Player Ratings: Cagliari 0-1 AC Milan – Bennacer majestic; defenders shine again

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan claimed their third consecutive 1-0 win this evening as they managed to beat Cagliari away from home. There were some standout performances and down below are the Rossoneri’s player ratings. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6.5): He did have a whole lot to do in terms of saving this evening but he was extremely important in the build-up. It was a good game from him and his passing is such an asset for Milan.

Calabria (6): He was very solid in defence and he also saw a lot of the ball this evening, taking care of it with great success in the build-up phase especially. He did, however, miss an almost unmissable chance that could have made things less nervy for Milan.

Kalulu (6.5): Another good display from the youngster, whose confidence is growing and growing. We can see that when he’s on the ball as he doesn’t stress his decisions, but rather uses his technique to make the best choice. And when he mistimes a ball, he’s able to recoup very quickly.

Tomori (6.5): It was a performance similar to his colleague, seeing a lot of the ball and doing a lot of good things with it. There’s not much else to say as we have become so used to these two performing so well.

Hernandez (6.5): He managed to keep his cool despite being denied stonewall free-kicks throughout the game. Instead of running on the outside, we often find him further inside the pitch this evening and that made for some interesting situations. He had a great effort that was somehow saved by the keeper.

Bennacer (7.5 – MOTM): A majestic performance from the Algerian who broke the deadlock in the second half. That volley finish was far from easy but he struck it perfectly, leaving the keeper stranded. He was also very important on the ball, which seems to be glued to his feet sometimes.

Kessie (6.5): He was quite good in his passing this evening (making fewer mistakes) and also added a physical presence that was needed against Cagliari’s players. It was certainly an above-average display.

Messias (6): His rating would have been higher if it wasn’t for some poor decision-making at the start of the game. He improved as it went on but never really found himself with the same chances, instead more useful near the halfway line.

Diaz (6): There’s still the physical aspect that needs to be improved, but it was a better display from him this evening. He missed a great chance at the start of the first half but he also helped set up the goal scored by Bennacer.

Leao (5.5): It was quite surprising to see him so inactive this evening as he barely touched the ball in the first half, or at least so it seemed. He had one chance in the second half but was rightfully taken off after that.

Giroud (6): Given how he managed to combine with his teammates (getting the assist), and the physical presence, his rating would have been higher if it wasn’t for his missed chance in the first half. A bit more can be demanded.


Krunic (6): He did what he was supposed to do, getting stuck in and protecting the ball when in possession. There cannot be any complaints about him, really.

Rebic (6): He almost had a wonderful assist for Calabria (who somehow missed) and he added some much-needed fresh legs to the pressing.

Saelemaekers (6): It was right to throw him on considering his ability on the ball, able to get out of tight situations. He almost had a goal but was denied by a good block.

Ibrahimovic (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. I’m so thankful for the victory but this team really struggles to score goals. This is a serious problem! It’s always stressful watching them!

    They need to get rid of Diaz and Messias asap as they simply don’t create or score enough and Giroud is ok and has scored some crucial goals but should only be used as a super sub at most. He is very limited in his play. I’d rather have Belotti and Origi instead of Ibra and Oli to rotate with one another for the future. As for Leao, he’s so frustrating to watch but there is something a little special about him on his day, which he needs to show much more of.

    We need some real quality players to come in the summer market and take Milan to the next level where we belong. Keep on grinding out the results and bring the title home 🏆

  2. Milan have no choice to play Brahim. Milan really need a better playmaker next. Milan will try Adli or buy another figure. Playing Saelemaekers more at the rest of the season over Messias will be better for Milan to find a better touch from him. I think Messias is not suitable for Milan and Milan a player like Leao in the right side.

  3. I would say 7 for both Kalulu and Tomori. At the opposite, Brahim did very bad again, he deserves no more than 5. You are too generous with him.

  4. Not counting the goal Isma made some really poor choices, lost possession and has some very iffy passes. Theo was the star of the match, he was awesome both in offense and defense, he was my MOTM.

    Leao on the other hand could have sat on the sidelines the entire game and the outcome would have been the same. He failed to show up for the match.

    Brahim is still consistently circling the drain. He seems hopeless and lost.

    Messias still one dimensional, still not communicating well with others.

    Giroud cut off most of the game, but that is expected when you play with just one striker.

    Lulu, Mike, Fika good, but we expect nothing less from him.

    Calabria broke my heart with that shot, that should have been a goal.

    Oh and that guy from Barca was there, he had that nice shot that hit woodwork.

  5. Both centre backs were excellent again, making a lot of good decisions. Saelemaekers was fantastic at the job he was asked to do too, never lost the ball and ran a long distance in a short time. You mentioned Hernandez being denied free kicks, but he did spend the game throwing himself to the floor too, so that’s what you get for ‘crying wolf’. He kept running though and making chances right to the end, as usual.

  6. Nothing much to say; at this point in the season we all know what the team needs. Let’s hope the management does their job during the summer. In the mean time we must take what we can get, be it a 1-goal win. Important win for us. Well done to Pioli and the boys. Forza Milan!!!

  7. Rafael Leao has been bad for over a month now. He was totally disinterested, not involved or even willing to get involved in the game. He was the worst player on the field. Brahim & Messias were bad but at least they were trying.I wouldn’t mind benching him and starting Rebic next game.
    Leao has all the physical and technical tools to be great but he doesn’t have the intangibles. The mentality to be great , the drive, the will, the want to is lacking. And those things you can’t teach at 23 you either have them or you don’t. Look at players his age Vlahovic, Osimhen , Vinicius Mbappe, they demand the ball they want the ball they take the ball. Leao is just fine just being out there. He has scored a total of 20 goals in 3 serie a seasons. Same amount of goals this season 8 as 40 year old ibra who has played 1/4 of the games leao has played.
    He will be a player who will mesmerize fans from time to time with his skils but will never be consistently good

    1. You right. Milan should sale Leao & buy Nunez, bring back Hauge, origi can play winger as well as Nunez. Kulibali fro Monaco & 17 years old A Mendyfrom Nice 6’1 left defender be great also.

      1. You want to sell Leao who scored 11 goals this season but wants Milan to bring back Hauge who only scored 2 goals with Frankfurt? Lmao it’s a good thing you’re not Milan coach or management or Milan already sunk in the bottom of the table 😂

      2. Sell Leão? No way. Rafa is one of our best players. We shouldn’t sell him at all. He’s is suffering for some burn out after being marked and fouled a lot by opponents given that our offense is so unbalanced, going from the left much more than from the right.

    2. I disagree. What is happening is that all teams have figured out that Rafa is our best offensive threat and they are now double-teaming him or triple-teaming him. Since our right wingers suck, opponents have the luxury to concentrate on neutralizing Rafa. He is a great player but can’t carry the offense on his own shoulders if there is no balance to get some plays from the right wing as well.

      1. Luigi It’s true that teams sometimes double teaming him, which means there is a Leao teammate wide open but instead of him passing and moving the ball he tries to go 1 against 2 and ends up losing the ball. The praise he’s been getting as of late went to his head and now he thinks he is better than he is. Berardi has 14 goals and 12 assists and he doesn’t have a quarter of Leao talent. While Leao is getting praised like he is a great player with 8 goals and 4 assists. In 15 minutes Rebic did more than leao did in 75 minutes. He can use some humbling. But his effort on the field has been questioned since day one

    3. Vito, I’ve been saying this from the beginning. He’s got a bit of Balotelli in him, but without the spite. We may never see his full potential.

  8. Nothing fazes Kalulu. Calmlulu. Theo was very good. I hope Leao doesn’t start to focus on rumors and market news more than playing cause we’re going to need the best Leao in the following games. Whoever plays as No. 10 or RW falls far short every time; if we win the scudetto we’re going to do it playing with 9 men almost every game because nothing ever comes from those two positions and I hope that doesn’t backfire when we have to play against Fiorentina, Atalanta or Sassuolo.

    1. I have stopped complaining. This has been the same story all season. Just take a chill-pill and hope for the best…Lol. Enjoy what this current Milan has to offer.

  9. What are these ratings from PES?

    Benna deserves a 9 today he looked like Modric

    Diaz a 3 that midget destroyed everything he touched

    1. Caleb, yes, and also striker. Over the last 5 games I’ve come to firmly believe we need a RW and striker more than we need Sanches (or a CM) and Botman (or a CB). They should just give Romagnoli what he wants and keep the group they have now, at least for another year and then in 2023 get a replacement for Kjaer. In midfield we have Pobega. Finally, we also need an AMC, but we should see what Adli can offer. So if our budget is 50-60m this summer, spend it all on RW and striker because we really need goals and assists.

    1. Bellanova is a Milan Primavera graduate. Milan sold him for a 1 mil to Bordeaux. He is on loan at Cagliari from Bordeaux

  10. The rating for kessie, Dias and Messias were too generous. Kessie was just strolling round the pitch and even got out muscled a couple of times with a million back passes and lacking ambition, dude already left mentally, unless I watched a different match.
    Messias is not a Milan caliber of player he was terrible to watch this evening, can’t take on players, poor decisions and all that.
    Dias, don’t get me started, poor decisions, holds the ball at the wrong time,releases the ball when he’s supposed to hold and run. It was a terrible show.
    Bennercer! What a joy to watch ☺️

    1. Absolutely, Bennacer , since he came back from his short vacation for AFCON he has been alongside Giroud our best player. Pulling the strings in the midfield. He is back at his best after being unlucky with injuries in 2021.

  11. Seems the author of this write up only gives these players a high rating when there is a win.


  12. It doesn’t matter the pattern we play, all we need is the 3point and we have it all. On the issue of right wing milan should go for Anthony of Ajax an Sanches for cm, if we want to be fearful in Italy and Europe at large with,Botman, Lulu, fika and Gabbia our back line is super duper ok introduced Rowbak an colombo as strikers Adli,pobega,Toneli, bennecer,Sanches,Krunic an Diaz we beat any team that come our way. Forza milan

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