. What makes you special? I wanted him to start Okafor and Giroud together. Should he have done that instead. How about what Sjf wanted? Or Ted? Which one of those choices would be correct? Or any choice will be correct except what he himself, that has a tangible stake in the outcome, thought?
      What level of arrogance will make you think you’ve seen the solution he hasn’t from 1000 miles away?

  26. Y’all acting like Inter won the whole 33 games against Milan to win the league. They literally steamrolled the whole league, not just Milan.
    And that perception has been the big mistake since the beginning of the season: the moment they made it an Inter vs Milan for the second star. Stable Inter that changed very little over the summer and just added a one or two key pieces (including our first main target) vs Milan that revamped the midfield, added to many foreigners and had a relatively much tumultous summer. That was the mistake. It was never Inter vs Milan. If anything it was Inter vs Juve and Napoli. We should have just focused on our path, stabilise and acclimatise this year, add one or two major pieces in the summer and see what next year could bring.
    But fans and media caught fire with the second star race. Media, I understand; they have to sell so they come up with the sensational tags. Fans, they have no excuse. You should know better, and stop being used.

    1. And then the season began. And ofcourse Pioli overachieved in the first five matches, only fuelling the Inter vs Milan for the second star headline. The sensible and balanced fan at that point would enjoy that but know it’s an anomaly. The deluded fan would forget what summer it was and start praising the management for a job welldone. “If the coach doesn’t deliver now, then time’s up”. The media ofcourse would fuel the latter, also because the former are not as outspoken (sensible people usually are not).
      And all these energy will get to the team, to the coach. And suddenly it’s 2024, you win like 90 of the matches you’ve played, play a couple of bad matches (less than 95% of the rest of the league), the team most equipped to win the league (unfortunately your archrivals) eventually wins it, and then somehow your season is a failure. You underachieved. The coach must be sacked. Back to year 0.5.
      All because the season went the way any sensible person would expect.

    2. The first part is correct because even with Napoli’s crazy pace last year would not have caught Inter this year. Many people don’t realize the crazy pace they have set.
      But to say Inter only changed one or two? They had about the same amount of changes (10 or 11) as us. But they constructed their squad better and the individuals they got were very functional to the team whereas we bought many but still lacked in the middle and not functional at all.
      The other tissue you mentioned, yes the media and fans are to blame to some extent for the expectations but those were set both by the coach and the owners. They were the ones to come out and say we could win admist all these changes plus firing an icon and director who players were close to. Pioli himself said he had the team he wanted (which to me at the time sounded like towing the company line and to go against at the time the issue of disharmony when Maldini was a director. It’s as though he had to show solidarity to the current set of directors and to “a$$ure” fans). He put pressure on his own self. Gerry said this is a more European team and he said he gave Pioli a team that was competitive. What he really meant it was a more Europa-ean team lol. So they themselves shot themselves in the foot. Instead they could have temepered expectations and said let’s go top 4 (like Scaroni half way thru the season) and hope for the domestic up, reach as far as possible in UCL 🤷‍♂️

  27. Last night I saw Inter team play in harmony, their positioning and moving in their defensive phase was phenomenal. They are in complete harmony.

    We on the other hand were running around headless and scared but that’s what you get when non functional midfield, bunch of mezzalas playing pivots and DMs, with scared and limited coach on top.

    I’ve put special focus on the midfield again last night. Non existent, the middle was a constant open space for Inter who easily run us over. I won’t mention Musah because that kid is played out of his position but Reijnders and RLC where ghosts. Just awful. I’d take one Tonali over both of them any day. Adli is no DM either.

    That’s what moneyball and algorithms give you. But they don’t give you what we lack whole season now – soul, heart, character and fighting spirit.

    1. It’s crazy because the majority of the attack/mid fielded were the new signings which was basically here management you signed these guys….let’s see what they can do. Only Leao was a non defender that’s not new… The rest were: Puli, RLC, Musah, Deers. ALL were poor especially fan and Sempre Commenter’s favorite Loftus Cheek (every 5 games of course) who was basically a pylon.

      WE LACK IN MIDFIELD! plain and simple. All these flashy signings but a serious failure to address the engine of the team ie the midfield. Spent 40m on two right wingers, one which took 10 months to finally find his feet only to de dropped for a guy who doesn’t play the wing smh.
      But I blame the people who organized this team. This is a construction problem

  28. The last corner-kick of the match. Who the f*** lets Bennacer take the corner? Pioli deserves to be sacked alone for that. And Bennacer should be banned for life from any set-pieces. Even a 7-year-old could kick the ball PAST the first opponent and not hit the ball to his feet. UNFNGBELIEAVABLE!!!! He should be awarded The worst corner-kick of the decade already. Never again. Never again Benny to take a corner. Please. I’d do anything.

    1. Wkwkwkwk .It is just like coach and his assistant not training player for corner kick . Pioli and all his staff need to go at end of season

  29. That’s what you get for dismantling an ongoing project for the sake of your own glory. Gerry boy thought he’s going to suck up to fans spending fortune and bringing in shiny new toys. And he did, at least for those newish, cheap, fast fashion, easily bought and entertained fans.

    But little did he know that these headless consumerism oriented snowflakes have little to no patience whatsoever. So what now? Another overhaul? People here calling for heads to be chopped off and half of squad sold. Out with all that “so last season” garbage! Gotta get hands on that new spring/summer 2024/2025 collection. And do it fast while it’s cheap!

    Business is boomin’ baby!

    1. I dont think they will do overhaul again like this season in summer ( except conte coming as new coach ) . Selling player maybe , if PSG coming with 100m euro offer for leao , gery are gladly accept that

  30. This is the 1st time in many lost derbies that I don’t feel any pain none whatsoever. I am not upset nor happy I’m just numb.

    My fellow brothers have turned against each on this forum. Pioli has the ability to cause chaos evidently even amongst us and players.

    Let’s just bare the last 5 matches with or without Pioli. Probably next season we’ll do better if not maybe the following season after that.
    We certainly need a coach with balls to rescue us from this

    1. “Probably next season we’ll do better if not maybe the following season after that.”

      At least with another coach there is hope. With Pioli we all know how the season will go (youngsters sitting on the bench, zero tactics, no development of any player, Thiaw making mistakes in every match yet guaranteed a place in the starting 11, back to back losses to Inter, Roma, Juve, no playoffs in UCL, no trophies etc.)

  31. I guess I’m what they call a Pioli-lover because I prefer stability and don’t see many of the linked names being a clear and obvious upgrade.
    BUT….those last 3 games incl this one maaaannnnn we sucked big time. It’s the manner in which we played that’s most disappointing because I know we can do much much better. The lack of drive and emotion is bothersome. And the tactics….well that’s all on the coach and they were poor. Each game was poor, against a rookie and an experienced coach it was the same thing. I actually don’t even know what to say lol. It’s that shocking and that bad. I get both sides of the Pioli debate I really do so I’m now firmly in neither here nor there territory.
    But there’s the other question of what really were our expectations coming into the season. And I mean realistic expectations given all these changes. I hope we can keep it a stack when it comes to the directors but we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

    PS: why are we entertaining this Inter merda fan turd on this site? Scumabg just have his Team win a Scudetto and ppl buddy buddy with dude. come on, as a Milan fab have some dignity. And and him as an interista, can go celebrate his fake 2 stars elsewhere and also give back Juve their 06 Scudetto for their 04 crimes #logic

    1. Hey, he’s an Inter-fan. That alone makes me feels really sorry for him. His life must be miserable. I dunno about you guys but I’d rather kill myself than be an Inter-fan. It can’t be easy for him.

      1. Oh calm down. You’re embarssing youself. That we have fans of other clubs commenting suggests they value (some) of the comments made by people.

        1. “It’s Juve who have screwed us out of titles, not Inter. Brush up on your history and stop giving the punter’s take.”

          Inter got a gift scudetto after the true winner, Juve and 2nd place Milan, were found guilty for the same things Inter did but were not investigated on. It’s YOU who should “brush up on your history”. 🙂

  32. Bro iburat out laughing at this. How sad is the sempre Inter site then geez 🤦‍♂️ that he posts more here than there probably. What I don’t like is this smug attitude telling us what we need to do with our team. It’s like walking into the curva sud witb a blue and black jersey and thinking he’ll get high fives. Maybe to the face yes. Dude should just go celebrate his 18+2paper Scudetti inleace

  33. Hang your heads in shame? Over a loss by a single goal? Settle down and spare us this fake outrage, why are you upset over a loss to Inter? Because you’re think you’re supposed to be upset because it’s a derby? It’s Juve who have screwed us out of titles, not Inter. Brush up on your history and stop giving the punter’s take.

    1. “It’s Juve who have screwed us out of titles, not Inter. Brush up on your history and stop giving the punter’s take.”

      Inter got a gift scudetto after the true winner, Juve and 2nd place Milan, were found guilty for the same things Inter did but were not investigated on. It’s YOU who should “brush up on your history”. 🙂

      1. They were most certainly not found guilty of the same things, Juve were found guilty of manipulating officials. Milan’s punishment was for an ambiguous comment by a low ranking official (Meani), there was no evidence against Inter. I know my history far better than you.

        1. “They were most certainly not found guilty of the same things, Juve were found guilty of manipulating officials. Milan’s punishment was for an ambiguous comment by a low ranking official (Meani), there was no evidence against Inter. I know my history far better than you.”

          Clearly you don’t. 😀
          Once the “expiration date” (lacking the correct term here) for the crime had gone, they suddenly found evidence that proved that Inter did all the same things as Juve – and more. But since it had already been expired, no charges could be made.

          1. Direct quote from MilanObsession:

            “Not only were Inter the engineers, wiretappers, and puppeteers of the Calciopoli scandal in 2006, they were later revealed to be the most guilty of attempting to interfere with the referees, but never received any punishment. In fact, they benefitted from the punishments handed to their direct rivals, not only with their 14th paper Scudetto, but the ones they earned by dominating their weakened rivals for the next several years. In reality, this Scudetto would at best be their 15th, not their 20th. ”

            Back to school to learn your history, eh? 🙂

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