Player Ratings: AC Milan 2-1 Genoa – Leao fails his big exam; Kjaer the MOTM

By Isak Möller -

Milan got the job done at San Siro earlier this afternoon as an own-goal secured the win against Genoa. It wasn’t pretty for a majority of the game, but at least the three points were claimed and that is the important thing. 

Starting XI

Donnarumma (6): Made some good stops to deny Genoa and was also very solid in the build-up, always helping his teammates out when in difficulty. However, he nearly cost Milan the win with somewhat of a howler, saved by the centre-backs.

Kalulu (6.5): The Frenchman looked bright and was involved a lot in the player, also doing exactly what was required of him in defence. He could perhaps improve a bit when driving forward with the ball, but he’s indeed a big talent.

Db Milano 18/04/2021 - campionato di calcio serie A / Milan-Genoa / foto Daniele Buffa/Image nella foto: Gianluca Scamacca-Simon Kjaer PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxITA

Kjaer (6.5 – MOTM): Another commanding display from the Dane at the back and he didn’t make any mistakes at the back. He nearly got on the scoresheet with a nice header as well and his performance was very good.

Tomori (6): He completely missed Mattia Destro when the latter converted a corner for Genoa and that simply wasn’t good enough for him. Rating would have been lower if it hadn’t been for his incredible goal-line clearance, just after Kjaer stopped one on the line as well.

Hernandez (5.5): It’s very frustrating to watch the left-back these days as although he gets the basics right in defence, his touch often lets him down when going forward and we saw plenty of examples of this today. Not good enough.

Bennacer (5.5): Just like Hernandez, his touch was subpar today and he missed several easy passes, which could have hurt Milan more. In short, he really didn’t look like himself on the pitch today and that might be worrying.

Kessie (6.5): A pretty standard performance from the Ivorian who did loads of good in both phases of the game. Was calm until the final whistle and this helped Milan secure the three points in the end.

Saelemaekers (6): Decent outing for the Belgian who used his quick feet to open some space for the Rossoneri. Created a few chances as well but was taken off with 30 minutes to go, which is understandable given how hard he works.

Calhanoglu (6): He had a good start to the game but then he started to make some mistakes and they were really frustrating ones. On the other hand, he was responsible for the corner that ended up in the back of the net and he had some good spells.

Rebic (6.5): Fantastic strike to open the scoring and he was the only real energy spark in Milan’s attack for most of the game. However, he also missed a huge opportunity at the beginning of the second half from very close range.

Leao (5.5): It was indeed a big test for the Portuguese youngster and it’s pretty clear that he failed. Had a great chance to double the lead early on but his touch let him down, more than on one occasion. Simply not good enough.


Mandzukic (6): He got 30 minutes on the pitch and his presence was important as Milan need a target man. He was also somewhat behind the second goal as he put Scamacca off guard when he jumped for the ball. Decent overall.

Diaz (5.5): Was meant to be an extra spark in attack but we barely saw anything from him in that phase. And when he did get the chance, he didn’t succeed. Furthermore, he was almost non-existent in defence.

Dalot (6): The Man Utd loanee did well once again off the bench with a very solid defensive display, clearing the ball several times and also stopping the opponents. Promising yet again.

Tonali (N/A): Didn’t play enough to get a rating.

Krunic (N/A): Didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. I wouldn’t expect more from Bennacer! The guy is fasting, it’s Ramadan, they don’t eat or drink from the sun rise to the sun set for the whole month… Maybe he shouldn’t be in the line-up from the beginning !

  2. First, Polly is a disgrace to football.
    Secondly Pioli embarrassed AC.Milan from game to game, today AC.Milan won Genoa 2: 1 by luck. The players were confused and lost on the field, the midfielders were very slow. Hernandez was again somewhere and not in the game, he becomes a serious problem. Cohanoglu struggles with passes because the winger and center forward were static, Today the best players in my opinion were Kjer, Kalulu and Tomori.
    Coach Pioli is a very bad expert and the team does not look good, with this attitude I doubt that AC.Milan can save a place for the Champions League. I hope that the expert staff with President Maldini have a real replacement for Piolia in the summer

      1. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and you don’t have to come up with a stupid comment. Pioli is an amateur football player. And you are NOT A FAN OF AC. MILAN IF YOU DON’T SEE MISTAKES. this currently how footballers play this is very bad and we have nothing to do in the champions league

    1. We have equaled last year’s point total with 7 games to go, you seem like an absolute idiot who is not even a Milan fan. You can’t spell the player’s names correctly and are not giving credit to Pioli for one of our best seasons in almost 10 years. Yes we’ve had poor outings, it’s going to happen, but we are at a level that we have not attained for a long, long time

      1. you don’t know how to speak yet, you are not a fan of AC, Milan because you do not pay season tickets and you are not a member of a fan group of any, You who are from Asia cannot participate in conversations with people who support AC.Milan 40 years. You’ve never even seen the San Siro. You will never be and shake hands with Ibrahimovic Rebic Maldini Gatuzo Pirlo and many other big stars from AC.Milan.Did you understand Ishmael or what is your name?

        1. This is a dumb comment, you should be grossly ashamed of yourself. I doubt you are even a milanisti.

    2. nah the only problem with pioli is that his team selection can be quite weird. ur playing 4-3-3 and ur winger cant seem to cut into the defence. rebic been opening the defence for us for now. i cant see ways to get into the defence unless ur winger do something.

      salesmaker/castilejo is a good hardworking player that prioritize defence, but not the type we need right now. need winger that cut into the defence in that particular 4-3-3 formation.

      if the winger is not dangerous, then the marking will focus on the AM the source of problem. i remember when diaz and calhagnolu played together in weird formation. the attack was so much better as the marking was spread among the two.

      right now weirdly the gameplan is to give ball to ibra, and he makes the play/pass. THE STRIKER. so the striker has to drop down in game, making the attack much more slower and reduces threat. leao plays like classic striker, thats why u cant see his impact when he plays as CF

      next season, i hope theres new tactics/signing to come to overcome this. Pioli has done good for us, 2nd place is still good improvement. for me RW is the priority transfer. but then im not the expert, i hope Maldini can somehow leads us to good CL positions next season

  3. Donnarumma needs a reality check. You can’t demand to be the best-paid goalkeeper in the world when you make mistakes every game and is a liability when distributing the ball. How the author manage to give him a 6 rating is mindboggling. He was a 5 at best.

  4. So all foreigners are Mercenaries? You do realize 1 of 2 problematic contract renewal is an italian player right?
    Since calabria is injured, i can only think fielding sandro as a starter to replace franck or ben, and romag, well 3 italians, you might want to field all primavera’s i presumed? Cut the crap, more than half of our best players of all time were non italian, now? Yes gigio is a gem, but he seems more like mercenaries to me these days. You aint gonna find gattuso, maldini, nesta, inzaghi, ambrosini, in todays football, not even that snake pirlo.
    And u hurt me as a non italian rossoneri, i’ve been with milan for more thn 20 years, Milan history is not only for italian, I certainly dont mind if we can get back to winning ways using non italian players

  5. are you trying to win a football game or do you just want Italians on the pitch, if the Italians are not good enough to make the starting X1, obviously they will be on the bench, we are playing to win games, not playing for patriotisms.

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