Player Ratings: AC Milan 4-1 Torino – Leao electric; new signings impress

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan clinched another three points and thus grabbed their second win of the season in front of a sold-out San Siro. Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic got on target again, and down below are the player ratings for the Rosspneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): Couldn’t do anything about the goal and that was Torino’s only shot on goal as well, meaning he didn’t have much to do. He was good with his feet as always.

Calabria (6): He did quite well in his inverted role today and certainly had more defensive than attacking duties. Overall, a decent game for him.

Thiaw (6.5): Once again, he was probably the best centre-back for Milan as he often won the ball back and didn’t fear to advance with it either, making two or three very good runs up the pitch.

Tomori (6): The Englishman may have had one or two shaky moments, but overall he did a good job using his pace to stop the attackers. Nothing special, though, given the lack of quality from the Torino attackers.

Hernandez (7): That’s what we like to see! Just like against Bologna, he was very active on the left flank but also got an end product this evening. It was a fantastic dink to make it 3-1 and even though he faded a bit in the second half, very well done.

Loftus-Cheek (7): A strong performance from the Englishman who got stuck in and won most duels for Milan. He did really well on the first goal, accelerating past his men, and then setting up Pulisic.

Krunic (6.5): Dictated the play well and above all used his body in a smart manner to keep possession for Milan (just before the first goal, he dispossessed Torino).

Reijnders (7): Another very good display from him with movement all over the pitch. He didn’t have 100% passing accuracy this time out but that doesn’t matter, managing to showcase his passing anyway. A few chances were missed, though.

Pulisic (7): The American opened the scoring after a move that he started, laying it off to Loftus-Cheek before making a very good run into the box. He had a couple more chances but failed to convert. Overall, another good day for him.

Giroud (7): Yes, he scored two goals, but both came from the spot. He kept his cool when he switched sides for the second penalty, showing his experience.

Leao (7.5 – MOTM): Just about gets the MOTM for this one as he managed to get a lot more end product from his runs tonight. The assist for Theo, winning the penalty, and then also setting up many other chances (that weren’t converted).


Musah (5.5): Had a quite a few so-so moments at the start but then showed off his abilities with a very good attacking run, which saves his rating a bit.

Chukwueze (5.5): Tough to assess him, truth be told, but he just didn’t look that dangerous on the right flank. He did have a few 1v1s and created nothing.

Okafor (5.5): The touch wasn’t there and he struggled to be in the right position.

Kjaer (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Florenzi: (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

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  1. Hmm besides the assist for theo and the penalty I thought leao was poor. Yes he beat shuurs but I think of leao being a world class player now and it wasn’t a world class performance

        1. No, I expect Leao to improve his decision making , passing accuracy and shooting. He hasnt shown that thus far this season. He needs to learn to play with more than Theo.

          1. Completely agreed. His decision making is still poor, in the last 20 minutes he lost at least 5 good chances from poor passess or duels lost. The shooting is a technical problem, I don’t think he can improve that.
            In spite of those issues he is still making a difference, which tells how dominant he is.

          2. Yep. Good runs and his passes/crosses were terrible. Not that good shots either. But think about it this way… If Leao is the least efficient winger in our squad that means there is depth and we’re not relying on him only.

          3. “The shooting is a technical problem, I don’t think he can improve that.”

            Of course he can. That’s actually very easy to solve. Just stay and practice those after trainings and they will improve. It’s all about repetition and practice.

      1. Dude let’s be objective here, Leao was poor today and had some moments of unprofessionalism. Bar the assist and a couple of nutmegs he was poor for his standards, it’s a good thing we don’t have to rely on him alone anymore. Leao isn’t 21 anymore he needs to take his game to the next level and the MOTM is a fuc*king joke.

        1. Dave, you’re definitely not being objective here when all you wrote was “Leao’s poor” but didn’t praised his assist, he got the pinalty, and he involved with most goals that bring VICTORY for Milan!

          Seriously, you and some dumbass who keeps complaining about Leao should just go back playing video games where you can keep running for 90 minutes and score 5/6 goals. Period.

          1. You clearly don’t know nothing about football or what I’m trying to say. I consider him a world class player now and yes he was involved in the goals before that he had many bad crosses bad passes and bad runs. You can tell he was getting frustrated until we finally scored. He’s not on the top of his form yet and when he gets there that attack will be much more deadly.

            Now go on with your every day life tool.

        2. Paldini fangirls still huritng, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something to complain about

          this is getting pathetic

      2. I said what I said. Pulisic on the other side was doing everything, meanwhile leao was making poor runs, poor passes and poor decision making in the first half. He also had some good ones, but what I’m trying to say is i see him as a leader of this team now. He has the world class potential so I’m going to treat him as that. He’s been out of form and I know he will get back to being amazing but right now he’s playing below his potential. If you thought he was goos today, he will make your head explode when he hits form

        1. Lmao. He made poor runs, poor passes, and poor decision making that lead to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th goal = 3 point for Milan.

          Again, fvck outta here kid and check your eyes asap.

    1. Leao was poor considering what he can do. He was completely predictable out there. Make runs through the right and make the most casual of passes into the box 70% of the time. There were times there were better placed players behind him or just outside the box, yet he chooses to play a pass into deserted areas.
      Yes, he can outrun and out skill a lot of them defenders, but the casual approach will cost us against quality opponents.

    2. For leao to Improve to top class Winger he should know when to attack and element of surprise when to cut to the right when to sprint when to attack the open spaces,

      he should work more 1-2 with Thoe and Giroud, he needs to improve in this area for him to be world class player, mostly attacking and lifting his head up

  2. After fourth goal they stopped. Unfortunatelly, except Musah, bench looked like they are scared, and stiffed. They need to start playing asap.

    Most important question how is Leao ?

    1. Chuk, Musah, Okafor clearly need some more time to get settled in the game. musah had a couple give aways but he recovers so quickly the opponent looks confused. Also showed off the 1 v 1 that ends up as more of a 1 flying through 2-3 guys. Didn’t look any more or less lost than Loftus Cheek out there. I hope they will give individual bench players time to play with the regular starters to accelerate their comfort in the system so that if they do all come in together, its not jumbled up. if one sub gets a 5.5, its on them, if they all do, coach you gotta get them some run.

  3. Very good performance by everyone.
    Midfield looked much more compact today in comparison to last week.
    Totally dominated the game. Outside of that broken play that led to the equalizer Torino had nothing else.
    Loftus Cheek had a good gane but he needs to work more on his defensive awareness. He lost Schuurs on the Torino goal, but that was a great run on the 1st goal.
    Pulisic looks awesome, even though he is playing on his less favorite side.
    Thiaw was impressive today.
    Much better from Theo and Leao today. Theo needs to calm down. That’s a 2nd yellow for over reaction in 2 games.
    Bring on Roma

    1. I totally agreed with you. Is too early for Theo to harboured too many yellows in this important phase of the season. He needs to calm down like Krunic. I love Krunic’s work today, He gave a lot of security for the defense. Forza Milan.

      1. They are a weird team really. The roster is quite good actually and their stats are pretty good, they should have won easily both games but like last year they underperform spectacularly.
        On paper our game should be easy but I am a bit reserved, they are always nasty.

  4. Krunic? You sure it’s not Dominguez?

    Chuk and Okafor, just like match against Bologna where they looked confused. Understandable tho. Good thing Pioli put more minutes to these ‘newer’ signings.

    1. Pioli: “If Krunic is going to stay? Yes. Giroud is a great player, but it’s clear that when the Champions League comes, if you want to be competitive in both competitions, nobody will be able to guarantee you 100% throughout the whole season. The more solutions we have, the better it will be: at the moment we are fine as we are, but the club will see what to do in the remaining days.”

      Condolences for all Krunic lovers. And looks like another striker is comin..

  5. Its working. They will still need time to get the details down but its fun to watch and thats what you want in football, right?
    Roma also looks ripe for the taking

  6. Lmao people are actually going after Leao for not scoring, yet he was involved in three of the goals? Oh please. Outrageous.

    Great performance overall. And yes, we did shut off after the fourth goal because there was no need to expend extra energy. We have Roma and Inter coming up.

    1. And I do think we still need a DM… and Federico Redondo might be a good one as a prospect. Considering it’s too late to sell Krunic.

    2. He wasn’t bad but not that good by his standards. His dribbling was top notch IMO but he needs to be more focused when passing/crossing.

        1. Dude you will never satisfy these guys. Bo, my name is just like the former footballer Giampiero Pinzi, they aren’t Italian they don’t get it. I’m very impressed. I didn’t expect this at all and I’m partying my ass off bud.

  7. It’s quiet clear you guys hate Tomori.

    Tomori stepped up to many of Thiaw’ miss-positionings.
    Thiaw misplaced many passes, Tomori made good tackles compared to Thiaw.

    Stop being bias when rating

    1. nah man. His game lvl has droped that is all there is to this.. Maybe he will get it back this season. I hope he does anyway.

      Thiaw on the other hand is just gonna get better. End of the season he gonna be a 50M cb

          1. Flying turtle has no clue, you are right. By evidence that he thinks Krunic is great and worth 25 mil. Tomori was excellent today, as was Thiaw. Even Calabria played well.
            Besides you can’t take anyone seriously that writes Nah and probs.

  8. Pioli is destroyer of young talents ,colombo,romero,romero with such a strong preseason,colombo too,and he dont give them a minute on 4-1,i dont know what bartesaghi hope on,he will always be 3rd maybe 4th option on LB cause pioli will force florenzi and alabria as theo’s backups before him

  9. Great performance.

    Pulisic is providing a really nice balance down the right and this time Leao seemed to benefit from it.

    The other new players will need time to settle in particularly if they’re only coming off the bench.

    1. Lmao but you thought all the new signings were disruptive. I told you time and time again the new signings for RW were simply a reinforcement that we badly needed.

      1. I’ll weigh in little man.

        It’s two games against sub par attacking opponents. Curb your over abundance of enthusiasm that your aspergers gives you until they face teams that are actually a threat. When we face some adversity and thrive, then you should gloat.

        Until then, go count how many Legos you have.

        Now for the adults. These were the games we had issues either last year so it’s a good feeling to win fairly comfortably.

          1. Also numbskull, we lost to Torino three times last season and they knocked us out of the Coppa Italia. Maybe you’re the one that needs to put down the legos because you’re certainly a child. You need to learn how to show respect to adults.

          2. Seems like you get upset real easily. Emotional intelligence isn’t for all. Glad you’ve accepted that you’re a special individual.

        1. LOLOLOLOLOLO!!! Epic Lego reference lol

          Just want for the insults and the nonsensical rants coming…

          I live rent free in little @Giancarlo’s head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 – it’s highly entertaining

          1. What’s a Juro anyways? Someone that can’t possibly spell or learn proper grammar. Then accuses others of being children.

            I suppose you didn’t even pass high school. Such is the sad story of the education system in America.

      2. We’re only 2 games in.

        But Pioli has done the sensible thing of only introducing a few of the new signings.

        Besides I’ve always hoped I’m wrong. Both because it would mean Milan would be doing well and also because I wouldn’t have to keep defending our players against fans like you (although given the way you talk about some of our Scudetto winners that’s not guaranteed).

          1. 😆 – but no… he has an answer for everything. We just imagined all that incessant moaning about disruption the past 4 weeks.

        1. He introduced the primary signings. Many of the others were for rotation. He obviously wasn’t going to start ALL the signings at once.

          Yeah you’re definitely wrong.

  10. Ratings are pretty spot on. The most impressive players for me though were the three new midfielders- RLC Reijnders Pulisic. I love all three. Just perfect signings by RedBird (so far).

    1. 💯 Both Reijnders and Puli have been great thus far. REIJNDERS for me was MOTM as he was everywhere, again, for 90+ minutes. A bit unlucky with the shots on target but that will come too.

      I remember how much pessimism there was about Puli playing on the RT when we signed him… Looks like he’ll be the one giving Chuk a run for his money.

      1. Yeh Pulisic has been better than I think any of us dreamed. Pure class. Chuk will come good as well I’m sure- I think he’s playing a bit safe at the moment but soon the only thing defenders will see will be the blur of his pink boots going past them.

  11. Leao is back to his lazy stroll around the pitch and attempting to do nothing- I know his fan boys will be triggered. Aside the assist and a couple of nutmegs Leao was poor for his standards, his pressing is always too slow and allows easy bypass against a top team we’d be made to suffer. Great win even though the penalties were soft but it’s a pointer that we can be on the receiving end some day.

    1. Dave, you are so ridiculous. Bias much? Or possibly racist? Had an assist, drew the penalty that resulted in another goal. So he contributed to two goals and created countless other opportunities. Really poor. You are really reaching to try and make Leao look bad. Honestly you are just making a fool of yourself at this point.

    2. He will turn it on when he needs too. He is too smart and talented for his own good because limiting his efforts will only slow his progress as well as endurance. That is often the case with superbly talented young athletes. They pick their spots a little too much when it comes to giving full effort.

  12. Nice to see that he believe in young talents as he often speaks. Even on 4-1 no chance for Colombo, Romero …Bartesaghi (Our backup for Theo 🤣🤣🤣) not even called up.

    1. Just because he didn’t bring Colombo on in match day #2 doesn’t mean he “doesn’t believe in young talents.”

    2. Leao, Thiaw, Musah, Okafor, Pulisic, Chukwueze, Reijnders are young talents you retar*

      Bartesaghi just arrived a couple of days ago. No way in hell he will get start or play as a sub.

      Romero and Colombo will play. This is just match 2 in the league. We still have 36 more along with CL and Coppa.

      1. @ForzaMilan,Your mum is retar* who learn you to speak on that way internet warior.
        Leao,pulisic,okafor,musah,chukwu are big payed already formed players and not talents from youth team.If you dont see the difference go ask your reta*ded mum maybe she knows.You deserve a few hard slap you miserable antisocial disrespectful kid.

        1. Oh now not young talents but unknown players from youth team lmao

          Fvck outta here and go suck your mom tits you retar*

  13. Bench players need time to adapt but if they manage to get more minutes into the action they will start to perform. For our starting 11 I have no comment, everyone did their job excellent. Easy 3 points and we stay strong for the next games

  14. I can’t really understand what game some people here who are saying that Leão was poor, watched today! Unbelievable! Leão was excellent!!!

    And Krunic was just fine, to the despair of his detractors.

    R L-C was great. And Pulisic. Tomori was solid today. Theo was superb (but he needs to stop collecting yellows for dissent).

    Look, see how vastly improved we are: last time we played Torino at San Siro (a game I attended in person) we could barely get by with a 1-0 score. Today, 4-1.

    Some Milan “fans” will always be complaining, instead of enjoying how much better we look this season as compared to last season.

    1. Not to make this about Krunic again, he did ok today.
      But what the detractors problem with Krunic is, you just kind of highlighted in your post. the best thing even his supporters can say about him is ” he was just fine” or “he didn’t make any big mistakes.”
      That’s the best he can do. His ceiling is “just fine.”
      We need better.

      1. Yes, he’s not brilliant but he is actually a good player. Sure, he has a ceiling, but he’s what we have now and he’s doing his role well. And if you guys want him sold 5 days before the closure of the transfer window, you’re out of your mind. We’d need a DM ready to play and integrate into the team. There isn’t anybody we can afford that would do that. Dominguez? I’m not sure that he’s better than Krunic. We must keep Krunic until Bennacer is back. Pioli is absolutely right about it.

  15. Theo already on 2 yellow cards after 2 matches for complaining to the ref. Calm down man we need you as they didnt bring any back up for you.Why is he so nervous and angry all the time.

  16. We looked sharper than last week. Puli is the real deal but I still cringe a bit when he goes to ground.

    Leao looked like he is adapting to the opportunity that opens with Reinjders, Puli, etc al.

    Defense was better. Wish tomori got a bit more credit for an excellent game.

    Can some explain the excitement over Okafur in particular but Chuk as well. Okafur in particular didn’t even seem to hussle. Chuk ran but seemed to be guessing where.

    1. Pulisic is skilfull no doubt. The problem with him is that he gets inured too often. Also for now he has been the main improvment of the team. Without him i think we are back again to just waiting on Leao to create something. One trick pony.

  17. Krunic DOMINATED the defensive midfield. I dont see why everybody hates him so much. Strong in every situation, being at the right place at the right time, clearing crosses, and silencing Torinos attack.

    Deserving a waaaay better rating. Yes, he plays boring, but damn it was solid

  18. Good game all around. It’s a good thing the owner just signed that Pulisic bum because he’s American and wants to sell in that market, right?
    Honestly I’m not seeing what the Chuku hype is about. Not showing much yet, and seems like one of those guys that always has to cut back to his left.
    Reijenders was good but the rating is a bit high. He missed a couple goal scoring opportunites. His passing is great but his shooting needs improvement.
    Krunic was Krunic. “No big mistakes.”

    1. Yeah, so far it seems that Chuku won’t be worth the money while Pulisic has already proven himself. But let’s see how the Chuku situation develops…

  19. Not a bad game but pleanty of stuff to improve on. The attack is good, even tho Pulisic looks better when he goes down the mid rather then on the wing. No matter he gets the job done, so will leave that for now. For the mid tho passing is bad just like before, also they leave pleanty of space when defending. Team work is lacking. LC looked lost for most of the game. Despite the lucky “assist” (It was ment for Giroud) he didnt do much else. Krunic did good and i think best in the mid, which says a lot. Rejndiers was disapointing and dosent deserve a 7 at all, missed too many chances and misplaced to many passes, he was the worst mid today. In general the mid needs work. The defence was good especialy the full backs going forward.

  20. Good game, new signings are doing great, in my opinion, the starting 11 did good tonight, let’s hope our subs picks up as fast as possible. Great job boys, Pioli nice one too. Let enjoy the moment.

    1. This ^^^^

      I’m happy with the win and thrilled with the improvement from game to game.

      But …

      I am unsure what we get off the bench other than Kalulu (a nice utility defender) and Pobega (a nearly nice and improving utility mid)

      I’m sincerely asking what I should be looking for with Okafur. Looks like CdK part deaux at the moment. Chuk improves from last week but I cannot match what I saw with the hype.

      I get that both games were in hand already so do we start one of them to fully integrate this early and keep Puli/Leao/Giroud fresh? Seems like they themselves still need time to gel from what Pioli is saying.

  21. LMAOOOOO A child is calling me a child? Oh the irony on this site sometimes.

    It’s amazing people like “Maldini’s Heir” and his clone “OmahaWI” (stick to American ‘football’ please) are on here ranting about all the negatives.

    “Oh but Torino isn’t good enough opposition to judge anything”… yeah they knocked us out of the Coppa last season.

  22. There it is – Pioli said it in so many words – need another striker. Thank God.

    But according to that kid @Gincarlo we don’t need one because we have Okafor who is a “Proven CF” – LOLOLOLOLOLO

    AND – Krunic stays.

    Damn – @Giancarlo is gonna have melt down!! Instead of posting 20 times per article he will up it to 40 then flip/flop over every comment he makes and insult everyone because he can’t form a reasonable argument based on facts LOL.

    Get the popcorn ready gents!

    Forza Milan!

    1. ACM dont have time anymore to find krunic replacement. They will end with panic buying if selling krunic now. Yep we need striker that have same type with giroud so the new striker can rotate with giroud because we already have mobile striker in okafor. Perhaps loan hugo eikitike or other big man striker

    2. You’re the one having a massive melt down. A huge meltdown. You’re angry that Milan has won this game. I wanted Milan to win (though I predicted a draw with a Krunic own goal – reverse jinx).

      What’s a Juro anyways? Someone that can’t spell and doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

      For an adult you need to get back to school.

      I never said Okafor was a proven CF. I Said he can play three different positions capably (both wings and as a CF). Idiot.

      1. OH Poor little @Giancarlo – here is it in your OWN WORDS – “proven CF” lol

        too bad you cannot rewrite history kid LOLOLO.

        Okafor is a “proven CF”

        Flip/flop Flip/flop Flip/flop

      2. OH Poor little @Giancarlo – here is it in your OWN WORDS – “proven CF” lol

        too bad you cannot rewrite history kid LOLOLO.

        Okafor is a “proven CF”

        Flip/flop Flip/flop Flip/flop

        1. Poor little Juro who still doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. YOUR rants are epic and YOU’RE unhinged. Go seek help.

          You know the first step in recovery? Admit you’re wrong.

          Okafor is proven in several positions, and has scored plenty as a CF. He just needs to adapt to a new system and new country.

  23. We won 4-1. Let’s complain and attack each other and certain players! Yay!

    All around good performance. Second game of the season, so our boys are still finding their rhythm. Leao had an average game, but I’m not worried because now we actually have other dangerous players going forward, it doesn’t all have to go through Leao. The most important person to understand this is Leao himself, who looks frustrated that he’s not scoring. He just needs to understand that it’s not a reflection of him performing poorly and that he isn’t expected to take the team on his shoulders, but that he’s now got a good team around him and it’s a good thing. On to a struggling Roma.

  24. Torino coach Ivan Juric after the game: “Milan is clearly stronger than last year. They lost 2 players and signed 6 very strong European level players. Huge gap. There was no match; abysmal difference between the two teams. It’s the first time that my Torino has played a match like this: big gap in stamina, speed and strength.”

    Opposing coach can see what some fans of an ex director can’t and refuse to see.
    Forza Milan

    1. It’s incredible people are still trying to find ways to attack management and everyone here.

      I’m not a fan of Krunic, but he did fine today. And even I’ll admit that.

      Milan was miles ahead of a team that beat us in the Coppa last season.

    2. Yep – a 4-1 win but there’s still plenty to complain about. I’m just shocked no one’s joked about Cardinale being in the stands or complained about a lack of Italians in the starting line up yet.

    3. Yep. Like some of us has been saying: We’re ALREADY way stronger than last season. The team (ie. roster) might even be better than the scudetto-winning one.

  25. Is it krunic’s fault that pioli continues to start him? Is it krunic’s fault that pioli feels there is no better option in the squad to start in the regista role until bennacer returns?

    I dont understand the sticks krunic is getting. He is a bench level player for a team like milan, but its not his fault pioli prefers to play him. Its also the sporting director’s job to find a better player for the role, not krunic’s

    1. I’m not picking on you specifically but asking for everyone to consider the economics

      We know we get a high quality DM in Dec that knows the system with Bennacers return. We have a serviceable guy for the time being in Krunic.

      We have a limited amount of money at this point. Puli and Okafur can play across the front well (I’m not sold on Okafur yet but have faith in mgmt). We don’t have another holdup/target man. Norn do we have one returning from loan or injury.

      Given Bennacer’s return and the limited funds I believe a striker similar to Giroud makes the most sense.

      I’ll take that slightly more strategic and say that I’d like to have a serviceable budget for the Jan window to plug a need we don’t know we have yet.

  26. I don’t want to talk b4, at this point I have to.
    LEAO; IS is the man of the match yes, he is. He was the man behind the last 3 goals. Please try and watch the game again, he never push/play to score for himself but to play with the team. He his the reasons why you see Olivia scoring many goals. Loftus need to be bench, aside the assit nothing again he is a very slow player. Saelamaekers need to join the team back. Thaiw is always over hype… at this point gives kalulu chance, thaiw will never see the chance again, you people should stop hate on our loyal players, calebria deserve better same goes to Tomori… he was far better than thaiw. Let chuwku and pulisic play at the same time pls,

  27. Everyone’s finding the holes, sure, there are, but I smell a second star. Our most complete outfit since 2011. We dream local first then we dream international. Don’t be so critical guys we’re doing fine, and we finally have the complete assembly. Remember when we got Pirlo he was a CAM/CF, let’s let them grow. Hell at this point I’m willing to give Krunic that chance too. Let’s go, FORZA MILAN.

  28. Let’s be happy guys, instead of looking for faults, let’s enjoy this win. You new kids don’t enjoy wins which is why you flop in life..a win is a win take it…when life’s gives you a win take it.

  29. Keep it up teams! Good play.

    But, I think after Roma match, Pioli must give more time to Chuk, Musah, Okafor, and all other player on the bench.

    Because we are in 3 competition, and all of the players must in superb condition. Rotation are needed.

  30. This win happened when new players like Chuk, Musah, and Okafor haven’t really clicked because their transfers completed later on the mercato. Pioli did well introducing them progressively.
    Still need more options on midfield. Glad Roma and Atalanta lost. Hopefully Milan can maintain this performance while new players growing into the team. The team has really vast room to improve despite the good start.

  31. Guys we are all milanisti. Everyone is free to express their opinions and criticize. There is no need to insult one another.

  32. They push Krunic to go out. They should set him on the bench.
    But it is a fact that Krunic is untouchable at his place, from preseason to 2 first league games. Ironic hahaha.

  33. Ok so far so good. The real test will be facing the big five serie a team, starts with Associazione Sportiva Roma and Football Club Internazionale Milano

  34. Great performance! Roma still looks out of sorts, barring sudden upturns in their form, we should win that one too. Gonna be interesting if Lukaku would be there.

  35. I’d day the same thing about the team in general as I would Leao. Very good day with great results, but can still see room for growth and improvement as he/they get fully settled and up to speed. This is good to see- it bodes well for the season.

  36. Good match definitely, but I was amazed how abysmal was Torino, there was a reason they drew home with Cagliari. Leao was good, he can be better but come on he was not poor. Both CB’s had an excellent game. Reijnders was better in the first match

    1. Well, until the first penalty they weren’t doing so bad. I think it was a slightly soft penalty and it broke their back in terms of morale, particularly after having leveled so quickly after our first. It think we would have prevailed eventually, but that penalty was a bit of a gift.

  37. So a few observations

    – First off…Yay great win..was enjoyable to watch once gkt past the second goal.

    – I’d say, we finally have a reliable option other than Leao to generate offense and this is so refreshing to see. That in turn makes him more dangerous as he has more space to operate.

    – whatever Pioli has been working on during the offseason has been quite intriguing. The way we’re finding space for the full backs and defenders to run through the middle, the interchangeability with player positions (I saw Calabria play DM, Krunic CB, lots of switching upfield) and the formation tweaks have all been a welcomed sight. I’ll admit I did not think he’d change his approach but this has been fascinating to watch. Still early days though. Hope we don’t run into a team that uncovers our flaws permanently like last year.

    – Speaking of flaws, we still have a defensive issue. Not so much on the goal as the Reinjders or RLC fans might be upset (we would have heard if Krunic made the mistake no doubt) but in general in the far, our extreme offense over shadows our faults in the middle. And as I’ve said before the season started I don’t care lol as long as we outscore the opponent and get the 3 points that’s all that matters to me.
    Krunic has done well so far but quality opponents are coming up and it might be a struggle if he’s left alone to do the job. It’s one thing vs Linetty it’s a whole other vs Barella.

    – i did feel nervous early on when Torino set up with the low block. Thankfully we’re having a good penalty season this time around seeing as we’re not champs lol. But there was signs of that bad feeling of being a long night like last year.

    – For the ratings, not sure why one would expect Tijji to get another 100% pass rate. That was a rarity, to expect that all the time is a bit much. Especially in the role he plays. Pass accuracies are position dependent as well with CBs and DMs usually having higher pass rates than more risky passing positions such as strikers, winger and full backs. 80% is decent, Any rate higher than 90% in general is fantastic, 95 or more is crazy.

    I thought Timori did better than Thiaw. He covered alot of mistakes his partner has been making, both in preseason games and now. He’s quietly been making good progress on reading.

    Overall loved the enthusiasm, love the excitement. Nice points to get too especially with this early schedule.

    As an aside, how did the first pen get called? If the ball strikes a player onto hand how is that a pen? Can someone explain that part?

    1. Forgot to mention, usually Juric’s sides are pretty solid. Both him and Motta. Not sure if it’s early days but this can only be a good sign.

    2. You wrote something pretty insightful and I’m a bit impressed. I’ll admit I was wrong about Krunic, but I still don’t view him as a starting player for this team.

  38. After i saw milan goals against bologna and torino.
    I can say that milan have played better.
    Especially in scoring from open play.
    Hard to imagine they can play like this if they still have the same players on right wing (and midfield to some extent) like previous seasons.

    1. There’s no way we’d do the same if we had the same player sfrom last season..we have a 20mil right winger and a 20mil sub. Last year we had a 5m RW and a 7m sub. Clear difference in quality. It’s such a weight lifted off shoulders. They could have saved themselves the embarrassment by just getting a proper RW. Let’s hope we don’t have the same regrets bynnit getting a proper DM

        1. Ideally it should have been one of those guys as sub and a REAL right winger as starter. Instead we had two subs at RW. Oh and we didn’t have a proper CAM when we played a CAM formation 🤦‍♂️

      1. Well you get my point then.
        Milan squad now IS better than last season, yet some fans here complaining about too many signings, even though clearly milan’s right side has been their weakness for years, from casti to messias/saele.

        1. It’s could have been the same squad last year plus as proper RW and we’d upgrade tbh lol. I’ve been complaining about this for the last many years lol and for the CDM since Kessie left I feel like a broken record 🤦‍♂️

  39. The Doom&Gloom faction, especially the ‘inconsolable widows of Paolo Maldini’ subsector, is increasingly ridiculous and mentally retarded. We’re having a great start to the season, with the new signings fitting like charm into the team, and all this bunch of morons can do is cry and moan incessantly, it’s really amazing stuff.

    1. Nobody brings that up but you kid….MOVE ON. Stop living in the past. Is that all you can contribute to this chat is constantly repeating “doom & gloom” – news flash – nobody knows what that is.

      And aren’t you the same idiot who said people who don’t agree with you should die?? So your view is that those who don’t agree with you or who supported pervious management are “mentally retarded” and “should die” …….🤔🤔🤔🤔 you sound like a very “doom and gloom” kind of person to me 🤮🤮🤮🤮

      Very mature response kid lol.

      More and more uneducated disturbed trolls on here each and every day….sad

  40. So… what happened to CDK? Zero impact against Frosinone. Was subbed in at the half. Did nothing and was wholly ineffective.

    1. Imagine Bo Peep trying to slot into this new look Milan. Thank god we managed to offload him but his fanboys are probably still having multiple orgasms over a silly header last week sheesh.

  41. Its nice to see all the Paldini fangirls trying to find something to complain about

    it hurts them so much to see Milan succeed, at that point you arent even a fan anymore

  42. Ratings are solid besides motm. Puli, Reijnders, and RLC motm. Both penalties were bs but we would have won without then I think either way. I don’t like ref help but I’m ok with it today as it will boost our confidence into the Roma match and we should be able to win that one too. Good game overall.

    1. ” Both penalties were bs”

      Yeah, sure. It’s ok to stomp on opponents ankles in the box. Yeah. Definitely. And last time I checked, it’s football they’re playing – not handball.

    2. The second penalty should have seen Schuurs sent off with a straight red card actually for dangerous conduct. That play should be reviewed for a possible suspension of the player by the league even without a card. It was a definite penalty, and it should have resulted in a dismissal of the player.

  43. A very good performance from the team ..
    Not quite ready ,but we will be..
    About Olivier Giroud,,,just hope all you doubters are eating their words …He is sheer technical class ..He will rack up some goals this season for sure.
    Yes he scored from the spot ,but that is not always easy .just watch this man when he takes pens ,one he hit from one side ,the other the other one .Yes the man is class ..I also said that he will score 20 goals this season ( in all competitions) perhaps even more .He already has 3 goals ..yes 20 goals this season .That’s not a bad return in the Italian league,
    I also said Loftus cheek would be a great buy ,he certainly has been at the moment,,not only can he create chances ,but he can also defend well when needed..I also said pulisic would be a class buy he has been ..he never stops running and he will not only score goals ,but create loads for his teammates,including Olivier ..Then we have Rafeo leao a real class act ,not at his very best at the moment,but still a class act ,and for certain he will get better ,and again will score goals .
    I don’t understand some of you criticising your own team ,when encouragement is needed ..
    I also think pioli is a great manager and deserves respect…We will challenge for honours again this season …We are AC Milan

  44. Finally, the best Left-Wing in the world back in to action !!
    But this time, we have the fantastic Captain America for RW. With this kind of performance, we might win the treble winner, this season.

    Loftus-Cheeks also make sure than Tonali’s departure will not be missed with his acceleration, dribbles, & physical duels.

    For Reijnders, i saw that Torino mark him tightly with 1 player always follow him even from deep. And then Torino keep the passing options for Reijnders be limited.

    It was hard match for Reijnders, but he is smart enough to use this tactical marking to him converted to ACM’s advantage : Reijnders smartly move down to wing & deeper than Loftus-Cheeks. So there is more spaces for Loftus-Cheeks & Theo to exploit. And the end product are : RLC made an assist & Theo made an goal.
    Still a good performance fo Reijnders despite he started to get marked on tightly. The Genius Deutchman : TIJJANI REIJNDERS.

  45. Kudos to Pioli for gelling the team together, they play as if they’ve played together for months now.

    Krunic is settling in his DM role quite well, keeping it quiet and tidy back there. Made some final third passes and runs as well. Some interceptions also.

    Tomori surprised me, he stepped his game up and was more aware of the situations.

    Leao as usual, lively, made some good crosses and runs, got an assist.

    RLC also had better game, his presence and ball movement was stronger and he positioned like a true b2b on the field.

    Reijnders and Puli are really enjoying playing for this team and in this tactical set up.

    All in all, good performance and result to take for Roma game. Hope they keep the momentum going.

    Forza Milan!

  46. Things I liked:
    1. Krunic deserves at least 7 for his defensive performance today. Just the cleaning up after horrendous Tomori mistakes (again).
    2. Pilusic is a world class
    3. We have amassing attacking midfield combination

    Two things I did not like:
    1. Our defense is still lacking, particularly on Calabria side. We are sitting too deep at times. This need to change, and quickly so.
    2. Okafor, Chukwu, Musah — are all disappointing at the moment. I understand it may be because of pre season and they will adapt but at this particular moment if anything happens with starting 11 we are in a deep shit: Leao, Pulisic, RLC and Krunic are practically irreplaceable today.

  47. My rating:

    Maignan: 6,5
    Calabria: 6,5
    Thiaw: 6,5
    Tomori: 7
    Theo: 7
    Krunic: 7
    Reijnders: 6,5
    RLC: 6,5
    Pulisic: 6,5
    Leao: 7
    Giroud: 6,5

    1. Ah Animax, got to disagee with some of the ratings but not by much. I do think Tijji and Krunic had around the same game, just ok so may be both 6.5. And Giroud a little higher as you MUST convert the pens and that’s quite a task too. Puli also did well so 7 there too. Otherwise I agree with the ratings..Timori was better than Thiaw

  48. It’s so strange seeing so many ppl saying Krunic had a good game when I thought that it was okay, not anything to write home about. Lol. Maybe we won 4-1 I suppose so we can up his rating lol. He didn’t progress the ball as much this time around it seems but his clearances were exceptional.
    Tijjani seemed to wanted to impress the crowd on his debut too much when he should have kept it simple as he has always done and not overdo it. But the signs of him being a good player is there. Loved his smile when he plays.

    1. Krunic is graded on a curve, differently than everyone else. As long he doesn’t make any big mistakes, he had a great game and gets a 6.5. He’s the beneficiary of low expectations.

      1. Well technically everyone should be graded on a “curve” because they all play different positions. I won’t put Giroud’s rating down because his tackling was poor, right?. Also, not making mistakes is a huge deal for someone who is protecting/ right in front the defense. But that’s not all he does. You need someone with good decision making skills. He keeps things neat and tidy intercepts, passes, positions well and this allows the other two mezzalas to perform their jobs well. He does alot of off the ball stuff so it’s not eye catching

  49. The amount of infighting and trolling after such a triumphant win over Torino is downright pathetic and it’s only here in SempreMilan.

    A few new trolls have risen who have NOTHING constructive or informative to input plus.. their only job seems to be going around insulting random comments here in SM.

    The only insightful comment here is actually from IKWYDLS. For someone who couldn’t watch the match, his comment was the only one worth reading. Rest were just mostly garbage personal insults for others and pointless arguments.

    Reddit’s r/acmilan was much more helpful for me and the arguments are much more informative, full of stats and actual valid reasons. Reddit has trolls of course… but none last long enough.

    SempreMilan should implement moderation. Or at least authentication.

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