Player Ratings: AC Milan 3-3 Genoa – Tomori disasterclass; veteran steps up

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan were held to a 3-3 draw against Genoa on Sunday evening after a poor defensive display, dropping points yet again. There were a few culprits and below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out how we decide the player ratings. From the scale to what affects the rating, we have compiled everything there.

Starting XI

Sportiello (6.5): Couldn’t do anything about the goals, really, but made two stunning saves to deny Genoa in the second half. It turned out to be offside, but still two great reflex saves.

Florenzi (7 – MOTM): A nice goal and an equally good assist for the veteran, who also did quite well in the defensive phase today. We really cannot ask for much more from a right-back.

Gabbia (6.5): He could have done a lot better on the second goal, even if his colleague also screwed up position-wise, but at least he got some revenge with a great header to level the scores. It could have been better defensively anyway, let’s just put it that way.

Tomori (4.5): A poor performance from start to finish from the Englishman. A very late and clumsy stamp resulted in a penalty after just a few minutes and he never recovered. He struggled a lot against Ekuban and failed to clear the cross on the second goal. And on the third, although it was unlucky, he didn’t do enough.

Hernandez (5.5): The Frenchman had a couple of good runs, but the end product was always lacking and defensively, he could have done a lot better. Not to mention that he lost the ball quite a few times in vulnerable situations.

Bennacer (5.5): He at least tried to direct the play, making himself available, but he was simply too slow on the ball and also struggled in the transition phase. The defenders were left alone a lot of times and that is no good.

Reijnders (5.5): Tried his luck on a couple of occasions but lacked the precision to find the back of the net. The impressive runs we have seem from him in some games appear to be as good as good too.

Chukwueze (6.5): It was a nice assist for Florenzi’s goal and the Nigerian always managed to put Genoa in some discomfort. However, the end product (bar the cross to Florenzi) could have been much better and he knows that too.

Pulisic (6.5): He managed to get an assist, finding Giroud in the box with a nice cross, and was quite unlucky not to get a goal today. He struggled a bit in the No.10 to get on the ball, but when he did he made something happen. A shot that hit the post and one that the goalkeeper had to make a good save on.

Leao (5.5): To his credit, he did make some runs at speed and thus stretched Genoa quite a lot. However, the final cross was never good enough and it was right to take him off, as also evidenced by Okafor’s immediate involvement.

Giroud (6): Yes, he got a very nice goal on the volley, but he almost didn’t get a pass here (ratings-wise) as he missed an absolute sitter minutes before. Okafor did everything right and the Frenchman looked incredibly lacklustre. His hold-up play also wasn’t brilliant, but the goal did end up being ‘important’.


Okafor (6.5): Great work off the bench, immediately getting himself involved with a great pass for Giroud. He should have got an assist there. One can only wonder why Pioli didn’t give him a chance from start.

Thiaw (N/A): The goal conceded was very unlucky and he couldn’t do anything about the outcome. It will certainly look bad on paper, but the German is not to blame here.

Kalulu (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Adli (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

The manager

Pioli (5): Three goals conceded, lacklustre from the start and questionable decisions in the line-up. His tenure is coming to an end, we get it, but it would have been nice to see some enthusiasm in these remaining games. Hard without the fans, of course, but Milan are leaking and he still hasn’t found a solution.

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  1. Its like Maldini said…waste the investment then Milan back to banter era again. Please be gone already Pioli

    1. The investment is good. The new players give many contribution all season. Why keep mentioning Maldini?

      And as bad as we are, we are still in second. 5th season of consecutive CL place..

      If you don’t remember how banter era feels… Trust me, current Milan is hundred times better than that time.

      1. I agree, at least we don’t have to watch Balotelli as our best player anymore and Matri as out marquee signing.

        1. Huh?

          I dont even say anything about Furlani.

          Just said the new players did their job, which they did.

          Just don’t understand why everyone keep mentioning Maldini as if he is a god that never do wrongs. The time has changed, Maldini was doing well with a lot of transfer but also doing poorly at many things. Most notably for all the transfer in the season after Scudetto. He also let go of many important players for free.

          1. Exactly – pointing out Maldini’s screwups and wondering why these goofballs keep going on and on about him are the exact same thing as hating him in their eyes apparently…

          2. Pint is did he let go of players off his own accord or was management involved.

            Because he covered all this in his interview. And the Maldini hate here is always strong than giving his credits for his work. Let’s not pretend like we don’t see how it goes.

    2. It is Maldini´s last summer that has us plugging too many holes at the same time in the first place.

      And yes Maldini is also a huge part of getting us out of the banter era, but he dropped the ball hard at points as well.

      1. Not sure. I only remember that Maldini pushed the ownership to take the next step forward, I don’t remember if he warned them about stepping backward.

  2. Offer Tomori to Man United, they will be willing to pay 60 mln for him. Add Pobega’s money and you can buy Buongiorno and Calafiori. As Southgate put it, Tomori can’t be trusted much because he keeps making errors. His value will sink sooner than later.

  3. Fact that mt comment is 1st one here should be indication enough that Milan under this coach has hit the rock bottom, and that fans simply cant be bothered to waste time on his tactical masturbations.

    As if hitting rock bottom wasnt enough, Mister brought out a shovel and started digging, with help from Tomori and Giroud, to see if Milan can find a new low before this season ends.

    We have only our amazing owner and management to thank for doing absolutely nothing to stop this. Great job BirdTurd.

  4. Say what you will about individual players, but in the end it was Pioli who lost the match. At 3-2 he takes off a winger and goes to a 3 man defence. We are now in an unfamiliar formation and have no counter-attacking outlets on the wings. Genoa promptly retake the initiative and in no time find the equalizer as nobody knows that they’re doing defensively and when possession is recovered all they can do is boot up the pitch as there is nobody on the flanks for an outlet pass.

    A defensive posture at 3-2 fine, but then you bring in a midfielder (Adli) for Giroud, move Okafor to ST, Puli to LW and Chuk is at RW. Now you are in 4-3-3 with three central midfielders in line, screening the defense, but without drastically altering the defensive or attacking schemes. Mercifully, there are only 3 games left for Pioli.

    1. Genoa got 3 goals from 2 shots on target, with some of the most glaring individual errors avoided that is a clear victory.

      Clinging on the idea that the players are not at fault and it is all Pioli will be shattered next season the latest.

      1. Like I said, “say what you will about individual players”, but we were winning 3-2 at some point, yes? And we got there playing in our usual formation and scheme despite individual errors, yes? So, why change to 3-4-1-2 randomly?

    2. Agree.
      The formation change didn’t work.
      Kalulu looked lost as a RWB.

      Tomori looked like he should have come off and keep it as a back 4.

  5. Leao was booed (not the he didn’t deserve that). Went straight to the locker room without changing hands / words with Pioli. That summed up our problem. We need someone that can glue this team back together.

    Rating wise, one of the positive notes today is Pulisic. Always love seeing him with a more free role.

  6. Remember when small minority was hyping up Pioli after 7 wins in a row vs. teams playing a man down, well now its 6 games in a row without a win.
    For no reason he switched to 3 at the back which led to the 3rd goal. BTW Theo was nowhere to be found on the 3rd goal and people will still blame the midfielders for the bad defense this season.
    2nd goal, cross comes from left side and the shortest Genoa player scores between both CBs.
    1st goal, “great tackle” by Tomori and penalty. But, I guess it’s the midfielders’ fault.
    There are some players that shouldn’t play anymore this season, starting with n10. Sit him down and in the summer let the new coach decide what to do with him. Milan got better immediately after he was taken off the pitch.
    Giroud also should not play until the last game when he can get his well deserved send off.
    Make the coach play the reserves or the youngsters. At least you know they will bring the energy instead of the prima donnas.
    Kudos to Florenzi for his effort and professionalism
    Can’t wait for the season to be over and over the summer with a new coach everyone starts from zero. No one’s spot should be guaranteed going into next season.

    1. I agree with this 100% Theo and Leao have the worst attitude. Whenever they lose the ball they just throw their hands up they don’t track back. Reijners and Bennacer have to run themselves to the ground for this guys. And whenever they have the ball they always try the spectacular. They need to go Okafor showed he was hungry he needs to start. I don’t know why Jovic isn’t starting

    2. Leao’s attitude is terrible. And yes, terrible terrible defense on the goals by our CBs. But to let our midfield off the hook is a crime. Watch for example minute 47 and see how easy it is to reach our box.

      Also Theo is meant to be in an offensive position with one of the kids covering him. And he did track back and beat his attacker throughout the second half. But yes, we needed him at the third goal.

  7. Only Pioli doesn’t see that the offense should be Chuk-Puli-Rafa with Okafor as the striker.

    Even though Giroud scored, he missed a sitter and wasted numerous attacks. We would have won with Okafor playing as striker from minute one. It’s incomprehensible why Pioli keeps starting Giroud who has already checked out.

    Thiaw scored an own goal. He cost us points, again. He needs to be sold. He makes bad mistakes with horrifying frequency.

    Pioli as usual failed with his lineup and his subs. However the horrible defensive work is on management who never replaced Kessie with a proper defensive midfielder. Teams that do not have a good defensive midfielder concede too many goals, and that’s us.

    Tomori was horrendous and gifted the draw to Genoa.

    Chuk was great. So was Puli. Okafor when he came in lighted up the offense. Rafa was double-marked constantly but was decent, didn’t deserve the boos.

    Florenzi was excellent. Gabbia had ups and downs but gets a pass thanks to his score.

    The others were mediocre.

    1. Agree – Pioli’s completely lost it. And I guess Thiaw was unlucky as well as clumsy but I’ve lost all confidence in him unless he proves me wrong next season. Personally I’d take the 30 mil Real are reportedly offering – but they’ll probably come to their senses any day now.

      1. We’ve pretty much got nothing to play for given we’ve all but secured 2nd thanks to Pioli.

        Inter also lost.

        These things happen at this stage of the season.

        It was a fun and mostly meaningless 3:3.

        Why are fans so lacking in joy?

        1. “Why are fans so lacking in joy?”

          Beats me. Season is pretty much rubber 🤷‍♂️
          Before This weekend, Inter was on course to be the second best ever team to win the league in terms of points (potential 101 points). Better than last season’s “incredible” Napoli mind you (they would not have competed with this season’s Inter) and almost as good as Juve record breaking side during a time when they had the best team in the league by miles and the rest of the league had garbage teams so was able to rack up points. And they’re still on course to becoming top 10 in points all time..this season 🤷‍♂️.
          Just to put their season in perspective. And we’re comfortably best of the rest.

    2. Thiaw wasn’t at fault. Theo was no where to be seen. Tomori wasn’t fast enough to cover . It’s like the team had never played with three defenders before the team looked lost in the 3-5-2

  8. Everybody is underperforming under Pioli. He might have been lucky to win the title the same to Ranieri who won a single title in the entire coaching career.

    However, milan management is not serious and I don’t expect them to appoint a suitable coach with their moneyball. God save our Milan for sure

    1. They spent 100 mil last season, want Conceicao, Motta, Conte and will likely spend 40-50 mil on a striker alone but they’re not serious…

      1. They are serious in player investment but they are not serious in coach investment, at least not until fan outrage. Conceicao, Motta, and Conte were all overlooked for Lopetegui, seriously???

        Moneyball is for finding players, not coach.

    1. He will have a photoshoot for some fashion magazine later and probably drop and new song soon, so that counts I guess.

  9. Leao was awful today and he had an awful attitude. Clearly the ultras weren’t fond of him either. But honestly, only the Italians(florenzi, sportiello, gabbia) showed they wanted to play today, because they value the shirt white others do not. I can’t even watch them play right now, it’s awful and frustrating.

    1. Pulisic too as well as Chukweze, Okafor and Reijners showed they wanted to play. The problem was Theo, Tomori Leao and Giroud. Bennacer was basically overworked trying to cover Theo and Tomori

    2. Well leao needs a coach that can straighten him out. Infuse discipline and desire on him. For me next season should be his last if he doesn’t pick up his game and attitude. He can be such a great player but his mindset is not all there.

    3. 0nly the italians came to play today ! WHAT A BONEHEAD COMMENT !!!! ( PULI WHO RAN HIS ASS OFF AS USUAL TODAY)

  10. I mean at this point just deactivate Pioli’s access to the building overnight and give Abate a shot to close the season. Leao included, trash player

  11. Leao is so trash I could not believe he displayed such behaviour after his horrendous showing on the pitch. Like as a footballer everything he shows is just bad, what is he good at? Rap and fashion?

    1. Buddy stick to cricket or go watch Man City, we don’t have time for this crap here. There’s constructive criticism, then there’s pure stupidity like this.

  12. The players are okay we don’t have a problem there, just some quality personnel needed and a sale here and there, Tomori has run his course, it might be time to cash in, last season he was poor as well in that 5th place finish, the main thing is that we are still yet to plug the Franck Kessie sized hole in midfield. Once we do that and invest in a solid experienced striker and CB we should be fine. Let the young guys develop, Conceicao has done a great job with developing youth at Porto, and we all know how good their academy is, and we beat them. So it’s time to integrate our youth into this squad. Looking forward to the next season. At least we aren’t 5th this season like last season.

  13. I believe the management and the next coach will decide Leao’s future. He’s a good player, but, too full of himself. He needs a coach that can restructure the way he plays in the team. The new players – Pulisic, Okafor, Chukwueze, Gabbia – have definitely improved the team. I still feel bad about the way we lost to Roma. Would have been different if he had tried Okafor upfront, with Pulisic and Chukwueze also starting. Pioli just got stuck to playing the same way. Bennacer is getting better, but, stays on the ball for too long sometimes. Overall, a good attacking game. With good strikers, we hope for better things next season.

  14. This season is already a disaster so it’s pointless to give analysis.

    Let’s just hope Juventus don’t win tonight against Roma. Since we’re pretty much useless and hopeless on the field, luck is what’s left for us.

    1. Can’t call this season disaster man. We are in 2-3 place. It is a step backwards seeing the performances on the pitch, derby losses etc, but we still made it to 2nd or 3rd and cl next season. It’s clear the team needs a breth of fresh air, starting from firing baldy (way overdue, should have been gone last summer). Proper replacement and the right reinforcements in the squad.

        1. Learn to read man. I said a step backwards regarding our performances on the pitch, derby losses etc. NOT THE ACTUAL ranking on the table.

          1. Oh you mean in a completely subjective, non-measurable way (ignoring the fact that we’re also scoring more goals).

            Learn to enjoy life.

  15. It is evidently clear Pioli’s time at the club is over, even the players are tired of him, we need a change, something happened today, when we switched to a back 3, any incoming coach should try and see how we can use a back 3, tomori/thiaw ,Gabbia, then with Hernandez on the left of midfield, and Kalulu or Terraciano on the right, that way, we would be very solid, then have a 3 man central midfield with RLC in the centre , with Bennacer on the left, and Adli or Tijanni on the right, then use Leao with another striker, this team would not only be solid, but it would completely streamline our play, and make us very direct, we should ditch this 4231, it is not right for us, it exposes our midfield and defence..

    1. Well how do we expect the players to perform if management doesn’t even back or pretend to back the coach like any normal club would do. The Curva also abandoned them before their crucial tie vs Roma into he UEL. Neither the coach nor the players feel supported at this point in time. They’re playing for a coach that’s most likely going to get fired and the players do seem to like him. Plus the coach is probably looking at all the rumours around him and probably feels like a figurehead at this point. Lose-lose

      1. Exactly.

        They’re firing a coach who has met his season expectations.

        That’ll teach him.

        And look at the reactions on here from all the miserable bastards after a pretty meaningless 3:3 draw where we’ve all but secured 2nd.

        There’s just not joy in these fans.

        They don’t appreciate the Scudetto and last season’s champions league run, they hate the manager and some players especially the captain, and have been complaining about them all season, they seemed almost ecstatic that the team got knocked out of the EL as they think it somehow made them win an internet debate, they’re constantly looking for who they can replace.

        It’s just utterly pointless. Why did they watch the game this week?

        Clearly it wasn’t an enjoyable experience so don’t repeat it. Don’t watch next week. Don’t comment. Let. It. Go.

        It’s not healthy.

        Next season maybe give it another go and when you feel that sense of righteousness anger come on because the coach didn’t pick your fav’ or the results didn’t go your way then it’s time to quit again.

        Some people clearly don’t have the focus or stamina to be, erm, football fans?

        1. May have responded to the wrong comment. See above under your name. I’m def in agreement here. On the one had yes I do understand why one would want a change sure, fine ….but what I dont understand is the lack of appreciation for the work being done here. 2nd is nothing to sniff at,.there’s only.ome winner per season and Inter has one of the best ever campaigns for a series a side including last year’s Napoli. Pioli, in proper seasons, worst finish was 4th after trying to go as far as possible in the UCL last year. The others were seconds and a Scudetto. That’s an incredibly difficult thing to achieve. These accomplishments aren’t easy at all. We might be 8th next year with a new coach like Napoli. As long as current complaining fans understand this I’m good……but I very very very much doubt they do.
          Also the support from management and the Curva is appalling. We’re taking a slim 1-0 trail to Rome, the tie wasn’t over yet but somehow the Curva decides to abandon the team then talk afterwards about failing to meet objectives and further withdraw support (not to mention disrespecting our current coach). So much for loving the team!
          I find myself closer to the team in difficult times and really it because of our past. Galliani was first and foremost out there with 100% support for the coach and the team anytime it faced difficulty and I’ll carry on in the same way. Cheers to the next match and if I were over there if encourage everyone to show up at San Siro

          1. Sorry I was a responding to your comment and agreeing with you.

            The other ‘you’ I was using was the royal you! I should have said ‘one’!

            Completely agree here as well..

            The curva are a farce. They boycotted one of the greatest players to have ever played for the club in his last game. Enough said.

            Sticking with your team during tough times is exactly what fans should do!

            My bigger issue is that these completely unrealistic expectations are what is going to prevent Milan returning to the top.

            If the media, fans and owners have unrealistic expectations it results in panicked, chaotic, and irrational decision making.

            Look at this season’s expectations.

            The club tells Pioli he needs a top 4 finish so he delivers a top 2 finish and is….sacked.

            That is not the basis for running any organisation. It kills morale and makes every decision arbitrary.

  16. No point to build & puff anymore after showings like this. Everyone needs this season to fast forward to the the end… Curva Sud, us, players and at this point probably Pioli too.

    Most tragic 2nd place finish for Milan ever LOL!!!

  17. I’m not even going to say anything about baldy. He is already thinking about his next club, (been talking about him whole season long). Just wish he could play some of the youngsters in these last games of the league. Hope we get a good coach next season and proper reinforcements. Leao, better pick it up next season or next season should be his last for our shirt too. Let’s what the summer merkato will bring us.

  18. pansy ass players who rate themselves too highly and have fragile egos. That doesn’t go well with a manager who wants to be everyone’s buddy.
    I once thought Leao was destined for greatness. no more.

  19. Positives.
    Attack looked dangerous with Pulisic as a 10. Chuk played well. Okafor looked good off the bench. Florenzi great. Bennacer was a lot better than I was expecting. Think the rating on him was harsh.

    Giroud was anonymous. Then butchered that chance from Okafor. He is just too slow now and only dangerous for moments when he can get set in the box. On the goal he drifted beautifully to the back post but if I was a Genoa fan I’d be furious at the full back just gave up and watched him have the shot with no pressure.
    Leao had good moments but there were a lot of selfish runs where he goes for the glory shot instead of putting a team mate through.
    Ditto for Theo. He could have put Leao in a great position in the second half but shot himself from long range with 3 defenders around him.
    Tomori. What can I say so many mistakes.

    Pioli. Obvious mistake playing Giroud.
    The subs with a switch to 352 didn’t work.
    Kalulu was lost as RWB.
    Chuk pace was needed for the counter. Giroud was the forward to sacrifice.

  20. I dont understand this coach , why starting player that already want to go like giroud ? There is camarda, you can try give him some minute playing . Changing formation to 3 man defense are disaster. Bennacer awful performance , cannot help him anymore , need to sell him in summer 30m euro and use that money to buy DMF

  21. Watching today’s game you can tell Pioli doesn’t know how to motivate the squad anymore.

    The players were making unforced errors, sloppy movements, slow and predictable plays.

    It felt like they didn’t even know each other on the pitch.

    No fight, no grinta. And Genoa came to fight. Simple as that.

  22. Well, I think Pioli must be offload after Genoa match. And let Abate or Bonera take charge for the rest matches.

    Secondly, I think players such as Leao, Thiauw, Adli, Pobega, Reijnders should be on sale. And buy new players that fits to the new coach.

    Whoever the coach, I support. Conte, Conceicao, Van Bommel, or even Abate. But not Fonseca, Lopetegui.

    But I personally want Conceicao, I want Milan more aggresive, and I think Conceicao is the coach who can bring that.

  23. I was watching this game and for some reason focused in on Reinjders to see what he really brings to the team (maybe because I think the rest of the games are sort of rubber but nonetheless..) And I have no clue what exactly extra he brings. Like what exactly does he do? Pass the ball off to others who then have to formulate the attack. He doesn’t have great defensive attributes either but so too none of our mids. He not difficult to mark and he doesn’t produce lung bursting runs into the box 🤷‍♂️. Sorry to be harsh on dude but the level is not extraordinary.
    Anyways, shout out to the real fans who showed up to support the team today which was like four fifths of the stadium.

    1. He definitely has room to grow but his attribute is driving the ball forward, which he can do. But the bigger failure is the lack of the system to break down teams that defend deep.

      All we do is go side to side without a clue what to do. The passing isn’t fast enough to catch anyone off guard. Instead we get to the box quick, then start passing back and around, keeping possession workout a plan trying to overload one flank at a time against a team that sits deep.

      Case in point: both legs against Roma… completely clueless.

      1. But isn’t this the point though. He’s the one that should be passing faster, better, through the low blocks . Even his driving the ball forward as you pointed out, 1 is not quite effective and 2. the spacing/distance is limited to his skill ie he doesn’t physically advance very far and his long balls aren’t that great. I see him more doing lateral passing, same thing we gave Krunic stick for. While the passing is quite silky (what I think was his biggest attribute) it just sort of dawned on me today as to what other things he can do with great effect. Anyways like you said, first year here, but I am expecting serious improving next year as he’s already hitting peak years for a mid

        1. He is pretty much a mezzala brought for a 4-3-3 who found himself playing as one of the double pivot in a 4-2-3-1. It’s not that huge of a positional change, but he has to deal with other elements he wasn’t very used to, and it’s his first year. I think the problems you pointed with his passing can be, at least partially, explained by our lack of collective work and the fact that we play like individuals rather than a team. Current Milan is slow because players have no clue to whom they shall pass and when.
          Should Milan learn to play collectively, players will become more aware of one another and will “instantly” find line breaking passes through the opposition block.
          With that said, I agree that Reijnders since september wasn’t that impressive, he has good stamina, his passing is slick but that’s about it. The best forward passer is Adli, but he also sometimes takes eons to make a decision and can’t defend to save his life.

          1. Adli sometimes also try to do too much, too risky passes.

            His passing ability, contrary to many claimed, is average at best. He has good vision so he can do many Hollywood long passes but his short, quick passing is not precise enough, which leave us in many difficult situation last time I watched him live (against Juve iirc)

          2. Agree – while I think Reindeer’s performance has dropped so has everyone else’s. The warning signs for this collapse were there in the Slavia Prague games. I’ve never been so depressed after a win in my life.

        2. Krunic moved the ball faster and more efficiently, his positional awareness was much better, defensively he was solid and he told others where to go.

          If Reinjders imaginary ‘ceiling’ takes him there I’d be happy but I’d also be irrated that we forced out the player who was already on the ceiling….

        3. To be honest, if Pioli doesn’t leave immediately, it will get worse. There’s a psychological effect and it’s sad that management can’t see it. Fair enough Pioli has met his target, but the truth is things do not look like they will improve under him. Management not making a categorical statement about the situation shows how naïve they are about football.

        1. Adli (or Aldi)’s problem is he lacks spacial awareness and is slow… not sure he has the football brain that is required in his position..

          1. It’s Adli.
            He is not playing in his natural position. In Bordeaux he was mainly used as an attacking midfielder and sometimes as a central midfielder, but never as a defensive one, so that might explain the lack of spacial awareness.
            Currently I think that he has the best vision and best passing range among our midfielders (which says more about our lack of good midfielders rather than him being this good) and at least he can take a corner. Now he has a lot of work to do in the decision making department, and should probably learn to go less often for the flashy long ball that he takes forever to commit to and go more often for a quicker and safer pass and of course, work on his defense.

          2. Oh sorry lol my phone always “autocorrects” incorrectly. Similar to Thuram – Thurman all summer long 🤦‍♂️🤭
            Yes I meant Adli

      2. Ah one of those ‘room to grow’ that’s always reserved for new signings…

        The system is better than 18 other systems in Serie A and I’m so over all of this constant complaining.

    2. Same question I have always had but never voiced aloud here.
      What exactly does reinjders do. Because I have seen a lot praise him to high heaven, and seriously I am not hating on him.

      But I see him as another Adli. Young talented playmaker with no defensive attributes, decent to good passer, and alot of room to grow.

      1. Same here. Not hating on dude or anything, just honestly wanting to know what exactly he brings to the table. I see often alot of lateral running and lateral passing from him. He doesn’t exactly break past a press for instance but he can pass the ball very well to others, keeps the ball ticking over. He might be very suited to Barca tbh I could see why they wanted him. But imo he doesn’t provide anything beyond those things. Anyways let’s hope he gets better for next season

  24. Honestly, Gabbia is a different player entirely now. He barely makes mistakes. He’s so full of confidence.
    When I complained about LEAÒ sometime ago, I received insult from MALDA. Everyone knows he is one of the best in his position but the guy is just too inconsistent. He only plays when he feels like. We need an aggressive coach to talk some sense into his head. Let him sit on the bench if he doesn’t perform. We’ve been Ac Milan without Leaò, and will remain Ac Milan when he leaves. I’m surprised by his attitude sometimes. He wants to win the Balon d’or and he is behaving this way. He should ask Neymar, Balotelli, Quaresma and the rest of them how many Balon d’or’s they have won despite their huge talent. The guy needs to be serious. Damn it!

  25. “For no reason he switched to 3 at the back which led to the 3rd goal.”
    Really, is that what led to the third goal? What lead to the first 2 then? Is anything ever the player’s fault?
    I guess it’s Pioli’s fault that Tomori made a completely idiotic challenge for a penalty 3 minutes into the game.

  26. Pioli’s Milan is in 2nd place ahead of Juve and Napoli. Inter are dominant right now. I question some of his tactics but I am not running practices and dealing with the egos. Pioli can stay if you ask me.

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