Player Ratings: Inter 3-0 AC Milan (3-0 agg) – Tomori disastrous; Bennacer a bright spot

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan’s unbeaten run against Inter this season came to an end as the Nerazzurri managed to score three goals at San Siro this evening, making for a convincing win. Down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Maignan (5.5): Three goals conceded. You can’t blame him too much, though, except maybe on the first goal as it was seemingly saveable.

Calabria (5): He had some good moments in defence but he also had some poor ones. It looked like he gave his opponents a bit too much space on the right flank and his attacking contribution was non-existent too.

Kalulu (4.5): His partnership with Tomori didn’t work at all tonight. He completely lost his man on Inter’s third goal which sealed the game. The offside call was unlucky it must be said, but that’s not the reason for the low rating.

Tomori (4): Probable his worst performance with the Milan shirt. He had eyes on Lautaro just before the first goal but still didn’t pick him up in the box and on the second goal, he lost Lautaro again as he tried to make him offside. Very shaky display overall.

Hernandez (5): He had some chances to make something happen in attack, including two opportunities to shoot, but failed on both occasions. And his crosses came to nothing in the end, even though his runs were important to at least create something.

Bennacer (6): One of the better Milan players tonight. Sure, he lost a few balls but he also intercepted a lot and was comfortable on the ball for the most part, troubling Inter. He also had a lovely strike that was eventually ruled out by VAR (a harsh call).

Tonali (5.5): He was forced to do a lot of defending this evening as his teammates at the back struggled at the start of the game. He was somewhat successful but Pioli decided to take him off at half-time.

Saelemaekers (5): It was mostly poor from him tonight, bar one shot that Handanovic did well to save. It’s just so obvious that his impact is almost zero and that is a real problem for Milan.

Kessie (5.5): He was actually involved in quite a lot attacking-wise throughout the game and also when Pioli moved him down to the tandem, he did well. And by well I mean in comparison to some of his teammates.

Leao (5): He created a lot and seemed to have the upper hand on his opponent, but the final touch was lacking once again. He forced Handanovic to two good saves so perhaps a lower rating would be hard, but it’s also clear he could’ve done a lot better.

Giroud (5): He fought very hard in the box, and he didn’t get much to work with, but he wasn’t that involved in the aerial play either tonight. At least he struggled to win his duels and that’s no good.


Messias (5): A bit of impact but mostly negative. On par with Saelemaekers you could argue, and that’s not exactly a good thing given the Belgian’s form.

Diaz (6): Along with Bennacer he was probably the best Milan player tonight. He created a lot and gave Milan momentum up until the VAR check that took the steam out of the Rossoneri overall.

Gabbia (5): His positioning was quite off tonight and perhaps he could have done better on the third goal, although Kalulu is at fault for that.

Krunic (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a rating.

Lazetic (N/A): Made his debut but came on late and thus gets no rating.

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  1. Once we get the ownership the following needs to happen, Zlatan needs to retire, Giroud shouldn’t be renewed, Saladmaker sold, Diaz sent back to Madrid, Rebic sold, Krunic sold, and double up on the RW, new CAM, 2 new strikers, additional LW and LB, also we might need to think of replacing Calabria with Kalulu or a new RB, he just isn’t physically or technically good enough to be our captain.

    1. Well, that seems like a lot to ask for hahaha but Milan really needs this new ownership, in order to compete more in Italy and Europe, especially against Juventus. Inter is just doing very well because Juventus is having some problems with the management, and Milan does not have the team to fully compete against them. But Inter is a team full of old players and they have a lot of debts. However, I do agree that Milan needs a better RW, CF, CAM and LB because it is completely noticeable that team is not able to score. Since it lacks offensive quality. There are many rumours on new players who might come. I just hope that they will accept to come to Milan. Also it was noticeable today that Maldini was right and Milan needs another defender. So Botman would be a good one to include. I think that they should get Noa Lang, Charles De Ketalaere, Berardi, and someone else. I know that they are talking abotu Nkuku going to Milan, but there is a lot of competition for that player. So it might be hard.

    2. nah dude Zlatan is still good should renew 1 more season!!! way better than giroud!! but he should not be a starter/ main striker..

      1. Yeah but he cannot hide his age anymore. That’s affecting him, either he likes it or not. I think Zlatan should continue with Milan but working with the management of the team to prepare the forwards

  2. Messiah and salaemaker 4, Beneccer 5 bcos he failed to perform his primary function by closing up space. Kessie 6, Giroud 4 he is waste of spot in today’s team lineups

  3. I am a Pioli supporter; but I’m wondering why he took off Bennacer who was our best player. But perhaps Pioli knows his fitness isn’t 100%? IDK.

    In the end, can’t blame Pioli for Tomori having his worst match ever for us and we actually created good chances in the first half. Leao hard shot to near post (good save by Handanovic), good hard shot by Saele for a change he actually gets a shot on goal instead of 10 meters over the goal (another good save by Handanovic) and Tonali with a fantastic redirection that was headed for top right corner but bad luck that Giroud got in the way. So, offensively, we created a lot more than we did in those recent back to back 0-0 results we had.

    The VAR overturn is quite unlucky too — if that goal counts, it turns the momentum around and we probably don’t throw every body forward (and probably bring in Rebic, not Lazetic) and have a chance to draw level 2-2 and advance to the final.

    In the end, the score looks so ugly and terrible (and, ofc, 3-0 is ugly); but it wasn’t really as bad as it looked, IMO. And if Tomori/Kalulu are going to have an off day, TBH, I’d much rather in Coppa and not Serie A. Hopefully we can somehow win all our final matches and Inter slips up against either Roma or Bologna (is our best chances for them to slip up)…

    1. Bennacer came off because its ramadan and he is fasting. We were already out of the competition so no need to keep him on.

  4. And let’s be honest with ourselves, we have been majorly overachieving these past two seasons, but things are returning to normal now after COVID and let’s face it from the midfield forward we just aren’t good enough. The inexperience catches us at this stage for the past two seasons. And to quote Cafu, there’s a lack of leadership in this squad, hence these performances. We don’t have the type of players to take the game by the scruff of the neck when things start going wrong, instead we get more lost and lose composure during these situations.

    1. That couldn’t more true. But from the midfield to the forward, there’s no great quality. Leao, sometimes, but Giroud is a second quality forward. I mean he is a good as a substitute, but that’s about it. Saelamakers and Messias aren’t made for a big club, perhaps Saelamakers would perform better as a RB. I think Pioli should try that out. It is hard to blame everything on Pioli because he has done a lot with an average team. The best part of Milan is behind, the defense and the goalkeeper, but they can’t keep saving the team. Also I think Bennacer and Tonali are pretty good talents. Kessie is already thinking how he is going to live in Barcelona instead of playing for Milan. But the whole Serie A has lowered its level. Atalanta was eliminated in QF of Europa League and all Italian didn’t pass the round of 16s in Champions League. The lack of competitiveness is affecting the big teams in Italy, such as Juventus and Inter too. The scudetto title has been more equally competitive because Inter lost many important names last year. However they have kept some great names that Milan doesn’t have. Leao is the only player, Milan is counting on the offense and he can’t save the team in all matches. Giroud is a very static forward who doesn’t fit Milan style of playing in my opinion. Milan needs a more skilled forward who can move much more. Tomori is a great player, but he won’t play perfectly all the matches, even the biggest stars have their bad matches. Let’s see how Milan deals with what it is left in Serie A. At least, some of the upcoming opponents aren’t doing that well as Atalanta. So there are still chances. I think Inter has a more difficult rival than Milan for the next match which is Roma. So let’s wait what it happens

  5. I mentioned 3 chances in first half, and I didn’t even mention the one where Handanovic was beat and Perisic made the diving save to clear the ball off the goalline before Kessie would’ve easily tapped it in for a goal. And there were others.

  6. Tonali should stay in unless he was injured because he plays with his heart. The defense will hopefully learn from this, and come out stronger in the future. Agree with the others that we need two forwards, two rw and a cam for next season. We can also sell Leao if he doesn’t renew.

  7. I thought I shouldn’t make any comments today, but my passions moves me.

    BACK-PASSING, No intent, No clue of how to attack, no plan, no creative spark. The team truly lacks the awareness of what’s at stake. That’s pretty much how we started this game and conceded an early goal. Same thing happen in the First leg league derby when we kept backpassing until Kessie played hanky-panky with the ball and gifted Chalanoglu a penalty.

    Pioli as much as many wouldn’t want to admit is not a good tactician, and can only do this much without getting the players that can work with his formations. But it seems he doesn’t demand the players, he probably leaves that to the judgment of M & M.

    And if you think at this point the reason why we haven’t distanced our scudetto rivals in the league is not due to M & M’s negligence and lack of intent in the transfer market, then you are clearly not watching the games.

    Asides the team being fatigued due to the lack of depth in the squad, We have clearly sunk back into the days when there was no Ibra in the team. No creativity, no cohesiveness, just a bunch of lads knocking the ball around themselves, and backpassing because they don’t know how to get the ball forward.

    Giroud can’t score if there are no creatives to get the ball to him, and that means he has to make things happen all by himself, and the dude is not cut out for it. Brahim lacks the stamina to play in this league. Messias is hardly ordinary at this stage and age in his career, Bakayoko is probably suited for some other sport (dude single-handedly cost us some points). Florenzi was the highlight of our summer, but injuries hasn’t helped him too.

    You cannot expect much with these decisions made by M&M, it’s a miracle we are even in the top 4 positions, at this point is difficult to say if we played better this season, because the usual top 5 teams in Serie A aren’t who they used to be.

    Top 4 at best. Until the management wants trophies.

    1. To be honest I would blame gazidis before M & M because he did the same thing with arsenal costing them the top 4 spot.

    2. M&M are not allowed to spend under Elliot that much is clear. So constantly blaming them is pointless. Elliot accomplished what they wanted and have put us in a great position to be purchased by real owners who are not afraid to spend $ and who want to win. The fact we got this far with limited talent is a credit to Pioli IMO. We have old/injured strikers, no RW and no CAM lol. What more can we expect. Let’s all pray the sale to investcorp goes through – then we can finally buy high quality players to compete with the worlds best. We have the foundation with Mike, Tomori, Kalulu, Tonali, Bennacer, Leao, and Theo. Adding Botman and Origi is solid. Adli and Poegba also great additions. If some of the rumors are true for players like Nukunu, Touchemeni, Nunez, etc…then we will be on top soon – AND most importantly – a NEW stadium of our own

    3. I am curious, if you have the budget that Milan had for this season. Who would you bought? with this season budget, is there any players that can make Milan will guaranteed to claim the scudetto?

  8. It’s clear we aren’t learning anything, we just keep trying the same thing hope it might just work. We kept lobbing the ball in for Giroud to work miracles. Everyone was basically out of it today. This team is not built for this type of games. No need to dream

    1. Yep, no plan b nothing, and you’re right, at this point it is all on M&M with some of their ridiculous decisions when it comes to the market. When we let Hauge go red flags were already raised. Let’s hope and pray for that Investcorp takeover, and for a proper restructuring not just on the pitch but in the boardroom too.

    2. Why M&M at fault?, Im loss.. eliott(Paolo Scaroni) already say they only target top 4 even before the season start and the budget is set only for that purposes. Meaning not so much money for M&M to work for scudetto winning team. They are overachieving even we finish in 2nd place.. M&M by far the best after uncle fester. Even uncle fester work been critisized when he didnt have the budget .

  9. Today was bad and can be traced to a mixture of poor execution and bad luck (mostly poor execution though) from the players. It’s seems no one can anticipate what the other is thinking, the the excellent Giroud block to deny Tonali a beautiful goal is just one example. Players slipping all over the place and kalulu so far out position Tomori fell asleep. It was so frustrating every time Milan would start to build momentum they would just drop off. This team looks mentally gassed. Fortunately Milan just need a couple wins to secure CL because a scudetto seems like a far away dream.

    1. “It’s seems no one can anticipate what the other is thinking” that’s exactly what I was telling my brother when watching us play against bologna. Everything catches them off guard. I was watch the mallorca v alaves game and both teams were not has bad as us and alaves are bottom of the table.

  10. Let’s be honest the last 3 matches we have played against inter before this one should have been an L. We play lethargic, low octane football. We need a playmaker ASAP and a new right back to challenge calabria, not a backup player (like what krunic is to every midfield position). I’m tired of addressing the faults of our RWs so I will leave at there.

    1. Facts

      #pioli is not to be blamed
      #Milan team just don’t have enough quality
      #The pressure is getting to the Lads
      #3-0 is very harsh
      #Intermilan Is not full proof

      This team have over achieved and they are always humble and always ready to fight for every match..they lost today but I will pass, they have given many joy and laughter that Milan have not given me since the days of kaka.

      We will get them next time, hopefully with a more quality team.

    1. Take it easy man. Have you checked if your comments contain profanity???…. Lol… just saying

      Try editing it before you post it..

        1. Just comment about the game and stay away from saying anything about their writing and analysis (which is odd becy that’s what we tune into). They’re very sensitive when it comes to that. I’ve been there before, trust me. Even if u have a well laid out comment that’s vastly superior to their analysis.

  11. I say this always.

    Milan can’t win with this Dumbo Coach Pioli.

    There is a reason why he did not any trophy in his long career.

    He have coached Big teams on Italy e.g Inter, Lazio, Florentina. Yet he achieved zero trophy.

    Inzaghi only coached Lazio and he won trophies.

    Maldini and Massara biggest failure is sticking with Pioli.

    That Milan squad is good enough for trophies.

    1. Perhaps, Pioli could’ve gone onto the pitch and score himself?! Rubbish!!!! The players were f**king wasteful like they have been since so many matches ago!!! It isn’t Pioli’s fault in anyway!!

  12. The team has come a long way…..Lol.

    We wouldn’t be dreaming of Top 4 if wasn’t for the “genius” of Pioli and his single trick…… Lol.

    M&M did the best they could to provide depth with the money that was available (bringing in injured players on loan and hoping they perform miracles when they recover)……Lol.

    1. Yes, pioli done great with this squad so far, i dont think there are better coach in serie A that can give result better than him.

  13. We need botman or bremer next season. We are packing depth on CB , Tomori – kalulu tired because no rotation. Some stupid comments say let Tomori – kalulu full starter all match and don’t buy botman just buy striker. See what happen tonight? Both of them tired and disastrous. Release Romagnoli and replace him with botman/bremer. Saladmaker are very useless no impact 2300 game minute play only 2 goals, we need to sell him fast,he is not worth even as reserved,junior still worth as reserved . Hope invest corp can buy quality RW for saladmaker replacement

    1. It always breaks my brain the we sold Hauge and kept the Saladmaker, I think Saladmaker matches Digao for the two worst players to wear the Milan shirt.

  14. Let’s be honest here. Milan has a pretty mediocre team with some very fine young and promising players standing out. Us beng in cup semis and sitting on top of Serie A (for now), has more to do with team and Pioli overachieving in the 1st half of the season (remember we had a completely different style of play back then) and with others being utter shit than with this team being deserving of the Scudetto.

    We have Great grandpa and Grandpa along with a child as strikers.

    Saladmaker, Assias and Samu on RW

    Brahim as trequartista, Kessie as a part time replacement with his head already in Barca.

    Leao who only plays in 1st half, when he remembers to show up at all and Rebic who was more injured than not.

    No real replacement for Theo, no real replacement for Tomori, no real replacement for Kalulu at this point, no real replacement for Calabria.

    This is not a team built for trophies, goal was to qualify for UCL, we are some 4 or 5 points away from that. We should count our blessings for even being in Scudetto race.

    Hopefully new owners/management will be more ambitious and willing to spend those 500k extra that were always missing in every single negotiation.

    Bottom line, don’t be sad when we end up being 2nd or 3rd, be happy we will be playing UCL next year and we have a clear idea of what the team is lacking and which holes we need to plug first.

  15. We couldn’t finish the chances we had and inter was clinical. Giroud doesn’t fit in the squad. He’s used to playing with far more talented and instinctive players around him (just count the number of flicks and quick touch passes he makes with the recieving player not expecting it). Don’t get me wrong, Giroud is great , but we do nothing with him there. He just has the knack for pulling goals out of half chances, but we’ve been unable to give him those over the last 3 months.

  16. Most of this comments came from stupid fanatic fan that have never coach a team & not even on fifa playstation……
    The most difficult for a coach is to convince every player that isn’t important how much they play but what they do in the field when they get the opportunity to play & prove that they can always help the team. Pioli is a good coach but not a great coach. It was a great lesson for our great players to be cause are great players are too old or to young. We need Botman, Darwin Nunes & Costa from Benfica, Origi, the Croatian 19 yld AMF from Red Bulls Saltberg, a RW. Need to buy 3 or 4 U21 high potential great players & loan out some & keep working on improving the squad to win trophies not just games. Be patient & let Maldini & company work on winning trophies.

    1. I wont judge pioli with current players he had, milan playees currently no much better than lazio & sassuolo, yet we are leading the league.

  17. “it’s easier to play with smart players” while time ago Cahlanoglu said same thing Pirlo did when he join us from the young guns transfer lover Inter,
    young players is more moody, inconsistent, care most to be the faster stronger, motivate by bigger salary or stepping stone.

    Serie A & CL is more tactics than techique that’s why Lippi, Carleto, Zidane succed @it.
    we don’t need faster stronger youngsters, we need smart player (usually not young anymore), Hauge is fast, Salamaker is fast, strong & skillful, Martins, Babiany, Makinwa all of them fast..

    Milan is no longer destination just like before 4 player such Nesta, Pirlo, Cafu, Stam, R9, R10, Beckham, even Maradona, Puyol & Totti dream to join us,
    we just new Arsenal or Atalanta wanabe..

  18. I’m not sure why people are so surprised. Inter has a vastly better team than us in almost all departments. This was an example of what a quality young striker can do for your team. That Latauro first goal was just pure quality which we don’t have in our team. We have an old Giroud, not Vlahovic. Our CAM was Kessie who is not a CAM. Diaz who is a CAM is so poor that he comes on as a sub, Daniel Maldini is even worse because he is no better than Diaz. RW we have Saele and Messias. These guys are no way near Perisic and Correa or any other inter subs. Leao does try but lacks consistentcy . We may be able to match midfield by it even there we lack esp subs.
    We should be happy we are punching above our weight.this season. We lost our starting CAM that we didn’t replace and which our formation depends on.
    Yes if there was an investment into RW and CAM before to he season started we’d have been better off but reality is we don’t have the budget for it. We simple are not in a strong financial position. I’ll take the position we are in the table any day because I do remember the days of Mesbah and Traore

  19. I sometimes disagree with some things Pioli does; but if you just look at the talent on Inter, Juve, Napoli… even Roma and Atalanta and even Lazio — I think they have more talent that we do. Inter/Juve/Napoli — A LOT more talent and far, far more depth. For us to have finished 2nd last year and even battling for Scudetto this year when we did not go after bigger players in the market to fill such OBVIOUS holes we have, it is not Pioli’s fault. There is only so much you can do — you can’t create goals out of magic dust when our RW and CAM positions (and an old, tired Giroud who can’t track back like Benzema can — he needs good service and Leao and Saele and Diaz/Kessie aren’t giving it to you). Pioli has done well with what he has. This offseason, especially if this Bahrain fund buys the club, we absolutely MUST AND SHOULD get those final pieces to the puzzle to make this a team that SHOULD win the scudetto and should be dangerous in the knockout stages of CL next year. RW, CAM, and 2 forwards are absolutely necessary; and getting Botman to have depth at CB position is, IMO, good but less important than RW/CAM/Forward.

    And actually today, our offense created a lot of chances, Handanovic made good saves on Leao and Saele (who finally got a shot actually ON the goal instead of 10 meters over it); and bad luck on Giroud blocking Tonali’s shot that would’ve been 1-1. Perisic diving save on the goal line stopped an easy goal for Kessie and the VAR offside was quite harsh. Even without nearly the talent of Inter, we played better than they did in leg 1 of this semifinal and today we didn’t outplay them but 3-0 is not indicative of the difference of how the game played. Tomori unfortunately had his worst game ever for us didn’t help either.

  20. Well,everthing now boils down to the new
    Buyers let them be what we hope.
    Milan must surely bounce back.
    But alot needs to change for good.

  21. It is funny to see all the attacks on the players, coach, and M&M. We played a very good game, yes I know its hard to swallow, but we did many things right. We had plenty of chances, had good ball control and had Inter on the defensive. They have the experience, which led them to finalize the opportunities they got, plus a couple of mistakes in our defense helped this. We are a very young team, we will grow and eventually overcome this loss, lets stay positive!

    1. Yes, exactly! Patience is needed not magic. We all should know this and stop blaming the Coach or Management. Just imagine we go against FFP, buy players plus wages at exorbitant amount, and we get sanctioned and plus we go bankrupt and abandoned, pls, where would we start from? Despite the defeat, I’ll still say the management have done well. The players were just too wasteful and hasty to get the goal. Overconfidence killed us!

  22. A great defender once said, ” if I have to slide/tackle, then I’ve made a mistake.”
    Defending is more about organization rather than speed. That defence lacks organization since over a month, we’ve been lucky until yesterday. Why is Calabria the captain of this team? His performance doesn’t motivate, neither does he have charisma to ginger his teammates. Painfully, Pioli doesn’t see the need to give him competition in the squad. Yet, one of our best player this season will be leaving for free at the end of the season. Many some of you have not noticed this, this team got this far bcuz they’ve played as a unit, a compact unit until February ending. The midfield looks so disjointed, normally our midfield with our average players would over run any midfield in serie A. These days everybody is running everywhere aimlessly! No link up play with forwards to create scoring chances. Leao thinks he’s the king of the jungle, he’ll hold onto the ball aimlessly and endlessly until he is disposed! Calabria, can’t pick out a pass, can’t put in a good cross ( who the f asked him to start taking corner kicks too?!) My god, Calabria is unfit to start bcuz he has been stagnant for two seasons. He has added nothing to his game! God Pioli and his double standards is making me sick of watching Milan these days! Tomori and Kalulu was a fluke, it has served the experimental purpose for which you tried it. Now please play an established centre back (Rogmanoli) who helps organize not just the defence but the team as a whole! I don’t know what squabble is going on between Pioli and Rognamoli, but please play out Capitano for the remaining matches. We the fans would love to watch him lift the serie A as a goodbye gift to us, and I know he would play even with one leg! Enough experimenting Pioli, the season is ending, play experience and inform players these last five games or kiss your best chance of EVER winning a major trophy goodbye!!!

  23. @Derek, u are just like the opposite gender that says ONE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING EVEN THOUGH ONE HAS DONE ALOT. U aren’t a type that appreciates or shows gratitude towards someone or things, not even a bit… Tomori has been ever present since he joined this club, his pairing with Kalulu has been superb. Both hasn’t conceded a goal since SIX matches ago, all of a sudden u condemn them and ask for the SHAKY Romagnoli to play…. Star players gets past him easily, though I appreciate his loyalty to our beloved club. Pls, don’t condemn them now that they need our encouragement the most. Thanks

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