Player Ratings: AC Milan 3-2 Verona – Substitutes shine; three standouts

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan came back from behind and managed to win the clash against Hellas Verona by three goals to two. Several players did well off the bench and Stefano Pioli can be happy with his squad. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (6): He did his job on most occasions and you can’t really fault him for the goal. It was a clear-cut opportunity and he had to react fast. All in all, decent and no huge mistakes, which we have seen in the past.

Calabria (6.5): He’s the vice-captain for a reason and although he perhaps didn’t shine loads this evening, he was an important player for Milan. Sat back more this time out, but handled his defensive duties perfectly.

Tomori (6.5): We can debate whether the first goal should have been dealt with better, and it should have, but it’s one of those situations where individual blame is tough. Tomori did really well tonight and deserves a good rating for his effort.

Romagnoli (6): It was an okay performance from the captain who certainly had his moments but also was involved in more than one negative one. The penalty is harsh, after all, and the feeling is Milan got hard done by there.

Ballo-Toure (5): The opinions among the journalists at half-time was clear; he doesn’t fit this Milan. I’m sure most fans felt the same, seeing as it didn’t go too well for him. Second half was better, but not by much.

Bennacer (6.5): Solid display from the Algerian in the middle this evening. He deserves a rating that is a tad higher than the average just because he was so good in tight areas, often winning the battles over the ball.

Kessie (7): He did a lot of the dirty work this evening and had no major flaws. Much much better from the President, who has struggled a bit lately amid the renewal concerns. The penalty goal topped it off, for sure.

Saelemaekers (5.5): It just didn’t happen for him this evening. He wasn’t strong enough in the duels and also had a few obvious misplaced passed. He needs to improve, it was a big difference when Samu came on.

Maldini (5.5): Same as the right-wing man, he never really got into it. He didn’t have much to work with admittedly, but that’s not really an excuse when the players around him were on the ball a lot more.

Rebic (6): He was extremely lively at the start and it looked like it could be a good evening for him. However, then he started to have less success and eventually had to leave with an injury.

Giroud (7): He did exactly what Milan want from him this evening. With their backs against the wall, and not much play to show for, a cross was all it took to get back into the game. The Frenchman will be important this season.


Leao (7): Electric from the Portuguese youngster as always. He’s a real key player for Milan, there’s no doubt about it, and his assist was very nice for Giroud.

Castillejo (6.5): Almost as good as Leao and he certainly helped change the game. He will be claiming the third goal, although it was an own-goal after all. Won the penalty as well that Kessie converted.

Krunic (6.5): The Bosnian did incredibly well as a No.10 this evening as he was constantly involved. He was smart in his movement and, above all, on the ball. Very good that he’s back from his injury.

Ibrahimovic (N/A): He tried an acrobatic bicycle kick, but he didn’t play enough to get a rating.

Tonali (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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    1. That’s an unfair assessment. This was his second start in Serie A and did just fine. Nothing severely dangerous happened on his flank. As with otygets, he will news more playing time to adapt – he will be a great sin for Theo.

      1. From what I’ve seen, Ballo-Toure had been quite disappointing so far. Unless he drastically improves the level of his performances, we would have to be on a lookout for a better backup.

  1. Hats off to Leao and Castillejo, and great match from Krunic as well. Truly standout match from all three and I would like to give Castillejo a special recognition because it has not been easy for him lately and he played with a lot of heart tonight.

  2. Rebic was fantastic when he was on. Should have been a 7.
    Kessie was missing for the first 30mins should have been a 6.5.
    Castillejo worked really hard should have been a 7.

    1. I think starting Rebic over Leao was better. Leao joined the game when opponents were slightly tired. Which is great for a player with his style. He smashed the potato Rebic baked for him.

  3. Castillejo MOTM. Provided two goals for us.
    I wish he had some extra muscles to fit Serie A. He is always motivated, helps in defense, actively works in attacks, and runs a lot, but due to his lightweight always ends up on ground.
    Right mentality but not the perfect physical condition.

    1. Castillejo provided the attitude I want from a Milan player….never give up..fight for everything….I think we should keep him and even give him more game time.We need to use each squad player to avoid injuries after all.

      1. Yes, but no. He had enough time in the team throughout 3 years, and although the attitude is there, there are better options out there.

        He does not provide enough in terms of assists neither goals, without which we wouldn’t be winning every game. We need players who can make a difference on a scoresheet, like Insigne (19 goals last season) & Berardi (17 goals last season).

  4. Balllo Toure is just 23…he had good pace and was aggressive in the tackle…he linked well with Leao too.
    Castillejo is an 8 for me…his work rate was amazing…got the penalty..forced the own goal and was tackling well.Krunoc was amazing as well.I loved the attitude of the subs…they came out fighting…I think Castillejo and Krunic have won me over.They are not stars…but their attitude and work rate shows they love the shirt,This is more important than talent… Castillejo was really good…MOTM for me.

  5. ballo tore is fine,give him time.6/10
    maldini is still too raw,we should loan him.5/10
    romagnoli is let down.i gave him 5.
    tatarusanu..i dont know,he kinda shaky at the back

  6. I’m still willing to carry Romagnoli on my shoulders all the way to Turin. It would still less painful than seeing him playing. I suffer since 2015. Enough is enough !!!

  7. Just Send Romagnoli to bench please and make him stay if he cuts his salary and please collect the bloody Captain band from him, there are clearly other leaders in the team

    Secondly, why Does kessie receive such a fight rating, cuz of his Penalty, that na was lost on the pitch, until Krunic came in, didn’t even know he was there, Bennacer owned that midfield, honestly I want to see Milan move forward with Ben and Tonali, we’ll Kessie to Newcastle, he should join their project.

    Krunic remains MR dependable

    Finally, Samu we love you Fam, but if you played every game like you played today, nah, Milan will embrace you.

    1. Kessie was mostly non-existant throughout the game & all hid did was back-passing. He is not AC Milan quality & must leave the club as soon as possible.

  8. All the subs did exceptionally well, but I think Leao was the one who changed the game again. He’s been amazing this season.

    A real talent that needs to work on a few important details and be a little more ambitious.

  9. Ballo toure is a bad left back. He’s even worse than theo defensively but he’d be fine as a LWB. Also, Maldini wasn’t bad and Kessie definitely not a 7 and not better than Bennacer lol, not even close! Swap those ratings and you woule be correct.

    1. Bennacer is the only central midfielder who actually tried to carry the team forward. Without doubt the best central midfielder of the match.

  10. I think if Milan want to get the defense right, Romagnoli should be let go and bring in a better young suitable defender to replace him. Everytime he plays, I always have worries.
    Right wing needs serious upgrades, we can’t be over depending on left wing all games because opponents will figure it out. For now I will rather have Kalulu playing right back and Calabria as right winger

  11. Bravo Samu that is attitude, Balo Ture needs time after that we can judge his display. Players need time to adapt, and we didn’t sign Messi or Ronaldo to expect instant impact. Even Mesi struggles to PSG. Our transfer policy and founds available require patience and we can’t throw away every player after few displays. After the first year we can see. ALSO I would want Romagnoli to stay

  12. Krunic recovery is timely. Diaz can now get some minutes off. Without any sentiment, Pioli is doing fine by getting the best out of his average squad.

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