Player Ratings: AC Milan 3-1 Roma – Trio shines as Adli gets MOTM

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan clinched three important points against Roma on Sunday evening and thus bounced back from the Coppa Italia exit. It was a good performance from more or less the entire team but a few stood out. Below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out how we decide the player ratings. From the scale to what affects the rating, we have compiled everything there.

Starting XI

Maignan (7): He couldn’t do anything about the penalty, obviously, but did make multiple good saves to deny Roma this evening. The one on Celik was fantastic, getting down quickly and showcasing great reflexes.

Calabria (5.5): The captain had a good game up until the penalty, it must be said, and perhaps this rating is a bit harsh. However, Milan had complete control of the game at that point and there was no need to intervene, with the Roma player going away from goal. A rookie mistake, unfortunately.

Kjaer (6.5): His positioning was good this evening and the defending was solid. He did have a couple of shaky moments, though, including the foul on Belotti which resulted in a yellow card. Having said that, the assist for Giroud was nice (albeit easy) so that bumps up his rating a bit.

Gabbia (7): The best defensive display in the Milan team this evening, always breathing down the neck of Lukaku and showing his strength in the duels. He also wasn’t afraid when in possession, getting past the first press nicely on a few occasions. His return to the club was vital, it must be said.

Hernandez (7.5): He ran up and down that left flank, just like in the old days, and crowned the performance with a lovely goal. The partnership with Leao was good throughout the clash and he was solid overall in defence as well. Another thing to highlight is his crossing, which was good today even from tight angles.

Adli (7.5 – MOTM): A lovely first goal for the club and a great hockey assist for the second goal. The MOTM award is indeed justified for the Frenchman, who controlled the midfield well and really showcased his all-round abilities tonight. He just needs to find the consistency moving forward to become a great asset for Milan.

Reijnders (6.5): A very normal display from the Dutchman, as we have become used to, with few spectacular sequences but with very good passing on display. The little lay-off to Adli before the first goal was perfect, yet so simple. Just missed out on a 7 today.

Pulisic (6): He looked lively, as always, and had a couple of good moments where he managed to get into the right positions. The final touch was lacking, though, which would have been needed for a higher rating with two good chances missed.

Loftus-Cheek (5.5): The Englishman had absolutely no luck in the decisive moments, wasting a couple of good chances for Milan due to hesitancy. He got into the right positions on many occasions, but he needs to be so much better on the ball.

Leao (6): The winger had his moments, but it was a very average display overall from him. In fairness, he did help set up quite a few good chances for Milan, but he needs to be more incisive himself. He did well enough to get a pass today, though.

Giroud (7.5): What can you say, right place at the right time. The first goal was an easy finish, it must be said, but the positioning should not be underestimated. And the assist for the third goal was just ridiculous, with a backheel nutmeg. You could argue that he was too quiet otherwise, but the truth is he did his job as a striker.


Musah (6): The American didn’t have a huge impact on the game, but he defended decently and nearly scored a goal after a great run. He kind of scuffed the effort, though, and Roma were saved by the post.

Okafor (5.5): We didn’t really see much of him, so take this rating with a grain of salt, but he wasted a good counter-attack at the end with a rather poor pass.

Zeroli (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Jimenez (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

The manager

Pioli (6.5): Milan got the tactics right and putting Theo at left-back was the right move, although we all knew that. We have no complaints about the subs today, really, and the only reason Milan conceded was because of an individual error. A good evening overall for Pioli, therefore.

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    1. Yeah, I was wondering what he’d have to do to get an 8 or more. That was a performance almost worth a 9 too. Not a single mistake and did everything right. I guess 7 is the new 9 or something. Even if one plays for 15 mins and scores 4 goals they’d still get an 8 or lower. Has anyone ever gotten a 10?

  1. New contract for Giroud is a must. He gets better every season. 18 goal contributions in 24 games, he bags a goal or an assist ever 100 minutes, which is a significant improvement from last season (125 minutes per goal/assist) and the season prior (140 mins). People who say he’s no longer useful are out of their minds.

      1. No one is talking about RLC. To me, RLC is not an attacking midfielder. I know that Pioli puts him there to defend and add physicality to the midfield but there were moments in the game where a lot more could have done especially with technique. Piolis insistence not to purchase a pure attacking midfielder is extremely questionable. Since we reverted to 4-2-3-1 ( and thank F for that), it always feels like something is missing in midfield and it’s definitely an attacking midfielder with good technical abilities (among other things ofcourse).

        1. Bennacer and Pulisic can do well as AM

          Bennacer… Adli…Reijnders is probably our best misdfield right now. Though still a need for a DM

  2. Your ratings were on point today!

    The shakiness of Musah was evident, it could have cost us. However, it was a pass as you mentioned.

    1. The rating is OK, but the flop of the match is still your useless attacking midfielder Loftus check in a very clear and clean game, if not for the pK calebria play very good football . This guy need to leave this club, pulisic is too selfish. Much respect for Leao always play with the team no matter what….. but the useless Loftus check will not score still will leave his duty of a creative player and be shooting one useless shoot….

  3. I thought Gabbia and Adli did a great job too. Also disappointed with RLC. It was a very physical game but he could have showed more aggression and decisiveness.

    I don’t understand this sites infatuation with Reijnders. He always gets good scores but look at the actual statistics after each game. So much of the ball, he does SO little with it. He also loses the ball too much and doesn’t help out on defense. The guy is a pass merchant at best and we need someone with defense skills, like Kessie. Maybe he could be super sub with his energy but his starting performances are poop on a stick.

    1. I agree about Reijnders. Even though he is a decent player, he is very overrated by this website. The little lay-off to Adli before the first goal was perfect, yet so simple” is a ridiculous statement.
      Anyways, it’s a good win but we need to do this consistently and against better teams.
      It was a great to see Adli have a breakout performance. Hopefully he can build on it. He seems to have a great attitude and willingness to improve. The same goes for Gabbia. It’s very different when players show love for the club.

    2. I think Reinjders was decent overall as always. Great energy throughout the game. Our weakest link in midfield is RLC. Always hesitant and his passing vision is appalling. Simple attack becomes complicated when he gets the ball.

    3. Bro idk what are you talking about reijnders. He often help in defense, i saw it. He is also everywhere, keeping the possesion, always make himself avalaible for passing. And thats a a very good trait for a midfielder.

    4. That has been said about RLC, all the ability and tools in the world, always underdelivers. Ruben SoftAs Cheeks. He lacks that mental and competitive edge to put it all together. A player’s personality and nature is almost impossible to change. He should be a luxury sib, not a starter.

  4. One of the better games by Milan this season. Outside of the penalty Roma didn’t didn’t have any other opportunities.
    Maignan was great.
    Kjaer and Gabbia put Lukaku, El Sharaway and the rooster in their pockets.
    Theo looks back at his best.
    Calabria was very good throughout the match Outside of the brain fart on the penalty.
    Reijnders and Adli are so good together. Controlled the game. Great goal by Adli.
    Loftus Cheek might be 6’3 and 190 pounds but he is actually Brahim Diaz in a bigger body. Man can’t stay on his feet.
    Another stinker by Leao.
    Pulisic was decent.
    Best game by Giroud in a Milan jersey when it comes to his involvement in the build up play. Usually every pass that goes his way it’s like passing to the other team but he was excellent today.
    Let’s hope they play like this vs Udinese.

    1. Loftus Cheek might be 6’3 and 190 pounds but he is actually Brahim Diaz in a bigger body. Man can’t stay on his feet.

      This made me to laugh so hard

  5. Adli was superb today, delighted for him!

    I would love to see him play beside a good DM in midfield. He is learning his role and there is no doubt he has great technical ability.

    RLC was just terrible, so many good attacks broke down because of him. I think he should be dropped.
    Long term I think he’s a squad player not a starter.

    Great to see Theo back firing – awesome

    I have to give props to Giroud for that gorgeous assist

    1. Totally agree about RLC. He was very frustrating today. Was involved a lot with no real product. You could argue that he directly resulted in Leao reduced marks. Many times he got involved in play between Leao & Theo and was the weak link.

      I also found Pulisic frustrating tonight with his final decisions.

      Adli was fantastic. Now Pioli needs to keep playing him. Rest Reijnders or RLC in the rotations for a while instead.

    2. Just bench RLC, move Adli up to attacking mid, bring in Musah to play next to Reijnders until Benny comes back. That way we solve the creativity that RLC lacks and the defensiveness that Adli lacks. Just let him play behind Giroud so he can try through balls to all our forwards.

      1. I’d love to see a midfield of Bennacer,Adli, Reijnders

        Lots of technical qualities, if a bit light on grinta.

        If we had a DM we could play beside Adli and have Bennacer as AM or Pulisic

    3. No I don’t think he should be dropped talking about RLC as his powerful built could be utilised in defensive area of the pitch if Pioli is any intelligent, I mean with one or two tweak to his game he would be an excellent pivot player just like F Kessie by just adapting him slowly. Then rotate the ACM and the pivot positions between Adli and Tijjani while Musah rotate with RLC in the pivot position. Although I still have my reservations on Musah cause of his lack of positioning, running without purpose and even not knowing who to mark when AC Milan is under pressure and constantly trying to bite more than he chew and consequently putting AC Milan under intense pressure, so for me, if I had to vote a player out I would vote Musah out if not for fact that he is young and could improve, outside this RLC has more resources than him if Pioli is any intelligent manager and am sure he is not if Ibrahimovic and Cardinale had do his job for him, Pioli is not a leader and AC Milan need one as a manager.

      1. Musah is a good player. Not sure why people are beginning to pick on him. He’s a 20 year old that’s been asked to play in 5 different positions so far: double pivot in the 4-2-3-1, mezzala in the 4-3-3, RW, RB and LB (once or twice). My guess is that his natural role is mezzala. Given his role as a Swiss army knife and his age, I think he’s done very well.

  6. I agree with Adli as man of the match; his best game for us.

    Theo, great game, hit the woodwork too, could have scored twice.

    Giroud, nice opportunistic header and a superb assist.

    So, our three French guys were spectacular tonight!

    R L-C was by far our worst player tonight. He is so irregular, alternating great games with bad ones!

    Calabria was having one of his best games until the huge mistake of conceding that useless PK that almost complicated things for us.

    Gabbia is definitely much improved after returning from the loan.

    Kjaer was solid; sure, he did have a couple of failures but overall he did well. Together with Gabbia, they left no alternatives to Lukaku who was a non-factor.

    Maignan was excellent. Several instrumental saves. Almost stopped the PK too; could have stopped it with a bit of luck.

    Musah entered well the game as a sub; almost scored a superb goal.

    Pulisic had a good game and with a bit of luck could have scored.

    Rafa was irregular but did produce some good goal-scoring opportunities for his companions, who couldn’t capitalize. He can do more but was decent if we consider the fact that his companions could have converted the crosses he provided, so not really his fault.

    Reijnders was decent. Had his usual failed finishing but other than that, did well.

    Okafor is coming back from injury, so I wouldn’t blame him for wasting a goal-scoring opportunity; I thought that even so, he looked sharp for someone who hasn’t been playing.

    The other subs didn’t play long enough for a rating.

    This was a very satisfying win, and a good start to the second half of the season.

    1. I pretty much agree with your assessment. I think Reijnders was better than decent. Fantastic ball control and passing. He needs to improve in front of goal , but he was mostly being used in that double pivot with Adli.

  7. Watching this game I was very disappointed at RLC. Although his physicality is very good but he doesn’t have the passing vision for a no. 10 position. Can’t even produce one good through ball for Theo or Leao. He always hesitant in the final third and he must improve on that.

    Other than that Adli well deserved MOTM for this game. Very calm on the ball even under pressure from the Roma player and his defending is much better this time. Great goal as well, hope he can continue this form for future matches.

  8. Agree with the ratings. Adli is the man of the match for sure. I will just add that we can see a lot more of this from Adli if he plays closer to goal. His talent is really wasted as DM. Loftus is not doing anything special as an AM either, so it wont be bad for Pioli to start playing Adli a bit further up instead Loftus who also might do better with a position change.

    1. It could be worth a try, though I think he is too slow for the AM role, sitting deep allows him to dictate and pick passes.
      I think he would be at his best playing beside a good DM in a double pivot.

      We still need to fix our midfield, but at least he gives us a different option there

  9. I don’t mind being wrong about Adli when I doubted his latest performances. I want to be wrong about him because I want him to do well for Milan, and today he definitely did very well. I hope he continues to impress from now on, leaving behind the defensive liability that has marred some of his recent performances.

    1. Adli is not a 6 and Pioli shouldn’t keep trying to use him there. If Anything, RLC hasn’t been very efficient. I would use Adli in RLC’s spot.

  10. Nice game to watch when Pioli gets the basic things right, things just fall in place.
    I can’t believe Calabria is our first option as RB, we need a new starting RB.
    RLC is just underwhelming, I don’t know if it is how Pioli asked him to play but he is just underutilized, especially his strength. I bet he can be a destroyer is played as a DM.

    Great win for the boys and nice seeing Adli getting to fitness. Forza Milan

    1. Strength is not the only quality required for a DM, he needs to be good at defending too, and RLC doesn’t have those qualities

  11. Adli MOTM . That really has to upset his haters on here, but he played great.
    Good performance by the team, should’ve been easier but for Calabria’s terrible challenge. This guy is our CAPTAIN?
    The third goal was brilliant. All of the people talking about how we need to replace Giroud are just foolish. Totally just basing their opinion on age alone. He’s on pace to have his best season ever. Leads the team in goals and assists. If it were a 25 year old putting up those numbers they would be raving about how great he is and how we need to re-sign him. Same with Kjaer, the guy has been so solid for Milan this season. Lucky to have both of these leaders.
    I was hoping for Musah to get that goal, it was a great run and the kid deserves it.
    Let’s keep up the good play!

  12. I’m sure you guys peeped it, but that slight movement by Giroud 2 seconds before Kjaer nodded it across was ‘the simple thing, yet perfect’. Simple movements like that! That man knows his way around a box. Lovely instinct.

    Gabbia, I was very impressed tonight! He should have scored that header, but I loved his reaction afterwards, he got up, ran back and took his position. Didn’t throw himself on the ground, hands up, being theatrical! L loved it! Get up, focus and make sure next time!

    Pleased for Yacine, and it finally looks like Theo has improved his concentration and seriousness, and cut out his tardiness since he went to CB, I don’t want to jinx it, but he’s playing with venom again.

    If Bennacer comes back fit and recaptures his form that we know he can reach, out midfield will be upgraded.

    I’m hoping for a run of games and let’s see where it takes is.

    Forza Milan

  13. We look so much better in a 4-2-3-1 than a 4-3-3. Did Pioli out coach himself trying to change formation?

    Still want Adli to play ACM. He may not be super speedy but he’s set up well with Leao and Pulisc to his flanks. His ability to slot dangerous passes is quite high.

    Please Pioli, just once in the ACM role. He’s a trequartista and I want to see it at least once!

  14. There is no way that Leao and Pulisic were only .5 better than RLC. RLC was abysmal and the other two had very good games even without goals or assists. They should’ve been 6.5 minimum.

  15. This was a great match to watch. There was plenty of back and forth and many exciting goals and chances created.

    Maignan was strong between the posts and made many fantastic saves that allowed us to stay on the front foot.

    The backline did a great job throughout until the final 20 minutes when “things” became a little uneasy. Calabria had a great game win back many balls and bossing the right wing. His penalty cost us a goal but more importantly the momentum shifted and Roma could have made a push if they weren’t so off the mark themselves. Gabbia showed his quality by duking it out with the Belgian Goliath all match and kept him quite until the weaning moments of the match. Kjaer was important on both ends tonight. He Marshaled the defense and gave vital support to his line mates. His assist for Giroud was fantastic and he deserves as much praise as we want to bestow upon him in his efforts. Theo showed us everything we all know he can do. He was very active especially going forward and there aren’t too many fullbacks around that can smash a goal in with that much quality as he displayed. Overall, the backline did its job well with just a few moments of uncertainty.

    On to boys in the middle. The passage of play picked up during this evening with loads of energy and movement. I’ll say it, Adli had a superb match and really set us up to win with his early goal and ball movement. I did not see him sit on the ball or over dribble he was decisive and made a lot of good choices. Reijnders had one of his usually games. He played well in defense and moved the ball around. He also fluff his chance on goal which is a disappointment and he needs to find a solution if our midfield is to be successful as a unit. RLC made a mess of things tonight. He fumbled forward with the ball and seems out of sorts when asked to create on his own. His waste of a chance when Pulisic played him the ball on goal left me muddled and beside myself. For those calling for Adli to be positioned in a more advanced role and placing RLC in a more defensive element I agree with this line of thinking. Overall, I liked the unit’s function as we appeared to be in control for the majority of the match and the midfield played a huge role in that.

    The frontline showed a lot of promise today but left a lot on the pitch. Giroud had a good game. The past couple of matches I thought he found himself to forward and missing the crosses that came his way but he got it right this time and punished the keeper in return. The assist to Theo was a bit cheeky but since it worked we all applaud him for it but bemoan Leao’s heel flick that went no where. Speaking of Leao he was definitely more active tonight. He reframed from his usually pitch walking mentally and won a few balls back in defense. He seemed dangerous as always but couldn’t find the back of the net tonight. For Pulisic he was everywhere tonight except the scorers sheet which is a pity since he played a very dynamic match. He is to be credited for the creation of the first goals movement by detecting the top of the box as the open area and he played the ball which ended up leading to Adli’s goal which Adli deserves all the credit for but Pulisic did find the weakness in the defense. He also produced a few quality shots on goal in both the first and second half and that header would have been class if it had gone in. For him if the stars lined up a bit differently he could have had at least a brace but it was not meant to be. Overall, the frontline was very active and made the match very exciting to watch.

    The subs did not have much of an impact given they came so late in the match. I do want to note that Musah coming on at the wing left me thinking not again. I know he has filled some sort of attacking midfielder role before but geezzz he always tries to shake his defender off with what I think are his version of stepovers but he nearly always trips himself up or loses the ball when on the wing. Pioli is at fault for this just as those Adli fans blame him for Adli’s positioning. Pioli needs to keep him in a defensive role and let him develop.

    Pioli deserves some credit tonight for playing Theo in his nature fullback position and playing Adli tonight. Both players played important roles in the victory and Pioli got the line up right tonight. The sub of Musah may have been due to Chukwueze being out on international duty but did give me pause.

  16. Calabria deserves at least a 6. That tackle wasn’t intentional because he wants to sweep the ball but Pellegrini already moved.

    Overall a solid performance and a great victory.

  17. My MOTM, Adli had an all around great game. He needs a bit more physicality but his vision and distribution was pretty stellar today. Needs to find consistency. Also he wasn’t playing as a straight 6 but rather interchanging with Reijnders. felt like a 2man pivot again with RLC pushed up.

    My flop, RLC again looking flat today. Wasn’t driving forward too much and in the one pass through on goal decided to fall down than to take a shot first time. He is capable of more, but it’s starting to look like the PSG performance was a one off so far. Not sure what issues he’s having.

    Calabria looked good all game, except for that silly PK concession. 5.5 is harsh for that, but as the captain, he should know better. If anything i’d have given the 5.5 to Leao.

    Good to see Milan get back on track, especially after a nervy period at 2-1. This is exactly how the team needs to play moving forward and carry momentum.

  18. Was it just me or RLC was atrocious?. He didn’t pass off when he’s supposed to, movement was off, gave the ball up. I dunno how we can claim he was back?? Calabria did well until the penalty and after. Unfortunately it was costly mistake so I get the rating. Seems everytime we get scored on, all of a sudden we become really shaky and our defence is in 6s and 7s.
    Gabbia had a couple shaky moments early on but once settled in, he did very well. Theo glad to see him get a goal from left back again. Leao once taken off that left wing was short of ideas. otherwise substitution-wise I’d prefer to see Bartesaghi over Jiminez for game time.
    And finally Adli, never mind the goal which was thoroughly deserved but his feet are magical. He has this dink pass that gets him out of the press which is great to have given how close he is to defence and his lobs are crazy accurate. He had an excellent game. His passing was insane. Seems like Pioli is to Jose as what Inzaghi is to him lol

    1. Oh almost forgot, Kjaer does things so simply. Its amazing how positioning is important in defence. He doesn’t have much pace but just by being in the right place at the right time he’s able to snuff out attacks and you’d never know
      Nice game, great points

    2. RLC has been poor for a while now. Indecisive, poor touches more often than not. Small sideways passes more than break through passes, and according to him he prefers to play as a 10?

      I’d play Adli in his position and rest him.

      1. Three different times we should have seen a great chance materialize and three different times he seemed to just stop and lose the idea of what was supposed to happen.

        I just don’t get it. He was a terror tackling and cutting out passes so I don’t think it’s fitness at this point.

        I wonder if, line a striker, his confidence is shot and he cannot get out of his own head?

        Here is hoping he finds his PSG self soon to go with this improved Adli. That would be something!

      2. Yea I’d play Adli there too as well but let him do exactly what he’s been doing now..I think with Adli dropping into the midfield to help out in defence would be perfect in the defensive phase and then he can pass the ball out. And he’s mobile enough…not alot of pace but he gets around.
        On RLC I’d have to agree. Yea there was a moment when Calabria sent the ball across to the left, RLC in the middle near to Giroud almost SS. Theo made the run but was tracked leaving Leao without that option. With Giroud and RLC together the natural movement should have been for RLC to move out of their defence to collect the ball either pulling a defender with him so Leao can operate or if no one tracks him, an easy pass. Dude just stayed in the middle being marked out, I’m like wtf..bro!. This is not advanced movements. We had to recycle the ball back to midfield pivots smh….on a dangerous 4v4 attack . Same thing with the pass out to Leaon just before the first half ended. Something’s not right about him at CAM . He’s so much more suited as defensive mid or box to box with emphasis on defending and bringing the ball out using his strength

    3. “Leao, once taken off that left wing was short of ideas.”

      Leao was taken off in the 79th minute , Milan scored a goal from the left side in the 84th minute. 😂

  19. Adli and Reijnders under a good coach will be so sweet to watch, especially when you add Bennacer.
    Back to back games 7 and 14 were clicking. We should see more and more of that tandem.

    1. Honestly in the beginning I thought Ben/Reijnders/RLC would be great trio, but the Englishman hasn’t been doing anything with his starts lately, so I would have to agree with you.

  20. Adli MOTM is almost too good to be true. Sure he got the opener. Sure his passing was bordering on sublime in some cases. But DID YOU SEE HIM DEFEND?! That was exciting. Sure he has plenty of room to improve but just consider the several notches his D when up by today.

    Puli, IMO, was a 7. He created danger from the right and in the center. His work rate was outstanding. I’m unsure how he gets overlooked when it was a complete game from him.

    I like seeing Musah off the bench rather than starting. Not really enough to rate him today , but I felt he brought the energy we needed at the end. I’d have liked to see he and Okafur sooner though.

    What struck me today was the team concept. There was alot of passing and movement off the ball that was effective and fun to watch. Fun to watch is something that has been hard to come by more often than not the last couple of months. So refreshing!

    RLC continues to concern me and I’d rate him a 5. He was a beast cutting out passes and winning challenges. However on Milan seemed to simply stop when he got the ball. He seemed to have to make a conscious effort to decide what to do next losing us dangerous chances. I’d like to see Adli stay where he is and continue to develop.

    So now I am left asking who can we put in the middle. Puli seems ideal because he can go both directions, is quick, smart and works hard. But, I’d have no solution on the right.

    Honestly I’d love to see Saelamakers on the right on that situation. I liked his Hussle and felt like he had room to grow. Maybe call him back from Bologna? (Yeah I know, not gonna happen)

    Gabbia is not the same cement shoed player I remember from last year. He reminds me of Kalulu stepping forward aggressively to break up the opposition rhythm in the Scudetto season. He reads the game better too. He gave Lukaku trouble the whole match. Not an easy thing.

    Theo gets a perm and his mojo back. Maybe we can get perms for RLC and Chuk too?

    I felt Pioli waited too long on the subs. He seems to bring on the first typically at 70. Today it was about 75. Not sure why he dragged this out. Fresh legs and park the bus. Still he clearly came with a plan and the team play was fun to see.

    Forza Milan.

    1. Midfield without RLC could be Reijnders/Ben/Adli or double pivot Reijn/Ben and either Adli or puli as a 10 and CHuk on the wing (when they are back). There are combinations to be had.

      I just think RLC needs to take a break with performances like that. Adli/Puli are both better than RLC pushing forward thus far.

      1. I just cannot put Chuk in as a starter on the right. So I cannot come up with a nae I think would compliment moving Puli to 10.

        As much as I am a fan of Puli I also have been asking myself, “is he really as good as Brahin Diaz in that role?” I don’t have a good answer to that but I think it a good litmus test.

        As much as I like the raw talent that is Musah I don’t think he provides a better option that Salad at RW either. Again not seen enough yet.

        It will be interesting to see what more we know about this crew at the end of the year.

      2. I think this is a question for the summer transfer window.
        If we decide to go back to a 4-2-3-1 (which we are better at) instead of a 4-3-3, the question is who is gonna play as an AM. Adli comes to mind, but since Pulisic is a natural AM, perhaps we should consider getting a new right winger (Berardi comes to mind).
        In either case we should get a DM.

  21. As I have said many many time about Aldi – he needs PATIENCE AND TIME. He is learning a new position and hasn’t received consistent playing time. However if/when he does you can see what he can do. Fantastic. Not many players have that type of vision and creativity. Yes so many haters on this chat said he was trash and to sell him without giving the kid a chance LOL. Yes it’s only one game – BUT if you understand the game you can see he had all the tools to develop into a great one AT THAT POSITION. Patience friends patience. It will pay us off in spades if we just give this kid a chance. Ya he will be up and down this season that is expected of all young players. But he just needs TIME to learn the defensive aspects of the position. Defense can be taught – just look at Theo. Offense, creativity and vision cannot. Either you have it or you don’t and this kid has it. I pray Pioli gives him the opportunity it’s and starts him from here on out.

    Calabria is becoming a liability and for me he should only be starting against smaller teams or when starters need a rest. Play Teraccino, or even Jimenez. Enough of Calabria and give the captains arm band to Theo next season

    1. Calarbia needs competition to improve. Hopefully Terra is just that (+Kalulu when he’s back).

      A more important issue would be to rethink the captaincy of this team. It’s hard not to field your Captain (Calabria) when he isn’t playing up to par. Can Motta do that? Conte probably would without thinking twice about it. Not sure who it would go to. Mike? (Oli and Kjaer would presumably depart). And Theo is a VICE at best…

      1. Mike would be the choice for me IF he isn’t sold – which I think he will be. But some clubs/coaches are hesitant to give the C to a keeper. I would not be as Mike has been and always is our most consistent player. I said Theo because he usually gets it in Calabria absense which tells me Pioli at least doesn’t want to give it to a keeper.

    2. I thought Calabria had a great game except for the 1 mistake.
      There was a Roma attack early on when he was running backwards after El Sharaawy and he some how knicked the ball away from a very dangerous situation. That was a world class intervention

  22. Why does Adli remind us of John Wick? Similar look, cool and dangerous on the field. If he can keep this performance and even improving it, he can be starter player.

    1. “he can be starter player.”

      Based on performances since the PSG game, it should be RLC on the bench and Adli in starting 11. No doubt about it.

  23. A clarification for those who keep mentioning Adli “haters” and how those who supposedly hate Adli are likely disappointed that he played well today. I have criticized Adli’s performances not because I “hate” him but because I love AC Milan and will criticize any player who doesn’t play well for Milan or becomes a liability; but will then be very happy if the player turns it around and helps the team. I will never be disappointed because a player does well and helps Milan; much the opposite! Today Adli did help us, a lot, and he deserved the MOTM denomination. Great, I’m happy for him an for Milan!

    Now, let’s remember that a broken clock is right twice a day. Adli did have a great game, but overall, season long, this has been more the exception than the rule. Similarly, RLC has had great games (not just the PSG one, but a few others too) but today he was abysmal. So, should we always praise RLC because he had that great PSG game? No, right? When he plays poorly we do criticize him despite that great game he had. Same thing; Adli was great today and I praised him but let’s see if this will become the rule or will be the exception. I hope it does become the rule. I sincerely do. I want him to succeed. I want Milan to succeed. But I won’t hold back from criticizing a player, any player, when he doesn’t do well for Milan.

    Even Maignan has screwed up at times, and I criticized him then and there; does it make of me a Maignan hater? No, it does not.

    My love is for AC Milan, not for specific players. The team endures and stays; players come and go. When players do well I praise them; when they do poorly I criticize them. No hatred is involved.

    1. These fans are dense if they actually think people hate Adli. I highly doubt anyone hates the player perhaps they hate some of his performances. Maybe some are emotionally tied to Adli for their own reasons but for those that are unbiased critiquing bad performances should not be viewed as hate. All Milan fans want all players to put on good performances because we all want Milan to win above all else. I do wonder why so many Adli supporters hate on Calabria? Seems hypocritical to me 🤔

      1. Lol they confuse critique with hate. So his defending is bad, that doesn’t make me a hater especially if I also say his passing is good. Some also equate liking Krunic to hating Adli. These ppl are fools and that’s where alot of this nonsense stems from. Two different players playing a role some other player should be playing.

      2. “These fans are dense if they actually think people hate Adli. I highly doubt anyone hates the player perhaps they hate some of his performances. ”

        Just as there are/were Krunic-haters and Leao-haters. Hate is the favorite word here.

        1. Totally forgot about the Maldini-haters and Calabria-haters. So the hate on those 4 was OK but now that Juro called out on Adli-haters, there is objection to the “hater”-word? 🙂

    2. So I assume that is directed at me because I called out the Adli “haters” lol.

      If you call someone a “hater” of something, you mean that they strongly dislike that thing – in other words you are highly critical.

      SO – You strongly dislike Adli as a DM – not as a person. In this case, We are speaking in the context of a football player – what he does ON THE PITCH. You don’t know him personally so how could you hate him as a person? Your dislike is based on his performances AS A PLAYER – in this case – as a DM. Get it??? For example, Same as those that were “critical” or “hated on” Maldini as a director. They based it on his performances in that role. Not who he is on a personal level because they don’t know him as a man.

      That’s what is meant by “hating” on him.

      And for the record I have been critical of Calabria way before even Adli was at the club. He’s an average player with limited abilities but a hardworking player nonetheless and should be put backup RB – not starter. So I guess I’m a “hater” of Calabria?? Lol. And I also liked Krunic for what he was – a solid jack of all trades backup that always gave his all for the shirt and worked hard in multiple roles. So again, nobody is equating either player to liking or disliking Adli. So not sure what point either of you are trying to make.

      1. You triggered mate? Your hate is strong for these comments. The point is the Adli supporters cry match after match for him to play and when he does play they minimize his bad play by calling out Pioli for the positioning and when Adli plays well these people take a victory lap as if Adli is their daddy. We all get it people support Adli if you want avoid the push back just state what he did well, hope he continues and he’s play will leave Pioli with no other option so he does not need you to wear his underpants to bed. Have a blessed day.

        1. LOL. Talk about triggered “Krunic s heir” lol. Can you Read kid?? Just said the kid needs time. I said it was one game and there will be ups and downs. No victory laps. Nobody said he’s the second coming of Pirlo lol.

          It’s obvious you don’t understand or simply cannot comprehend the point “mate”.

          1. Ooooh you got me. I am so big mad right now! Bro I haven’t read any of your comments and if i remember correctly you felt the need to chime in on my post to explain what hate is. Milan won so I’m happy ❤️

  24. I know Pioli won’t see it but I’d love for him to realize how much better Adli can be when given freedom to go forward. He’s a CM of CAM.

    That said, we need a DM and always did since the Tonali sale. Rather than trying to get a CB this January why not negotiate with Torino for Ricci instead of Buongiorno. Once our defenders are back from injury we’ll have many CBs so I think we just have to wait the injuries out and take the opportunity to get a more crucial position instead. Gabbia and Simic are good enough to get us through the injury crisis and Kjaer might find form with consistency as well.

    1. We should place Terraciano as DM rather than Box to Box midfielder, bc he’s still young and can be developed into specific position

  25. Good perfomance, we always perfom better than roma though, if only we could perfom like this every match, criticism is different from hate, we should never use hate words against anyone, worse off against our players, we love all ac milan players, they are better than all the players in other teams and leagues, thats why we support ac milan, we dont envy any team for having any player, all 32 who have played so far are what we have, and we support them, we are ac milan fans, even next week when we will put a very poor perfomance, and only 11 players start a game, and 5 more come in, and only pioli can choose the 11 and 5, here its only pub talk, the difference being if u insult someone in a pub u get knocked out

  26. Adli is becoming solid deep-lying playmaker and with his vision and passing accuracy, in my opinion he still can elevate his game to become one of the best. But he will need a proper defensive coverage next to him.

    Not that I am implying any sort of comparison to the all time greats in this position – Pirlo and Albertini, but they both had coverage next to them. Pirlo had Gattuso while Albertini had Desailly. And they both too started their careers as AM players…

    Anyway, I’d love to see trio of Adli, Reijnders and Bennacer in the middle cause RLC is just awful and Musah is… Well shortsighted. That probably won’t happen anytime soon as those three don’t have any proper alternative on the bench.

    I’m also glad to see Gabbia hitting the ground so soon, he really is one of most underrated CBs out there.

    1. 100% Ted, he needs a DM beside him or as you say we could have Bennacer and Reijnders as Mezzalas and Adli as the pivot. It would be very high skill midfield if a little lightweight.
      If we had a good DM we would have several good solutions that we could go between

  27. I think that AS Roma is a team that stylistically suits us (just like we have teams we suffer against). We seem to be able to not only win against them, but to put on a good display. Roma is around the same ranking as Atalanta, so you can call it a good win (kinda?).
    I think Adli’s integration did very well for us creativity wise. Aside from Bennacer, he is the only player who can pass the ball forward. His game today, alongside the goal, was very good. But I think I’d rather see him behind the strikers rather than Loftus-Cheek.
    Loftus-Cheek is stronger physically but less good with the ball. I think our lineup (until Bennacer returns) should be RLC-Reijnders as a double pivot and Adli as an AM. But that’s just my idea.
    Theo managed to put himself at a 3+5 G/A which is not bad at all for a half season. I think he’s starting to get back to his form, especially that he can now roam the left flank and not have to tuck inside.
    Giroud’s goal and insane assist speak for themselves but I’m a bit dissapointed by our wingers. It wasn’t a bad game but not excellent either.
    Gabbia and Kjaer did well but our defense seemed exposed at a times and I felt that had Roma been more lethal up front, we could have conceided more goals. I think our midfield still has work to do in the ball winning department.
    Overall I guess one of the biggest positives is that Mourinho is perhaps closer to exit than Pioli, which means that Roma might go for Conte before we do.

  28. Giroud is class ,sheer class …some of you who have suggested other wise is out of your mind ,yes it was a easy goal last night ,but his overall performance was amazing and his assist for Theo ,sheer technical genius…He also lent his hand defensively when needed too ..His stats are pretty good also 10 goals 6 assists not bad for a man of 37 years of age ..
    I just hope he signs another contract …
    Aldi wow he had also a superb game …He is getting better each game he plays ,,,time is on his side .I love when he plays …another great performance also Theo Hernandez,,defending very well ,,,and indeed got forward and caused problems when he did so ,also thought pulisic a good game ,,but unfortunately didnt deliver to many assists,,,or a goal ,but plenty of goals in him for sure ,,,Loftus cheek a steady game ,,,but gave the ball away a few too many time ,but his physicality was nether the less very important,,and he won many battles in the air ,,so an asset for us in midfield…Rafael leao ,,,I love this player ,,but sadly lacked real conviction going forward,,,but he is always a threat to any team ..overall the performance was good ,,but can still improve and it will .
    We are doing very well at the moment…in fact form in leauge is good .
    Man of the match yes you have guessed it OLIVIER GIROUD..

  29. I think that was one of our best games, although no where near perfect this season.

    I will start by saying, it was our best because we finally switched to a 4 2 3 1 with the mentality we used to play two seasons ago.

    Ofcourse the one who suffered most was loftus. He isn’t made for that position and I don’t know why we continue playing him there.

    Calabria had one of his best games besides that stupid penalty but he really did play well. Kjaer is a fantastic leader and always solid and for gabbia, I’ve always said he’s an excellent servant. He may not be flashy and modern but that’s what I like about him. He plays the traditional Italian defending of hard tackles and sticking to his man like glue. Happy he is back. Theo on the left looked great.

    Adli and reijnders looked more of a double pivot and covered the defence better instead of defending with a high flat line.

    I don’t know what the heck is happening to leao but even though he’s getting assists he continues to look lazy and make wrong choices and all of a sudden can barely beat his man. Loftus in that attacking mid looks lost.

    From now to the end of the season I think the 4 2 3 1 is the way to go. Scrap the 4 3 3 and build on yesterday’s performance, most importantly. Gain consistency

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