Player Ratings: Inter 5-1 AC Milan – Thiaw a laughing stock; Pulisic startled

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost yet another derby this evening and were frankly humiliated by a superior Inter side. Several players struggled to find their usual level and down below are the ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (5): He couldn’t do much about the goals, truth be told, even if perhaps questions can be asked on the third one. He wasn’t as effective with his build-up passing, though, and that hurt Milan.

Calabria (4): The inverted role certainly didn’t work this evening, not only because he didn’t do anything impactful with the ball but also because he barely got it. The defending leaves a lot to be desired as well, with some very poor moments.

Kjaer (5): He wasn’t horrendous, and perhaps surprisingly not the weak link in defence, but he just wasn’t suited for this game at all. He had one or two duels won but ultimately struggled to keep up with the pace of the game.

Thiaw (3.5): Yikes. He got completely bodied on the first goal and didn’t even bother to get back into position (which would have prevented the goal). On the second one, he just gave Thuram the option to cut inside for his right foot, when he clearly should have steered him towards his left. It was just very poor and insecure all game.

Hernandez (4.5): One of the better Milan players when going forward this evening, whatever that means, as he actually created chances. However, he struggled in defence and the penalty was a really silly foul, as well as the jogging home on the final goal. In a derby, that’s not acceptable even if the game had been decided already.

Loftus-Cheek (5): Tried hard out there and won duels against the Inter midfielders, but created little with the ball. It’s probably more so a tactical issue but he could have been a bit more bold for sure.

Krunic (4.5): Poor defending on some of the goals, even if he arrived as the second man (not the primary culprit) in most of those situations. Okay distribution and some balls won with his pressing, but the defending wasn’t there tonight in a crucial position. That’s more on Pioli than him, of course, given the tactics.

Reijnders (4.5): He had a couple of moments in the attacking phase, but was completely missing in defence this evening. Again, the tactics are probably to blame but still, he could have helped out a lot more on some of the counters.

Pulisic (4): Non-existent, really, in the attacking phase with zero to offer and always laying it off to the nearest man. He couldn’t handle the derby pressure and must do better.

Giroud (5.5): He was almost always available for the pass (but rarely got it) and combined well with the attackers, such as on Theo’s great chance in the first half. And on the goal, of course, with a nice pass for Leao.

Leao (5): Wasted a couple of good opportunities out there tonight but at least got the goal, after a good run and a calm finish. He can do better.


Chukwueze (5): He came on and at least tried to take on the Inter defenders, as opposed to Pulisic.

Okafor (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a fair rating.

Florenzi (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a fair rating.

Jovic (N/A): His debut, but we didn’t see enough of him to give a fair rating.

Musah (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a fair rating.

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        1. Doesn’t matter – their brains have exploded just as predicted. Napoli were humiliated by us last 4-0 in the league and it must’ve hurt them on the night but they shrugged it off and easily won the league. Every team has its bogey team and it looks like Inter’s ours (for now).

          1. 5 times in a row lost against same team, which milan arch rival and you’re telling people not to be mad, especially Milan have now better players than previous derbies, yet got thrashed 5-1. It is not acceptable at all. Derby is always a special match..

            You compared our lost to Napoli last season. what a “clever” comparison by you. Napoli dominated the league since day 1. Napoli has 16 points different at end with second place, to show how good they were.

  1. Before the game:

    J: In the last derbies you didn’t start well…

    Pioli: “I haven’t watched past derbies, but only our and their matches this season.”

    J: Were Inter more aware than Milan in the last few derbies?

    Pioli: “None of us thinks about last year’s derbies, we only think about winning tomorrow’s derby. We prepared well, then at the end of the match I will be able to say if we were better. Let’s face the match with the right light-heartedness.”

    Don’t rewatch the games Pioli, you might actually learn soemething.
    It’s better to keep playing the same game over and over again, eventually we must win one, right?
    Stay positive and hope it’ll be better next time.

  2. All player got 3 for me except leao 3.5 for me. They even cant pass the ball. And big zero for pioli’s tactic. #wearegoingnowherewithpioli #pioliout

  3. Seeing us getting battered by Inter 5-1 on my Birthday. This is just the worst man. Even more embarrassing when you realize the management will not sack even if he loose 10-0 to inter. Pioli needs to go now.

    1. Sorry bro, I know how hurtful it is for milan to lose on your birthday. Hopefully in May 2024 we’ll celebrate the 2nd star. ( that’s if we don’t self destruct)

    2. His last season for sure. I knew the 1st eleven before the game and the tactics, so I am speculating Inter’s team worked it out as well 🙂

  4. De Zerbi with another great game. This time against Man U. Milan better watch this guy and tie him up for next season. Cause thats the only way this team will make the next step in growing. Pioli is limited.

    1. Too late. The time to grab De Zerbi was this past summer. Next stop one of the top 6 Prem sides or even Madrid to replace Ancelotti. Just watch.

      1. Maybe MU or Chelsea, i dont see other team change their current Manager, for Madrid they maybe go to their ex-players who have great season like Raul or Xabi

  5. What did you expect with midfield like that? Defence was exposed every single time. Those are not top level midfielders, they are good backups for really good midfielders and they should be just that. Rest them when they are tired and play against smaller teams.

    1. Midfield? Did you see Thiaw just getting manhandled by Thuram, or Kjaer getting outpaced by everyone? Either way, it’s on the coach to set the team up correctly for the game. When Inter sets up in defense they have 5 guys at the back and a 3-2 pressing up. If they sit all deep when they choose, it’s a solid 5-3-2 with no space between the lines. That has to do with coaching. Why the fvck is Calabria running all over the pitch like a chicken with his head cut off? Why isn’t Krunic sitting a little deeper to add a body to a defense playing with a grandpa and a boy in an unfamiliar pairing? Why don’t our wingers come deep to get the ball? Pioli is trash. We need one top centerback who is left-footed and at least 188cm, and a new coach.

      1. And how many players was the defence against? Watch the goals again and count the players. Then watch where RLC, Krunic and Reijnders are and how vigorously are they trying to block. Not really trying hard. Defenders were not top of the shelf as well, but they got exposed by even worse midfield. Those same mids had the ball for most of the game and did what? Big nothing. It was better to give the ball to Inter than to RLC or Reijnders.

        1. Sure, but our prior set of midfielders (last season) had the same result against Inter, therefore, it doesn’t really seem to be the players, but how the coach sets them up to play. It’s clear Pioli has no idea how to beat Inzaghi. This goes back FOUR SEASONS. Pioli is 2-2-8 against Inter!!! Including FIVE STRAIGHT LOSSES!!! EMBARASSING!!!

          1. Yes, I agree about the tactics. I wrote 2 days ago that Inzaghi is superior and a few people attacked me. It is obviously true… But you can bring any coach on the planet. He won’t win any titles with Reijnders-Krunic-RLC. I really don’t understand what do people see in them. Ok players, a bit above average. Not Milan level.

      2. Calabria was Pioli’s secret attacking weapon to scare Inter. A guy who can’t shoot or pass to save his life. Ran around the pitch, leaving a huge gap behind him. Inter must still be laughing right now.

  6. The only positive I can take is that we was never going to go through the league unbeaten and it is very early in the season. Their will be lots of twists and turns , all the top teams will drop points throughout the season we just cannot afford to have too many of these results

    1. Yup, we can take a lost that’s for sure. But it’s 5-1. Yes five to one. It’s not only a lost. It’s a statement. It’s a derby. It’s a history.

  7. The result doesn’t really paint the picture of the quality of both teams. Up until the 70th minute the game was even, or you could even say that Milan was the better side. Even though inter was up 2-1, both of their goals came on the counter of Milan mistakes and outside of that inter didn’t do anything. But, the worrying part is from the 70th minute up until the end of the game. The team gave up. I don’t care if you have a chance to win or not, you can’t give up vs your biggest rival, and this is a sign that this current team has no leader. From the coach, thru the captain to the so called veterans, there is no leader on the team. Zlatan absence was felt last season and it will be felt this season as well.
    It’s only 1 game, lose by 5 or by 1 goal . It still counts as 3 points lost, but as much as I hate to admit it, Inter has Milan’s number. Pioli has no solution for what inter does.
    Also, Thiaw got dog walked today by Thuram. Got Absolutely destroyed.
    Hopefully they learn from this and put it behind them quick because their are important games coming.
    Forza Milan

    1. No offense, but did you really watch the game? Milan was not better in any way. Inter let them have possession and from that much possession there were 2 shots on goal in 90 minutes. If you can’t create chances when the opponent gives you the ball it says a lot about your midfield. They had the ball most of the time and did nothing.

    1. It does when you basically see the same match for the Xth time in a row and Pioli can’t do anything. People were bashing Tonali for the loss but RLC did even worse in defence and Reijnders was even worse than that when defending.

      1. it means nothing.. We still have 34 games to win. Who gives a flying f about the one we just lost?
        We lost, as allways, because Inter is stronger. Accept that and move on..

        1. Yes, but if Inter is stronger, they will do better over those remaining 34 games, so we need to be able to beat them. Anyone not absolutely incensed about losing a derby 5-1 and the 5th derby in a row needs a reality check. So now shell-shocked Milan lead by donkey Pioli is setting up for another reality check on Tuesday.

          1. Untrue. Nobody knows if they will do better or worse..
            Why would i need a reality check? Lost a game, there are what? 50+ games a season.. i think people who take this little loses so seriously need a reality check. Lost a derby, again.
            I’ve grown numb for inter loses over the last decade.. let them have their little joy. Will see whos happy at the end of the season
            Stupid sempre milan. Impossible to give a comment

          2. I’m referring to the derby specifically. In what universe is it acceptable to lose derbies 5-1, to lose FIVE DERBIES IN A ROW, to have a coach that is 2-2-8 against your biggest rival? 20 years ago the coach would have been sacked. And being only 4 games is the best time to do it. Remember we finished 5th last season and we’re only playing CL games because of Juventus.

          3. in this world. If you wanna blame someone blame berlo for dropping the ball 15 years ago.
            Milan has a long ways to go. But whatever, forget about the derby, fouces on the other games

          4. But he is right, this is a league not a knock out tournament. So who are more consistent they are winning in the end just like Napoli last season, we have better h2h against Napoli but lost the league by 20 points. We lost both derbies but doing better in other 34 matches we still have a chance to win the league

      1. You hate Inter because of what exactly? Because you’re Italian and from Milan? Nope. Because you’re ‘supposed to hate Inter’? Inter aren’t one of the teams that have screwed us out of titles, Verona, Napoli and Juve are.

    2. Edgy is putting it mildly. I said a few days ago that people would lose their sh*t if we lost the derby. It’s literally the 4th game of the season, we played more minutes because of these dumb internationals than inter and our starting center back went and got himself suspended. No sh*t we lost against a team who always play like it’s a World Cup final against us. Bring on Newcastle.

      1. It’s not about just the loss, about way we lost. Again and again our defense gets exposed, no cover from our midfielders. I do believe we have a better midfield than last year, and yet same issue. That gotta fall on pioli’s tactics and orders. We have more quality and depth this season, but he refuses te proper line them up. We can bring the best defenders in the world and we will still leak plenty of goals.

      2. Pioli needs to hire you as his PR manager. Yes, we lose our $hit when we lose to Inter 5x in a row with 12-1 goal difference. Pioli is terrible and they won’t fire him so it’s not just 1 game, it’s the whole season at risk again. He should have been fired back in January when he was shamefully embarrassing us.

        1. Lol. A 1-0, sure fine, 2-1,even 3-1 loss. But 5-1 is a statement and is emphatic. These things can affect the team in other games like it did to us last year

          1. I don’t know how some fans here can’t understand that. 5-1 is too humiliating a defeat, especially to inter.
            Then it’s the 5th derby loss in a row with a goal loss of 12-1. Common who won’t lose their shit and be proper 😡.

            🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Match day 4 and another ptsd season building.

      3. I was optimistic but inter is a well oiled machine. They been playing the same for years now.
        We just went from scratch and played 3 competitive games with the new system, which works btw.
        People are clueless. The home game with inter will be different. Until then, i assume every poor match we will see the pioli out chants from ac milan “fans”.

        1. Yeh let’s fire the dude before the season even started who just won us the first scudetto in 11 years, got us to a CL semi with Tata in goal for long stretches, Messias on the wing and Diaz falling over whenever there was a gust of wind. #piolioutoutoutout

          1. classic piolis fanboy. He won scudetto after 11 years…
            Milan managed by a lot of managers, some of them won treble,CL,Scudetto as well. But once they don’t bring result, they got critized and sacked. It is normal thing
            But Piolis fanboy have always different standard of judgement.
            The Judgment of Piolis Fanboy: Pioli is God, we must defend him at every cost, no matter we lost or win..
            *clap clap

          2. I’m not even a pioli fan. I think he overcomplicates things for no reason way 2 many times.. but when you stack up pros and cons for having him as the coach the pros win atm..

            People like Sam and other idits can whine all they want. Dude doesn’t even know what a treble is and how many clubs have won it in the last 100 years

          3. LOL. Hilarious – we argued the same w Maldini and you screamed to fire him anyways – but now it’s ok NOT to fire Pioli????? LOLOLOLO. Which one is it buddy?

            SO many people are walking contradictions on this forum it’s embarrassing. Nobody can be consistent in their arguments and flip/flop like crazy when it suits them and yet remain clueless when they do it. Yikes!

  8. All the players deserve lesser ratings,Pioli is simply not intelligent enough to be Milan’s coach, a coach must understand that u need to base your tactics on how the opponent plays, he he had compacted the team, and relied on counters we would have beat them, no instead he decided to play his stupid inverted system, that completely exposed his fragile defence, I just don’t know how he never learns, I said it countless times Kjear and Florenzi have no business being in this team, and Calabria honestly should not be a starter, that’s why he is not in the National team, look at how all the ITALIAN players of inter stepped up and played with heart and courage, our foreign legion simple did not show up, building a team entirely of foreigners is not the way. This team needs to be properly studied, and give the bench players a chance to play.

    1. “Pioli is simply not intelligent enough to be Milan’s coach, a coach must understand that u need to base your tactics on how the opponent plays, he he had compacted the team, and relied on counters we would have beat them, no instead he decided to play his stupid inverted system, that completely exposed his fragile defence, I just don’t know how he never learns”

      100%!!! and almost exactly what I wrote above. This is all that can be said.

  9. It’s sad because with the players we have I don’t think inter are superior in anyway. It’s true we didn’t have tomori but 5 is too much. I never understood pioli tactics how can you keep Calabria in the midfield he was invisible the whole game. We never do any proper passes in the middle of the field it’s always play on the wings. The only time we can get 5 passes together is when it’s in our own half. I’m sorry but Pioli must go and I don’t care if he wins the next 5 games if he keeps playing like this it’s purely luck and no tactics!

  10. Interesting how you ignored chukwueze’s lost ball for a gifted last goal. They were all shameful,just like we expected vs inter,they always do.

  11. Se faccio hio l allenatore, anche hio leggo il gioco del Milan. Ma va pioli. In 5 anni sempre lo stesso livello. Mal lo staff del Milan sta Guardando che sta faciendo De Zerbi ??????

  12. My username is iminmilano, admin suspended me.

    Inzaghi is genius and pioli is overrated, period. I said again the 21-22 scudetto was a giveaway.

    Where pioli fans who attacked my comment yesterday??? Get some balls and reply my comment you cowards!!!

    1. Inzaghi is no genius, inter played simple counter attacking football. Pioli on the other hand is very limited, as evident in this match. Playing with all wide players cutting inside while the opposition are playing 5-3 is almost impossible. Inters formation is designed to prevent what ours are meant to do. Pioli did nothing to shake it up. One trick pony

  13. Thiaw is young and has a lot to learn. Not his fault. The fault is in the system Pioli used. We got dominated and players lost the plot. We have to improve all around. Starting with defense. Need experience and relevance at the back. Kjær has experience but can’t keep up.

  14. I understand, but the midfield is patently better than last season. Unfortunately, we needed depth everywhere over one or two world-class players at 60m each. That said, are RLC and Reijnders that much worse than Mkhitaryan and Calhanoglu? I’m not sure.

      1. Yes they are. Reijnders can probably improve his defensive moves but RLC has been the same his entire career. I said this 3 months ago, and every few weeks since that. If there is a ranking from 1 to 10 – RLC is 5 and Reijnders is 6. Barella is 9. You don’t win titles with players like that. Calhanoglu moved to DM, adapted quickly and is playing great, he is tactically better than both of these by a few miles. He was back for the ball and running back to defend every single time. I’m sad that I have to say that for that snake but it is the truth.

        P.S. Isak and Oliver, is it so hard to make the comments section actually work and not give stupid errors in 2023? I mean seriously, every 3rd person mentions that in their comments and you don’t even bother??

  15. Inter were superior mentally and it showed. They started the match with the aim of winning and Milan started the match looking like a side hoping to avoid another derby loss. In summary most Milan players were scared and inter were confident as if the tie was already decided, every time they pushed toward, our defense starts shivering.

  16. What you expect from a team coached by a manager who keep speaking high on mediocre player Krunic?
    Won 3 first game and hope the tactic works as well against Inter..what a coach
    This match only show how Pioli didn’t do his homework

  17. Being outplayed is one thing. Being outplayed when you know the opponent’s game plan from the start, is another. You’d think Inter were absolutely brilliant tonight. They weren’t. They held a deep line and hit on the counter. That’s all they did. Which is what you’d expect them to do when facing a team that has pace. Hit on the break. It’s scary how little idea the team has to break down this kind of style of play. Inter didn’t even play smart. Milan just walked right into them. Ridiculous.

  18. It would have been difficult to counter-attack a team that was set up specifically to counter-attack. Inter was set up from the first second to do that. They played a low line and let Milan faff about in the middle of the field. Drag them one way, hit on the other. It’s not rocket science. As soon as the first goal went in, it was game over. They could afford to sit as deep as they wanted, stretch the game, commit Milan players forward and then hoof it cross-field. This is a pattern. Milan cannot break down low-blocking teams with quality defenders who can maintain a cohesive shape. But, this isn’t just a Milan problem. Inter pushed City using the same tactics. What Milan may need is an actual creative midfielder capable of breaking the lines with passes someone like Leao can run onto. Instead, the emphasis has been on signing workmanlike midfielders. To be honest, I want Pioli to show some balls and move Hernandez into central midfield. He’s not a defender. The sooner someone realises that, the better. He’s got the skill and passing range to do the business, as well as drive at defences to make them make mistakes. What do they have to lose?

  19. This is a 5th straight loss to a single opponent, if you still think this is a wake up call, I don’t know what to say, this must’ve been the 5th wakeup call the2n

  20. Pioli is the problem. Cannot adjust IN GAME tactics. Waits too long for subs. He HAS the players he needs (w the exception of another #9) – so he has zero excuses. Inzaghi made him look like an amateur. It was obvious in the first few minutes Inzaghi figured out how to neutralize our inverted RB system and Pioli in response did nothing to adapt until the 80th min (w the game already decided) when he took Calabria off.

    Yes there were many poor performances all around – esp in mid where we were completely overrun. If Reindjers and RLC are going to make those forward runs they also need to track back as 2 goals from Inter were from their mids breaking through on the counter. Thiaw had serious growing pains and was bullied by Thuram (who was fantastic – and would have been the exactly type of player we needed). Theo is too busy flighting w Dumphries (who owns him) instead of playing football. Pulisic and Giroud looked gassed which is not surprising. Chukuweze has the makings of a 30M bust. It’s early but if he thinks he can just dribble past 3 defenders to the goal like he did in Spain he is in for a rude awakening. Hopefully he adjusts and fast. Not even sure why Jovic took the pitch to be honest – what a waste.

    Well we finally saw what we are made of against a really solid team and coach. Doesn’t get any easier w UCL in 2 days….fingers crossed the boys can regroup and put in a solid display Tuesday. But Pioli has some real soul searching to do. If Inzaghi figured him out I’m sure the other UCL teams will as well and that is not good news for us at all

  21. Simply put, Inter have better players and a better coach. Milan may have improved upfront but a midfield of Krunic, Loftus Cheek, Reijnders is a step back from Bennacer, Tonali, Diaz and a far cry from Barella (Fratessi), Mkhitaryan, Hakan. The first game that mattered in the Cardinale era and we got destroyed despite a full pre-season with this lineup

  22. Hernandez is a CM. Anyone who tells me otherwise is clueless. Play him where he actually wants to be. He doesn’t want to defend.

    Sign an actual LB. If he can attack, fine, if not, fine. Adapt Theo to cover during transition and try and hold his instincts. If you want Theo to continue as a LB, either tell him to stop charging, or, sign a RB who sticks to his flank.

    Sign a damn CDM. Forget fancy formations, bla, bla, bla. You need a man alert to situations those cross-field balls might cause. He sticks in one area and covers back if needs be. It’s dirty work, but important.

    And get a midfielder who can deliver a pass to a winger, that cuts through the lines. This is what’s missing, mainly from this Milan team. Imagine Kaka feeding passes to Leao.

    This Milan team is not awful. It’s way better than some of the teams I grew up watching. It could be better. I hope the big brass realises that.

  23. Yes, Chuk turned the ball over in midfield, trying to hold onto it for too, like he always does. And Inter immediately drove through the defense and scored. The worst part it is that Chuk didn’t even bother trying to chase them down and get the ball back. He just quit on the play.
    I hate that sort of attitude.
    For that he deserves a worse score than Pulisic, who may have only done safe passes, but didn’t cough up a goal.
    Give Chuk a “3”

    1. For real, absurd to give Chuk a 5 when he was as non existant as everyone else today besides giving up a goal and complaining instead of tracking back.

  24. Hernandez is partially responsible for 3 of the 5 goals, he should not be getting a 4.5 for that.

    Second goal: Too far forward, had to track back to try and catch up to his mark who got a good pass off in time.

    Fourth goal: Stupid tackle resulting in penalty

    Fifth goal: Jogging back

    He gets way too much of a pass from people just because of his status.

  25. well well well
    some laughed when I wrote that we have an incompetent board

    here is your wake up call – Thuram who could be ours destroyed us

    Tonali who was the brain of our midfield is gone and today the have the result – midfield did creativity
    who needs Musah or RLC when they can’t create anything at all?

    and ofc Cpt Ametica..

    let’s be real, without a proper playmaker, nothing good can come out of this

  26. well well well
    some laughed when I wrote that we have an incompetent board

    here is your wake up call – Thuram who could be ours destroyed us

    Tonali who was the brain of our midfield is gone and today the have the result – midfield did creativity
    who needs Musah or RLC when they can’t create anything at all?

    and ofc Cpt Ametica..

    let’s be real, without a proper playmaker, nothing good can come out of this team

    maybe the winter transfer will bring some hope

    1. I think you’re the one who needs to wake up.
      1. Thuram was never coming. He always preferred Inter, probably because he saw how they humiliated us all year long.
      2. Tonali left for a huge raise, don’t act like he was forced out. I don’t blame him and I don’t blame the owners for cashing in on him, which enabled us to make several signings.
      3. Pulisic had 1 bad game so he’s finished? He was clearly tired after international duty. It’s also not his fault that Pioli doesn’t know how/where to play him. He is a proper playmaker, not a winger.
      4. Our only hope is that Pioli gets fired. He could be put in charge of Real Madrid and finish 4th or worse.

      1. 1. Thuram could come to Milan if the board would give him the salary that he asked

        2. Tonali was forced out – everyone knows it. He was forced out for the huge amount of money that Milan got

        3. he isn’t finished he just never was the player that the people here are thinking about him

        4. yes the only thing that I agree with you is Pioli’s departure

  27. I wished in January that Pioli would get fired when he was humiliating us. If he had, we would have a new coach to lead this stronger squad and challenge for the title. Alas we will fight for 3-4th place again, if we’re lucky. Sometimes it’s better to cut off a limb and save the patient than to let him die slowly.

  28. Milan has not coach and Maldini saw this monts ago. But Milan also has not players becouse all the new guys are second hand players. They sold their icon, Italian Tonali and they trow all the money in garbage! Who else wanted Loftus, Pulisic, Musa, Okafor, Chukwueze? Nobody! ‼️😡. How could you said that those guys are equal with Fratezi, Turam, Sommer, Cuadrado, Pavard, Carlos Augusto, Arnautovic? And worst of all we do not have leaders any more. Maldini and Ibrahimovic are gone…

    1. “How could you said that those guys are equal with Sommer, Cuadrado, Pavard, Carlos Augusto, Arnautovic?”

      Settle down, those are mediocre players. Inter’s starting XI is miles better than ours, not their subs.

    2. Actually, higher offers came in for Pulisic. Lyon offered 25M in a written bid and would have gone higher. Pulisic chose Milan for less money because the coach wanted him and he felt appreciated. That, and Pulisic is in love with the Milan fanbase and the San Siro atmosphere.

  29. Same tactic from simone just play defensive and waiting counter atack but yet pioli fall into that trap 5 times. Some player are tired from NT duty but he is afraid changing starting line up like pulisic, why play him not samuel ? Thiaw causing 3 goal because his mistake , is he really starter material player ? Even kjaer that 35 years play better than thiaw

    1. If tou think Thiaw isn’t a starter material then who’s Pioli should play for this match since Tomori got banned and Kalulu’s injured.

    2. The difference is that not a single team had managed to score 5 goals against Atletico during Simeone era. That happened zero times in eleven years.

  30. I wouldn’t have even bothered with ratings tbh because the whole team played badly. It’ll be interesting to see how we do after this stinging defeat. Btw, that 6m per year demands Thuram had seems well worth the bragging rights eh. Anyways onwards and upwards.

    1. agreed
      Thuram is superb
      not to mention Frattesi who is right now the best italian midfielder when I watched the national team + his performance for Inter

      it is sad that those players could be Milan players but ended up on the other side

  31. Thiaw did the right thing on the second goal.

    Those shots go in maybe 2 or 3 times a season across the competition and Thuram cant dribble. But he can hit a bomb. There is not much you can do about those.

    My kids woke up, little monsters that they are, so I couldn’t watch the game as closely as I was intending to.

    It seemed to me that Thiaw and Kjear were almost man marking Lautaro and Thuram. They were playing a high line, too, and we didn’t have the pace to guard against Thuram on the counter. Theo is playing as a CM instead of LB, because it is the done thing.

    Preparation for the match seems pretty horrendous, to be honest. I get having a system but surely someting has to give when you leave yourselves completely exposed to Inter’s strengths.

  32. 3rd Goal was the killer goal. Long pass to Giroud who didn’t come to the ball, Dumfries wanted it more, won the ball which led to the goal. Piolis tactics were sh1t, and we badly need badly a solid DMC a new DC as well as a young hungry striker that can finish. Giroud is good for 30mins at best. Hopefully Jovic gets some time until the next transfer window. Newcastle will be a tough game

  33. This show Pioli is not a good tactician. MILAN always struggle against strong quality team. This time Pioli can not use not enough players excuse. Obviously now Milan has a lot stronger players than last year. We need a new top quality manager.

  34. I swear to god, whenever they wear those blaty colourful Off white jackets and are fashionista’s first! They always always embarrass us on the pitch.
    Correct me if I’m mistaken but I don’t recall a positive result ever when we model those jackets not even once.
    Obviously it’s not the jackets but priorities! Football first before ‘the brand’ ‘the commercial aspect’ we keep being fed.
    I know and understand economics but we clearly aren’t able to balance both luke other clubs.
    At my job if I don’t perform for 5 months I get questioned. Pioli for 5 matches surely has to be getting some sort of grilling! Surely. 5 games??
    I’m highly annoyed but I know there’s plenty of games left. Football is fickle as we all know, just that at this moment it sucks ass what this team did.
    Hopefully they put a string of at least 5 positive games to wash this down, otherwise if they get caught up in their heads and repeat January, we’ll need another reset🙄and another project cause Pioli has no more excuses! He’s had all the years and he got his players! No more talking. Just play and if not, Pioli will need to be sacked.
    Forza Milan

  35. I love when people blame Pioli because they won’t say anything even remotely negative about this management. This team doesn’t know how to rise to a derby occasion because very few actually care or have character. Need some homegrown players and some italians to bring the passion back. But I thought we were so much better now that we have no italian players.
    You know bc they all suck right? Oh and thura. Is awful and frattesi is awful.. lol. Sad. Hope this changes but I fear it won’t. Lastly I hope they shake this embarrassing loss off fast

  36. So the score is there. Prob this will change rapidly into a huge upgraded team against other team. Otherwise Gerry should sack someone. But to find new wellknown coach he has to spend fund which will make him think twice about getting it right.

  37. I feel on paper we have a better team than the ones that lost 4 times previously – but again, the tactic has been found wanting. I’m no big fan of inverted fullback and if Simone can trouble Pep who’s the master of this tactic, what chance does Pioli have?

    With Thiaw and Kjaer on the backline, it should have been adjusted. There’s no shame playing like Mourinho sometimes, just closed the shop, frustrate them and hit back on the counter – we have the players now, instead of relying to Leao all the time for the quick counter.

    I’ve said before the beginning of the season that our first 10 matches are brutal and this game would’ve been too early for Pioli, especially with the whole lotta new players coming in. Swallowing derby defeat always hurts, but there’s another 34 games to go, hopefully this won’t hurt the spirit for too long and we can soldier on from here.

  38. Frattesi, who at €25 million was ‘overpriced’, has two goals this week, one for the national team.

    Retegui, who was supposedly a risk at €10 million, has two Serie A goals already.

    Meanwhile Pioli held onto Krunic like he was Rijkaard, and blew most of our budget on midfielders, because midfielders give him wood. Cardinale put too much faith in Pioli. Pioli doesn’t like Italians and he doesn’t value centre forwards.

    1. The transfer sin is not selling Theo for the bomb sides were prepared to pay, 100m is being floated, and then replacing him with Carlos Augusto who is only a slightly inferior player for a comparative song from a club that might as well be Milan’s little brother (with whom it is on good terms).

      But they want to be European, whatever that means.

  39. Don’t you realize Milan center back duo didn’t play their best. But Pioli can’t subs either Thiaw or Kjaer because we didn’t have proper backup for CB.

  40. From what i see, It’s down to pioli’s tactic,
    High defensive line against speedster with slow defender was just suicide,
    Our own speedsters don’t have room to manoeuvre, we are deadly in counter but chose to use possession game, pioli got owned by inzaghi yet again

    1. Yes very awesome.
      In Mourinho’s hay days, Thiaw would be benched for the rest of the season.
      Man doesn’t know anything about defending.
      I keep saying AC Milan should get Italian players, if we managed to, we get the weak and stupid ones like Calabria and sell the good ones to inter.
      AC milan have become a disgrace.

      1. Yes, that’s why you don’t let him shoot in the first place. A top defender knows that if the striker is allowed to take a shot, he has already made a big mistake. There are no unpreventable goals, only poor defenders.

      2. Good thinking. I would not play Thiaw ever again after such embarrassment. Calabria was never good enough for Milan, that is also true.

  41. When I clamour for Italian players to be brought in, you guys oppose and say they are too expensive and average.
    How did inter pay for them?
    Guess who is below average now?
    The Italians at inter knows what the derby means.
    Milan have no defense aside Theo, Newcastle will win if they don’t fear Milan.
    Inter play with strength and purpose, first to every loosed ball, won every tackle, ran more.
    Milan were sluggish like they were leading the game 8 nil, no intentions or purpose at all.
    AC Milan have become a disgrace.
    Get real Italians who knows how to defend, just like inter ffs.

    1. Exactly. Everybody cries about italians being overpriced on this forum. Well this team has none besides Calabria who is decent but not top and we sold our only top italian in Tonali. Milan needs italians. It’s literally their heritage and without them the team is soulless.. so many were available this year that had quality. Scamacca, Berardi, Zaniolo, Baldanzi, Fratessi, Rovella, etc. Yet we get nothing but foreigners and we wonder why we can’t win a derby… because it means nothing to most of these guys.

  42. Krunic started all this mess by passing the ball to the opposition. A god damned weakling that should have been sold for zero this summer.

    And to think that Thiaw was offered to Real Madrid? He should go back to Bundesliga 2. Don’t want to see this dude;s retarded face ever again.

  43. Krunic started all this mess by passing the ball to the opposition. The weakling that should have been transferred out for zero this summer.

    And to think that Thiaw was offered to Real Madrid? How about backing off to Bundesliga 2. Don’t want to see his stupid face ever again.

  44. You can’t bench players and only bring them in for 10-20 mins and expect the best from them, we need to start infusion of at least 2 players who have not been starting b4 on matches to get them ready, not having ready players to play limits our options of changing tactics and surprising our opponents, this coach sticks to only one form of play, only same set of players always, he’s easily studied and beaten

  45. it is obvious for all to see, we showed zero passion and zero commitment !! why, it is simple, foreignors do not understand the derby and they never will. yes you can have a modern european team but you must have balance, look at Inter, it pains me to see, but look at the commitment and passion of Barella, Dimarco and even substitute Frattesi, who did we bring on ?? Musah ??!! what a joke, shows absolutely nothing…..and as for Chukwaze, wtf was he doing. we need an italian spine at least, you think Tonali would have shrivelled away like those players last night, of course not, he was not perfect but he would have fought till the last minute. the foreigners just don’t know or feel the passion of the derby, and that showed last night.

  46. Well reality hurts!!

    For all those football manager fans out there, this is what happens when you bring in 10 players and even more leave.
    It’s a team game after all, teams take time to build!

    Despite all these signings, we have a 37yo striker, Krunic as midfield lynchpin and no depth in defense.
    Also let’s not blame Krunic, he is our backup midfielder, not his fault the management thought we don’t need a DM like Amrabat (who didn’t cost much).
    In defense we have gone from a title winning roster of Romagnoli, Kjaer, Tomori, Kalulu and Gabbia to basicly just Thiaw (very young), Kalulu and Tomori.

    I don’t know how we brought in so many players and yet have so many big holes in the team!

    The only new players to have had any impact are Pulisic, RLC and Reijnders.
    That’s about 60m worth of players = 50m budget + 10m from sales. – No need to sell Tonali

    Musah looks serie B level if not C
    Chukwu has always been 1 footed and looks horrible so far
    Okafor has good potential but he will not be happy being backup LW.

    Go back 2 years to our title winning squad and all we needed to add was a RW,AM and striker (we had a great defense and great midfield)

    Now we have a crap defense, weak midfield and still need a striker!
    Maldini wanted progress, this is not progress

  47. Lots of difficulties in the derby. It seemed to me that there was little to no link up between either center backs/midfielders or midfield/forwards.

    Pretty harsh to single out Pulisic as over his head with the experience he has in big Premier League derbies. He could have been better, but there wasprecious little space on either side of the pitch.

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