Player Ratings: Cagliari 1-3 AC Milan – Adli excels in strong midfield

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan extended their winning run thanks to a 3-1 win against Cagliari tonight, coming back from one goal behind. A few of the reserves did well tonight and below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI 

Sportiello (6): Some think he could have done better on the goal, but was also a good effort from the Cagliari man. He made a couple of good stops after that, though, and looked very comfortable between the sticks.

Florenzi (6): It wasn’t a bad performance from the veteran, but he just did what he needed to do this evening. He had an inverted role at times and worked well to be available.

Thiaw (6.5): He had to deal with Petagna this evening and that’s not an easy task, given the strength of the striker. However, he won many of the duels and also looked great on the ball.

Tomori (6.5): He was certainly a bit rash this evening, which could have hurt Milan more, and he was involved in the goal conceded. However, he made up for that with the second goal of the game, which was crucial.

Hernandez (6): Perhaps he was still a bit fatigued, because he lacked energy in certain situations and looked lazy in the defensive phase (he didn’t follow Nandez on the goal). Having said that, he also had some good moments.

Loftus-Cheek (7 – MOTM): That goal, at that point of the game, was so important for Milan. Cagliari had been gaining some momentum and the Englishman’s screamer killed the game. He was also very composed on the ball tonight, making no mistakes on the right flank and winning duels.

Adli (7): Yes, he lost the ball just before the goal but as highlighted by the ratings above, that sequence had a row of errors. The Frenchman actually looked decent in the defensive phase, winning back the ball and also blocking a goal-bound shot in the second half. In possession, he looked very comfortable and had more than one good pass (97% pass success). Good evening for him.

Reijnders (7): His movement was just what Milan needed against a low-sitting Cagliari, especially in the first half, as he was always available and helped create chances. The assist for Tomori’s goal was also nice. He’s also one of the players who could have done better on the goal, though.

Chukwueze (6.5): He looked so promising in many situations tonight with his dribbling but the end product was lacking (would have been needed for a higher rating). It’s clear that he could be even more important for Milan down the line, this is most definitely a performance to build on.

Okafor (6.5): Just like Reijnders, Milan needed his movement tonight and the 1-1 goal was crucial, even if it was a bit lucky. It’s a performance to build on for the Swiss international.

Pulisic (6.5): He had some very poor moments at the start of the game, but he got the hockey assist for the first goal (thanks to the goalkeeper’s mistake) and then found Loftus-Cheek for the third goal. He certainly improved as the game went on.


Pobega (5.5): Sloppy passing again from him off the bench, despite good positioning. He really needs to work on that.

Musah (6.5): Very encouraging stuff from him in the No.6 role. It definitely seems like he can play there thanks to his stamina and low centre of gravity.

Romero (6): We didn’t really see that much of him, but he was confident on the ball at least and helped see out the game.

Leao (6): He had a few moments here and there where he nearly got through on the left flank.

Bartesaghi (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

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    1. I actually watched the match. Cagliari did NOT sit deep, that’s why we were able to break them down. Apparently Ranieri hasn’t watched Pioli’s work…

  1. Before the haters start talking about Adli’s mistake that lead to the goal, they need to know this is his first start for us. He can definitely improve that, his passing and set pieces are what we need. Tomori is a class man, hope he gets to play in the Euros. Hope to see more from Adli and Musah.

    1. I think you’re imagining things if you think Adli has haters. There are people that think he still has to prove himself but it looks like he’s been trained and training well for this role and now he has a real opportunity to show himself and off to a good start tonight, his performance reminded me of Jorghino

    2. I don’t think Tomori will play in Euro as long as Southgate still become their Manager. He didn’t watch player outside PL, so he don’t believe Tomori was exist after all

      1. No, Tomori will be called up but for the bench warmer, and losing his place for The Great Harry Maguire. Even though Maguire didn’t play much for united

  2. Wow. Imagine having a DM that can actually distribute the ball like that. And Musah played the 6 well too. I know it’s just Cagliari, but maybe Krunic is not so irreplaceable as his fanboys like to think.

    1. And Florenzi in my opinion should be our starting RB. He offers more going forward and I have not seen him get in trouble yet defensively. He can deliver great crosses that Calabria cannot.

      1. Respectfully, I disagree. He was much better in the 2nd half but was largely responsible for the slow and ineffective ball movement in the first half. In my opinion, this was a bad game for him.

    2. why do you hate your own club’s player so much? do you have mental issues?

      Krunic plays well this season, still you sh*t on him, whats wrong with you?

      Seek help

      1. Never sh*t on him. Just don’t think he is good enough to be starting for the team. We have better options. If that upsets you so much, maybe you should seek help.

          1. thats a pretty nasty analogy but you nevertheless had me chuckling if your intention was to swap are with ate 😀 never eat bad sushi.

        1. No we dont, do you have brain damage? He’s the only DM that does the job at the moment

          maybe WATCH FOOTBALL AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE GAME for once in your pathetic life rather than trying to pretend you see every game by watching youtube highlights

          its clear you havent properly watched a game in your life.

          1. I love that the Krunic fanboys are completely coming unhinged after seeing the team is just fine without him and that some people are realizing that a DM can actually contribute offensively as well. I knew it would take an injury to force Pioli’s hand but now we all see. I watch every minute of every game by the way. The only difference is that I understand what I’m watching.

          2. Personally for me K its not about just criticising krunic, as no one is above scrutiny, no one, but for the mere fact that this particular player who has generally performed fairly well is constantly bashed and mocked which is completely disrepectfull when it happens from those who are supposed to support one of their own. I really hope our players doesnt read the supporters comments or that they at the bare minimum doesnt let it affect them too much.
            I think the only player ive ever been a fanboy of for that matter was van basten when i was a kid/teenager and he did pretty well 😀

  3. Better play overall by this supposed B team nice passage of play bar some sloppy play, it was fairly nice…
    Reijnders was completely off today, rating of 7 is overly generous, he was holding the ball too much and making wrong passes.
    RLC was a beast for us today man of the match for me.
    Musa should be starting ahead of Krunic. Pioli’s was spot-on on the substitutions today, he knew what we needed and did the needful without wasting time.
    Leao should work on himself his strolling and nonchalant attitude is becoming annoying, it’s a team sport for crying out loud, a 6 rating is a joke.

    1. I personally thought that we didn’t need to field Leao with 3-1 up and 30mins to go and agruably controlling the match too. Give those minutes to the ones in need instead (to just close out the game, familiarizing with each other and get some fitness).

      1. We are talking Pioli here. The guy who still played Brahim last game of the season when it was certain he was leaving, the score didn’t matter and none of the young players got much playing time whole season.

    2. RLC was average. Don’t let the goal fool you, unless you’re also clueless about football like the rest of the people on this site.

        1. Best, my ass. The guy is a massive ball-hog, always taking too many touches, keeping the ball too long, slow to get rid of it, even his passes are off.

        1. i hate neither and has always been pretty vocal about supporting all of our players but i think giving him the motm match is also stretching it a bit in my view as he also failed to act quickly enough in first half where he should have moved faster and scored a goal but maybe its more down to his size that he looked clumpsy in that situation. When that is said he did also do a lot of good in the match, Untill we scored though i think we could have had two or three goals had we been more precise in passes and for that matter in front of goal which i found pretty damn frustrating to behold.
          Anyways good win.

          1. Yeah, you are right, he needs to improve quite a bit on is decision-making. But I didn’t like him singling out him when other players also make some mistakes. For me, the MOTM should have been Tomori, didn’t put a foot wrong and also scored a goal. It’s good to see him regaining his form.

          2. maybe i was also a bit harsh in my judgement as well because overall as i see it there wasnt any real super perfomances yesterday and he was was amongst the better ones but i do agree that tomorri propably would have been the better choice.

      1. You must be delusional then.. Give credit when credit is due. Dude was our best midfield today. wonder why Pioli decided to leave him even when he was on a yellow and subbed the other midfielders ?

        I have been criticizing Pioli but today I have to give him credit. Having said that, Leao could be doing more harm than good to this team.

      2. Completely agree. He lost the ball all the time, and right before the goal also in a quite dangerous position. I would rate him 5,5-6 for his performance.

      3. Before his goal RLC was completely invisible. Did nothing and was slow in our build up and counter attacks. I don’t know if you have a recording but look at RLC at 4:50 first half on our counter. Instead of going wide and running the flank for the option he’s so slow it basically nullified any passing lanes down the right even though there’s more space there than the left 🤦‍♂️. And he did this throughout, wasn’t an isolated incident

    1. I went back and forward on that one, to be perfectly honest. Compared to Okafor and Pulisic, he did create more chances and space in general/more involved in the game. But it could have easily been a 6, you’re right.

      1. Pulisic did absolutely nothing except for the goal, where his misplace cross was lucky enough to become an assist. I would say 5,5 for Pulisic and 6 for Chuku.

        1. He has multiple interceptions to go along with his two assists. Can you define nothing? Also do you watch football? Did you watch the game? Are you a troll? What more could you want out of a game? Who played better in the league over this round?

        2. Except without Pulisic misplaced pass and later assist RLC we would’ve had 1 pt instead of 3. That what we call making opportunities.

        3. What are you talking about?

          CP got off to a bit of a rough start, but he beat his defender to the end line and got in a dangerous cross to create Okafor’s goal (yes, keeper could have done better, but that happens when you hit a good hard cross into a dangerous location), and his pass to RLC was CLEARLY intended and well weighted.

          It wasn’t his best game, but he was good value for his assist and for creating the first goal. If you can create two of your team’s three goals on an off night, you’re doing well.

  4. Wonder what Krunic lovers are gonna say now. And what the hell is on with Pioli, was he missing Krunic that much that he had to take Adli for Pobega.

    1. Krunic playing well this season and moron like you talk bad about him , Adli playing 1 good game and you praise him like he is a messiah, get real idiot

      1. Whatever dude. If Pioli is not out of his mind you and the rest of Krunic fans should brace yourselves as we should not see a lot of Krunic moving forward.

        Not precisely because I think Adli is a Ballon d’Or in the making but Krunic ceiling is so so so SO so SOOO low. That basically almost any professional player with a single strength name it, passing, speed, dribbling, vision, shot accuracy, physicality would do it better than our jack of all trades mediocre at everything.

        1. ‘whatever dude’

          So it doesnt matter how he plays, you just hate him?

          wtf is wrong with you? Do you forget what club you support? Why do you hate it when he’s playing well this season?

          And if you try to claim he isnt playing well this season then its 100% clear that YOU DONT WATCH MATCHES

          1. I sometimes wonder if you understand football. Krunic has played pretty well but is limited in his ability. A player like Adli can run the game, like Pirlo or Xabi Alonso would.

            Adli was spraying 30 yard cross field passes, he was taking the ball off the defence, sliding passes through, spraying it wide, he would give and go, he wasn’t afraid to put his foot on it and slow the game down when Cagliari had 10 behind the ball.. he defended well, the goal wasn’t his fault, but he tracked back and won the ball a number of times, not forgetting a goal saving block. We looked dynamic when he was on.

            Krunic is a decent player, but he doesn’t have the range. That doesn’t mean he’s hated, it means he’s limited

          2. Thanks for confirming guys that you just hate certain players because they arent big enough names for you to brag on twitter about

            pathetic, get some real friends

        2. Yeah right lmao, 1 game and not even a really great performances but ofc people like you easily blinded because he is Adli replacing Krunic, remind me with those Hauge fans, insulting Pioli because he didnt played him more and look where is Hauge now?????

    2. I’m one with Lord Krunic defenders. We all agree Krunic should be sold soon, but not during this season.

      this should be his last or second last season with Milan. Once team has gelled well, his presence and IQ no longer needed, as we need better technical skill which he also know, average at best.

      Hope Adli will be our future DM. His talent for passing and vision is superb

      1. Exactly Adli, Musah,or other proper DM. That’s what ppl don’t get about the ppl who defend Krunic. I’m just defending the nonsense people spew. We’ve been saying he’s limited but also the best option right now. Doesn’t make mistakes which is key vs good teams smh 🤷‍♂️

  5. Adli definitely does not deserve a 7. His error could have easily cost us the game. But With more practice he can impress. Pobega on other hand Wtf? Slow and no creativity.. smh

    1. Considering it was his first start since he’s been with the club, and at a new position, I think he far exceeded expectations. He did have the one error, but his passing was brilliant and his overall defensive play was very good.

    2. He was double teamed at the touching. Theo was guarding a space that wasn’t dangerous.

      Adli, whom I was paying attention to for the majority of the game, was tracking back and making an impact during most defensive phases.

      Defense is a team effort.

  6. Anyone else seen Musah’s potential is N6? I mean the guy could be come a much stronger and faster version of Kessie if he works hard for it and that we know how to help to get there… but great stuff

    1. Seen Musah play the 6 for the USMNT for a while now.
      He’s clearly better as a defensive mid than in an attacking role.
      His natural instincts are all defensive – he’ll chase a player down with the ball, hound him until he wins it. And once he gets the ball, he rarely turns it over.
      He’s not as instinctive in his offensive movements. He really should be the first choice as the defensive mid.

  7. Adli was bodied on the goal yes, but as the author mentioned Theo didn’t track back and it was a sequence of errors. His passing was 10x better than that donkey who usually plays there. Maybe we just need to get Adli on some of Pogba’s steroids, so he bulks up haha

    Florenzi really stepped up too. I would like to see Okafor play as LW for a full 90 one day. Musah is going to be a good player (he’s still only 20). Nice to see Romero and Bartesaghi come on as well. Pobega though, smh….

  8. Good win.
    Chukwueze was pretty good in the first half, Pulisic was a mixed bag, Okafor did great to pounce on the goal but outside of that he was invisible.
    Tomori had his hands full today with Luvumbo. Moncada needs to keep an eye on that kid. Physical, technical and a hard worker.
    Reijnders is so good. He constantly moves. His understanding of spaces, moving into open space pockets, and making runs are on another level. I’m glad he chose Milan over Barca, but objectively, he would have been even a better fit in their style of football.
    Adli was some good some bad.
    He made some good passes, but defensively, he is not good. He was easily dispossessed on the Cagliari goal, RLC yellow card came because Adli was spinned around, but he did have that good block that probably saved a goal. If Milan was playing vs better opposition Adli would have been exposed. His inability to protect the ball and lack of physicality is the reason Pioli didn’t play him last season.
    Without Krunic vs better teams Milan will be in trouble with Adli playing there. Cagliari wasn’t even pressing him that much.
    On to Lazio

  9. This was a great game.

    We were so close to not seeing it. Poioli almost panicked and put in his trusted group. Instead a great Pulisic run and a beautiful goal from Okafor calmed him down.

    Lots of great stuff from this game. Adli should get more time. He looked great in the defensive phase and great distribution forward.

    Reindeer and RLC didn’t show up to play defense until the second half.

    RLC hisman amazing distance shot but can’t take advantage of the opportunities close.

    Pulisic looked adaptive to what the game was which is why he was potent.

    Florenzi multiple times were filling the same space as another player.

    Chuck did OK but still isn’t finding that last little bit to create a good chance.

    Leao shouldn’t have seen the field. Easy game for him to get injured and when he entered the dynamic of the team changed and it seemed the attacking third was wasted.

    Overall a good win but man, we were so close to losing this if Pioli brought on Leao and Giroud.

  10. These ratings are a joke. RLC gets MOTM for a goal, but he did nothing else all game. To say he played better than Pulisic, Reijnders, Okafor or even Adli is a joke. Ridiculous.

  11. I feel sorry for Reijnders. Imagine him cooking if he had proper DM beside him. Adli did well but he is no DM, same as Krunic. Lack of proper DM is more evident with every match played. Reijnders and RLC played well tonigh, Florennzi was tireless, Tomori bossed the backline.

    Chuk on the other hand offers nothing special. Any time he gets the ball he tries to force dribble instead of looking for a play or a one two pass. I saw on couple of occasions tonight where both RLC and Reijnders were running in spaces but Chuk didn’t see and opted for dribbling instead. And failed every time. Even Romero was more involved in play than Chuk. Not impressed.

    1. Yes, maybe both Adli and Reijnders can play together, but for that to happen we need a Gatusso type player. Pioli should train RLC for that role.

  12. Those who think Giroud is the only striker we have, hope you can see he isn’t. Once Jovic is fit again, Giroud should be the 3rd striker no need to overwork him.

  13. I’m impressed by the team performance today, most especially Adli for his long pass. A match like this would have ended in a draw or lose if we were still with the line up we used last season. Thank God we don’t have to rely on Leao and Theo only. We now have Reijnder, Loftus Cheek, Okafor and Chukwuze all which can penetrate the opponent low black set up.

  14. Nah. I don’t agree with some of the ratings particularly Chukwueze.
    He was the best players on the pitch especially in the first half with his Dribbling & work rate.
    He could have easily had 2-3 assistieren in this game if RLC & Okafor had converted the chances & space He created so I am not sure which game this rating or some Fans here are talking about.
    I was also very impressed with Adli especially on his Ball distribution and he did superbly apart from the error which led to go but it was his first start & has time for improvement if Pioli will stop killing his Potential.
    Apart from the lucky assist, I think Pulisic was the worst Player on the pitch, the left wing was totally not functional especially in the first half.
    There was no point bringing on Rafa today, he’s always completely useless when coming on from the bench with his nonchalant attitude.

    1. So Pulisic who scores goals and assists sucks, and Chuku who does a whole lot of dribbling that leads to nothing is the best player… Ok. That makes sense. We scored 3 goals today he basically assisted on 2 of them and he was the worst player? Gotta love the irrational hatred.

      1. Am I nuts?

        Chuk was literally standing on the touch line next to Flo halfa dozen times while Flo was looking to pass.

        With the ball he is exciting like Leao. Without the ball he still looks lost to me. I hope he gets time in the next few games to learn where he is supposed to be and how he is expected to be moving. Clearly we are only seeing a small part of his potential.

        Adli – exciting. Defensive liability at this point but not a big one. I think him getting bullied about today will help him know where to work in training more. Some of his passes were slick. But, when I imaging 5 games from now with more playing time he and Rienjders are going to be a force.

        By the second half, Okafur seemed to find the ways to move. He is better each time I see him and gives us something in the middle Giroud does not. But that means we need time to adpat to that somehting different.

        All in all, this was a great early season showing for some of the new crew and that means it is only up from here.

        Bring on Lazio.

  15. Pioli got a 10 today, gave us a fresh sight, made substitutions early, the game was refreshing, and cagliari played well to make it interesting, was surprised with okafor playing more as a target man, i thought he was going to be a mobile 9, musa as 6 is very very interesting, low centre of gravity, good dribbling, can turn forward easilly, we last saw long diagonals when bennacer was still playing and adli was throwing them nicely, he defensive work has improved too, hope pioli has learnt that all our players can give us good games, giroud leao krunic every 3 days was now boring and so predictable

  16. Nah. I don’t agree with some of the ratings particularly Chukwueze.
    He was the best player on the pitch especially in the first half with his Dribbling & work rate.
    He could have easily had 2-3 assist in this game if RLC & Okafor had converted the chances & space He created so I am not sure which game this rating or some Fans here are talking about.
    I was also very impressed with Adli especially on his Ball distribution and he did superbly apart from the error which led to goal but it was his first start & has time for improvement if Pioli will stop killing his Potential.
    Apart from the lucky assist, I think Pulisic was the worst Player on the pitch, the left wing was totally not functional especially in the first half.
    There was no point bringing on Rafa today, he’s always completely useless when coming on from the bench with his nonchalant attitude but the positive & most exciting thing is that this squad is way stronger than last season and we have stronger substitutes.

    1. Pulisic is usually not effective whenever the opposing team has had time to bring all ten players back into a low block, which was what was going on for the first 30 minutes of the game.
      Of late what he does now is to just cycle the ball around with a back pass or side pass, which is when he seems to become invisible.
      Two of Milan’s scores came as the result of crosses by Pulisic after he was played into space with long passes. That’s where he is most effective, getting the ball on the run with space around him – he’s usually able to beat defenders on the run.
      All in all, Pulisic didn’t do hardly anything in the first 30 minutes, but then he definitely made some important contributions to Milan winning this match.
      Reijnders made the other cross that Tomori knocked in.

      1. That’s all true, and then we should also take into account that his service on the left wing was supposed to be provided by Theo, who did not have one of his better games, and just seemed to be slow yesterday.

        CP could have attempted the dribble instead of cycling the ball backwards and sideways for the first 30 minutes of the game, but then he created two goals in the second 30 minutes.

        It also bears noting that CP had two interceptions and a takeaway. Not bad defensive numbers for a small winger.

      1. He’s not wrong. Pioli was panicking and getting Leao and Giroud ready. He almost screwed the game up but thankfully Okafor scored to calm him down.

        Pioli still doesn’t trust all but a small selection group.

        1. not to completely withtract that okafor scored later on in the match but okafor also had a big chance before scoring that at least should have given the goalkeeper far more trouble than it did. Cant remember if it was at 0-1 down or before or afterwards but a pretty good chance that easily could have gotten us a goal far earlier than we scored.

          1. Oh Okafor should have had at least 2. Fancy footwork on that loose ball though. Also, first game from the start which can have a little rust. However, when the chips were down Pioli immediately panicked and lost that trust.

            His biggest problem is that he always thinks short term. Like if he messes anything up he’s sacked.

          2. i have no issues with okafor but my point is more that he could have half a grade lower and the same with my rlc comment further above due to their misses but still both players are great aquisitions nevertheless, Regardless of some tactical choices from time time to time i actually doesnt have any bigger issues with pioli either. as he overall gets us the points and that is the most important thing as things stands from my point of view.

  17. – Alright first things first. I hope people see why Krunic starts. Not taking away anything from Adli but there’s a reason why that position REQUIRES you to not make mistakes. And as you can see what mistakes in that position can lead to…scored goals. This was Cagliyso we’re lucky to be able to recover. Against a quality side though it’s going to be more difficult.
    – That being said, I’d rate Adli’s performance as so-so. Defensively and positionally can be better. But it’s also his first start so I’ll cut him some slack. He also takes riskier progressive passes and his lobbed balls aren’t great but it does provide a different option to Krunic who always keeps it on the ground. Over time he’ll obviously provide different things than Krunic so there’s that. But you can’t lose the ball like that so close to goal, albeit a crazy shot. He does move well and passes back (lol this might trigger people) when needed so those are good things.
    – RLC is interesting. Did absolutely nothing until his shot that scored. Was lazy on the counters and sluggish. But he scored and tbh that’s all that matters really. But he could do better with his movements
    – Otherwise, mostly everyone did ok. Tomori was a beast. He’s getting back to his Scudetto form and that can only be a good thing.
    -Musah did ok as a DM. But he’s too flighty and needs more composure. His energy though is second to none. He just needs to consolidate his understanding of what is required of the role.
    – what I like about the game is that we got it done without the big gun. What I don’t like is introducing said big gun when we’re up by 2. We didn’t need to risk Leao.

    1. Lol didn’t check the ratings before I posted but omg. Why does it seem we have better ratings this game than the one we won by a bigger margin vs Torino and was in more control that game wtf 😂😂😂. Tomori cleaned up and scored…6.5. Cheeks MOTM after being invisible until the goal? Wut? Okafor scored and would have had the second if wasn’t for Tomori..6.5. He was in the right place at the right time and has shown he can play up top. Poor Krunic, concedes zero errors that led to goals for an entire season, can’t get a 7. Adli’s first appearance, responsible for the only goal we conceded …gets a 7….nah, I’m out man ✌️

      1. Agree 100% on RLC and Adli. If Krunic was bullied of the ball like Adli did he would have been crucified, but since it’s Adli will turn a blind eye.

          1. He gets a pass because a) it wasn’t entirely his fault. Theo was just standing around watching and is partly to blame for that goal. B) Adli offers so much more going forward. If all you are good for is your defense (Krunic) then when you make a defensive mistake you are going to hear about it. Adli’s passing was brilliant and he helped setup the first goal with a long outlet pass to Reijnders who made a nice turn and passed it on to Pulisic. It’s a tradeoff. Krunic is better defensively but Adli and even Musah offer much more going forward. And their defensive game will only improve with time.

      2. I’m also not sure what game people watched. I saw a game in which we bundled two goals in, one from a goalkeeping error. I saw a side that was struggling to get going until that goalkeeping mistake took the wind out of Cagliari. Adli a 7? Lol. Anyway, we got the 3 points which is the most important thing. Still, if Inter is “Pazza Inter”, we are “Brutta Milan”.

        1. True but also the bundled goals counts in some ways. At least it came from attacking moves rather than pure errors. But I get what you’re saying Vero. I also saw a porous team defensively in the midfield against a very poor Cagliari team. I fear for this same team against proper opposition. After that first goal, I had that sinking feeling too bro. Since that Inter defeat we haven’t been quite there in terms of attacking confidence

    2. Spends most of his comment trying to convince people that the two players that played well today in Krunic’s role, can’t play Krunic’s role…
      Adli was solid defensively other than the one error and his ball distribution was light years better than Krunic. Considering it’s his first start since joining the team and a new position, I think he proved he is more than capable and will only improve. And Musah more than capable of playing that role as well.

      1. Ah yes the original K. The K stands for Krunic-hater haha 😂. I’ve never seen someone hate on a single player more than you. All you see is the word Krunic and you go straight to your already preconceived notions about him and spew it here. Don’t even bother to read. You just ignore everything I said about RLC, Musah, Tomori, Leao wtf 🤣 and see Krunic and then you v-lookup the standard hate response.
        Hahahaha what a tool . Sorry u made me start calling ppl names. Ur very close to the ignore list. I see you weren’t getting my attention above so here I’ll give you some to get by your day 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
        Btw if you even bother to read, you’d realize your last paragraph is basically what I wrote smh. So thanks for agreeing with me 🙄 *rolls eyes*
        I knew you’d see it my way eventually 😅
        Also, no one can play the Krunic role except Krunic because it says so literally in the name hahaha 😂😂😂. Why would you want Adli to play a role based on another player’s characteristics? U mean DM? Of course he can. Duh. So can Musah haha

        1. Wow, 13 emojis in this response. Must have really hit a nerve. It must be tough when you are so dug into your position that nobody can fill the DM role but Krunic, and then it’s made pretty clear that yes, we have other capable players that can do it as well or better with a much higher ceiling.
          You can try to pass it off as hate but I’ve never said anything bad about Krunic other than I think he is a limited player who is valuable to have on the team, but is not starting level quality.
          Why that is so triggering to some people is a mystery but one I kind of enjoy seeing.
          I think you may have a slightly inflated opinion of yourself with your threatening of the “ignore list” as if people are anxiously following you and waiting to see who you will or will not respond to. Kind of laughable. Even tho you may think they do, Your opinions hold no more weight than anyone else on here.

  18. C’mon, I disagree with your evaluation of Chukwueze today….. He was a handful for the left defense of cagliari…. I dare say he wasn’t given enough passes as he ought to get considering the space he opened up with his movement….

  19. Adli was horrible. Slow, the goal is his mistake, yes the man can pass long but thats it. He cant defend, cant hold the ball and cant run. What excel who excel? I wonder did people watch the match at all or may be you need to smoke less of that staff you know…

  20. I agree, differences of opinion are fine and normal, even among fans of the same team – why the need for the constant stream of insults?

  21. Chuk lacks anticipation and vision. He always force dribbles. And fails mostly. There were couple occasions where both Reijnders and RLC were running inside the box for a ground through pass but Chuk never put his head up to search for teammates.

    Reminds me of that one trick pony Anthony in United.

      1. 24 years old, already having couple of full seasons in both La Liga and Europe with Villarreal? I wouldn’t call him raw talent. He just lacks.

  22. From today’s game, we can clearly see who should be our starting right winger. Apart from the assist, pulisic was awful.
    Adli is good, but football is all about balance.

    1. Ok Genius. So the guy who has scored 2 goals this season and contributed to 2 of the 3 goals today should be benched for the guy with 0 goals and 0 assists, but he dribbles the ball a whole lot. Thank god you are not the coach. It’s not a video game kid.

  23. For Adli’s FIRST game of the season and FIRST in that role – he was great. As this article said the goal was from a folly of previous errors prior to Adli’s. 97% pass rate for a DM and some are complaining?? LOL. Ridiculous. Pioli should not have subbed him off. He was playing well and it was very encouraging sign for the future. Play this kid more please. Why on earth does Pioli play Pobega is beyond me. Musah is not a replacement for Krunic – more for RLC or Reminders IMO

  24. He cant defent? He had several good defensive actions. One bad, yes. But then again; he has not played first team football in a year. And judging from this performance, that is hard to understand. Not ONE single game in a year!? He is not that bad.

    1. As a CDM defensive actions are pretty high on the priority list and he also simply could have worked harder in defense, simply challenging and disturbing more.
      But I agree, he has strengths and can be of use, definitely not worse than CDK.

  25. Adli was superb….we looked less dynamic once he went off. He did well in the deee free naive phase, blocked a number of shots and tackled back, he was taking the ball off of the centre backs, he was Pirlo esque at times. Didn’t take the easy pass, looked to open up the opposition, he can play simple, he can ply 30 yard cross diesels balls, he knew when to give and when to go. This boy is a player. For his first start, that was a great performance. With two units like Ruben and Reijnders in front of him, Adli can be a great regista!!

    He and Okafor have staked their claims for Lazio for me. I’m unsure of Chukwueze or Pulisic for the RW, I think I go with the latter with Chukwueze coming on as a game changer Pulisic is reliable and hs at least one goal contribution per game in him.

  26. Adli… Not sure if the DM role is really suited to him. I’m always rooting for him to succeed. Still think he should’ve left, and indeed, he should leave Pioli’s Milan

      1. hahaha hadnt checked yet but i had hoped that they would repeat their juventus match feat but had my doubts it would happen though, regardless of their close selling relationship with juve and stingy prices for us which quite p1sses me off i actually always appreciated them as a small team unless they met us of course but kudus to them for beating inter. 10.5 times back around here in denmark for that odds for the 1-2 match result 😀

  27. I thought Adli was pretty meh, he can pass well but his defense and grinta are nothing to write home about. He seems like a one trick pony and I don’t think that is enough on our level.
    Imo he needs to go to a mid table club willing to give him a semi free role and focus on being a passing merchant.

  28. “he lost the ball just before the goal”

    That’s out of context. The ball was still in 50-50 situation after throw-in and Adli was alone battling for the ball against 2 opponents.

    1. Sorry bud. Have to disagree. He was solidly 1v1 by the time the ball settled between him and the attacker. This was 100% a 1v1 duel which he lost. The opponent took the ball away from him and scored. Simple as that. He was shielding the ball and wasn’t strong enough
      That being said, otherwise I liked his range of passing. First game, I’ll cut him some slack but once he tidies his defence up he’ll be gtg

  29. After the way that Adli and Musah played today there is no real reason to ever play Krunic again. Great team win, we got a much bigger depth in the roster than last year

  30. Well, well, whaddya know….
    Inter sleepwalks to a 2-1 loss to Sassuolo, and Milan now share the lead with them at the top of the table.
    I had a feeling Inter was going to lose their mojo and do something like this….

    1. Inter played really well. They through away a lot of chances. They made a few defensive errors. But mostly compact. Sassuolo was lucky to not concede the 1goal lead as inter was sharp as usual yet not clinical.

      Inter seems like a scudetto team. They seem extremely hungry and passionate. They seem to know what they are about. Happy that they lost today. Milan need a new coach who can tactically out class inter’s coaching staff.

  31. Firstly, I’m happy to see Adli play. The kid deserves it. He sacrificed and persevered. A bit of luck with krunic’ injury and he finally gets to play.

    Was this a stellar performance? No. But given it’s his first, it’s hard to gauge unless we see him play more matches. For a first start he did reasonably well. luckily for all of us Krunic will be out for a minute so we’ll get to see more if Curly. I hope he stays consistent.

    As for the rest of the team, I appreciate that with all the bench players we fielded, we fought back from a goal down and got the result. That is reassuring. Yea, it’s only Cagliary, but they played a low block and we got the result anyway, with the RESERVES.

    Last season Milan couldn’t do this with the Starters at times. So our depth is very reassuring. OKafor did well. Chuk and Adli will clearly need to play more. RLC is still an upgrade from last season, with or without goals. Musah is the real gem here.

    Great Result. Inter Lost. Stellar Wedensday!

  32. Pulisic drew 2 yellow cards
    3/3 dribbles completed
    7/7 ground duels won
    1/1 aerial duels won
    Was at the forefront of moves that lead to 2 goals
    Made countless runs trying to get in behind and break down the compact defense..

    Or, as some might say, did absolutely nothing.

  33. @Drew and you understand football then? see for yourself comparing him with 2 of the greats Pirlo and Alonso because of 1 game hahaha, if Adli keep performing then i’ll lick my own words but if he’s not you Adli fans probably gonna behave the same way like those Hauge fans.

    1. No you see, you clearly don’t understand. Allow me to draw you a picture.

      The way Adli played last night was reminiscent of how Pirlo or Alonso played. I didn’t say he was as good as either of those, perhaps in future I shouldn’t assume that everyone here has the requisite pre frontal development to be able to distinguish such things in a relatively short post.

      I will continue..

      The comparison I drew is from the fact that Adli tried to run the game (for the most part successfully and confidently). He dropped back to receive the ball from the centre backs so as to build play from the regista position. (Pirlo/Alonso did this), he also looked for incisive killer passes, be it switching the ball with a 30 yard cross field pass, by trying to slot a pass into the channel between CB and FB, or by spraying the ball out to the wide men (Pirlo/Alonso) did this. He also WANTED the ball, you could see him offering himself and asking for the ball so as to direct another attack. (Pirlo/Alonso did this)

      When Adli was on we looked like we could create chances. What really impressed me was how he was happy to step on the ball and slow the tempo down. Something Pirlo/Alonso also did. So surely now even you can see and draw the comparisons.

      I never once said Adli was as good as two legends like Pirlo or Alonso, perhaps if you came here with the intention of discussion rather than attacking, you wouldn’t draw ridiculous conclusions and cast meaningless aspersion.

      Now run along…..

    2. Xabi Alonso was not a great. He was a square passing merchant. He was only good at keeping hold of the ball and hitting the occasional long pass. He’s like that Brazilian fraud, Thiago.

  34. Adli did well for his first match in completely different position. He tried a lot in his positioning, making himself available to our defenders in our build up from behind. But once he received the ball his distribution was a bit slow. Yes he was looking for pass forward and made some good long passes to final third but he needs to anticipate earlier, he needs to have clear idea of his teammate’s positions and movement before he receives the ball. Many time a play stopped at his feet and I saw Reijnders, RLC and Florenzi standing and waiting for him to distribute. He made some good interceptions in defense as well. Seems quite strong fellow. As said, overall a good showing from him and I think he still has a lot of margin to improve.

    Second scenario – Musah was also lively and it kind of seemed more natural to him. Maybe if Musah can adapt to DM then Adli can rotate with Reijnders in left mezzala. I think Adli would offer more in mezzala role than Musah and Musah can offer more in DM role than Adli.

    1. Totally agree here too. I think the slowness in his play is due to the first time actually playing in a game with the team. It’s his first game so hopefully he’ll get sharper and learn his teammates movements a bit better/familiarity. And I also think Adli is probably better as a mezzala too where his defensive errors are not highlighted

  35. On that error everyone is talking about. First of all the initial ball was challenged poorly by both Adli (primarily) and Reinjders. It was Tomori who had to step up to cover their mistake (or lack of challenge on the aerial pass) which eventually led to the ball going outside as the play went on. Theo is at the sideline marking the thrower and the other attacker which is what he’s supposed to do. The DMs and mezzalas are supposed to cover the runs on the topside and in between the defensive lines or anything that’s not on the offside line. So there is faults to be shared but you can’t lose the ball like that where Adli lost the ball.
    Also and the more important point is that we’re lucky it’s a terrible team we faced. Being down 1-0 after an error like that against a proper team eg. Juve, Napoli would mean a very long night for us. You can’t do those things vs a big team or a team with more quality. We’re very lucky it was Cagliari. It’s why minimizing errors is a key attribute for that role even if you can progressive pass well. I know it’s going to be an unpopular opinion. And I’m not taking away from what otherwise would have been a very decent performance but that error knocks it down a couple notched for me

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